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Hyperspace Beacon: Easy money in SWTOR

Players have complained about Star Wars: The Old Republic's Legacy system's being a huge money sink. Why would I want to blow 275,000 credits to gain 30% extra XP? I'm not sure that the return is worth the investment unless you want to level multiple alts or level strictly through PvP, but I can ...

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Wings Over Atreia: Drowning in dailies

Two weeks ago, in the midst of supplying Daevas below max level a list of things to do (which I am so glad many of you found helpful!), I mentioned daily quests. Since then, you've been asked about your opinions on repeatable quests, including daily ones; even the Massively staff members chimed i...

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Hyperspace Beacon: Finally 50

I see you there -- you've made a name for yourself in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but where do you really fit within these wars? I know what you're thinking: What is this guy trying to sell? Stick with me for a moment; I'm not just a used-speeder salesman (speeders are way over-priced, by the wa...

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Voyage Century Online introduces new Crete instance

Voyage Century has been around for four years now, and the dev team is always searching for new ways to freshen up the free-to-play nautical title. To that end, the latest game update includes the isle of Crete, which IGG calls a "primary instance." Accessing Crete requires players to be sea b...

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Mythos readying daily quests for June release

What's better than a smorgasbord of quests in your favorite MMORPG? A smorgasbord of daily quests, of course, and Frogster is gearing up to give Mythos players a smattering of dailies designed to further their enjoyment of the free-to-play hack-and-slash title. The quests will be available to ...

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Wings Over Atreia: Never put off until tomorrow a daily for today!

Chances are, if you have spent any time in Atreia since the release of Aion's 1.9 patch, you have been participating in daily quests. If, however, you have been living under the same rock as I have (it's plenty roomy here, really), then you either don't know what I am talking about, put it off, o...

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Free Realms offers lifetime sub for a limited time

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced the availability of lifetime memberships for its family friendly virtual world Free Realms. The deal will only be available from Friday, July 16th through Monday, August 2nd, and will run you $29.99 per membership. The lifetime package offers subscribe...

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The changing face of WoW 2.4

When Blizzard released patch 2.4 for World of Warcraft in March, they brought a plethora of changes to all types of end game play. They introduced new casual daily quests, a new five person dungeon, and a new raid zone for twenty five person play; all of this on a new island off the northern coas...

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The Stream Team: Accessing Aion's Abbeys

Posted on Jan 28th 2015 8:00PM





New developer diary on designing the Steampunk Pack for City of Heroes

Super-hero, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Previews, News Items

Pip pip, ladies and fellows alike! No doubt you saw the marvelous presentation of yesterday's fully cinemascoped "trailer" for the upcoming Steampunk Pack that will be delivered at the onset of June to a waiting audience in City of Heroes. But what formidable science was leveraged in the creation of these modern marvels of technology and ingenuity? Wonder no longer, for the fine staff and associates at Paragon Studios have put together a fortuitous dispatch describing the method behind these fantastic creations at the cutting edge of technology.

Cheryl Austin, a plucky lass responsible for many of the designs seen within the impressive piece of cinematography, discusses both the inspirations behind these marvelous designs and the subtle ways in which steam and clockwork mechanisms found their way into use. If you are one of the many kind souls within City of Heroes no doubt anticipating this costume set with bated breath, then by all means, peruse the words of the designer with all due haste!

Captain's Log: Back to the future

Sci-Fi, Opinion, Star Trek Online, Captain's Log

Captain's Log, Stardate 64884.1...

Hello, computer (and players)! Guess what's back? That's right! Hailing frequencies are now reopened -- Captain's Log is no longer on hiatus. Over the past few weeks, there has been some great news released about the Star Trek Online universe: the winner of the Design the Next Enterprise Contest was announced, the May Ask Cryptic was released, the dev team revealed the 500-day veteran rewards, and the Featured Episode reruns began. While everyone has had his or her own opinions on these stories, there is one piece of news that everyone can agree on: the awesomesauceness of the latest Engineering Report.

As first announced earlier this week, Executive Producer Dan Stahl dropped his latest report, which describes the updates to the game coming in Season Four. As usual, aside from the imminent new content, Dan foreshadows the future for us. Captain's Log is no stranger to talking about the future of the game, so I am excited to share some more details about the upcoming updates with you. Since Season Four is right around the corner and I believe it will be the "game changing update this game has needed since launch," let's get on to this week's Log entry.

Ensign, warp 10! Let's talk about Season 4 and beyond...

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NCsoft releases Aion pet and conditioning guides

Fantasy, Aion, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, Patches, News Items, Guides

The folks at NCsoft are going gaga over guides this week, and Aion's 2.5 update looks to be the most well-documented patch in the history of the fantasy title. We've already shown off a mentoring guide as well as a walkthrough of the new Esoterrace instance, and today NCsoft has updated its Aion website with a guide to 2.5's pet changes, a guide to weapon and armor conditioning, and a forum thread that serves as a guide to all the guides.

Empyrean Calling boasts 13 new pets as well as new pet moods and a pet management minigame that allows for pet-related emotes and social actions. The new weapon and armor conditioning system serves as a method for temporarily boosting the attributes of your gear. Of course, both of the new systems are much more complicated than the couple of paragraphs we've allotted to them here, so head to the official Aion website for all the details.

Lord of the Rings Online dev diaries discuss new skirmishes

Fantasy, Lord of the Rings Online, News Items, Free-to-Play, Dev Diaries

Turbine has given us a two-for-one deal today with the addition of two new dev diaries. The diaries -- from Turbine's Bob "Maurath" Hess and Joe "jwbarry" Barry -- detail two of the new skirmishes being introduced in Lord of the Rings Online's Update 3. The first skirmish, Attack at Dawn, takes place in the North Downs and sees players dealing with multiple different mechanics simultaneously. The second, The Icy Crevasse, is the first skirmish to take place in Forochel and is described by Barry as "a quick bite-sized romp," with the skirmish taking about 10 minutes to complete.

It's truly an interesting look into not only what the skirmishes themselves entail but the design process that goes into bringing them to players on the live servers. Whether you play LotRO or you're just curious about the work and thought process that goes into these skirmishes, the diaries are certainly a must-read. If you're interested in gaining a new degree of respect for the effort that goes into the game, both dev diaries can be found on LotRO's official site.

Interview with BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk details studio philosophy and more

Sci-Fi, Interviews, News Items, Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare holds a reputation in the gaming community for consistently releasing polished, high-quality games, especially when it comes to in-depth narratives. Have you ever wondered about the studio's philosophy in regard to game creation? Ever wondered what it is that drives BioWare, and moreover -- since this is Massively, after all -- how it influences the ongoing development of Star Wars: The Old Republic? In a rather lengthy interview with Gamasutra, BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk give gamers a peek behind the curtain at what really makes BioWare tick.

There's a plethora of interesting information in the interview, ranging from the company's philosophy of imbuing each game with emotion -- leading to the strong narratives for which BioWare is so renowned -- to the qualities Ray and Greg think will separate The Old Republic from the elephant in the room that is World of Warcraft. The interview itself is far too lengthy to adequately summarize in the length of a news post, but one point that stands out is that, despite being an absolute powerhouse in the gaming industry, BioWare still focuses heavily on humility. Being able to admit when mistakes have been made and learning from the experience is something that many studios could certainly learn from. For the full, information-packed interview, head on over to Gamasutra.

One Shots: Self-improvement

Fantasy, Galleries, Screenshots, 9Dragons, Free-to-Play, One Shots

Our One Shots image today comes to us from Allan, a 9Dragons fan. 9Dragons isn't a game we hear a lot from, but it's still going strong, and as you can see from today's image, it has a lot worth appreciating visually:
In this screenshot, you see my character performing a self-buff ability, while in the background, the statue of Da Yu lies peacefully.
Are you ready to show off your favorite free-to-play title? Even better, are you looking forward to hearing about next week's theme? Beginning next Monday we'll be focusing on player housing, so start showing off your character's digs!

We've still got room for more free-to-play screenshots as well as player housing, so send a screenshot to us at oneshots@massively.com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll show it off here on One Shots and give you the thanks!

New RIFT trailer showcases the Mage

Fantasy, Trailers, Video, News Items, RIFT

The destructive might of the elements, the restorative power of life, and dominion over the mind itself: These are just a few of the tools RIFT's Mages have at their disposal. Trion Worlds has released a new trailer showcasing all this and more as the Mage archetype blasts, heals, and controls his way through numerous dangerous situations.

The trailer specifically concentrates on three different builds of RIFT's Mage archetype: the damage-dealing Pyromancer, the supportive Chloromancer, and and the controlling Dominator. Each has its own way of tackling the problems that the invading rifts throw out, but the trailer makes it clear that each is equally capable of contributing mightily to the cause. Skip past the cut for the full trailer, and if it happens to inspire in you a desire to manipulate the arcane channels of Telara, keep in mind that RIFT is still running a free trial program.

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Behind the Mask: Resistance

Super-hero, Expansions, PvE, Free-to-Play, Hands-On, Champions Online, Behind the Mask

I know I promised I'd cover tanking techniques this week, but Resistance, Champions Online's newest adventure pack, just launched, so I think that it's worth postponing my writeup on tanking for a bit. Don't worry, though! We'll get to tanking soon!

Resistance, being the latest pack in CO's new content offerings, is also going to be the last adventure pack before the team starts doing the Comic Series. Although it wasn't quite as hyped up as Demonflame was, it was still a highly anticipated content pack. Does it live up to the hype?

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EVE's Incursion 1.5 patch goes live

Sci-Fi, EVE Online, MMO Industry, Patches, News Items

Capsuleers attempting to log in to EVE Online today will be greeted with the familiar "new build available" popup. Yep, it's patch day, and CCP is updating Incursion to version 1.5 (although it's only a 16-megabyte download, so you won't be out of commission for long). Nonetheless, the update does bring some significant change to New Eden.

As we told you earlier this week, agents are getting an overhaul, as are associated connection skills. Another helpful bit in today's patch is the new visual differentiation between blueprint originals and blueprint copies. Onboard ship scanners have had their ranges extended to 64 AU, and of course, the changes to jump bridge-capable ships are now in effect as well.

There are a few more tweaks courtesy of Incursion 1.5, and you can read all about them via the official patch notes.

Funcom inviting former Age of Conan players back for free, giving away bonus XP

Fantasy, Age of Conan, MMO Industry, News Items

By Crom (or is that Mitra?), Age of Conan is having a birthday! Yep, Funcom's version of Hyboria turns three this week, and active subscribers are invited to claim a number of free potions that boost PvE, PvP, and alternate advancement experience. Each character on an active account is entitled to a single claim of all three potions through the end of May.

Former Age of Conan players haven't been left out in the Cimmerian cold, either. Funcom has turned on all inactive accounts, also through the end of May, so patch up and come back to Hyboria on the house. Finally, Funcom is running a third-anniversary sweepstakes with prize packs that include free game time plus the original AoC client and the Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

Check in with Massively all weekend for more Age of Conan anniversary coverage including an interview with Craig Morrison and more!

EVE Spotlight: An interview with Kyoko Sakoda

Sci-Fi, Trailers, Video, EVE Online, Culture, Lore, Machinima

EVE Spotlight is a biweekly feature in which we interview prominent members of EVE Online's player community or development team. Twice each month, we'll be shining the spotlight on a player or developer who has a significant impact on EVE to highlight the efforts of EVE's most influential people.

Whether you love EVE Online or hate it, there's no doubting that the game's community has produced some great works of art. From wallpapers and papercraft ships to music parodies and incredible cinematic videos, EVE has seen more than its fair share of creative efforts over the years. In EVE's colossal social sandbox, players often use their real-life talents to make a name for themselves in the community, and this spotlight's interviewee is no exception. Film-maker Kyoko Sakoda has popped up on our radar several times, impressing players with his awesome contributions to EVE's cinematic film scene.

Kyoko debuted with the well-composed 2008 video Push Eject (The Angel Cartel). Hoping to showcase the pirate way of life, he produced this video to celebrate the future release of faction warfare and the role piracy would play in it. Kyoko went on to produce War Has Come and worked with Kale Ryoko on the incredible cinematic work Future Proof. The holographic UI components Kyoko produced in Future Proof mirror those used in CCP's own Butterfly Effect trailer, and the success of those videos may even be pushing CCP to develop similar 3-D user interface elements for EVE.

In this edition of EVE Spotlight, we interview film-maker Kyoko Sakoda to ask about his previous videos and get the low-down on his next big project.

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New Darkfall video offers GM perspectives on Agon

Fantasy, Trailers, Video, Darkfall, MMO Industry, News Items

Darkfall's two-year anniversary may have come and gone, but the game continues to inspire awesome video productions celebrating its unique blend of sandbox-style mayhem. The latest such is the pet project of Aventurine developer Tascha, and the clip offers up some unique flyby perspectives on life in the world of Agon.

Tascha witnessed many an epic battle and GM event, virtual camera in hand, and the resulting montage is an unofficial love note to Darkfall and its loyal players. The clip runs a tad over four minutes and features everything from heart-pounding cavalry charges to individual PvP scraps to gargantuan player ships and scary PvE mobs. See for yourself after the break.

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The Guild Counsel: Am I a leader?

Guilds, Opinion, The Guild Counsel, Miscellaneous

Last week, in response to the article about dealing with guild complaints, there was a somewhat provocative comment from reader Graill440, who questioned the use of the word "leader" when referring to guild leaders. In his comment, he made the following point:
"While the article is great in terms of what kids and some adults do in a guild, the misnomer that 'leaders' are created in a game of any type or simply because you wear the abused tag 'guildleader' is absurd. I have no problem with the term guildmaster, GM, stratman, stratperson, roteman, etc., but labeling or calling anyone who plays a game a leader because of that particular game is plain wishful thinking."
While it did put some on the defensive, it's a point worth examining more closely. As Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday would say, "I'm your huckleberry." In this week's Guild Counsel, we'll take a look at whether guild leaders possess enough qualities to actually call themselves leaders.

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The Perfect Ten: Sequelitis

EverQuest II, Lineage 2, Neocron 2, Sword of the New World, Guild Wars 2, Everquest Online Adventures, Humor, Final Fantasy XIV, DUST 514, Vindictus, EverQuest Next, Perfect Ten, Miscellaneous

As a long-time movie buff, I've always been fascinated by sequels. I know, they have a terrible reputation and everyone gets this face like he's digesting a porcupine when discussing them, but there's something fun about them as well. I think we always want a good story to continue, to see what happens next, and to answer the question, "What would the first film be like if it were put in the hands of a complete boob?" It would be an entertaining trainwreck, that's what.

Even though the MMORPG genre is in its toddler stage, it's seen a number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs, just the same as other types of entertainment. Video game sequels for hit titles are safer financial investments than striking out into new territory, so it makes sense that MMO studios would follow this pattern as well.

Right now there are loads of MMO sequels and spin-offs in the works -- including EverQuest Next, PlanetSide Next, Guild Wars 2, Mabinogi 2, MapleStory 2, Phantasy Star Online 2, Dust 514, and even a possible Ultima Online sequel -- so it's safe to say that the trend won't be dying down anytime soon. However, today I want to look at 10 sequels that already made it to release and briefly examine how they stacked up to their predecessors. Oh yes, there will be blood after the jump -- and I will drink your milkshake!

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World of Tanks releases Ultimate Conquest mode

Historical, Trailers, Video, MMO Industry, PvP, War, Free-to-Play, World of Tanks

Wargaming.net is finally taking the wraps off its much-anticipated World of Tanks clan wars mechanics, and hundreds of clans are gearing up to wage war across the title's expansive map. Ultimate Conquest is now live and features its own web destination complete with clan rankings, a world map, and a handy guide.

The clan wars map currently encompasses Northern and Mediterranean Europe and will eventually include Asia, Africa, and North America. "We've been working on this for so long, and now we are proud to say that the Ultimate Conquest has begun. This mode is a huge leap for the whole project, as it will add an important strategic element everyone has been so passionately waiting for," says clan wars coordinator Kirill Mal. You can learn more about the World of Tanks metagame at the official North American or European portals, and you also check out our clan wars-focused GDC interview with Victor Kislyi. And we've got a new clan wars tutorial video for you just after the cut.

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Runes of Magic's Lands of Despair opens its borders on June 16th

Fantasy, Patches, Free-to-Play, Runes of Magic

In less than a month, Runes of Magic adventurers will turn the page and begin a whole new chapter in the game's history. Frogster has announced that Chapter IV: Lands of Despair, the latest content update for Runes of Magic, will go live on June 16th.

If the name sounds foreboding, it's for a good reason: A horrible plague is spreading through the land, zombies are making a comeback, and Mad Lords are becoming all the rage. The update also includes a whopping four new zones, two additional dungeons, and an odd rivalry between the Dwarves and Rhinos.

It's not too late to catch up on all of the details of this exciting update. Check out our writeup of the lore behind Chapter IV, a preview video of two of the upcoming zones, our thoughts on the new starting zone, and our detailed analysis on all of the changes.

Aeria teases Eden Eternal Thief video

Betas, Fantasy, Trailers, Video, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Free-to-Play

Another day, another Eden Eternal video reveal. It's almost old hat now since the free-to-play fantasy title from Aeria Games is on its third class trailer in as many weeks. First we had the Warrior, then the Magician, and today we get a glimpse of the Thief as the game rolls on towards its June 2nd beta date.

A glimpse is probably all we'll get, too, since the Thief is a trickster who excels at evasion and stealth. Two cloaking skills come standard with every Thief, and the rascals can also make use of the five branch skills available to all melee DPS classes. Thieves are most effective when dual-wielding a pair of daggers, but like all Eden Eternal classes, they can fight with any weapon in a pinch. Sneak past the cut for a look at the Thief in action.

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Guild Wars 2's explosive seventh class: The Engineer

Fantasy, Classes, News Items, Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 fans, did you love the Commando class? Were you disappointed that it was all an elaborate joke? Did you love the idea of detonating bombs, flinging grenades, and setting mines in Guild Wars 2?

Well, this is going to be a good day for you, because ArenaNet has announced the seventh profession: the Engineer. While it's not the Commando class per se, the Engineer is described as "a master of mechanical mayhem" and looks to be the class that will fulfill all of your most explosive gameplay wishes.

Ready to check it out in depth? We've got five skill videos right in a row and a rundown of the Engineer's abilities, so follow along after the jump and let's take a look!

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The Daily Grind: What's the best service you've received from a GM?

Culture, Opinion, The Daily Grind, Miscellaneous

There are players for whom the GMs of a given game are nothing but antagonists, killjoys who want to ban people for shouting just a few obscene slurs in a public chat channel. For many other players, they're a silent presence, something you're sure is there but never make any use of. And sometimes, they're the only people who can help you fix a serious problem with your character, a bug that crept in somewhere along the line.

There are games where you virtually never see a GM in person, such as World of Warcraft, and then there are games such as Final Fantasy XI where the GMs have a very different image among players. But today, we're not going to talk about times when GMs randomly teleported you to jail and fed you to a dragon for amusement. We're talking about the best incidents you've had, the times where you've called for help and received it without a problem. So what's the best service you've received from a GM in the game?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

Open beta starts tomorrow for Asda 2

Betas, Fantasy, News Items, Free-to-Play, Promotions

Open betas are a magical time, a time when players can all take part in a new game before release without having to actually pay to get in. Of course, potential players of Asda 2 are already in the boat of not having to pay, as the game is an upcoming free-to-play title. But the game's open beta begins tomorrow regardless, and to help entice more players into the testing phase, the staff is running a number of promotions.

Players who log in throughout the open beta or advance their Soul Mate bonds the fastest will be eligible to win some Campus Cash (the microtransaction currency for the game). Lucky Monster tokens can also be collected throughout the beta, giving players a chance to win iPods, a 3DS, and other prizes. If Asda 2's anime-style artwork and relationship system seem like the sort of thing you'd enjoy, be sure to check out the beta starting tomorrow.