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Contest & Giveaway FAQ

Q: Why are some of your contests not open to Europe or Quebec or {insert country/province here}? Do you hate non-Americans or what?

A: Heck no. We might be an American site, but we -- like the MMOs we cover -- have a multinational userbase. If it were up to us, we'd allow everyone into our contests, no questions asked. In most of our giveaways, especially beta key giveaways, everyone can participate. But for certain contests, especially those involving prizes with a monetary value, we are restricted by international law as well as AOL and Joystiq policy. Some countries and provinces maintain laws governing contests that are simply too prohibitive for a site like ours. Quebec, for example, demands that we register our contest with the government a month in advance and pay a fee to an oversight board among other requirements. That's not really reasonable when we're just trying to give away a game or a bonus code or a t-shirt. So the short answer is, it's not because we hate you; it's because your government is zealously overprotecting you. Seriously, complain to your representatives!

Q: Why don't you run contests when it's convenient for me to enter?

A: We do our best to spread our contests and giveaways around on the main site, Twitter, and Facebook at various times during our work day. For example, for our Twelve Days of Giveaways event in 2010, we cycled our giveaway posts such that they were all posted at different times of the day over the 12-day period. No matter when we run our giveaways, someone's going to be asleep, working, walking the dog, or playing a video game, so all we can do is stagger our posts and hope that we can cover everyone eventually.

Q: Why haven't I heard back from you about a contest I entered?

A: We usually add a note to the original contest post when a contest has been concluded. We contact winners to verify their email addresses and other information according to AOL policy; we do not contact non-winners. If you find that you've won a contest and have not been contacted or have not received your prize, please let us know so we can get you straightened out.

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