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The Massively Community

Massively multiplayer games aren't really massive without hordes of people, right? At Massively, we don't sit here hidden behind our computer screens, writing stories about games we don't play. We're right there with you, experiencing the same updates, the same triumphs, the same sunsets, and the same bugs. We're PvPers, we're RPers, we're just starting the game, and we're at the endgame. Here's how you can get involved with the site!

 Follow us!
If you're an avid social media user, follow us on Twitter, "like" us on Facebook, "plus-1" us on Google Plus, or even join the Massively Mob on Steam. During the day, we'll throw out polls, contests, quips, and quotes on all sorts of MMOs, in addition to circulating the most interesting stories of the day. Don't be shy!  Retweet us, send messages to @massively, or comment on our links, and you'll most likely hear back from one of us. Reddit our best work and we'll be even happier!

 Stream with us!
If you want to check out a game without shelling out for it first, you definitely want to join us for one of our scheduled livestreams! Each week, Massively bloggers take the reins of Massively TV on the Twitch website. Once registered, you can watch, listen, and chat with other viewers as we play and show off various games. And if you can't make a live show, you can always rewatch an older stream to see what you missed. Or why not learn to livestream yourself?

  Contact us!
See that little red "tip" button over in the upper right-hand corner of the screen? That button is the easiest way to get in touch with us. Using that contact form, you can let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, or even tips about news we've missed. You can also contact some individual bloggers through their profiles on our team page or ask a general site or gaming question through Ask Massively.

 Listen to us!
We produce a weekly MMO-themed podcast, Massively Speaking; it runs every Tuesday and is hosted by our own Justin Olivetti and Bree Royce. Subscribe to it through RSS or iTunes, and don't forget to send in your comments and questions to podcast@massively.com -- we love to answer listener emails on the show!

 Bury us in screenshots!
Every Sunday, we post One Shots, a community-driven screenshot feature dedicated to showcasing some of the cool screenshots our readers have taken in games across the MMOsphere. If you'd like to see your name (and your screenshots) in lights, just email your image to oneshots@massively.com. Don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images!

 Comment on our work!
The easiest way to get involved is to jump right in and post in the comment section of one of our news posts or feature stories that interests you. Just scroll down to the Livefyre comment box, register to post using one of the connected social media sites, and contribute to the ongoing discussion with your fellow commenters. It even works on our mobile site. And if you're going to comment, please...

 Play nice!
We have a simple code of conduct for commenting on our work and our streams and other channels. If you break our rules and create makework for us, we might delete your post or ban you. If you see someone else breaking the rules, hover over the timestamp of the post and press the "flag" button to bring it to our attention.
  • Keep it clean. No profanity, hate speech, or derogatory language -- this includes sexist, racist, and homophobic slurs. Keep it E for Everyone.
  • No personal attacks. Don't attack, threaten, or advocate harm to commenters, staff, or anyone else.
  • No sockpuppets. Don't abuse multiple accounts to "win" debates.
  • No advertising. Don't piggyback promotions or links for rival blogs in our comments. It's rude.
  • Don't flamebait. Don't intentionally antagonize the staff or another reader.
  • Don't troll. Avoid trolling a thread with inane, disingenuous, or off-topic statements. Stay on topic.
  • Don't spam. Do not spam the site with any sort of advertising or duplicate posts. Do not repost deleted posts.
  • Don't do anything illegal. For example, don't infringe copyrights or link to illegal emulators.
  • Don't impersonate or harass staff. Seriously, don't even think about it. If a moderator deletes/edits your post or issues a warning, heed it.
Get help with commenting! Our Livefyre commenting system encourages community members to post their thoughts to our articles, news posts, and features across the entire Joystiq network. If you can't find what you're looking for in Livefyre's FAQ, check out some of these tips for navigating the system.
  • Signing up: Click the Sign In button at the bottom of any article and select from the social accounts available for linking. There is no Massively/Joystiq-only login.
  • Protecting your identity: Some logins do not protect your real name, like Facebook and Yahoo. We recommend a new, anonymous Twitter account for maximum privacy; AOL/AIM has been known to cause login issues. Post responsibly and guard your own internet identity; we won't be mass-deleting comments you regret later.
  • Changing your screen name: The only way to do this right now is switch to a different social account and pick a new screen name.
  • Changing your avatar: Click on your name and select "edit profile" to upload a new avatar. If you do not do this, the system will grant you a generic avatar or pull one from your connected social media account.
  • Tracking threads: Follow and unfollow conversations by clicking the button at the bottom-left of the comment box. By default, you will follow any conversation you posted in. Change the frequency of notifications by editing your profile.
  • Editing comments: Click the edit button within a few minutes of posting to adjust your post. You may also delete your post if you wish.
  • Reporting comments: Hover your mouse cursor over the timestamp of the post and press the flag button to highlight that comment for staff review under the appropriate category (spam, offensive, disagree, off-topic).
  • Getting help: If you're having trouble, consider updating or switching browsers, especially if you are using Opera or IE. If you're using a script-blocker (like No Script in Firefox), whitelist the related domains (Massively, Joystiq, and Livefyre) or disable it on our site. If the comments suddenly stop working for you altogether for an extended period in Chrome, try emptying your browser cache before panicking. If that doesn't work, panicking is acceptable.

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