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Zodiac Online

Zodiac Online enters open beta February 10th

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Zodiac Online, the free-to-play offering from Ingle Games, entered closed beta early last November. Since then the folks at Ingle Games have been hard at work refining things, fixing bugs, and just generally preparing to move to the next phase.

That next phase will arrive in just a few short days: open beta begins February tenth. The game predictably revolves around the Chinese zodiac, challenging you to assist the twelve creatures of the zodiac to defeat the forces of evil.

If you fall in the "make love, not war" camp, never fear. There is another side to Zodiac Online that says "give fate a chance and let it turn into a romance." This game has a fate system based on astrology that will give you a heads up when a player is nearby that you are particularly compatible with -- or particularly incompatible with -- so you can follow up if you're so inclined.

Check out the Zodiac Online site for more information and to register for open beta!

Zodiac Online enters closed beta

Betas, Fantasy, Free-to-Play, Zodiac Online

Zodiac Online, the free-to-play MMO with a Chinese zodiac theme, entered closed beta on Sunday. They've made quite a few changes since alpha: "we've corrected many bugs and added a lot of new content, now Zodiac Online Closed-Beta test is coming back in a very different appearance!" If you took a look at the game in alpha, the new content -- including the addition of PVP -- may warrant a second trip to try the beta.

The Zodiac Online storyline centers around the twelve Chinese zodiac signs - the dragon, tiger, ox, etc. -- and their battle against a force of demons heralding doomsday. Your job is to help the zodiac envoy defeat the demons.

Beta keys are available through several outlets, including the Zodiac Online Facebook group, prearranged giveaways, and the "Good Wishes" program in which you register on the ZO site, leave good wishes in a forum thread, and receive your key. (Zodiac Online obviously isn't too shy about handing out beta keys.)

Closed beta is expected to last "several weeks depending on test results," and beta key information is available on the official site.

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