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World of Tanks

Japanese tank line coming to World of Tanks

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Japanese tank line coming to World of Tanks
Now that Update 8.8 is in the books, Wargaming has announced that its wildly popular World of Tanks will be adding Japanese tanks to the mix.

"The introduction of Japanese tanks allows us to explore the design and innovation of a number of legendary armored vehicles and give players the chance to experience their technological evolution throughout the mid-20th century," said World of Tanks Producer Mikhail Zhivets. "Tank models based on original designs of Japanese engineers will offer players a wide selection of authentic upgrade schemes, each tailored for particular combat objectives."

The Japanese tank tree, which will initially consist of nine medium and five light machines, will be the seventh national line added to the game. Be sure to check out the new trailer for this upcoming content just after the jump.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

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World of Tanks unleashes update 8.8 with new tanks and new tech trees [Updated]

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Tanky tanky tank tank tank
Do you think that World of Tanks doesn't offer you a high enough volume of tanks? Have you found yourself driving around in a tank shooting at other tanks whilst thinking, "I guess there are tanks here, but not really a whole world of them?" Then maybe what you were really waiting for was the newest update to the game, update 8.8, which adds a branch of Soviet medium tanks for tiers 6 through 8. There are also significant changes to the German tech tree to enhance and reclassify several tanks.

Wait, did you want an update to World of Tanks that was not quite so tank-focused? Well, the new update will also include a new battlefield arena, Tundra, so you can see tanks shoot one another somewhere new. The update is due for release on September 11th in Europe and September 12th in the US, but you can get a small preview from the video just past the cut. (Here's a hint: tanks shoot each other.)

[Update: Update 8.8 has been pushed to North American release on September 18.]

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

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PAX Prime 2013: World of Tanks blitzes onto the 360

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PAX Prime 2013 World of Tanks blitzes onto the 360
While there was definitely some buzz at the PAX Prime Wargaming booth about World of Warplanes, which will get its commercial launch on September 26th, World of Tanks was the main source. Not only is Wargaming planning to integrate accounts for both Tanks and Warplanes, but it also has the XBox 360 version of World of Tanks in closed beta.

I sat down with some of the Wargaming guys and attempted to play the new 360 version. I struggled a bit with the console controls, but that had more to do with a lack of familiarity than anything else. As I played, we discussed how Wargaming has rebuilt WoT from the ground up for the console market.

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The not-so-friendly skies: Hands-on with World of Warplanes' open beta

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World of Warplanes
Wargaming.net is the reigning king of free-to-play, with its flagship title World of Tanks sitting pretty at 60 million registered users and holding the world record for player concurrency. One wouldn't necessarily expect MMO gamers to be drawn to a game where the only physical manifestation of the player is a massive tank, but World of Tanks has surged into popularity and left more than a few industry assumptions crumpled under its treads.

Fueled by this success, Wargaming.net now seeks to expand its legacy by releasing two new games based on the World of Tanks formula. One is the mysterious World of Warships, which has yet to make any sort of official appearance, and the other is World of Warplanes, which is winding down its extended beta phase and soaring ever-closer to its September 26th release date. Together, the three games will theoretically form a perfect union of land, sea, and air combat steeped in historical accuracy and intense action.

We hopped into the World of Warplanes beta to see how the aerial portion of Wargaming.net's vision is shaping up, and to find out once and for all if we were truly ace material.

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Wargaming's Unified Premium Account goes live

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Wargaming's Unified Premium Account goes live
Wargaming has announced today the official launch of its Unified Premium Account, connecting players across all current and future Wargaming titles.

The service, currently live in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, allows players to pay for all premium services at once, with the added benefit of an increased experience and credit accrual rate in-game.

You can look for more information on the Unified Premium Account on Wargaming's main page.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

The Soapbox: Actually, that really isn't an MMO

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Game title image
In last week's edition of The Soapbox, Mike Foster argued that online gaming has evolved over the past few years and that the term MMO should be expanded to cover other online games like MOBAs. He examined the blurred dividing line between new online games and the classic MMOs of yesteryear, and he made the controversial argument that Call of Duty and League of Legends should now fall under the MMO umbrella. I found myself disagreeing with many of Mike's arguments and wanting to make additional points of my own, so this week I'd like to offer a few counter-points on the same topic for debate.

The MMO market has certainly evolved since Massively was founded, with some pretty big innovations in gameplay and new ideas like the free-to-play business model taking hold. As much as people like to complain about a lack of innovation in the games industry, the same level of experimentation and evolution has hit industry-wide. Call of Duty has borrowed unlock and XP systems from the world of orcs and dragons, and League of Legends came from nowhere to be at the forefront of a global MOBA revolution, but neither of them is an MMO by any stretch of the imagination.

In this in-depth opinion piece, I break down the definition arguments surrounding the term MMO, offer a reasoned view of where the line can and should be drawn, and look at why Massively covers games other than MMOs.

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PAX Prime 2013: Wargaming plans presence and presents

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PAX Prime 2013  Wargaming plans presence and presents
If you are heading out to PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, you'll have the opportunity to drop by the Wargaming booth and get your hands on World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 and World of Warplanes. Located at exhibit space 132 and 232, Wargaming's booth will have 30 playable gaming stations set up for attendees to play the games on. If playing the games isn't enough of an incentive to drop by, how about this one: The studio also plans hourly giveaways for the chance to win a variety of gaming hardware.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

World of Tanks opens up European beta for Xbox 360 edition

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I wouldn't think Europeans would normally be eager to see WWII tanks rolling through the streets again, but apparently...
Fans of tank-based combat who live in Europe have some good news today. World of Tanks has opened its beta servers for European players to test out the Xbox 360 version of the game, thus allowing another continent's worth of players access to all of the console-based tank mayhem. Eager participants in both North America and Europe are encouraged to sign up for the beta on the official site.

This particular update doesn't just allow more people into the beta; it also adds new tanks to the game. United States and German tanks of tiers VII and VIII have been added to the game, increasing the firepower on all sides of the playerbase. No word yet on an official release, but the easiest way to speed it along is by logging in and testing to provide plenty of data on the console version's performance.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

The Soapbox: That's not an MMO

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Soapbox: Hearthstone
You may not be aware of this, but Massively is a website focused primarily on massively multiplayer online games. It's kind of what we do. However, the world of MMOs in 2013 is far different from the world of MMOs in 2007, when the site was founded. The niche has changed and the games industry has evolved.

There was a time when "online" told you everything you needed to know about a game because there was really only one type of online game. You knew in picking up an online game that you and some friends would be leveling, looting gear, and slaying dragons. It took a while for developers to notice that online play was actually a thing that could work in more than one particular format.

Nowadays, online games range from traditional MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2 and RIFT to MOBAs like SMITE and League of Legends. There's no clear definition for what an MMO is or isn't because so many games are massive, multiplayer, and online.

Maybe it's time to embrace MMO as a broader term than previously thought.

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New Soviet, German, and Chinese armor slated for World of Tanks 8.8 [Updated]

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New Soviet, German, and Chinese armor slated for World of Tanks 8.8
Need more Soviet armor in your World of Tanks? Wargaming's 8.8 patch is for you, then, as it's going to add several new German, Chinese, and Soviet machines to the instanced battler. There's a whole new branch of Soviet armor starting at tier six and including the A-43, A-44, the Object 416, and the Object 140. German players will get a tier four DW heavy chariot and a tier six VK3002 (M) medium tank. Chinese tank fans can look forward to a new medium tier eight T-34-3 and a tier eight 112 heavy tank.

Wargaming is also prepping the new wintry Tundra battle arena for the 8.8 patch. No release date has been announced just yet.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

[Update: Wargaming has let us know about more goodies incoming for German player, including "the transformation of the VK3001H heavy tank to Tier 5, where it will undergo rebalancing and become a heavy tank, just as the VK3601H. Tank fans will also find that the new battle arena, Tundra, falls under the Autumn season marking the transition to the cold and wintery season approaching."]

Wargaming.net celebrates 15 years with World of Tanks XP boosts and sales

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World of Tanks
Wargaming.net has been around for 15 years, and the World of Tanks creator is marking this milestone anniversary by throwing a slew of offers at tank captains across the globe.

From August 2nd to August 5th, players will receive a 15% credit discount on Tier X vehicles, triple crew experience for every fight, and discounts on premium ammo, crew training, garage slots, barracks, and camo skins. Special anniversary tank and gold bundles will also be available over the three-day period.

August also brings an anniversary garage theme to all players, one free tank in the form of the Soviet LTP tier II light tank, and new repeatable missions.

PAX Australia 2013: Massively interviews Wargaming's Victor Kislyi

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PAX Australia 2013 - Massively interviews Wargaming's Victor Kislyi
Sometimes Australia does get the big names! Massively's David "Psykopig" Desi met up with the Wargaming crew at this year's PAX Australia, and fortunately for you he filmed the whole thing! Wargaming was on hand to talk up its Australian World of Tanks servers as well as elaborate on its plans for a substantial push into the Asia/Pacific region.

Join us after the break as the infamous Pig interviews Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi on the current state of World Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships, as well as what fans can expect in the future.

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Coming soon to a console near you: MMOs

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Console MMOs
Remember E3 2013? That huge video games conference thing from earlier in the summer? Weeks have passed since Microsoft and Sony squared off in the Los Angeles convention center (while Nintendo posted up at Best Buy and Ouya sulked in the parking lot), but the news made there continues to reverberate through the games industry.

One curious trend seems to have been missed amid the clashing of proverbial titans: There sure are a lot of MMOs and online-focused games due on consoles this generation. And since MMOs are the business of Massively, we thought it might be fun to compile a quick list of all the ones we can find that are either already available on our current consoles or set for launch on the next batch.

The list, as it turns out, is pretty extensive.

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World of Tanks 8.7 update rolls into Europe today

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World of Tanks update 87 rolls into Europe today
Two weeks ago we brought you news of World of Tank's upcoming 8.7 update. Today, European players logging in will get to experience the new branch of British self-propelled guns, the new winter map of Severogorsk, and other visual revamps and post-World War II prototypes. North American players will gain access on July 29th and Korean players will have access on August 1st.

Want to scope out the Birch Gun, Bishop, FV3805, Loyd Gun Carriage, Sexton II, and more? Check out the various new machines and the new zone in the gallery below. Then catch the update trailer after the break.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

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Wargaming CEO: Current Xbox certification process "unacceptable" for free-to-play

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World of Tanks
Wargaming.net is something of an expert when it comes to free-to-play game design. The studio's World of Tanks is one of the biggest F2P titles in the world, boasting over 60 million registered users and holding the world record for player concurrency. This population is likely to expand when World of Tanks launches on the Xbox 360 later this summer.

There's just one hitch: According to Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi, Microsoft's current certification process is not very friendly to free-to-play games. Here's Kislyi speaking with Polygon about the struggles the studio faced in bringing World of Tanks to Xbox Live:
One of the biggest challenges with Microsoft was the frequency of updates because the QA process and certification process takes an extremely long time. Totally unacceptable for a meaningful free-to-play. We are working with them to do quicker updates.
Kislyi noted that Wargaming is trying to help Microsoft streamline the certification process, but that there is quite a bit of work on the tech and admin sides that needs to be done. As for whether any of this will result in meaningful changes for developers looking to launch on Microsoft's current or future console, Kislyi noted, "We will see."

This isn't the first time Kislyi has talked about frustrations with Microsoft. A few weeks ago, he expressed his unhappiness with the fact that World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition players will need an Xbox Live Gold account to get online with the game.

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