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World of Tanks

Here's how you can play World of Tanks Blitz on your iOS device

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World of Tanks Blitz
It's been nearly a year since Wargaming announced World of Tanks Blitz, its 7-on-7 mobile title inspired by World of Tanks and said to "rival anything on a console." The firm has officially announced that WoTB's closed beta will commence once it "roll[s] out the server infrastructure and accumulate[s] enough beta applications."

That's where you come in, because Wargaming has also published beta application links for both Europe and North America.

World of Tanks adds limited-time campaign for Xbox 360 players

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World of Tanks
Beginning March 18th through the 24th, World of Tanks will offer a brand new campaign that's only available for a limited time to players of the game's Xbox 360 version.

Map Madness allows players to combine forces to cumulatively reach a tank destruction quota used to unlock three possible maps. The urban Lakeville map will be unlocked when 10 million cumulative tanks are destroyed, desert-based El Halluf is at 25 million, and the classic Prokhorovka that should be familiar to PC players is at 40 million.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

World of Tanks video shows off destructible physics, World of Warplanes update coming March 6

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World of Tanks artwork
Wargaming has released an eight-minute look at its physics upgrades for multiplayer battler World of Tanks. If that doesn't pique your interest, how does a Sigmund Freud reference grab you?

The video's got one of those, and it leads into a destructibles discussion that's centered around the latest upgrades. Tank pilots can now punch through houses and watch them fall apart in real-time, and brick walls will even crack along the brickwork joints.

In other Wargaming news, World of Warplanes' 1.2 update is now live in Russia, with a western release scheduled for March 6th. Changes include an overhauled post-battle screen with detailed combat stats, built-in recording capabilities, and a new matchmaker system that should allow rookies to improve without competing against veteran pilots.

The WoWP press release and the WoT video are viewable after the break!

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Get down with free World of Tanks and World of Warplanes soundtracks

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Music sets the mood, and now you can get in a World of Tanks or World of Warplanes mood wherever and whenever you want. Wargaming.net has released the original soundtrack for both games, and fans can download a free copy for their favorite devices from the official sites, Google Music, or the iTunes store. To grab yours and start jamming out, visit one of the following links:

For WoT: For WoWP: [Source: Wargaming press release]

World of Tanks trailer heralds new dev diary series highlighting fundamental improvements

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"It will be a truly transformative year for [World of Tanks]." -- Mike Zhivets, producer.

If you are a WoT fan, get ready for a big year: 2014 is slated to bring fundamental improvements to the game. With the release of today's trailer, Wargaming has announced a new series of developer diaries that will reveal the plans for major changes coming throughout the year. Of these changes, Zhivets said:
"Enhancements planned for 2014 touch upon the very core of World of Tanks, and each of them will overhaul the look and feel of the title, inducing the tank combat experience we deliver with a whole new level of realism and immersion."
These plans include technical enhancements (such as a highly responsive gaming environment, dynamic suspension, blown-off turrets, and damageable small parts), a graphics renderer revamp (that adds more realistic details to vehicles), and a new meta game functionality (Fortified Areas). Additionally, the oft-requested Historical Battles will make an appearance. Each new feature will be described in detail in a dev diary series throughout the year. But to get a taste of what's coming, watch the introductory trailer below.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

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World of Tanks launches worldwide on the Xbox 360

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A simple yield sign could have fixed all this.
Are you ready to blow up tanks on your Xbox 360? Probably; there have been roughly two million games released for the console based almost entirely around blowing up tanks. But are you ready to do so in World of Tanks? Because the game has launched on the console worldwide, complete with special Founder's Packs. The packs contain tanks, currency, ammo, and crews, but will be available for purchase only until February 28th.

Before you run downstairs to fire up your console, keep in mind that you won't be able to play the game for free; an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for continued play. All Xbox Live accounts do get a free trial of the game for seven days, however, so you can decide if it's worth subscribing to the service. You can also take a look at the gallery below to get a glance at what the game will look like on the TV.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

World of Tanks patch pits nation vs. nation

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World of Tanks
World of Tanks is rumbling for a tumbling with Update 8.11 this week. The patch, which is being rolled out worldwide over the course of the week, has a new "experimental" mode that throws nations against each other.

The Confrontation mode groups vehicles from a specific nation against similarly tiered vehicles from another nation to see who ends up the victor. Wargaming was quick to point out that it had yet to balance this mode and that Japanese and Chinese vehicles are not available in these fights.

There's more to Update 8.11 than the Confrontation mode, however. The team's added Windstorm, a new European winter-themed battle arena, and revamped the Ruinberg and Himmelsdorf maps.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

World of Tanks rolls onto Xbox 360 February 12th

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Grab your controllers tank drivers, World of Tanks: XBox 360 Edition will launch globally next week on February 12th. Players who currently have an Xbox Live Gold account can download and play the game for free; Xbox Live account holders will get a seven-day timed trial to the game. Developed by Wargaming West (formerly Day 1 Studios), the game will start off with over 100 tanks from the US, Germany, and the UK, and features revamped controls for the console as well as a new user interface.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

World of Tanks lets you roll out national forces in a new game mode

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Tanking intensifies.
Have you ever rolled around in World of Tanks and thought that it was fun, but what you really wanted was to be rolling your Soviet tank alongside a group of fellow Soviet tanks? Then you'll be happy to know that the game's newest update is letting you do precisely that. A new game mode is being added in which tanks will be grouped up with other tanks from the same nation, allowing you to replicate the feel of British tanks moving into battle against American tanks in World War II!

Wait. Something's wrong with that idea.

Aside from this new mode, dubbed Confrontation, the update will also add in a new map and revamped "winter" versions of two existing maps, giving players even more battlefields to roll across whilst spreading destruction. You can check out screenshots for the update in the slideshow just below.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

World of Tanks sets new concurrency record of 1.1 million tanks tanking

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World of Tanks
Wargaming.net's World of Tanks has again broken its own world record for player concurrency, hosting 1.1 million players simultaneously on the game's Russian cluster. This new total handily defeats the previously reported record of 190,541 online players set in March of 2013, though Wargaming.net did note in its press release that average concurrency has been hovering near the 900,000 mark "for the past few months."

According to the studio, which now boasts offices in Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, Austin, Paris, Kiev, Tokyo, and more, World of Tanks has over 75 million players. The press release was not specific on whether these are active players or simply registered accounts.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

The Stream Team: Causing chaos in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks
Wargaming.net recently pushed live World of Tanks update 8.1, which included new maps and new tanks for folks who enjoy heavy machinery. Massively's Mike Foster is no stranger to this heavy-armor universe, and he plans to leap into the new content headlong with his artillery canons blazing. Tune in to find out whether Mike will earn glory among the cherry blossoms or is doomed for the scrap pile. The action starts at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Game: World of Tanks
Host: Mike Foster
Date: Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST

Enjoy our Steam Team video below.

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Perfect Ten: Biggest MMO news stories of 2013

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As the light slowly fades from 2013, we spend our final moments quaffing eggnog, putting up President's Day decorations, and reminiscing about the year that was. We stare at the past and realize that it's a mirror reflecting our own journeys through the past 12 months. We contemplate the impact of one small decision that ripples out and touches souls everywhere. And then we stop getting so maudlin and start getting excited for what 2014 has to offer.

For me, I live for end-of-the-year lists. Man, I love 'em. I will devour them, drinking up everyone's opinions about what what the best what, what movies or songs I should check out, and what idiocy drives some people to write top 10 lists. Seriously, am I right? Learn to use a paragraph format, people!

Well, here's my top 10 list covering the year's top stories in the MMO industry. Some are pretty obvious, some will be up for debate, and all will be in the past soon enough. So what will historians say about 2013 and online games?

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World of Tanks update brings Japanese armor

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World of Tanks
Wargaming.net today announced the launch of World of Tanks update 8.10. North American and European World of Tanks players can now access the brand-new Japanese tech tree, which includes 14 tanks spread across the game's several tank-types and tiers. The Soviet tech tree has also seen two additions in the form of the Object 430 and Object 430 Variant II medium tanks.

A Japanese-themed map has been added as well, complete with cherry blossoms. Check out the 8.10 launch trailer after the break.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

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The Soapbox: Seriously, we have enough fantasy MMOs

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Let's play a game. I'm thinking of an MMO that features magic, monsters, humans, and a vast fantasy world full of steamy swamps, grassy plains, and deep, dark dungeons -- can you tell me which MMO it is? If you answered RIFT, you're right. You're also right if you answered TERA. Or World of Warcraft. Or Guild Wars 2. Or Neverwinter. Or... you get the idea.

We're people who play MMOs. Our hard drives are practically bulging with games featuring wizards and warriors. We've plunged our swords into millions of orcs and gnolls. We've looted more imaginary copper pieces than anyone could possible imagine. We've even slain so many dragons that you have to wonder why dragons even bother showing up anymore.

It's not the gameplay but the setting that can make the whole exercise so soul-crushingly boring.

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Free for All: MMORPGs for your new console

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PS4 and Xbox One picture
Consoles and MMOs do not have the stand-offish relationship that they used to have. In fact, there are so many different MMOs to choose from on consoles that it's seriously tempting to pick up one of the new ones -- the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 -- even though I wasn't planning on it for a long, long time. I enjoy using a controller with MMOs so much that I plan on covering the subject more in the future.

So let's get to the list of MMOs that are currently on consoles or that will be coming out on consoles in the near(ish) future. Massively's own Mike Foster put together a fantastic list last summer, but I thought I would update and pass it on. After all, the new consoles are officially here... so be sure to reference the list when you need a new MMO to play on your shiny new console!

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