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WildStar hosts a PvP AMA

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We've got knife fights, gun fights, sword fights, insult fights, even dance fights!  Ever been in a dance fight?  It's energetic!  Try it out.
Are you ready to fight for your faction in WildStar? Are you eager to feel blood and gore and guts and veins in your teeth? Then you're probably all eager to jump into the game's PvP. We've hosted some previews, but you probably still have questions, and that's why the PvP design team took to Reddit to host a PvP AMA. While the team couldn't answer every question posed by players, you can go on over and find out a lot more about how facing off against your opposite numbers will feel.

Some of it is probably expected, like the fact that there will be no cross-factional communication during battlegrounds. Other pieces of information are a bit more interesting. For instance, the developers haven't placed much emphasis on open-world PvP for launch, mostly because they want to see what areas are the most densely populated in terms of PvE content, which will give a good idea of what can be made more interesting with PvP. Take a look at the full AMA for more details on how you can smash faces against your enemies when the game goes live in a couple of months.

WildStar's gameplay is all too familiar to MMO vets

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broken granok
WildStar has a lot going for it. I might tell you it is the new RIFT, which was the new World of Warcraft, which was the new EverQuest, and I'd almost feel done for the day. Now, I don't buy an MMO and subscribe to it unless I intend to play it regularly for at least three months, and I rarely subscribe to multiple MMOs. Since WildStar is coming out in a year already packed with solid MMO releases, I'd like to consider at the pros and cons of the game in relation to the rest of the industry through the eyes of an MMO veteran.

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The Nexus Telegraph: What it means that you can buy Wildstar

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The answer comes, crashing through the window... yes, father.  I will launch the game.
On March 10th, I opined that we were close to seeing a release date for Wildstar, along with the end of the NDA and a real change to beta structures. On March 12th, Carbine Studios announced all of that. Prescient? Possibly.

All right, no; I just made an educated guess that turned out to be educated completely right. Astute readers will remember that I also made an educated guess about Medic and Engineer that turned out to be more or less completely accurate, as well, so I am apparently on the same wavelength as the people over at the studio. I didn't find out I was right on the money until you all did.

That having been said... do I need to stress that this is a huge deal? Here's a game that fell under the "most anticipated" header for this site two years in a row, and now it's finally going to be a thing. We're finally moving out of beta testing and into launch. So let's talk about the impending launch, the pre-ordering, and all that comes along with both.

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Perfect Ten: Why I'm looking forward to WildStar

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Sometimes you just know when a game is going to click for you before you even get much time in it. It has a personality that agrees with your own, visuals that cause your retinas to salivate, features that were probably stolen by devs from your dream journal, and a good balance of comfortable familiarity and exciting newness.

That, to me, is why I'm on board the WildStar train.

Listen, I'm not one of those people who feels that a game needs to "win" or dominate all of the rest of the landscape. I don't care whether WildStar is more or less popular that the rest of the field or whether it goes free-to-play or not (obviously, I would like it to do well so that it doesn't close up shop!). If it's not your thing, fine, but that won't stop me from being giddy as its release approaches.

WildStar is definitely my most anticipated MMO for 2014. Hit the jump and let me tell you 10 reasons why!

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WildStar reboots forums and prepares for weekend beta test

Betas, Sci-Fi, WildStar, Subscription

WildStar's ongoing beta forums have been wiped, but weep not for their loss: Carbine Studios has brought a new forum online for all to visit and use. The new forums contain topics such as community support, PvP, and housing, and come in English, German, and French varieties.

The forums have come online not a moment too soon, as WildStar is preparing for a weekend beta test that includes those who have pre-ordered the title. The beta begins tomorrow, Friday, March 21st, at 10:00 a.m. EST and concludes on Sunday at midnight EST. The beta weekends following that begin on April 4th, April 18th, and May 2nd.

Hands-on with WildStar's PvP

Betas, Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, PvP, News Items, WildStar, Subscription, Buy-to-Play

It's not a bad place, if you don't mind all of the murdering you get.
Oddly, for all that WildStar's development team has talked up combat, we've seen virtually nothing of the game's PvP beyond tantalizing promises. And beta tests, of course. Considering that the game's launch is in a couple of months, if you're pre-ordering you might want to know what you'll be getting yourself into. Which is why the team has, thankfully, produced a new DevSpeak video -- embedded past the cut -- that provides a top-level overview of the game's two most accessible PvP modes, Arenas and Battleground.

Normally, these are accompanied by lengthy question-and-answer sessions, but in this case I jumped in for one purpose and one purpose only: smashing heads. As a proud member of the Dominion, I was pitted against the filthy exiles in Walatiki Temple. So let's talk about how the match played, and how a few subtle twists on a relatively simple format combined to make the whole thing a much more invigorating experience than I'd expected.

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Leaderboard: ArcheAge vs. ESO vs. WildStar... Fight!

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Now that Trion has confirmed a 2014 launch date for ArcheAge, my excitement level for this year's crop of triple-A MMORPGs is on the rise. I've been warming to The Elder Scrolls Online in recent weeks, and hell, I may even play WildStar.

All three of these games are timesinks, though, so I'm glad that they're not releasing one on top of the other. What about you, Massively readers? Are you excited for all three of 2014's triple-A launches? Which one will you play the most?

Ever wish that you could put to rest a long-standing MMO debate once and for all? Then welcome to the battle royal of Massively's Leaderboard, where two sides enter the pit o' judgment -- and only one leaves. Vote to make your opinion known, and see whether your choice tops the Leaderboard!

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Pre-orders now open for WildStar

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Carbine Studios has fired the starting pistol for WildStar's pre-orders, meaning that you can go ahead and secure a copy of the game right now.

Players may purchase the game through the official website or through a third-party retailers including GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy. WildStar comes in two editions: standard for $60 and digital deluxe for $75.

Carbine is giving players good incentive to snap up a copy of the game now, as the pre-order bonuses include early game access, a rocket house, a mini-ship housing decoration, a 10-slot inventory bag, and character/guild name reservations. Pre-order customers will get to start playing the live game on May 31st.

WildStar gets a new website

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WildStar explorer
Carbine's sci-fantasy WildStar MMO has a new website. It's still the same URL, mind you, but the layout has changed dramatically while preserving the game's zany space western aesthetic. The front page is subdivided into sections covering each of the game's major features, including info on paths, housing, and more!

WildStar pre-orders begin tomorrow, March 19th.

[Thanks Siphaed!]

Immortalize your WildStar avatars with character creation codes

Betas, Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, Previews, WildStar, MMORPG

If you are as addicted to character creation as some of the members of the Massively staff, then this is one WildStar video you won't want to miss. Friend of the site Richie "Bogotter" Procopio has just uploaded a new WildStar video explaining how to make use of the in-game character creation code system to save your beautiful, unique snowflake characters and then re-import them come the June 3rd launch. This way you can use beta the way the MMO gods intended it: to decide what you're going to roll when it really counts and do it quickly enough to get into the game and level faster than the scrubs around you.

Enjoy the video!

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Working As Intended: Endgame is the worst thing that ever happened to MMOs

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Taken by Bree Royce in Sacramento, CA
Endgame is the worst thing that ever happened to MMOs. I tweeted this last year, and it won't stop rattling around in my head. Every time a developer dodges concerns and leaps to his version of the "elder game," every time a reader claims a reviewer who doesn't get to endgame is irrelevant, and every time someone justifies a weak game mechanic because it doesn't matter at max level anyway, it rattles around some more. Endgame is the worst thing that ever happened to MMOs.

Having an endgame, thinking you need one, and designing your game around it -- this is the core problem of the MMO genre. No matter how hard you spin it, when you create a game with an endgame, you create a game with an end... and not much else.

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Curse opens its doors to WildStar addons

Betas, Sci-Fi, Video, WildStar, Subscription

Curse would like to become your one-stop shopping hub for all of your future WildStar addon needs.

The site announced that it's expanding its focus to include addons for Carbine Studios' upcoming MMO. Curse will be supporting WildStar mods with a new version of the CurseForge platform, which purportedly will streamline tools and better fit players' needs. The site is also open to authors creating and submitting their own projects to fill up the categories.

Speaking of WildStar, Bogotter has a first-hand tour of the Dominion adventure, Riot in the Void, which you can watch after the break. Which path will he take? Who knows, but it will almost certainly end in glorious disaster!

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Exploring WildStar's endgame raids and dungeons

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A dungeon in Wildstar
For those who like endgame PvE content, Carbine's upcoming MMO WildStar is hoping provide not just lots to consume but a variety of ways to consume it. I'm no longer the type of gamer who has to race to max level, and fortunately for me, WildStar plans to give us that "raid feeling" even while we're leveling via adventures and shiphand missions and world bosses and even public quests. But there's much more to PvE than that. At last week's press event, I sat down with Lead Combat Designer Chris Lynch and Lead Dungeons and Raids Designer Brett Scheinert to talk about endgame and PvE in the next big themepark.

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Battlegrounds, arenas, and warplots: How PvP works in WildStar

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Battlegrounds in Wildstar
PvE is a staple of MMORPG gameplay, but if you prefer the challenge and adrenaline rush of fighting against another human being while bashing on a keyboard and circle-strafing to dizzying effect, then you, my friend, are a PvPer. And if you've PvPed in other games, you'll be familiar with WildStar's battlegrounds and arenas. But warplots? What's a warplot? That's just one of the PvP-related questions I asked at a press event last week at Carbine Studios with the WildStar team.

Battlegrounds Designer Kevin Lee and Lead PvP Designer Jen Gordy explained to me that PvP is one of the key focuses of the game; all PvP content in WildStar will be on a cross-realm queue. Your level and gear stats will be normalized to provide an equal playing field. WildStar's telegraph system ensures that PvP is extremely reactive, which is typical, but what's not typical is being able to see where your enemy is aiming that AoE or conal attack.

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WildStar announces June 3rd launch date, preorder bonuses

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It's official: WildStar is launching worldwide on June 3rd, and as of right this very moment, the NDA has lifted.

Preorders for Carbine's sub-based sci-fantasy MMORPG will be available next Wednesday, March 19th. The $59.99 preorder provides beta events, early access on May 31st, housing deco that grants a rest XP bonus, character and guild name reservations, a 10-slot storage bag, and the exclusive rocket house shown above, in addition to the Standard Edition's 30 days of play time, buddy passes, and more deco. Another $15 gets you a Digital Deluxe version with a hoverboard, costume, title, and dye set.

Stay tuned today for Massively's coverage from the recent press event, and enjoy the newly released images and launch announcement trailer.

[Source: Carbine press release]

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