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Warhammer Online

Return to Ekrund now in Warhammer Online's live event

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Return to Ekrund now in Warhammer Online's live event
A week ago, it was only a tease hinted at on Twitter. Now, it's a sure thing: The Return to Ekrund live event is on Warhammer Online servers. The event takes place in or around Ekrund, the tier one starting area for Dwarven Oathbreakers. Players can work through the many steps of the event to earn special rewards. Event tasks include safely escorting Dwarf historians, killing enemy Greenskins, piecing together puzzles, and more.

Worried about turning into a chicken because your level is too high for a starting zone event? Don't be! Higher level players are tweaked in the RvR lakes (the PvP areas) and returned to a level fit for the area. However, don't expect to keep all your high-powered skills and your fast mount when you level down; you actually only get access to the skills, abilities, and tactics of that level!

Warhammer Online hints at new live event

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Warhammer Online hints at new live event
Is Warhammer Online preparing to unveil a brand-new live event to the game? A recent Twitter message by Mythic Implementation Lead Keaven Freeman suggests so. The developer posted a page from the Tome of Knowledge titled Return to Ekrund: A Stronghold Saga -- Part 1.

The page discusses a Dwarf explorer who discovers an ancient stronghold which contains clues to "legendary weapons of great power." The page also shows a standard reward meter with three icons on it.

A new live event is something to be anticipated and celebrated, so we'll be sure to follow this as it develops.

Today's Warhammer Online update unifies RvR currency

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Today's Warhammer Online update unifies RvR currency
If you've played MMOs for any length of time, chances are you have come upon the dreaded "inventory full" message during your adventures. Warhammer Online is no exception to this phenomenon, and you don't have to be a certified packrat to run out of room when juggling the game's multiple RvR currencies. Even with the dedicated currency bag, the sheer volume of different types fills it quickly. But thanks to today's Game Update 1.4.8, Warhammer Online players will be able to convert all those crests, medallions, insignias, and emblems into a single currency -- war crests.

In the patch notes released last Friday, Mythic Entertainment detailed the unification of RvR currencies, outlining the specific conversion rates and RvR reward distribution. It also announced the addition of a new novelty vendor (where players can spend those newly acquired war crests on special experience, renown, or influence gain buffs) along with other equipment and merchant changes.

EA given best workplace title for LGBT employees

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EA given best workplace title for LGBT employees
If there's one thing reading Massively's comments has taught me, it's that major big-budget game companies are evil and probably kill kittens. But a recent rating by the Human Rights Campaign might work towards changing your mind about EA a bit.

The Human Rights Campaign has given the company a 100 percent rating which has earned it the title of "Best Place to Work for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Equality" for 2013. In addition to providing what they call a welcoming work environment for everyone, EA has also made changes to its medical benefits, involved itself in LGBT community events, and publicly denounced the Defense of Marriage Act.

EA currently publishes some of the most popular console and PC games out there, including the MMOs Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Secret World, Warhammer Online, and more.

BioWare Mythic is now just Mythic

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BioWare-Mythic is now just Mythic
Has the BioWare name lost its luster? That depends on whom you ask, of course, and we can't help but wonder at the mixed message behind Mythic's recent decision to dissociate itself from the famed RPG behemoth.

In a blurb on the official Warhammer Online website, community manager Kai Schober writes that BioWare Mythic will henceforth be known as Mythic, which is a return to the studio's pre-2010 days before it merged with BioWare and adopted the parent company's name as its prefix.

"In the wake of a new focus our studio has recently changed its name from BioWare Mythic to Mythic. Everything else stays the same -- our passionate teams will continue to support and develop our existing titles as well as working on some new and exciting projects," Schober writes.

Warhammer Online unleashes the Daemonic Gifts of Khorne

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What, you expected the forces of chaos to work as a well-disciplined team?
Chaos in Warhammer Online is bad news. It's bad news for the more orderly people of the realm, but it's also sometimes bad news for the followers of Chaos, since the deities can be a bit unfocused when spreading madness. Case in point: the new event in which several of Khorne's daemons have broken through and joined the battles across the land by attacking every mortal within arm's reach. That means both Order and Chaos players will be able to take part in the event to push back Khorne's minions.

Participation simply requires players to slay Khorne's minions as well as throw in some enemy player kills. Successful participation rewards you with several boosts, including a special binding scroll for a daemon and new pieces of jewelry. No word on how long this event will take place, but considering it's a manifestation of chaos, we think it might be best to jump in and take advantage before it vanishes.

Warhammer's Daemon Moon Rising event now playing

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Warhammer's Daemon Moon Rising event now playing
If you haven't firmed up your MMO Halloween plans, we've got another event to tell you about. Warhammer Online's Daemon Moon Rising shindig is going on now through November 1st.

It features a Daemonball Rally public quest, a Daemon Mask event quest, and the High Pass Cemetery Scenario which offers extra influence if you participate wearing a Daemon Mask. There are seasonal drops aplenty, too, including crafting components for talisman-makers. Full event details are available on the official Warhammer website.

Jukebox Heroes: Whimsy and oddity

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Jukebox Heroes Whimsy and oddity
I have two big announcements today. The first is that Jukebox Heroes is switching from a bi-weekly to a weekly schedule, which should delight my 30 readers and cause an epidemic of indifference elsewhere. The second is that we're going to take a week off examining specific soundtracks to have a little fun with how silly MMO studios can get.

If you haven't figured it out already, this column is kind of a not-so-subtle outlet for sharing my MMO music collection with you. I don't have any firm method of collection other than I just acquire tracks that my ear tells me I'd like to hear again. So along the way, I've acquired a few oddball pieces that you probably won't find on any OST but that are notable enough to share.

In some cases, these tracks represent studios' attempts (successful or otherwise) to let down their hair and be humorous. In others, these songs are parodies or one-time special events. So let's take a sidebar to look at the whimsical and odd songs of gaming.

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Four years of WAR: An interview with Mythic's James Casey

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Four years of WAR An interview with Producer James Casey
To celebrate Warhammer Online's fourth anniversary this week, we got in touch with EA Mythic Producer James Casey to talk about the past, present, and future of WAAAGH!

Massively: Four years is a sizable length of time in any MMO's life. How does it feel to hit that mark?

James Casey: It feels great to have been able to have support from the Warhammer and gaming community for the last four years. That support has allowed us to continue bringing them the thrilling Realm vs. Realm combat and engrossing worlds that they have come to expect from Mythic and Games Workshop.

To your point about four years being a sizable length of time for an MMO, I will say that as a studio, we actually have a stable of MMOs that have been around for a damn respectable amount of time. From Ultima Online hitting its amazing 15th anniversary this year to Dark Age of Camelot having already broken that fabled 10-year mark, we've had a remarkable run in the MMO space, and I think that I can speak for everyone who has come and gone or still remains in saying a heartfelt thanks to all of our fans and customers over all the years. We owe that track record to them, and we hope that as we continue to evolve and develop as a studio and across our products, we can provide more of that sense of community in all of our offerings.

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The Game Archaeologist: Happy birthday, Warhammer Online and Fallen Earth!

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The Game Archaeologist Happy birthday, Warhammer Online and Fallen Earth!
September is a special month for me because it was around this time that two MMOs personally meaningful to me launched. Four years ago, Warhammer Online came into being amid a flurry of hype, insane expectations, and fan frenzy. It's the game that excited me enough to start my journey as a blogger, eventually landing me a spot here on Massively. And three years ago, Fallen Earth opened my eyes to how much fun an MMO about the end of the world and crafting could be.

Despite the fact that neither of these titles qualifies for the title of "success" these days, I still bear a soft spot in my heart for them. I spent well over a year in each game, racking up several memories and useful lessons that I'd carry with me going forward. And I don't regret a single day playing them.

Since this month is the fourth anniversary of WAR and the third of Fallen Earth, I wanted to offer a hearty "congrats!" and take a minute to see what's been moving and shaking in these games during this past year.

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Warhammer Online celebrates fourth anniversary with rewards and bonuses

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Warhammer Online celebrates four years with rewards and bonuses
Belch forth a mighty "WAAAGH!" today, for Warhammer Online is now officially four years old. EA Mythic's dark fantasy title came on the scene in 2008 with a strong emphasis on PvP combat.

To celebrate the occasion, Mythic announced that all players will enjoy 10 days of bonus XP and RP starting today. Also as part of the festivities, fireworks can be looted from corpses during this time. Why are so many warriors carrying fireworks? Discount sale, of course. Finally, Mythic is rewarding the faithful who have stuck with WAR for all four years with a new portable mailbox at the end of the month.

The devs used this opportunity to remind players that patch 1.4.7 is on course to go live later in September after the Wild Hunt event. The team's also working on a new random live event and an upcoming community patch.

The Perfect Ten: Goosebump trailers

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The Perfect Ten Goosebump trailers
I love trailers. Man, I love trailers. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but sometimes I'll spend a shameful hour just flipping through all of my favorite movie and game trailers. When the editing is tight and the music spot-on, my spine becomes infused with epicness and I feel a heady buzz that comes from seeing so much awesome crammed into such a short clip.

Just as in the movie industry, MMO studios are hit or miss with their trailers. There have been so many generic, forgettable videos that I pad the lining of my imaginary dog's crate with them. They're very absorbent and release the fresh scent of pine. But once in a while, there comes along a trailer that acts like the Dark Crystal, sucking my soul right into it before shaking it around and then releasing it. Trailers like that give me goosebumps, and here are 10 of them, all in a row.

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The Perfect Ten: Amazing amateur MMO cosplay

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The Perfect Ten Great MMO cosplay outfits
I find the whole cosplay subculture at conventions to be both foreign and fascinating. On one hand, I deeply admire the dedication and time it takes to put together a complex outfit and then spend all day wearing this custom-made sweatsuit. On the other hand, it does tend to bring out some folks' narcissism and unnecessary cleavage.

While many facets of geek and video game culture are adequately represented by those crazy cosplayers, I don't see as much when it comes to MMORPGs. Was it truly underrepresented, I wondered, or have I just never looked?

Consider the following 10 costumes the result of an afternoon or two combing through so much amateur cosplay that it vastly exceeded the recommended amount as set by the American Medical Association. I'm glad to make the sacrifice for you, and besides, you just know those doctors are the ones in these outfits, anyway.

(Please note that if you're looking for more skin than skill, this will not be the list for you!)

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MMO Blender: Eliot's self-made legend

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Yes, I sort of had a Greek thing on my mind with this one.
I like games that make your characters feel legendary, but sometimes I think they've gotten the whole formula wrong. The problem is that the only thing important about your character is what he or she has done, not what he or she is. World of Warcraft has a lot of quests and raids that seem to imply your character is a big deal, but how big a deal can you really be if you're learning all of your tricks at the local trainer?

What about a game where your personal history has as much to do with your future development as anything else? A game where your accomplishments aren't just backstory but an integral part of your character's abilities? A game where every new encounter is a chance for your character to learn something unique? I'd love to see a game where your accomplishments are not a list of things that you've killed but a clear litany of skills learned and scars accumulated -- a game where the path to power isn't necessarily clearly marked.

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Warhammer Online rolls out patch 1.4.6 with major RvR changes

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But still no full Skaven faction.
Warhammer Online isn't a strict PvP game, but the energy of RvR is one of the major draws that keeps players interested. That means a lot of balancing to maintain interest and avoid unfair matchups. The latest patch, 1.4.6, is aimed at revising several mechanics to do just that, keeping players on an even footing in Scenarios and open PvP encounters. And it's all being accomplished by switching the focus away from character level and to renown rank.

From now on, rather than being divided by character level, scenarios will be divided into brackets based on renown, with players in any given bracket boosted to the same level to keep challenges fair. Other major changes come in the Campaign mechanics, which will now allow players to take down Keep doors with siege engines other than rams and will also allow players below renown rank 80 to benefit from additional level bolstering in Tier 4. Before you go to WAR, you might want to take a look at the full patch notes to digest all the particulars.

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