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Warhammer 40k

THQ releases flood of new details for Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online

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Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online
If you're a fan of Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, you are likely pretty happy to have a launch date. You're also probably anxious for details about the game itself, which have been in short supply until now.

We've got good news for you though: THQ has released a huge list of data on design, gameplay, classes and races, and much more. The information ranges from all-encompassing, such as talk of art style and who is involved in development, to very specific, such as a party size of five, raid size of 50, and level cap of 60.

There's plenty more for eager fans: dual-wielding pistols and melee weapons (including chain swords), classes with three specialties, a crashed space hulk ripe for exploration, and much more. Strategy Informer has the complete summary, so head over there for your full Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online fix!

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Warhammer 40K Dark Millennium Online launch date revealed

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Screenshot -- Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Online
Purge the heretics! Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Online has received a launch date. The game's page on THQ's official site marks the game down for release on March 31st, 2013. That's all the news we've got for now, but keep your eye out for more information in the (grim darkness of the) future!

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Dark Millennium Online to be playable at E3 2012

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While last week's E3 is still fresh in our minds and hearts, THQ is giving us a great reason to look forward to next year's expo: the chance to get our hands on Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online.

Eurogamer reports that THQ is committing to this time frame. Danny Bilson says that WAR40K will be the highlight of the company's display: "Next year, I promise you, next E3. I've already got plans for what the booth is like. The centrepiece of the booth will be that MMO."

We caught only a glimpse of a teaser trailer for the game at this year's E3. Vigil Games is hard at work on the $50+ million project, and Bilson says that it's looking good and on track for a launch between April 2012 and March 2013.

"It looks fabulous. I like it. I can't speak to it now, or people will kill me. But, I'll tell you what, it plays differently. A little bit... This thing is gonna be special," he said. "We're going to come out when we come out in a big way. I feel like we're fully competitive with the other guys. It'll be seven years in the making when it comes out. We're competing with the best games in the world. You can't mess around with this thing."

E3 2011: New Dark Millennium Online teaser sighted in the wild

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The first E3 tidbit on THQ's Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online is officially loose on the interwebs, and it takes the form of a short teaser video. When we say short, we mean short (as in, less than a minute in length -- 10 seconds of which are given over to company logos). Since the footage is heavily stylized, it's hard to tell exactly what is gameplay and what is cinematic.

In any event, it all looks pretty cool, and fans looking forward to Vigil's take on the dark and dystopian far-future setting will be left wanting a bit more. The video also plays it coy when it comes to WAR40K's release date, opting for a cryptic "coming soon" tag when all the pyrotechnics have died down. Have a look after the cut and let us know what you think.

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Massively's on the ground in Los Angeles during the week of June 6-9, bringing you all the best news from E3 2011. Whether you're dying to know more about Star Wars: The Old Republic, RIFT, or any MMO in between, you can bet we'll have it covered!

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THQ spending approximately $50 million on WAR40K MMO

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If you're wondering how many users it's going to take for THQ's forthcoming Warhammer 40K-based sci-fi MMORPG to be successful, you can keep wondering. THQ executive vice president and chief financial officer Paul Pucino did speak briefly about the budget of Dark Millennium Online, however, while addressing a Wedbush Morgan conference on March 9th. Pucino said the title will cost "somewhere in the area of $50 million or so to get these games to market, certainly in that range for Dark Millennium."

Pucino was asked about desired subscriber numbers for WAR40K, which is being developed by Vigil Games, but declined to offer any details. "We haven't gotten specific yet, we're a couple of years away here from release and certainly as we get closer we'll give some specifics with regards to break-even or target users," he said.

THQ says WAR40K MMO due by March 2013

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It looks like March 2013 is the latest expected delivery date for THQ's Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online MMORPG. Rock, Paper Shotgun reports that THQ told its investors the sci-fi opus should see the light of day in the fiscal year 2013, a period stretching from April 2012 to March 2013.

While news of the far-future setting has excited some fans, others are put off by rumors that the extensive faction roster from the source material is being distilled to a more MMO-palatable pair of opposing organizations. However it turns out, we'll have to wait quite a while it seems and content ourselves with the slow trickle of WAR40K news.

WAR40K throws down the gauntlet

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Other MMOs are predictable, lazy and lack the real "feel" of combat -- or so says Vigil Games' founder Dave Adams. In a recent PC Gamer article, Adams and Creative Director Mike Maza share their vision for Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online -- and it's all about bucking the industry standard.

Adams had a few strong words for Vigil's competition: "A lot of developers see that as an opportunity to cut that corner because there's so much to do on an MMO. They think people care about X, Y and Z. They don't really care about the feeling of the combat... Our goal is when some guy's walking past DMO they won't instantly know it's an MMO. That depends on a minimal interface: it's not a full FPS but it looks more 'actiony'."

The devs confirmed that there would be a wide range of combat features in this action-based title, including fierce melee brawls, intense ranged firefights -- and no action bar icons of which to speak. The team is working hard to recreate the tabletop's iconic world into a virtual one, designing guns (stubber and bolter firearms) and player-controlled vehicles (Titan mechs and Predator tanks) to look deadly, used and WAR40Kish.

The game will kick players into the fight almost immediately. "There's scenarios that introduce you to your character class. We'll throw you into your very first instance, to get a feel for a very player directed experience. Then you'll go to your trainers and merchants, then drop down onto the over-world from orbit," Maza said.

You can read the full article at PC Gamer.

THQ reveals the dark engine powering Warhammer 40K

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Hungry for information -- any information at all -- on Vigil Games' upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online? Did you watch the Imperium of Man trailer and gibber, "More! MORE!" So did we. Unfortunately, it was looking like we'd have to be content with hints...

...but fortunately, Games On Net cornered David Adams, Vigil Games' GM, and pumped him for further details. While Adams was reluctant to go into the specifics of gameplay, he did open up about WAR40K's engine, which is the same one the company used for Darksiders. The engine is being tweaked for the MMO, although Adams testified that it was already great with portraying a seamless world, which should be perfect for WAR40K's needs. DirectX 11 is also slated for inclusion.

So will the graphic requirements be low enough that the game could run on a toaster, or will it be a high-performance-only excursion? While Adams admits that the necessary graphic options will take a decent machine to run well, he's hoping to have as many visual toggles as possible so that WAR40K can reach a wider audience. He wouldn't say how many characters he expects the engine to handle in a certain area, other than to claim: "Big, it's 40K, it's all about big giant battlefields."

You can watch the full video over at Games On Net.

New WAR40K trailer introduces first playable race

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The Warhammer 40K crew has released a new trailer introducing the game's first playable race: The Imperium of Man.

"After centuries of exile, the Imperium of Man has returned to the Sargos sector," begins the trailer video. The planet Sanctum is the stronghold for man, and the humans are holding it against a host of enemies eager to take it back.

As always, while it's fun to hear all about a new playable race, it's even better to see it. With that in mind, the developers have put together a lineup of detailed new screenshots and a trailer video to introduce the race to players. Follow along after the jump to check them out!

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WAR40K courts 1 million users, WoW players

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Danny Bilson, core games vice president at THQ, is rather excited by the prospects of Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online. In an interview at CVG, the executive talks about both the potential of the underlying intellectual property as well as the game itself. The title, currently in development at Vigil Games and fresh off a crowd-pleasing E3 trailer reveal, looks to appeal to a broad base of MMORPG games, starting with Blizzard fans.

"I've spent lots of time in WoW. As a WoW fanatic, I'm going to go right to 40K as soon as it comes out. It's very friendly to the WoW player," Bilson says.

In addition to aiming for the current market-share top dog, Bilson lets on that WAR40K is looking for approximately a million players in order to be successful. "They've got 14 million players! Gimme a million and I'm good! We're real good at a million, right?" We don't need everybody to migrate. We just need some of them -- and I'm full confident we're going to get them," he said.

E3 2010: Your complete Massively coverage roundup

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The 2010 edition of the gaming nirvana known as E3 has come and gone, and Massively was there to bring you three days of exclusives, firsts, and hands-on impressions for all your favorite MMORPG titles, studios, and developers. This year's Expo saw plenty of news and announcements regarding highly anticipated games, as well as plenty of information on assorted titles large and small.

We thought it best to collate our coverage into a complete and concise roundup post for your viewing pleasure, so read along after the cut to make sure you didn't miss anything. You can also check out all of our E3 galleries along the way.

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E3 2010: Interview with Warhammer 40K's Mark Downie

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Let's face it: At E3, every studio, game and gadget struggles to be the talk of the show, but there's just so much going on that most exhibits and demos get lost in the noise. Therefore, when buzz erupts to eclipse the noise, it behooves the gamer to sit up and take notice. Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online is buzzing strong right now, like thousands of armored, heretic-hunting space bees, especially after revealing the trailer earlier this week. With the previously secretive MMO out in the open, fans are hungry for any and all details about this entry in the beloved 40k franchise.

Fortunately, Massively made fast friends with Vigil's Mark Downie, who was more than happy to spill the space beans about the look of the game, faithfulness to the IP and Warhammer 40k's release window. Buckle up, engage thrusters and hit the jump for the full conversation.

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Trailer revealed for Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online

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THQ and Vigil Games promised to "fully reveal" the Warhammer 40k MMO at E3, and they're standing by that promise. Our first peek at this revelation comes in the form of a brand new trailer, as well as the game's title.

The trailer for Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online gives us the backstory: demons, aliens and heretics versus man. We get our first look at gameplay as well as the trailer pans through several different battlegrounds.

The trailer comes at the same time as a site redesign for Vigil Games, which brings a heavy focus on this highly anticipated game. Follow along after the jump to see the trailer, and keep an eye out for Massively's exclusive interview with THQ and hands-on demo of Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online.

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THQ says Warhammer 40K MMO doesn't need a million subscribers

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We all know game developers love to announce big numbers. A million of this, ten million of that, forty million of the other. No thanks, says THQ -- our Warhammer 40K MMO will be just fine without all that.

The Warhammer 40k team is small and very experienced, so they have the advantage of skipping a lot of expensive trial-and-error, moving straight to building the game right.

In a recent conference call, THQ's CEO Brian Farrell pointed to the relatively low investment cost of the Warhammer 40k MMO as the reason that they don't need to aim for huge numbers: "We don't need the kind of subscriber levels that people throw around, like a million subscribers, to make a lot of money on this title. If we get anywhere near that level, we'll be making a lot of money."

Given the enthusiasm shown by fans of the title, they just might hit those numbers anyway.

Warhammer 40k devs on unusual pricing structure and WoW-killing

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"WoW-killer" is a cliched term these days, and many MMO fans continue to keep a weather eye out for the game that will take down the juggernaut of the gaming world.

No thanks, say the developers behind Warhammer 40k. Brian Farrell is the CEO and President of THQ, the company behind Warhammer 40k, and he has no desire to go after that title. "What we love about the Warhammer 40K MMO is that it's different in that it's a sci-fi, futuristic-based world. We're not competing directly in the orcs and elves fantasy environment that World of Warcraft is in. We can differentiate ourselves."

Farrell feels that there is plenty of room for more than one great title, particularly since the game is a completely different type of MMO. In addition to addressing the WoW question, Farrell also offered up some interesting information regarding the pricing structure for Warhammer 40k, indicating that it will vary depending on what part of the world you are playing in.

Warhammer40k will be revealed fully at E3 this June, but for now you can take a look at more of what Farrell had to say recently over at IGN.

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