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One Shots: Off the Grid

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As a former Anarchy Online player, I was always curious what the Grid looked like for the Fixer class, but I never was so curious that I rolled one up. Fortunately, reader Azzura was able to satisfy my curiosity this week with this awesome-looking structure.

"This is one of my favorite screenies I have, inside the Grid," he submitted. "You would click a machine and get digitized in to this area filled with exits to all over the game. Funcom seems to like this method of travel as you can tell by popping into Agartha in The Secret World.

We have sights and wonders the likes of which will make your ocular cavities gush forward in unabashed emotion after the break. Frankly, I wouldn't risk it; your eyes might not be able to take the strain.

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One Shots: Guard whacked!

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Ultima Online
According to Massively Law, which is as unshakable as it is awesome, if you send in screenshots from an MMO that was made during the Clinton presidency, then I'm required to feature them as a header for this column. Hence, Ultima Online.

This picture comes from reader Azzura, who found out the hard way that not everyone likes a bad guy. "This is my 'red' character, one that I used to player-kill (PK) with, strolling near town," he said. "The NPCs did not like my being around and were calling the guards on me to get me 'guard whacked'."

I mourn not for thee, but I shall be entertained by thy photographic memorial. Smite that "continue reading" button, readers, and feast thine eyes upon the glory of our community.

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Vindictus heralds upcoming Episode 3

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Episode 3 will be coming to Vindictus next week featuring a new area full of challenging monsters.

In it, Vindictus players will be able to progress to the Misty Summit, which is a little bit of a misnomer due to the fact that it's made of four peaks. In any case, the cliff-themed region will keep players on their toes, especially if adventurers find a treasure map that's full of disappearing monsters.

The update will happen on November 27th, but you can get an advance look by watching the trailer after the break!

[Source: Nexon press release]

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Vindictus celebrates two years in Europe with wings

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Usually phoenices are reserved for those who die first, but let's not think about that.
It's not always easy for a game to make it to the second year of operation, but Vindictus has done just that in the European region. To celebrate, EU players are being given wings. Some of them, anyway. The rest are just going to have to purchase them.

Here's how it works. When players are logged in at 6:00 p.m. GMT (1:00 p.m. EDT) between today and September 27th, they have a chance to receive the second anniversary gift box which contains a free set of Phoenix Wings. Players not logged in on at that time can purchase the wings directly for 35,000 NX during the limited sales windows: 4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. GMT (11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT), September 28th until October 3rd.

Players who are uninterested in chasing wings can also take part in the new Siege Mode PvP matches by speaking to the Battlemaster in Rocheste. So everyone gets something for the second year.

Vindictus' grim Pantheum the Executioner offers toughest challenge yet

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Pantheum the Executioner enters Vindictus
With a name like "Pantheum the Executioner," you have to figure that this poor guy didn't have a lot of career prospects after graduating video game high school. Perhaps he did pest control a bit, but these days he's "a creature of unimaginable evil" tearing it up in Vindictus.

Pantheum is the latest raid boss to come to Vindictus -- and he is no pushover. Nexon claims that Pantheum is one of the toughest bosses in the game and requires no fewer than eight players to take him down. Players can encounter him in the Shadow of Death raid, but they'll need to be on their toes to survive the boss' three phases. If players beat him three times, they'll earn enough currency to purchase a Grim Reaper box with super-rare contents.

You can check out Pantheum in action after the jump!

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Hurk released to Mabinogi Heroes test server

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Vindictus Hurk released to test server
Last month we were introduced to Hurk, the newest hero to join Korea's Mabinogi Heroes lineup. And now we can get to know him a little bit better: Steparu.com reports that Hurk has landed on the test server and offers various videos to show the character and his skills off. While there's no word yet on Hurk for the North American version (known as Vindictus), it's a pretty good bet that he'll join the team here, too.

Get a glimpse of Hurk's gameplay in the video after the break, and visit Steparu.com for more videos on character customization and testing counter timing.

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Vindictus shows off new character Hurk the Berzerker

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Vindictus shows off Hurk the Berzerker
Nexon has released a teaser trailer for Mabinogi Heroes' newest character, Hurk the Berserker. Mabinogi Heroes is the Korean (and original) version of North America's Vindictus, so this may mean Hurk will be landing on western shores in the not-too-distant future.

The short video shows Hurk wielding a giant greatsword against an equally giant boss, and is labeled as the first teaser of hopefully several more. You can check out the full video after the jump.

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Vindictus spreads the joy of Season 2 Episode 2

Fantasy, Patches, Free-to-Play, Vindictus

Vindictus spreads the joy of Season 2 Episode 2
It's update day for Vindictus, as players will have the fun of exploring the Season 2 Episode 2 patch after the download is complete. The update is a hearty helping of content that includes dungeons, battles, and character revamps.

Nine new battles are now available in the Twilight Desert, and players might have to cut their way through the addition of Grim Reapers and Guardians to get to them. The update implements a time progression feature, which is important since it determines which of the patch's 14 dungeons are open or closed for business. There's also a new expertise to level up in called Gathering, although it's accessible only in the Season 2 zones.

[Source: Nexon press release]

Vindictus EU shows off next episode of Season 2 with video, screenshots

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Vindictus EU shows off more Season 2 with video and screenshots
Vindictus fans in Europe don't have long to wait for the second episode of Season 2 as Nexon EU has announced that The Secret of Twilight Desert will launch on May 29th. As one of the largest updates ever to the game, this episode will expand the storyline and add new enemies in new areas as well as a dynamic day/night cycle.

Both new terrors and rare beauty come with the nightfall; the Grim Reaper and Guardian Soldiers will threaten adventurers after the sun sets, but the moonlight also reveals the Luminary Plant, a beautiful and powerful plant able to bestow rare gifts upon those capable of harvesting it. And for those seeking treasure buried under the sands, a new underground dungeon (with a traveling entrance) built by the eccentric wild Coffer Chasers offers adventurers a choice of treasure rooms. Choose wisely, though, as all other treasure rooms are locked once one is picked!

Get a glimpse of the coming adventures in the video after the break and the 11 new images in the gallery below.

[Source: Nexon EU press release]

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Nexon EU offers two Vindictus gameplay videos of the new cross gun

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Nexon EU offers two Vindictus videos showing off the new Cross gun
A month ago Vindictus fans learned of the new cross gun being introduced to Kai's arsenal. It's a rapid-firing weapon that merges the look of the traditional crossbow with the firepower of the gun. Now, Nexon Europe has released two new videos that highlight the gameplay of Kai with his new armament. Watch the cross gun in action as teams take on various foes amid ruins, in the jungle, and across the desert dunes in the two trailers after the break.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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One Shots: Paging the burn ward

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One Shots Great balls o' fire!
It's a little amazing, when you think about it, that all of these magic-users who prance around in extremely flammable robes don't suffer from third-degree burns more than we see. Or maybe the game is hiding the awful, scarred truth from us. In any case, our opening screenshot this week should have resulted in a quick trip to the ER for both parties.

"This is a simple yet fun battle in Vindictus' early levels," reader Carolina says. "I love the detail of the damaged shoe on my spellcaster character."

Forget the human element; now the shoes are the ones suffering for our casual disregard of fiery magic! If you can get past the misery of the moment, we've got plenty of other great one shots this week for you to admire.

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Vindictus introduces PvP changes, new clothing, and the deadly Cross Gun

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Vindictus introduces PvP changes, new clothing, and the deadly Cross Gun
You know what sucks about crossbows? They're so slow. Sure, they make a nice thrum as you fire off a bolt at whoever is about to die a pointy death, but then there's the whole reloading process and it's really just not quite action-combaty enough, is it? Vindictus is sorting this appalling deficiency by introducing the Cross Gun, a rapid fire ranged weapon available to folks playing as Kai.

While that is impressive in its own right, the Cross Gun is not all that's coming to the game this month. Nexon America has plans for new open PvP death matches, custom clothing options, and a number of in-game events throughout March. The new PvP mode will be open to players regardless of their guild membership. One of the inbound clothing options is a St. Patrick's Day outfit, for those of you who want to look a little luckier whilst slaughterfying your opponents.

Skip below the cut for a video teasing the March updates.

[Source: Nexon America press release.]

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Vindictus cuts out a place for new character Vella

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She's a sharp one.
She slices, she dices, she eviscerates, and she's the newest character in Vindictus. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Vella and her dual blades. She's the star of the newest video from the game's team at Nexon, which shows off her penchant for quick maneuvers and swinging arcs of destruction.

In the game's lore, Vella is a mariner renowned for her skill with blades and her agility. In play, she more than lives up to the reputation, possessing a variety of attacks that either help her close the range with her opponent (such as Typhoon Slash) or help her get out of range as necessary (such as the spinning attack Slipaway). While she's obviously a melee character, her ability to dart in and out of range and vent around larger opponents should help keep her versatile on the battlefield. But don't take our word for it -- check her out in action just past the break.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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The Perfect Ten: Absolutely ridiculous cash shop selections

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The Perfect Ten Absolutely ridiculous cash shop sales
This past week, the Money Gnomes at Turbine tested the waters with the idea of selling a $50 horse in Lord of the Rings Online. Oh, not just any horse, mind you: It's a toy hobby horse. For $50.

The representative who asked for feedback on the item and price-point probably caused herself internal hemorrhaging by stating, "This is not a joke." The fans responded, "Of course, and the sky is made out of blue cheese." At the very least, it allowed the more creative players to come up with humorous expressions of incredulity. The fun finally came to an end when the studio announced that the "experimental" price point was a failure.

Of course, this is by far not the first time a game studio's attempted to sell a ridiculous item, an item with a ridiculous price point, or both combined. If you sell it, after all, the rubes will come.

So in the spirit of a $50 hobby horse that costs something like $20 in real life to acquire, here are 10 completely ridiculous items that we've seen in MMO cash shops.

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Vindictus Season 2 launch video stars pirates, cannibals, and a Kraken

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Vindictus Season 2 video stars pirates and cannibals
Pirates and cannibals. You just can't have a Season 2 party without them, and the party has started in Vindictus! The next chapter of the free-to-play game is live and brings new zones, new cities, hordes of undead pirates, tribes of cannibals, and a Kraken. This update also features changes in the depth-of field renderings, a tweaked leveling curve, and a level cap increase boosting the maximum level up to 80.

Although some of the footage may seem familiar from Massively's exclusive new zone preview, this trailer shows off even more bosses, including the Kraken and a massive snake, along with plenty of battle scenes. Check it out after the break.

[Source: Nexus Europe press release]

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