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One Shots: Darkness Falls

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One Shots Darkness Falls
Going through the One Shots email account is a little like peeking into strangers' photo albums, complete with their private stories and embarrassing toilet shots. Seriously, folks, what is it with you people sending in toilet pictures? OK, it's a little funny, so keep 'em coming.

I was particularly drawn to Callie's photo from Dark Age of Camelot circa 2003 this past week: "My fiance and I loved going into the dungeon of Darkness Falls so much that we would frequently go down and fight the Prince, just the two of us, on our Warrior duo. I know newer games have come and gone, but nothing beats dungeon exploring and fighting a difficult boss with the one you love. Still one of my favorite MMO memories."

One can only assume that your characters discovered the lavatory behind the boss room and took many, many pictures as well. Speaking of tawdry screenshots, we've got a few more for you behind the break!

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Experience TERA with a free high-level character

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Experience TERA with a free highlevel character
Last March, En Masse enticed new players to join and get to high levels in TERA with a power-level promotion. But for some, even prizes couldn't make that much grinding worth it. If you fall in that crowd, then TERA's newest promotion is for you: For a limited time, new and existing accounts can get a free level 58 character! This Level Up Test Event is a chance for current players to get friends into the game and group up with them immediately as well as for new players who've been debating trying it to experience the newest content.

To get your free level 58 character, you must create a brand-new character between 1:00 p.m. September 19th and 2:59 a.m. September 23rd and give it a name ending in ".Levelup" (i.e. Bob.Levelup, Jane.Levelup). All newly minted level 58 characters will be supplied with gear, a mount, access to all story quests, and a name change voucher. For full details, visit the official site.

[Thanks to John for the tip!]

Jukebox Heroes: TERA's soundtrack

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Jukebox Heroes TERA's soundtrack
Within the small but passionate video game music community, there's a common gripe that goes around regarding studios' haphazard methods of distributing and selling original soundtracks. My general thought is that it's not that hard to just make a soundtrack a digital purchase through Amazon, iTunes, etc. for those who are interested in purchasing it, but more often than not, one has to look high and low to figure out how to get the desired music.

What's even worse is when a soundtrack is released in different editions by region. Take today's subject, TERA, as an example. TERA's OST was at least released, but in two different editions: the limited 26-track edition given to Europe and Japan and the expansive 50-track edition that debuted in the US. It's just silly to do this sort of thing, but we see it all the time (and don't get me started on the way-too-expensive Japanese import of Final Fantasy XIV's Before Meteor).

Anyway, I have a burr in my saddle about this today because TERA is a tremendous soundtrack. It's rich, evocative, and just plain catchy in parts. If you've listened to only part of this score composed by Inon Zur and Rod Abernethy, then you owe it to yourself to scrounge up the full deal. Here are my favorites!

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Massively Exclusive: En Masse talks TERA's Dungeon Assault

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TERA Dungeon Assault
TERA: Rising's new Dungeon Assault content patch is prepped for launch today, bringing with it new dungeons, new game modes, new bosses, and high-end gear. Among the added encounters are Wonderholme (a 10-man raid), Channelworks (a three-player mission), Kezzel's Gorge (a seven-player tower defense game), and Shattered Fleet (a five-player "BAM beatdown").

Also new today are the Conjunct, Visionmaker, and Bloodrave armor sets, which represent the most powerful armor on offer once fully leveled and upgraded. We spoke with En Masse about the state of TERA: Rising, the thought process behind the new encounters, and how the studio answers some common fan complaints.

Check out our interview and exclusive video and images of the Channelworks dungeon after the break.

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One Shots: Sunset over Eorzea

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One Shots Sunset over Eorzea
Reader Gordy feels that a new era is dawning on Final Fantasy XIV these days, and as I survey the general excitement over this title, I'd have to agree. Who would have thought it considering how messy this title was two years ago?

"Even with the many, many server issues during the re-launch, it's still a wonder of a game in my opinion," Gordy testifies. "I was mining out in Thanalan, and when I turned around, I realized the sun was setting, and there was a warm comfortable glow over the entire world. I had to grab a screen and add it to the (probably piles) of shots you're getting for the launch of this gorgeous game."

Get the full color version and more for the low, low price of $9.99 if you just call... what? We're not allowed to charge readers for this column? Man, I'm never going to buy myself out of indentured service to Bree now! Oh well, go see it for yourself after the jump.

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TERA: Rising unleashes Dungeon Assault on September 10 with all new dungeons

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TERA Rising unleashes Dungeon Assault on September 10 with all new dungeons
If you've been yearning for a new experience in TERA, you've only got to wait until next week to get one. On September 10th, the free-to-play fantasy game is launching four brand-new dungeons, complete with new game modes, epic bosses, and of course elite gear. Dubbed Dungeon Assault, this update adds content for various group sizes and allows players to upgrade the Conjunct, Visionmaker, and Bloodrave armor sets.

Wonderholme, a 10-player co-op adventure, is a lethally whimsical castle. Channelworks is a series of aqueducts maintained by automatons (basically the sewers) deep beneath the Veritas District is explorable by groups of three. Kezzel's Gorge is a tower defense scenario built for seven participants. And Shattered Fleet, a five-player BAM beatdown, takes place on a ship run aground off the Jagged Coast.

Can't wait until the 10th to see what's in store? Then check out screenshots of these new dungeons in the gallery below and watch a teaser trailer for each, one right after another, after the break.

TERA Rising Dungepn Assault Gallery
[Source: En Masse press release]

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TERA teases its political system overhaul in both the US and EU [Updated]

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Gameforge teases TERA Europe political system update
Gameforge has issued a press release detailing an alliance update for TERA Europe scheduled for later this month. There's a new political system in the works along with a "continent-comprehensive" PvP mode that awards winners with priority access to instanced dungeons.

Players will be able to ally themselves with the Velika, the Allemantheia, or the Kaiator (and their faction-specific bonuses), as well as join in the battle for the mysterious mineral Noctenium. Gameforge has released an update-specific teaser trailer that you can view after the break.

[Update: En Masse has just sent out a press release noting that the American version of the Alliance update will go live on August 13th. We've also included two exclusive screenies along with the Web Comic!]

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TERA introduces tasty new weapon skins

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Fear the power of the salmon!
TERA fans, have you ever been squaring off against a big-ass monster and found yourself thinking, "Man, it sure would be great if I could beat the stuffing out of this guy with a plate of salmon nigiri?" If so, you're either crazy hungry or just plain crazy, but that's fine because the folks at En Masse Entertainment have you covered.

That's right, the latest addition to TERA's cash shop is a new set of weapon skins themed around a variety of delightful epicurean treats. The weapon skins range from the barely logical, such as a swordfish that replaces the Slayer's greatsword, to the completely absurd, like the Archer's new bow which has been haphazardly constructed with some bananas and a slice of watermelon. If you wanna check out all the ridiculous new offerings for yourself, just head on over to the game's official site. But take our advice and don't do it on an empty stomach.

Former Lineage II/TERA dev starts new game studio

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Lineage II/Tera dev starts new game studio
What do you do when your parent company wants to focus on mobile gaming and you don't? If you are Yonghyun Park, you start your own studio. Once a developer on both Lineage II and TERA, Park created a new company called NAT Games from LADA Studios, which was dismissed from Netmarble Korea over the aforementioned difference in market focus.

NAT Games plans on creating the next big blockbuster MMORPG, according to Steparu.com, who found the fledgling studio's recruitment webpage and application. Unfortunately, not much more is known about this proposed game in the works, but we'll keep you informed as information comes in.

TERA Korea adds five new dungeons, lots of gear

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TERA Korea adds five new dungeons, gear
Bluehole Studio may be focused on its upcoming TERA sequel, but it hasn't forgotten about the original game, either. MMO Culture reports that the Korean version of TERA recently received a massive update that included five new dungeons.

The content is broken down into solo, 3-man, 5-man, and 7-man instances, with names that translate roughly as Wizard's Fortress, Ancient Underground Canal, Ship of the Red Pirates, Forest of the Giants, and Shrine of Barde. The site also features impressive screenshots of each dungeon's final boss, and it says that each instance will feature new gear drop. Older instances will apparently see improved drops. There is no word on the new content making its way to the western versions of TERA.

TERA's Corsair Stronghold patch now available for preloading

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TERA's Corsair Stronghold patch now available for preloading
TERA's new Corsairs' Stronghold battleground won't be playable until July 1st, but it's coming in the midst of such a massive patch that En Masse is making it available for you to preload. There's five gigabytes worth of stuff to install, too, so the sooner the better.

The update post notes that the patch will not preload while you play, so you'll need to leave the launcher open for a bit.

[Thanks Dengar!]

TERA's new battleground promotes a siege mentality

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Get ready to buckle all of your swashes.
The newest TERA battleground is meant to be big. It's not about two sides plinking away at one another across a field; it's about tearing down the walls of a castle and razing the structure. Corsairs' Stronghold is your chance to take part in both sides of a castle assault, and the development team has put together a little video preview to show off just what your role will be in this two-stage assault.

Players will alternate between being attackers and defenders, with attackers trying to tear down the Anchorstone as the defenders beat them back. The map includes elements like ladders to scale, siege weapons to hit the walls, and plenty of spots for characters to engage in pitched fighting for the sake of this castle. The battleground also sees the inclusion of several pieces of pirate-themed cosmetic gear, which are also previewed in another video past the cut. There's plenty to see, in other words.

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One Shots: Friendship is magic

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Oh pretty ponies, is there anything you can't do? Any wisdom that you haven't already mastered? Any look that isn't absolutely stunning? Any swish of your tail that doesn't grant wishes? I think not!

I'm sure that reader Michelle agrees with me, since she sent in this picture of her little pony from Star Stable. "It's April Fool's Day," she writes, "and this is my character Lili Wolfwood and her horse Everdream after having clicked on an NPC Bunny. My horse is usually brown and black."

Why do I keep forgetting that there's an entire MMO about horses? Why haven't I done an extensive six-week article series on it yet? While I deal with the shame of neglect, you may proceed on to our other excellent player-submitted screenshots.

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E3 2013: TERA approaches two million players, welcomes pirates [Updated]

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E3 2013 TERA's pirates want you for an adventure
With almost two million active registered players (and counting!) in North America, TERA does not seem to be in danger of fading into the background just yet. En Masse used E3 as a platform to trumpet the title's success following its free-to-play conversion as well as TERA's upcoming summer content.

"We're nearing two million people playing the game, which is exciting since we're North America only," an En Masse rep said. This count is certainly higher than the 1.4 million count back in March. The reps said that the game's playerbase is even larger if you factor in the entire world, where TERA has gone free in pretty much every territory it's entered.

With the game's first anniversary in the rear-view mirror, En Masse has turned its attention to bringing out a couple of meaty updates the hot summer months. Avast, ye game lubbers, there be pirates ahead!

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TERA is making alliances in its second year

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Friends don't let friends siege castles alone or something.
You're going to need allies in TERA. The game is looking forward to its second year of operation, and it's kicking off the second year with plenty of reasons to get together with people you like (or at least tolerate). That starts with the Corsairs' Stronghold on July 2nd, which will give groups of 20 players a chance to storm a castle with cannons, airships, and tanks. It's not a battleground limited to just 20 players, however, as even lower-level people get a chance to take part in the festivities with normalized gear.

Players can also expect the new Alliances system to debut in August, meaning that the political system will be reworked entirely to give more player control. There are also quality-of-life improvements due for players of all levels, class adjustments, and several events running through June to keep everyone invested and interested. To sum up, it's going to be an exciting summer in TERA, and like we said above, you're going to need allies.

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