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Super Hero Squad Online

Gazillion signs European Marvel Super Hero Squad Online deal

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It looks like Marvel Super Hero Squad is coming to Europe, according to a news blurb at GamaSutra. Gazillion Entertainment has inked a deal with the German media conglomerate known as ProSiebenSat.1 Digital, and the resulting agreement will bring "cross-media promotional support" to both SHSO and Fortune Online.

SHSO is a kid-friendly romp through the Marvel mythos with locations that include Asgard, the Daily Bugle, and the Baxter Building. Gameplay revolves around collecting various heroes to form one of the titular squads, as well as choosing a particular individual to play and level up.

"Gazillion's goal is to deliver entertaining console-quality games through the browser around the world," said CEO John Needham via press release.

Black Panther prowls into Super Hero Squad Online

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Roar! Black Panther leaps into Super Hero Squad Online with a set of new screenshots and a new trailer. So if you'd prefer the agile, cat-like martial arts of the King of Wakanda over the brute-force style of Gladiator Hulk, you're in luck. Players can hop into the shoes of T'Challa and show their claws starting now!

Black Panther joins the other recent additions to SHSO, standing toe-to-toe with Thor and Gladiator Hulk in the newly introduced Asgard. For the new screenshots of everyone's favorite African ruler/super-hero, you can check out the SHSO gallery below. After you're done ogling, jump past the cut for Black Panther's new trailer.

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Super Hero Squad Online showcases Gladiator Hulk

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Hail, emperor, we who are about to SMASH salute you! Gazillion Entertainment announced today that a new warrior has entered the Super Hero Squad Online Colosseum. Gladiator Hulk (who was actually introduced in the Asgard update) looks smashing (ah ha ha) in his gladiator's armor and is ready to dominate the arenas and smash some skulls.

In addition to introducing the new combatant, Gazillion says that the game has been updated with extra missions for players to come, see, and conquer. For a look at Gladiator Hulk in action, you can check out the gallery below or jump on past the cut for a trailer showcasing Hulkimus Maximus going Roman on some unfortunate souls. And of course, to join the fray you can click on over to the Super Hero Squad Online official site.

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Super Hero Squad Online releases Asgard, screenshots, trailer

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As we announced recently, Super Hero Squad Online is making the most of the release of the new Thor film by adding the Norse god and his homeland of Asgard to the free-to-play MMORPG. Now, thanks to a press release from Gazillion Entertainment, we have a wealth of new information regarding these new additions. Players will be able to take on the roles of Thor -- in both his classic and ultimate incarnations -- Valkyrie, and Gladiator Hulk.

After assuming control of any of these new heroes -- or any of the old ones as well, for that matter -- players can now take off to the mythical land of Asgard, home of the Norse Gods. From there, Gazillion says players can "discover the World's Tree and other landmarks in Asgard or battle through two brand new missions", known as The Gods of Thunder and Freezer Burn.

If you're looking for a peek at SHSO's Asgard expansion before you log in to see it for yourself, check out the gallery below and hammer your way past the cut for an action-packed trailer. There's Thor, there's Asgard, there's Loki, there are frost giants, there's... hacky-sack! Don't miss it, lest you incur the wrath of the god of thunder.

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Super Hero Squad Online adds Thor, Asgard

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Marvel Universe Online may not have made it out of the gates in time to bask in the cross-promotional glow of the new Thor film, but the other Marvelized MMO is picking up the slack. Super Hero Squad Online has just announced the addition of Asgard to its game world, not to mention a couple of timely superhero appearances by the likes of Valkyrie and Ultimate Thor (the latter of whom is a subscriber-exclusive).

SHSO also sports a new Loki-powered mission called the Gods of Thunder, and a Classic Thor character is in the works for a future update. The kid-friendly Superhero Squad Online gives players the chance to don the capes, tights, and armor of Marvel's greatest heroes, and you can learn more about the free-to-play title at its official website.

Super Hero Squad Online launches with a new trailer!

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Earlier today we reported about Marvel Universe Online, but there is more good news coming out of Marvel Studios and Gazillion Entertainment. Super Hero Squad Online has officially opened its doors to the public. It is time to hero up and start creating your own fabulous force of freedom fighters.

The kid-in-adult-size-shoes Jay Minn, creative director for SHSO, invites you to join in the fun. As he says in the launch press release, "Where else can you fight Doctor Doom, wall crawl up the Baxter Building, go flying with your friends, and collect a scratching post for Wolverine? We've built an awesome Super Hero theme park, so come and play!"

Grab your Captain America shield, your Iron Man suit, and Thor's hammer and watch this teaser video after the break. And if that inspires you to create your own team of Marvel superheroes, fly over to HeroUp.com to start playing! Nuff said!

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Account creation opens wide for Super Hero Squad Online

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Shh... don't say "open beta" around these superheroes, but it looks as though Super Hero Squad Online may be doing the next best thing. The ultra-cute, ultra-powerful Marvel MMO is now accepting accounts from everyone -- even that supervillain down the street. Previously, you needed a beta code to get a sneak peek at the game, but it looks as though that barrier's been smashed by lil' Hulk.

Super Hero Squad Online also has moved its secret website lair to www.HeroUp.com, which is where you'll need to go to create your own preview account. Currently, all players are assigned a silver-level membership, which limits you to four heroes, although gold-level memberships are on the way.

Along with the website move and open accounts, SHSO has added additional heroes (such as War Machine and Silver Surfer), new daily missions, a tutorial, and improved safe chat. Gazillion says that the game is up and running 24/7 now, so you have plenty of time to see what's what!

Super Hero Squad Online shows some /emote-ion

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is at it again: swinging from the rooftops, snapping the next great shot for the Daily Bugle. But what is he capturing this time? It's certainly not a picture of himself saving the day. He's taking pictures of all his superhero friends posing in the streets of Superhero City.

Super Hero Squad Online isn't all about saving the day every minute. Sometimes you just need to relax or maybe show off to your friends. Gazillion Entertainment and The Amazing Society have put together a trailer of all your favorite characters of SHSO showing off their emotes. From Black Panther playing with a ball of yarn to the Wasp riding a wild rodeo pigeon, superheroes know how to have fun, and in Super Hero Squad Online, these heroes are yours to command.

Jump past the break to see the trailer for yourself, then fly on over to HeroUp.com to sign up for the beta, today!

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Super Hero Squad Online fires up closed beta

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Get ready, true believers! News has come down the wires today that Gazillion's Super Hero Squad Online has officially headed into closed beta. What this also means is that with this announcement, the open beta for this family-friendly MMO is one step closer. Hopefully, it also means that we'll be seeing some forward momentum on the other (read: more adult) Marvel MMO, which Gazillion has indicated is under development as well.

For those not familiar, Super Hero Squad Online is based on the saturday morning cartoon, The Super Hero Squad Show, which has introduced the Marvel characters to a whole new generation. SHSO will be releasing as a free-to-play game with an optional subscription to unlock more content -- no word on the price point, currently. Another thing of note is that the game will be playable via browser, offering players a fast in to the action without exorbitant pre-downloads. A promotional comic for Super Hero Squad Online is also available at Taco Bell, which gives a bit of story and offers up a code for an "exclusive super-hero" according to Gazillion's release. So, if your kids -- or you -- would like to hero up with Super Hero Squad Online, head over to the official site and get signed up. Excelsior!

An animated video diary from the team behind Super Hero Squad Online

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Animation is responsible for a lot in an MMO. A lot of the visual personality of the game is conveyed through animations, both the mechanically important ones for special abilities and the ubiquitous flavor emotes such as dancing. So Super Hero Squad Online has both an advantage and disadvantage for the development team -- they're working with characters who have a lot of established personality, but that means there's even more emphasis on getting everything just right. A new video development diary from the team shows off the process of bringing a character to life in the game, with Wolverine getting the starring role.

The video moves step-by-step from the initial modeling and texturing process through the skeleton modeling and manipulation, while also showing off several of the animations that Wolverine will (presumably) be sporting in the final game. There's a great deal of attention to detail and the fine points of what makes each character tick, so if you're looking forward to Super Hero Squad Online, click on past the break to see how the team is putting a lot of expression into little movements.

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BioWare names Stephen Reid the new SWTOR Community Manager

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A few months back -- just after PAX -- community manager Sean Dahlberg stepped down from his position at BioWare to join UTV True Game's Faxion design team. In the intermediate time, his Star Wars: The Old Republic duties have been filled by community representatives like Joanne Laroche and Alyson Bridge. But now Sean's empty seat has been filled by none other than Stephen "Rockjaw" Reid.

You may know Reid as the Community Director at Gazillion Entertainment or maybe the Senior Community Manager at Trion World. Either way, Reid's experience is well-known in the MMO world. And prior to his work in the States, British-born Reid specialized in public relations and community-related projects for NCsoft UK. His voice has been heard on the Yellow Spandex podcast as well as the official NCsoft Europe podcast before that. It's safe to say the Force is strong with this one.

Reid has been a regular reader of Massively and has been known to comment on our stories via his twitter account Rockjaw. We'd like to congratulate Stephen on his new position, and we look forward to hearing the latest SWTOR news from him. Be sure to send him a warm welcome on the SWTOR forums, and don't miss our interview with this new addition to the SWTOR team coming in the next few days.

In the words of Han Solo in A New Hope, "Don't get cocky" -- I mean, "Here's where the fun begins!"

Dress up in new costumes with Super Hero Squad Online!

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Children of all ages (yup, that includes most of the adults out there) have dressed up for Halloween as their favorite super hero. The Super Hero Squad Online from Marvel and Gazillion is giving out new costumes for the kids (and adults) this trick-or-treat season. We all know what the classic Spider-man costume looks like, right? Well, why not try the black costume? Or maybe a red Hulk fits you better? Whatever best helps you to hero up! Each costume is not just a cover to wear over your existing costume, but they are full-fledged heroes with their own emotes and superpowers that are different from any other hero.

After the costume try-ons are over, go play the amazing online trading card game or save Super Hero City from evil. What? You haven't signed up for beta yet? Well, get over there an do it now, and while you're at it you can sign up your children, too. Gazillion is looking for a whole range of different testers! And if you haven't seen the "spooky" Halloween trailer, you can watch it by hitting "Read More" below.

'Nuff said.

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PAX 2010: It's clobberin' time with SHSO's PvP online card game

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Massively has taken a swing at Marvel's Super Hero Squad Online several times in the last few months, now. So, on our trip to PAX, the boy-in-grown-up-shoes, Jay Minn, could not wait to show us the newly announced PvP portion of this dynamic game. Minn, who is the Director of Games for The Amazing Society, turned in to a giddy imp and directed me to a computer station that had a burning Human Torch on the screen, all prepared to fight some bad guys. Even though PvE wasn't what I was there to cover that day, Minn just had to show me anyway. "Click on a bad guy," he told me, "and good things just happen." I obliged; the Torch lit up and chased some bad guys away! At that point, we were told we had to move on to the PvP portion of the demonstration. Marketing people can be such spoil-sports sometimes.

The giddy grin returned to Minn's face as he gave me instructions on how to get into the online card game. In the lower right-hand corner simply sat an icon that looked like fanned-out cards. As part of the demo I was able to pick my opponent, and since I just love seeing the Ol' Canucklehead Wolverine get beaten down, I picked him for my enemy. And who is the best Marvel superhero? Spider-Man, of course. I had to choose him as my character.

Hero up with me after the break to find out the details of my adventure through this shiny and lively online card game.

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Hero up! Hands-on with Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Super-hero, Business Models, New Titles, Previews, PvE, Free-to-Play, Browser, Comics, Hands-On, Casual, Hands-On (Massively's), Family, Super Hero Squad Online

Back in May, I scored Massively's first real look at Super Hero Squad Online, the Marvel-flavored, kid-friendly MMO from Gazillion Entertainment and The Amazing Society. I was smitten with the game at the time, and so when Gazillion offered me the opportunity to take a peek at the newest build earlier this week, I jumped at the chance. Who can resist some hands-on time with such an adorable toy! (Answer to rhetorical question: no one, which is why you should go sign up for beta right now.) Plus, if I learned anything the last time, it was that I have a duty to relentlessly inquire about Squirrel Girl. Am I right?

Gazillion PR Manager Keith Mutzman and The Amazing Society's Director of Games Jay Minn wasted no time bringing me up to speed on the progress of the game as the team heads to PAX this weekend, so I'll pay that forward -- join me after the break and we'll dig in and hero up!

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It's clobberin' time: Whomp other Super Hero Squad players at PAX

Super-hero, Events (Real-World), PvP, Trading Card Games, Family, Super Hero Squad Online

We've got two quick questions for you: Are you a Marvel fan, and are you going to PAX this weekend? If you leaped up from your chair screaming, "YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" then cut back on your caffeine intake and get thee to Gazillion's booth (#3433) in the exhibition hall for a special treat. Not only will the company be showing off Super Hero Squad Online, but it'll be hosting a special PvP tournament for awesome prizes.

At the tournament, players will get their hands on the collectible card battle system, where they can build their own customized decks and strike out at lesser heroes who stand in their way. In SHSO, these cards can be earned through quests and mini-games, or purchased via microtransactions. Gazillion has three Alienware prize packages for the winners of the tournament, including keyboards, headsets and a monitor.

This unique PvP system could be an effort to recall the joy of collecting toys and cards. Visitors to Gazillion's booth will also be able to play other aspects of the Marvel MMO, sign up for the beta, and shake hands with the developers.

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