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Silkroad Online

Vampire MMO Darkeden launches open beta

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Razorwire picked up on a new MMO to enter the open beta phase, with the intriguing vampire theme. From Joymax, the creators of Silkroad Online, comes Darkeden, a 'horror MMORPG' set in a futuristic fantasy world. Those joining the open beta will be treated to 200% experience gain to assist in seeing what the game has to offer and testing content, in the 'near-complete' build.

The features page of Joymax's Darkeden site fleshes out the concept: players will choose between the Vampire or Slayer races, with Slayers being more powerful during the day and Vampires at night. The races work on completely different leveling systems, and each will have their own methods of transportation (including motorcycles, helicopters, warp tunnels, and of course, bats). There will be battles for territories, both small and large scale, between the Vampires and Slayers.

Those interested in becoming a Vampire (or killing them) can visit the Joymax portal and make an account, then go to the Darkeden site to download the client.

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