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Silkroad Online

Silkroad-R R-elaunches

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Don't let the fancy title fool you: Silkroad-R (the R is for "rebirth") isn't a completely new game but an updated version of Joymax's previous Silkroad. Brought into the shop for some body work and a new paint job, Silkroad-R is back and better than ever.

Silkroad-R will exist on its own servers, seperate from its Silkroad ancestor. Joymax is particularly proud of a "buffed-up" cash shop, as CEO Nam-chul Kim explains: "There's many aspects of Silkroad-R that we changed or improved based on user feedback, and we took a long time investigating the cash shop and evaluating each item."

To celebrate the relaunch, Joymax is sponsoring a string of giveaways through February 7th. Players who reach specific levels have a chance at Amazon gift cards and in-game boosts and items. Other launch events include a special XP-boosting NPC and a player-submitted wallpaper/greeting card contest.

You can check out the official trailer for Silkroad-R after the jump!

[Source: Joymax press release]

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Silkroad-R adding new server, gearing up for re-launch

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Silkroad-R banner
When we heard about Silkroad-R, our first thought was buhwhat? Is Joymax getting into race cars or something? As it turns out, the "R" stands for rebirth, and the free-to-play fantasy MMO is being groomed for a new launch in 2012 (sans some of the problems that plagued it in its original run).

A new Joymax press release describes the leaner, meaner Silkroad as "the all-new, light and easy- to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that picks up where the original left off." The company is also touting a "bot-free and lag-free experience" that includes a new server to cope with the expected new-user demand.

Open beta testing is going on now through January 17th, 2012, and you can learn more about the reboot at the official Silkroad website.

[Source: Joymax press release]

Silkroad Online rolls out premium server tomorrow

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Silkroad Online
Wanna feel like a VIP? Silkroad Online's got you covered. Tomorrow Joymax will take the wraps off of its new premium server, Genesis, which will cater to the high-rollers and high society among MMO gamers. The members-only server will reward loyal customers by offering huge XP, SP and drop rates, GM events, and discounts on cash shop purchases for a limited time.

Joymax isn't limiting the fun to just subscribers, either; all players on all servers are invited to partake in Silkroad's Carnival. The Carnival will deliver a smaller but still significant XP boost than what Genesis is offering, and any players who head over to an attendance event will rack up SP and skill/stat reset scrolls. This event goes until December 13th, so there's plenty of time to shake your booty and rack up the rewards!

[Source: Joymax press release]

Silkroad Online's eighth expansion launches today

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The world of Silkroad Online just got a lot bigger, as Joymax has launched the free-to-play fantasy title's eighth expansion. The Mysterious Temple of Jupiter boasts a ton of new content including a level cap increase, new quests, and new community events.

The level cap has been bumped from 110 to 120, and each Silkroad class features brand new skill sets inspired by various Chinese and European arts. The expansion has also added upwards of 60 new quests to the game's ancient Chinese setting, and new hunting grounds for 111th level characters have also arrived.

New dungeons are available for low- and mid-level characters, as are over 100 new monsters and new mob AI that a Joymax press release says will "provide a more active, tactical experience." Finally, events including the Forty Thieves collection contest and the Famous event (wherein players are gifted items based on individual stat and ability increases) will be happening all through the month of August.

Silkroad Online's Mysterious Temple of Jupiter update to go live August 2nd

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If a temple didn't have mystery, would adventurers flock to it? We think not. Therefore, it's a good thing that Silkroad Online still has a few secrets up its sleeves as the dev team prepares to release the game's eighth major update on August 2nd.

Titled Mysterious Temple of Jupiter, this update will offer a slew of new ways for characters to grow and gain in power -- not to mention go all Scooby-Doo on Old Man Jupiter's stomping grounds. Once August 2nd hits, Silkroad players can punch up through ten more levels for a total of 120, tackle 60 additional quests, and learn various new skills from the Chinese and European arts. The aforementioned temple will be available for conquest and plunder, although players will need to be level 111 and up to enter.

Joymax CEO Nam-chul Kim says that this update is a direct result of community feedback: "For the latest expansion to Silkroad Online, we have listened closely to our community of players and are excited to offer new challenges and improvements."

Mysterious Temple of Jupiter follows the last update, Rise of the Thief-Hunter, which came out four months ago.

Joymax launches Silkroad Online expansion and new events

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There's a ton of new functionality on display in Joymax's free-to-play Silkroad Online MMORPG. The historical fantasy title, set along the renowned China to Constantinople trading route in the 7th century AD, has recently released its Rise of the Thief-Hunter expansion. Additionally, Joymax has added 24-hour GM support to the game and is hosting a series of events designed to draw awareness to the new services as well as solicit fan feedback (and offer prizes). Festivities include a share-your-knowledge event, a Fortress War video competition, and a Legendary Player tribute event.

The expansion features a new emphasis on jobs, and players will be able to specialize in new skill sets dependent on their characters' jobs and levels. Job titles will also change as various advancement tasks are completed, and reputation gain is now tied in with rank bonuses (which in turn raises attributes).

Rise of the Thief-Hunter also brings a newly designed crafting system granting players the ability to fabricate everything from siege items to alchemy staples. A new trade system allows for players to explore their smugglery sides and offers quests that reward unique job items. Players may also choose to protect trade caravans or raid them. Check out the official Silkroad Online website for more information on the expansion and associated events.

Walk the Silkroad and take a crack at making your own weapon

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Good news, massively loyal Massively readers! Well, good news for those among you with a creative streak in you. We've teamed up with the guys behind Silkroad Online, Joymax, for a pretty cool contest that we're quite excited about. How would you guys like to make a weapon for Silkroad Online?

All you have to do is pull out your artistic skills and craft the best weapon you can make. Keep in mind that Silkroad's theme is Eastern fantasy, so try to use the theme to your advantage. You can draw, paint, or even sculpt your fantasy weapon for this contest!

Best of all, it's not the developers who will be judging this contest. Nope! It's your good friends here at Massively picking the winners! Prizes include a special Silkroad Online in-game weapon enchanted with Seal of Sun, earrings enchanted with Seal of Sun, and 5,000 skill points for your Silkroad characters! But be quick, this contest ends on March 31st!

For the full rules of the contest, skip along after the break!

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Silkroad Online celebrates their new Arabic language service with two worldwide events

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It's certainly not everyday we hear that a game has been launched in the Arabic language here at Massively, but we guess that today is one of those days! The free to play title Silkroad Online has gone the distance and has translated their game into Arabic.

To help celebrate the new translation, the entire international Silkroad community is getting two events with real world prizes. The first event, which is less of an event and more of a raffle, gives you between two and ten contest tickets each time you purchase cash for their item shop. If your contest ticket is pulled, you could win prizes including an 8 gig iPod Nano or a brand new laptop.

The second event, which is more of an event, is to level a character from one to 40 before March 2nd. If you successfully make it, you'll get entered into a separate raffle. Prizes here include 10,000 skill points for a character to spend on increasing your skills, Seal of Moon grade weaponry for your characters, or a brand new PSP.

For all of the information on these two events, check out the Silkroad main page.

Silkroad Online says no to botters

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No botters! Bad botters! Down! Ban! You're banned!

Well, that's not exactly how bannings go, but Silkroad Online is starting to crack down on their botting problem. The game has recently changed their anti-botting rules, converting over to a three strike policy. The first instance of your account being suspected, you get a 7 day ban. The next time your account gets flagged, it's a 14 day ban. And, if your account gets flagged a third and final time for the use of illegal programs, you can kiss your account goodbye.

It's a pretty strict system, doubly so for a free-to-play game. Usually we see larger MMO developers, like Square-Enix and CCP, moving towards initiatives like these. However, it's clear that Joymax is interested in cleaning up their game, a move that many will undoubtedly enjoy.

Silkroad Online players battle it out for shot at PvP tournament prize money

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MMO developer Joymax is holding PvP qualifier matches in Silkroad Online this week, in preparation for the Game&Game World Championship (GNGWC) which is coming to North America in September. No doubt some people are wondering what GNGWC is -- it's an international MMO tournament, played across Leipzig, Los Angeles, Yongin, São Paulo, and Tokyo. Regional finalists are invited to Korea for the grand finals and a chance at winning thousands of dollars in prize money.

The top Silkroad Online players who make it through both days of PvP in the qualifying rounds August 30-31 will be flown to Los Angeles on September 12th for the GNGWC regional finals. The 2009 tournament will also have players competing in Atlantica Online and Shot Online for up to $5000 in prize money.

Silkroad Online gets their own international championship

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If you're a player of Silkroad Online and have been attempting to dominate the old historic trade route in Asia, then you're going to be excited about the news that your domineering ways might finally pay off in the form of a championship and a trip to Korea. Silkroad Online has been chosen as an official game for this year's Game and Game World Championship.

Silkroad Online will be joining Shot Online, Navy Field, and Atlantica this year as the best of the best in each game meet up and test their mettle. Players in the United States can first sign up for the online preliminary rounds, and if you pass you'll be invited to San Jose, California to compete in the regional qualifiers. Top two players will be invited to Seoul, Korea (hotel and airfare included) to compete against the other qualifiers from Germany, Singapore, South America, Japan, and Korea for a first prize of $5,000 in cash.

All that is required for entry is simply an active account with Silkroad Online or any other game in the championship. If you're interested in garnering more information about the tournament, head on over to the main tournament website for all the juicy details.

Silkroad Online offers limited edition Arabian garb

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Silkroad Online is an MMO based on the historical Silk Road between Asia and Europe, wherein players can adventure as merchants, thieves, or hunters. And now, as befitting the feel of the period, players have access to Arabian-themed outfits that provide a boost to your character's stats. These outfits are only available for a short time, so players ought to jump on this like it's a magic carpet!

Expect to see more from Silkroad Online in the coming months.

A screenshot and video tour of Silkroad Online

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Earlier this month we had the chance to take a tour of the free-to-play Joymax title Silkroad Online. A unique fantasy game, this microtransaction-supported offering transports players back to the time of high adventure along the trade routes between Europae and China. The game offers players the option to play either as a Chinese character, with a mix of magic and might, or a European character with a more traditional MMO role. Alongside the usual leveling and killing of monsters, the game features a one-of-a-kind trade run system, that pits players against each other in groups and against NPC brigands in a nuanced blending of PvP and PvE.

Today we have for you a screenshot and video-heavy tour of the game, offering insights into what it's like to try out this singular title. For our video offerings click on through below the cut to see combat in action, character creation, and a taste of what the trade run experience is like. For more information on the game, and to see far more of the unique character customization elements like the lady on the tiger above, click through to our extensive exploratory gallery. Either way, stay for a second and investigate the blending of East meets West that is Silkroad Online.

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Silkroad Online boasts 7.2 million registered users

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World of Warcraft is huge by pay-to-play standards. We know that. But if you want to play the numbers game, some free-to-play MMORPGs can stand toe-to-toe with WoW when it comes to registered users. Silkroad Online does, according to Korean publisher Joymax. The company just announced that it has reached a new milestone -- 100,000 concurrent users. That's out of 7.2 million registered users. And that's just on its own servers; Joymax boasts that 18 million people are registered for the game across all providers and regions.

18 million users in a free-to-play MMO is not necessarily as good for business as 10 million paying subscribers, since F2P users are only potential sources of income. Joymax didn't share any information about revenues, and it didn't explain what percentage of registered users regularly purchase virtual items with real world currency.

Silkroad Online spans the globe in both a virtual and a real sense. Users are registered in countries from Asia to North America, and the game's fantasy setting is based on the historic Silk Road trade route, which has connected Western and Eastern countries for centuries.

WeGame records their way into my heart

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Having to find quality Machinima for two blog posts daily can be torture. Most people won't spring for a paid copy of Fraps or gamecam, so I'm stuck looking at watermarks. That's almost an instant disqualification for consideration.

Enter WeGame, which would be just like any other video sharing site if it didn't have one major difference. They offer free, easy to use recording software to their users. As a matter of fact, it's so simple that I was able to record six quick videos, review them, and choose one to upload within 30 minutes of downloading the program. I'm getting ahead of myself, though.

Read on after the jump to find out more about WeGame ...

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