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Hands-on with TUG, The Untitled Game

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In my youth, my father handed me nails, wood, and a hammer and told me to build whatever I wanted. I managed to create swollen fingers and a few tangled heaps of wood and nails. Nerd Kingdom is a lot like my father, but instead of wood, the studio is handing me TUG, or as I like to call it, everything.

TUG is a sandbox RPG akin to Landmark or Minecraft, but something about TUG is different. Maybe it's the development team that contains working titles like Economist or Behavioral Scientist. Or perhaps it's the data-driven design philosophy, which claims to deliver a better experience by analyzing how we play. Regardless, it's clear that Nerd Kingdom is attempting to give us more tools to create, both for the players in game and the modders outside of it.

My recent demo, interview, and hands-on session showed me how TUG will unlock the creator's imagination -- with fewer swollen fingers.

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CCP: Real-life harassment 'morally reprehensible,' in-game villainy integral to EVE

Sci-Fi, EVE Online, Culture, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, Sandbox

EVE Online
EVE Online developer CCP has released an official statement regarding real-life harassment in the wake of the sandbox title's latest brouhaha.

CCP Falcon says that the company, in collaboration with the player-powered Council of Stellar Management, "have agreed and would like to state in the strongest possible terms and in accordance with our existing Terms of Service and End User License Agreement, that real life harassment is morally reprehensible, and verifiable examples of such behavior will be met with disciplinary action against game accounts in accordance with our Terms of Service."

The forum post also states that "the freedom to scam and commit piracy, espionage, and extortion are all fundamental to the EVE Online experience, and CCP will never change that."

[Thanks Pierre!]

Guild Wars 2 reworks PvP with its major April update

Fantasy, Game Mechanics, Patches, Previews, PvP, News Items, Guild Wars 2, Buy-to-Play

Do you hate this PvP gear?  Then so do I!  Hit the road, gear!  Ever seen a man say goodbye to gear before?
As of April 15th, Guild Wars 2 will have no more PvP gear. None. Your appearance in PvP will be the same as it is in WvW and PvE, and you'll enjoy complete statistical parity with everyone else on the battlefield. That's one of the biggest takeaways from the game's latest development blog, but it's hardly the only one. PvP is seeing a major overhaul like everything else, and it ties directly into more rewarding experiences via the new reward tracks.

The reward tracks set down a series of objectives for players to accomplish by taking part in PvP, with several smaller rewards along the way and a big bonus at the end. There are also rotating dungeon reward tracks, allowing players to unlock dungeon skins and rewards by taking part in PvP challenges, ensuring that you can unlock what you want through the game mode that you like the most. For more details, as well as a look at the upcoming PvP build interface and other changes, take a gander at the full development blog.

RIFT opens up player PvP dimensions

Fantasy, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, RIFT, Housing, Player-Generated Content, Subscription

This move is in no way meant to interact with WildStar's Warplots.  We don't know what those are.  We've never heard of WildStar.  In fact, we were out of town.  What's new?
Do you like instanced PvP but hate being subject to the PvP maps that the game's designers have put together? Maybe you have an idea for an even better map in RIFT, one that would really give even veteran players a run for their money. Good news, then: Now you can go ahead and make that map a reality with the addition of player PvP dimensions to the game's cash shop.

PvP dimensions are available as part of two-team or three-team Starter Packs, or they can be purchased individually. These maps also give you access to another personal dimension, but their real purpose is letting you build custom maps with the use of scoreboards, damage areas, invisible tiles, and plenty of other tricks to create a truly memorable experience. If you've ever wanted to design an MMO battleground like an old DOOM deathmatch arena, you can go ahead and get started crafting your ideal arena now.

The Elder Scrolls Online announces PvP campaign names

Betas, Fantasy, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, The Elder Scrolls Online, Subscription, MMORPG

If you're hoping to get organized for mass PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online, then there's good news for you today, as ZeniMax has just announced the names of the PvP campaigns that will be available across the game's megaservers. You can choose your home campaign at level 10, and each one will track progress separately and be available on both US and EU megaservers. The campaign names will be familiar to Elder Scrolls vets:
Bloodthorn, Scourge, Chrysamere, Auriel's Bow, Wabbajack, Volendrung, Skull Crusher, Dawnbreaker, Goldbrand, Hopesfire
ZeniMax also reminded players that they can use the beta client for the final game rather than reinstall. You can begin patching in prep for early access as of today.

WildStar hosts a PvP AMA

Betas, Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, Previews, PvP, News Items, WildStar, Subscription, Buy-to-Play

We've got knife fights, gun fights, sword fights, insult fights, even dance fights!  Ever been in a dance fight?  It's energetic!  Try it out.
Are you ready to fight for your faction in WildStar? Are you eager to feel blood and gore and guts and veins in your teeth? Then you're probably all eager to jump into the game's PvP. We've hosted some previews, but you probably still have questions, and that's why the PvP design team took to Reddit to host a PvP AMA. While the team couldn't answer every question posed by players, you can go on over and find out a lot more about how facing off against your opposite numbers will feel.

Some of it is probably expected, like the fact that there will be no cross-factional communication during battlegrounds. Other pieces of information are a bit more interesting. For instance, the developers haven't placed much emphasis on open-world PvP for launch, mostly because they want to see what areas are the most densely populated in terms of PvE content, which will give a good idea of what can be made more interesting with PvP. Take a look at the full AMA for more details on how you can smash faces against your enemies when the game goes live in a couple of months.

Nightmare Supes coming to Infinite Crisis on April 9

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Infinite Crisis Supermen
Nightmare Superman is coming to Infinite Crisis on April 9th! Turbine's latest press release explains how the Man of Steel defeated a Phantom Zone beastie named Aethyr "but was infested with unearthly Phantom Zone energy in the process."

Nightmare Supes is a Controller who harnesses Phantom Zone energy to hinder enemies and help allies. You probably want to see him in action, though, right? Fortunately for you we've embedded his new trailer just past the cut.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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Age of Wushu expansion to feature 'a proper healing class'

Fantasy, Trailers, Video, Classes, Expansions, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, Sandbox, Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu Golden Needle Sect
Age of Wushu's Tempest of Strife expansion is introducing "a proper healing class," according to the game's latest website update. Players walking the Golden Needle Sect path can bring back the dead, or at least the wounded, by using a skill set that "focuses on healing and defense [and that] works both in melee and from range."

Snail Games has released a class teaser video which you can view after the break.

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Paul Sage on Elder Scrolls' endgame

Fantasy, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, New Titles, PvP, News Items, PvE, Dungeons, The Elder Scrolls Online, Subscription

Elder Scrolls Online concept art
"When your character in Elder Scrolls Online reaches level 50," ZeniMax says, "the journey isn't over." This is good news for those of you concerned about Elder Scrolls' endgame, and creative director Paul Sage has authored a lengthy blog post that spells out the current post-50 options.

Said options include solo or duo PvP, small group PvP, large group PvP, solo or duo PvE, four-person group PvE, and 12-person group PvE. Sage also talks up ESO's first adventure zone, an area called Craglorn that is built for a four-person group despite being the size of a standard PvE zone.

Read all about it via the links below.

MechWarrior vlog talks achievements, the Banshee, and more

Sci-Fi, Video, Classes, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, Dev Diaries, MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior jump-jetting
Interested in MechWarrior Online? Got a spare 11 minutes and 43 seconds? Then you'll want to watch the latest Ask the Devs vlog which covers a wide range of topics relating to the sci-fi MMO's ongoing development.

Topics include recent jump-jet changes, the game's achievement system, design challenges on the Banshee, and more. The full video clip is embedded after the cut. If you're unable to view it, there's a transcript on the official MWO forums via the links below.

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Here's some of the cyberbullying that happens in EVE Online

Sci-Fi, EVE Online, Culture, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, Sandbox

EVE Online logo
EVE Online griefers have grabbed their share of headlines during the game's first decade, but rarely have the masses gotten a chance to witness them in action. Now you can, though, thanks to a player named Erotica 1 who has publicized an audio recording of a "Bonus Round" scam being carried out via voice chat.

Jester at EVE News 24 has the full story as well as a link to the Soundcloud file. It's worth noting that portions of the audio are NSFW due to graphic language.

[Thanks Max!]

DUST 514's Uprising 1.8 patch out today

Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, Patches, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, Consoles, DUST 514

DUST 514 concept art
CCP has released Uprising 1.8 for its DUST 514 console shooter. It's a significant patch on account of the "full equipment, weapon, and dropsuit rebalancing," not to mention new sidearms, cloaking equipment, and new heavy and light dropsuits for each of the game's races.

Cloaking is a game-changer, CCP says, and so "coordinated use of active scanners is vital, and properly placed drop uplinks and nanohives can help provide victory in even the most difficult battles."

Not So Massively: The official launches of SMITE and Diablo III's Reaper of Souls

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Welcome back to No So Massively, where every Monday we round up the highlights from the past week in the world of MOBAs, roguelikes, MMOTCGs, and other games that aren't quite MMOs.

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Elder Scrolls Online recaps pre-launch AMA

Fantasy, PvP, Community Q&A, The Elder Scrolls Online, Subscription

The Elder Scrolls Online team has posted a summary of its recent AMA with the most germane questions and answers fans have prior to the game's launch.

Among the topics discussed was the choice of going to the starter islands, promised support for roleplayers, and the implementation of tabards and insignias for guild representation. PvPers will be relieved to know that ZeniMax is adding population bonuses for underpopulated alliances and hopes that the two underperforming teams will ally against the leader.

The team also addressed several progress-blocking bugs from the recent beta test: "We did find three underlying issues that affected a large number of quests that are exposed when many people are in the same area. We have fixed all three of those underlying issues."

Darkfall discounts six-month sub, updates weather effects

Fantasy, Darkfall, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, Patches, PvP, News Items, Sandbox, Subscription

Darkfall boat
Aventurine has announced its March Darkfall update, and with it a new promotion tied to the PvP MMORPG's six-month subscription plan.

The update features more realistic weather effects. Snowfall and rain will now affect Agon's landscapes as well as buildings, mobs, and player characters. The devs have also added a new clan market system which facilitates goods exchanges within clans and enables the creation of city-based trading hubs.

The six-month sub promotion costs $49.95, which amounts to 45 percent off the usual monthly fee. Finally, Aventurine wants you to know about Darkfall's other recent updates which include a new chat system, duels, and the Sinspire Cathedral epic dungeon. To get a better look at the new weather effects, click past the cut and watch the video.

[Source: Aventurine press release]

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