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Perfect World International

Choose My Adventure: No more lightsabers!

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CMA: No More Lightsabers!
As most of readers of my column realize, I love the Star Wars franchise, and I will pretty much play any game if it has that label on it. However, I am not just a Star Wars fan, I am also a big MMO fan. Well, at least I like the idea of MMOs. Ultima Online blew my mind when it came out over a decade ago. I had been glued to my TV and Nintendo until I saw that I could play a game that simulated living in the Ultima universe. Since then I have tried out nearly every major MMO to hit the web since then -- which brings us to today.

Choose My Adventure is a chance for Massively readers to guide one member of the writing staff on an adventure in a game of the readers' choosing. For the next six weeks, I want you to choose my adventure for me. As I mentioned, I have tried nearly every major title in the last decade, but I haven't necessarily spent a lot of time in all of them. After the break, I will describe some of the games that I believe will be great for this task, and you can choose one for me via poll. Then, as a special bonus, on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT I will introduce you to each of the games on Massively's Livestream channel.

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Perfect World Entertainment offers Japanese disaster relief across multiple games

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MMO industry efforts to rebuild Japan continue, as free-to-play titan Perfect World Entertainment is lending its considerable weight to the cause. The firm is donating 50% of the proceeds from special cash shop items to the ongoing Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief drive.

Players of PWE's games can pick up a little something extra for their characters while simultaneously making a donation to the Red Cross. The promotion runs through April 13th and features a variety of items in games including Battle of the Immortals (bag expansions), Ether Saga Online (ancestral crystals), Forsaken World (star of hope), Jade Dynasty (meditation orbs), and Perfect World International (super inventory stone).

Perfect World Entertainment comments on 2011

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Perfect World Entertainment is always busy. No, seriously -- these guys and gals do not sleep. They now publish nearly 10 titles and show no sign of stopping. Their newest and largest title, Forsaken World, just hit open beta at the time of this writing, so we thought it might be a good idea to ask a few questions of the developers.

We tracked down PWE's Clifton Chu, product manager for Forsaken World, to give us some info on the new game and the company's MMO presence. If you have been excited to play it or any of the other titles in the Perfect World lineup, 2011 is going to be a very good year for you. Not only can you try out every title on its roster, but you can do it at your own pace. No subscription fee also means that you'll have more money to blow in the cash shop. Hey, everyone needs vanity items!

Click past the cut to read the interview!

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Perfect World dev diary shows off all changes coming in Genesis

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Perfect World International, the largest game in Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play MMO stable, is set to erupt with enormous world-changing goodness. On March 2nd, the game's largest expansion, Genesis, is nearing launch. We've checked out the expansion in earlier developer diaries, but today we have a video showing off the many changes players can expect, all in one tasty, ready-to-devour package.

In this video, the game's Product Manager, Clifton, and Community Manager, Steven, sit down to tell us all about the myriad things that will be coming to the game on March 2nd. The Earthguard race will emerge from the underground; players can pick up Runecrafting to buff their weapons; and even new dances will be added to replace some of the older ones. (Those are apparently so embarassing that Clifton and Steven are loath to put them on camera!) For active Perfect World International players, a huge rollback of Territory Wars to pre-nerf is coming as is a full map reset, which will open up the season for one heck of a power-grab. Finally, we also get a look into the upcoming guild bases, which players have been wanting for quite some time.

You'll find the newest dev diary video behind the break, ready for those who want to check out more on Perfect World International's upcoming Genesis expansion.

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Guild bases coming to Perfect World

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Guild bases are on their way to Perfect World International, and the new functionality is the latest in a long line of updates scheduled to go live with the Genesis expansion on March 2nd. In terms of mechanics, the bases are instanced and feature four wings: an armory, an alchemy lab, the Manor of Justice, and the Heavenly Vault. Each wing offers different buffs, unique quests, and guild-only exclusive content to make your PWI experience all the more memorable.

The guild bases also feature a fifth room, the Hall of Loyalty, centrally located between the four wings and home to more quests, trivia activities, and unique rewards. If all that isn't enough for you, guild bases also boast an area dedicated to raising monsters that can be hunted for experience and spirit.

Head to the official Perfect World International blog for further details.

Rise and Shiny recap: Perfect World

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Perfect World International, brought to us by Perfect World Entertainment, is a beautiful game -- I'll give it that. I am not sure whether the newbie area I was playing through (which consisted of a race of mermaid- and mermen-type creatures) is newly made or recently redone, but the scenery, special effects, and characters are downright gorgeous. While near-realism (with a huge touch of pointy fantasy) is definitely not my favorite art style, I can see how much hard work went into the game. Props to everyone on the team!

Still, a beautiful game does not guarantee a fun game. PWI is obviously very successful and boasts a massive population, but does that translate to a friendly community? I wonder, also, what the average age of players is. I would put hard-earned money (playing video games, so it's fitting) on the table and say that the numbers would surprise us. In fact, that could sum up a lot of how I felt about PWI while I played it: surprised -- a lot of the time.

Click past the cut and I'll tell you more.

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PWE reveals Perfect World International Genesis trailer

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Perfect World Entertainment has unveiled a sparkling new trailer for Genesis, the latest expansion for its free-to-play Perfect World International MMORPG. The clip features just over a minute and a half of gameplay footage and shows off a ton of new content. First up is a glimpse of the new Earthguard race, followed by a montage of the new Seeker and Mystic classes in action. There's also a look at some of the new summonable pets as well as interior shots of the expansion's new faction bases.

The new Genesis content will be hitting the PWI live servers on March 2nd, and in the meantime, you can get a sneak preview of all the juicy details after the cut.

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One Shots: Open the floodgates

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For some people, one character per game is pretty much their hard limit. That way they can level up, see almost all of the game's content, and only have to worry about gearing up once. For others, a new game just represents a chance to roll even more alts! Some are for crafting, some are for roleplay, some for raiding, and there's almost always that one inevitable bank and auction house mule. Today's One Shots comes from someone who was more the former but has crossed to the alt-tastic dark side recently in Perfect World International. This image comes to us from a player going by SiSSY LaLa, who writes in: "I almost never make alts, but I finally decided to make one and check out the Tideborn in Perfect World International. I was very intrigued by the interesting city decor. I hope my main doesn't get jealous of my time away."

When you're running around in your MMO of choice this weekend, why not grab a screenshot and send it along to us? We love to see what you're all up to -- and it's easy to do. Just email your image to us at oneshots@massively.com along with your name, the name of the game, and a quick description. We'll share it with the world and give you the credit.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Perfect World International's upcoming expansion

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Just when you thought it was safe to wander back into Perfect World International, the time foretold by elders is coming. In the game's upcoming expansion, Genesis, the land will be torn asunder, leaving all in darkness and confusion. Along with this world-shattering event, two new classes will emerge, ready to help lead denizens of this fantasy game back into the light. Of course, before that can happen next month, there's tons of work to be completed on the back-end. Creation of new art, music, quests, animations, armor, and more.

That's why the team at Perfect World Entertainment have offered an interesting teaser trailer for Perfect World International's upcoming Genesis expansion. Rather than reiterating specifics of the storyline which are easily readable on the main site, the team has instead opted to give players a behind-the-scenes look at all the hard work the team is putting in. From character modeling and rendering to music, motion-capture, and more, it offers a refreshing look at the operations of the studio. You can check out the video behind the break or head over to the Perfect World International site if you want to see the Perfect World one last time before things change.

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Perfect World shows off new dance moves plus Forsaken World class video

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The devs at Perfect World Entertainment are busy little bees, and today they've brought us a pair of videos to show off what's new in two of the company's flagship free-to-play titles. First up is Forsaken World's second dev diary video, and in it, PWE marketing director Jon Belliss shows off the fantasy epic's eight playable classes as well as the 14 secondary occupations that make up the job system.

Not to be outdone is Perfect World International, and its upcoming Genesis expansion will be featuring the usual expansion suspects such as a new race, new classes, new zones, and more. In addition to all the new content, PWE is throwing some fluff into the mix via a slew of new character dance emotes that amp up the style and complexity of the game's existing moves. All of the game's original races will be able to perform the maneuvers, and many of them will be activated via special clothing sets.

Check out the Forsaken World dev diary video and a sneak peek at a new Perfect World International dance after the cut.

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F2P giant Perfect World experiencing financial downturn

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It's rare to hear news of under-performing free-to-play titles these days, but Gamasutra is running a piece on the recent stumble of industry titan Perfect World Entertainment. The Chinese online game maker recently saw its third quarter profits fall 28.8 percent to $31.9 million and also experienced a stock price dip of 16.2 percent.

According to the report, PWE's television and film business revenues surpassed expectations and helped keep the company profitable, but the performance of the online gaming division took a notable downturn (due in part to the weak returns on Battle of the Immortals). Though PWE predicts a one to five percent gaming growth spurt in the fourth quarter of 2010, analyst firm Janco Partners is decidedly less optimistic. "Aggregate portfolio online game portfolio metrics continue to disappoint and we're not confident new game releases will stabilize a decidedly negative performance trend," the firm said.

You'll find all the details at Gamasutra.

Celebrate the summer in Perfect World International

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Grab your beach towels, slather on the sunscreen, and slip on a pair of shades, for the summer is upon us! Just because we love MMOs doesn't mean we can neglect healthy seasonal traditions. Perfect World International is excited about the summer as well, and is ushering in an ocean's worth of new content for players to dive into a month early.

If a makeover is your thing this season, then you'll be thrilled to know that you can finally switch between the Demon and Sage paths with a new conversion feature. Maybe you want to see what it's like to be a good girl or a bad boy, for once. The neglected Tideborn players won't be left out of the beach party, either -- they can now acquire Demon and Sage skills, as well as a few other new skills for the Assassin and Psychic classes.

Grab a few pals for a quick game of "Kill the Nien Beast," as the grumpy Gus returns for another swipe at Archosaur. This Public Quest was so popular during the spring that it just had to come back for round two. Finally, for the remainder of the month of May, catch a wave at the Double XP Event -- hang ten with double XP, double Spirit and double items!

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The Rising Tide continues to wash over Perfect World International

Video, Perfect World International, Expansions, News Items, Free-to-Play

Will you be prepared when the tide rises and the seas give up their secrets? Well, if you check out this nifty trailer for Rising Tide -- the recently released expansion to Perfect World International -- that we've managed to get our hands on, you'll have a good head-start if you decide to wade in!

Featuring a brand new race -- the graceful, aquatic Tideborn, new starting areas for players to enjoy, and a whole pile of new challenges, the expansion offers players a great deal of new content for everyone. Perfect World International players are facing off against a whole new evil to rescue the underwater kingdom through three new explorable zones, 200+ new quests, 100+ new monsters, new gear, and more!

For those interested, be sure to check out the trailer behind the break, or pop over to the Perfect World International site for more details -- or to sign up! After all, there's no charge to take a dip in the Rising Tide.

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In a Perfect World podcast begins operation

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In a day and age where we all seem to have mobile devices kicking around, podcasts are great for keeping up with news and opinions on your favorite topics while still being on the go. Needless to say, we're a bit fond of podcasts around here, so we're happy to announce the first full episode of Perfect World Entertainment's official podcast, In a Perfect World, is available for download. Covering the full range of Perfect World Entertainment's products, the first show includes discussion on Battle of the Immortals, Perfect World International, Ether Saga Online, and Jade Dynasty.

Unsurprisingly, the centerpiece of the Battle of the Immortals segment is an explanation of the game's delay until mid-April. There are also previews of the next few Perfect World International events, discussion of the recently-added player-made mount in Ether Saga Online, and in-game events in Jade Dynasty. Various download and aggregator links for the podcast are available on the official blog entry, along with a small contest to win a Barbarian Tiger statue. If you're a fan of the multitude of free-to-play games the company offers, it should be worth the time spent listening.

Perfect World International hosts new contest for in-game prizes

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Perfect World International fans had quite a few reasons to celebrate with the release of the recent expansion, Rising Tide, but it did bring one slight downside with it. After all, the new race included with the expansion is quite appealing, but that means players need to go through the whole leveling process again. However, that slight downside should be easily negated for anyone who chooses to take part in the game's new contest -- and we do mean anyone. Because the contest requires only one thing to win a prize, and that's participation.

The game's developers have laid down the gauntlet -- they want 50,000 fans on Facebook by the end of January next year. To help give the game's fans an incentive, they're making it a contest, and the main prize will be given to each and every Facebook fan if they reach that goal. That prize is two solid weeks of doubled experience, drops, and spirit. Plus, five lucky fans among that number will also receive five levels for free! Take a look at the official announcement, and if you're a Perfect World International fan, time to start working your way toward that fifty thousand mark.

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