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Make My MMO: June 22 - June 28, 2014

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This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Star Citizen made more money. At this point I should probably go ahead and add that as a permanent part of Make My MMO's opening paragraph. Elsewhere, Pathfinder Online formally flung open its doors and invited backers into its alpha. If you supported the fantasy sandbox on Kickstarter or purchased access through the GoblinWorks store, you should be getting an email invite.

Finally, indie outfit Nesoi Tech revealed Bone Gulch, which is some sort of online multiplayer Old West thing built with the Unity engine. Though its Kickstarter page labels it an MMO, I'm not sure how MMO it really is, but I'm desperate enough for a Red Dead Redemption-style persistent world to be cautiously optimistic.

As always, the rest of our crowdfunded MMO roundup is just past the break.

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The Stream Team: See Shroud of the Avatar's Release 7

Fantasy, Video, New Titles, Livestream, Sandbox, Housing, The Stream Team, Crowdfunding, Shroud of the Avatar

You've seen the crowdfunding, now see the game! Massively's MJ jumps into Shroud of the Avatar's Release 7 to show off the current state of the game's development. Additions to this release include NPC collision, player trading, water lots, a 3D over-world map, and more. Join us live at 1:00 pm EDT to peek in and see the world as it takes shape.

Game: Shroud of the Avatar
Host: MJ Guthrie
Date: Saturday, June 28th, 2014
Time: 1:00 p.m. EDT

Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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ArcheAge bans 16k spam accounts in alpha

Fantasy, MMO Industry, New Titles, ArcheAge

Ahh, spammers. They are the mosquitos of the MMO world if mosquitos could email and send global chat messages. Trion is no stranger to spam-squashing and as Community Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman demonstrated in a recent post, the studio is bringing out the big guns against ArcheAge's spammers who have been plaguing the alpha test.

According to the post, over 16,000 spammer and gold farmer accounts have been removed from alpha already, and Patch 1.2 (arriving next week) will have even more tools to fight the "general asshats." Scapes encourages players to keep reporting those illegal accounts and contact support if you discover that your account has been compromised.

Nexon opens beta for mobile MMO Legion of Heroes

Betas, Fantasy, New Titles, Mobile

Legion of Heroes
Nexon M, the mobile branch of Nexon Co. Ltd, has announced the release of its mobile MMO Legion of Heroes into beta testing. The beta test is currently available for Android users and will open for iOS mobile devices in the future.

Already released in Korea, the fantasy mobile MMO focuses on community, allowing teams of players to unify against an ancient evil. This stage of beta ends at 1 p.m. EDT on June 30th, so be sure to head over to the official site to sign up soon if you're looking for a new mobile MMO.

[Source: Nexon press release]

The Stream Team: Scoping out Star Citizen

Sci-Fi, Video, New Titles, Livestream, The Stream Team, Star Citizen

Have you wanted to sneak a peek inside Star Citizen? The game is not even to an alpha stage yet, but Massively's MJ will be diving in to show off the hanger and dogfighting modules that have been released to backers. Join us live at 3:00 p.m. for a look into the game that holds the crowdfunding crown.

Game: Star Citizen
Host: MJ Guthrie
Date: Thursday, June 26th, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT

Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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Shroud of the Avatar's Release 7 adds water lots and more

Fantasy, Business Models, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Sandbox, Housing, Crowdfunding, Shroud of the Avatar, Buy-to-Play

Shroud of the Avatar's Release 7 access began this morning. It runs through Sunday, June 29th at 11:00 p.m. EDT. Producer Starr Long has posted a lengthy update that details some of the changes you can expect if you're a backer of the fantasy sandbox.

Chief among these are new water lots and water-based buildings, a 3-D overworld map system, player-to-player secure trading, animal reskins and improved animations, and more. Full details as well as a list of known issues and instructions is available at the official SotA website.

Destiny's Xbox beta starts in 'late July'

Betas, Sci-Fi, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Destiny

PlayStation Destiny fans have been counting the days until the sci-fantasy shooter's July 17th beta kickoff, while Xbox One and 360 users have heretefore been left wondering when they'll get to play. Now, Bungie says that Microsoft's platform will see the game in 'late July,' and that interested testers will need a beta code obtainable via pre-order as well as an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Trion details ArcheAge's patron status, APEX system

Fantasy, Business Models, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, ArcheAge, Sandbox

Trion has detailed its plans for Patron status in ArcheAge, which it says takes a cue from the company's experience in converting RIFT to a free-to-play business model. Patron status is basically ArcheAge's premium service tier, though Trion says it isn't required to play and instead "adds to the fun." Patrons will get:

• Bonus online Labor Point regeneration (10 per 5 minutes)
• Offline Labor Point regeneration (5 per 5 minutes)
• Increased maximum Labor Points cap (5000 maximum)
• 10% bonus to all Experience gained through combat or labor usage
• 10% discount on Marketplace purchases
• 5 Loyalty Tokens per day for use in the Loyalty Store (awarded on first login of the day)
• Ability to claim land by placing farms and houses
• Ability to pay in-game taxes on owned property
• Ability to post auctions on the Auction House by default

Trion has also announced APEX, an in-game item that grants credits when consumed and that can be sold on the game's auction house or traded between players. Much like EVE Online's PLEX, APEX will allow "industrious" ArcheAge players to pay for Patron status via their gameplay rather than real money. There's more to Trion's announcement, too, including possible F2P house ownership, so click through the links below to read the rest!

The Stream Team: Choose My Adventure moves to ArcheAge

Betas, Fantasy, Polls, Video, New Titles, Free-to-Play, Choose My Adventure, Livestream, ArcheAge, Sandbox, The Stream Team

If you've wanted the chance to direct Massively's MJ in her ArcheAge adventures, here's that chance! Choose My Adventure is hooking up with The Stream Team for a full month of viewer-driven escapades in the sandbox's alpha. First up, choosing which race she'll play for the two-hour adventures throughout July. Should MJ be a humanesque Nuian or Harani, an elegant Elf, or remain as a feline Firran? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to try and convince the other viewers to support your choice, then vote in the poll below!

Game: ArcheAge
Host: MJ Guthrie
Date: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
Time: 8:00 p.m. EDT

Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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Choose My Adventure: Final thoughts on WildStar

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, New Titles, Opinion, Hands-On, Choose My Adventure, WildStar, Subscription

This week marks my last stint with WildStar for Choose My Adventure, and I'll be giving not only my overall impressions of the game for this final installment but a run-down of my thoughts on the first few levels of each class and path.

When the fantasy/sci-fi MMO launched earlier this month, I had no idea what to expect. I had watched the preview trailers and knew the general premise of the game's feel, but didn't dive too deeply into game mechanics or lore because I like to discover these things myself as I go. WildStar is the perfect game for this, in my opinion, because it's full of surprises... in a good way.

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TUG videos shows off new survival mode, more explorable biomes

Betas, Game Mechanics, New Titles, Patches, News Items, Sandbox

If you've been looking forward to testing out TUG's persistent survival mode, it's now here; alpha update 0.6.2 introduced the first phase this week. The update also includes new biomes to explore, new resources to gather, an extended hunger timer, and more. The Proving Grounds, the game's traditional arena mode, is still available to play. To get a peek at all the new biomes and other changes, watch the videos below and check the official patch notes.

Nerd Kingdom's Peter Salinas also shared with Massively what players can expect in the next update. Around July 11th, TUG will add "AI, goats to hunt and harvest for foods, cooking, farming, camp fires, and throwing spears." Players can get early access to the game on Steam.

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LEGO Minifigures Online open beta progress to carry over

Betas, Business Models, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Free-to-Play, Kids, Family

Funcom wants you to know that it has officially kicked off the open beta for LEGO Minifigures Online. The game's proper launch is still scheduled for Fall 2014, but as of now you can download the free-to-play beta client and have at it!

Current locations include Pirate World, Medieval World, and Space World, and the firm is "hard at work finishing up more great content," according to the news blurb on its web site.

Player progress and cash shop purchases will carry over from open beta to launch.

Elite: Dangerous enters Premium Beta 2

Betas, Sci-Fi, Video, MMO Industry, New Titles, Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous
Frontier Developments has announced that its multiplayer sci-fi space game Elite: Dangerous has opened up for Premium Beta 2.

This newest stage of beta will bring several improvements, including three new star systems, Giant Orbis starports, a new space ship type, and much more. You can jump into the game now by purchasing the Premium Beta for $150, which is significantly lower than the alpha at $295. The standard beta will be available for $75 and the retail pre-order for launch is $50. Also be sure to check out a video spotlighting the Giant Orbis spaceport just after the cut.

[Source: Frontier Developments press release]

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Bone Gulch is a Wild West online sandbox with a Kickstarter campaign

Video, Business Models, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Sandbox, Crowdfunding

Four years ago I was deep in the throes of Red Dead Redemption's lovely, lusty Old West. I wondered why a sprawling, frontier-based MMO wasn't yet a thing, and sadly I'm still wondering.

Indie company Nesoi Tech apparently shares my affinity for the genre, judging by its new Bone Gulch Kickstarter project. It's a Unity-based sandbox game featuring "an advanced crafting system, a unique bounty system," and "extensive player customization," among other things.

Nesoi's press release also mentions single-player story-based campaigns "in addition to local and online multiplayer action," so we're not quite sure how MMO it is at this point. There's some pre-alpha video footage available, though, and we've embedded it for you after the cut.

[Source: Nesoi press release]

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Bungie COO on Destiny's 10-year plan, business model, and more

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Business Models, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Destiny

Bungie COO Pete Parsons spoke to GamesIndustry.biz at E3 a couple of weeks ago, and the website has now published a wide-ranging interview that covers everything from Destiny's rumored $500 million budget to the fact that Bungie came to Activision with a 10-year plan for a new IP and a tent-pole franchise.

Parsons declined to directly answer questions on Destiny's unannounced business model, though he did reiterate that "it's not going to be subscription" and that Bungie is going to make sure that "it's never confusing for anybody."

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