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Need for Speed World

E3 2010: Your complete Massively coverage roundup

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The 2010 edition of the gaming nirvana known as E3 has come and gone, and Massively was there to bring you three days of exclusives, firsts, and hands-on impressions for all your favorite MMORPG titles, studios, and developers. This year's Expo saw plenty of news and announcements regarding highly anticipated games, as well as plenty of information on assorted titles large and small.

We thought it best to collate our coverage into a complete and concise roundup post for your viewing pleasure, so read along after the cut to make sure you didn't miss anything. You can also check out all of our E3 galleries along the way.

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E3 2010: Revving up Need For Speed World

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"This is Need for Speed World. It is a Massively Multiplayer Action Racing Game. This is the first time for the franchise to go on the Massively Multi[player] Online market, so that is really exciting for us," Producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon announces to Massively at E3 as he gives us a tour of this brand new step into the MMO world. He could not wait to show of the innovative and (dare it be said) powerful features of this, yes, free-to-play game.

How does someone transform one of the best-selling console racing franchises into an online living world that players expect from an MMOG? The producers at EA make it seem simple. It actually seems as if this game should have been an online world the whole time. From customizable cars to character leveling and achievements to exportable leaderboards -- this game is any MMO without even thinking. All you need now is a couple thousand friends for you to race against.

"The world is the biggest we've ever done, it's a seamless open world that you can explore." Well, that sounds like an invitation from Mister Gaudechon. Follow the break, and we will explore!

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Online freedom highlighted for Need for Speed World

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If you're looking forward to the pending release of Need for Speed World -- a release which is only a bit more than a month away -- you probably have all sorts of ideas about what you could do in the open environment. The good news is that the developers did as well, and they took the time to chat about it. There's a new video developer diary for those looking forward to the game, and it's embedded just past the cut.

Aside from talking about the new elements brought in via the game's online experience, such as a world that players can drive in without ever seeing the boundaries, the video also shows off some footage of the game in action. Everything from hairpin turns to smashing through police barricades seems to be here, and it's all true to what players have come to expect from the franchise. Take a look at the video past the cut, and keep your eyes peeled for more news as we edge closer to the summer release of Need for Speed World.

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Need For Speed World to hit the streets this summer

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Racers, get ready to crank the metal up to 11, as Need For Speed World is revving up to zoom onto PCs this summer. Yes, indeed -- the street date for EA's upcoming freewheeling MMO is set at July 20th. Of course, as with most MMOs, those who decide to pre-order the title will get early access to the game starting July 13th. Along with early access, pre-orders will additionally be granted a special car based on what retailer you pre-order through, a permanent VIP mark on your profile, and a week of bonus "rep" (their term for experience).

The other thing that seems interesting to us is that EA and Black Box Studios are apparently planning to offer an unlimited trial at launch. Anyone who is curious about the game -- but not quite interested enough to plonk down the $20 for the pre-order -- will have the ability to download the game at the Need For Speed World site. From there, you'll be able to play the first 10 levels of content for free and decide if this is a game you want to invest further in. Will that attract enough racers and automotive fanatics into an MMO all about tricking out cars and zipping around 150 miles of different tracks? Time will tell.

Still, at least it isn't another WoW clone.

New producer interview video zooms in on Need for Speed World

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Recently, EA held their super-shiny EA Showcase event across the pond, showing off -- among many other well-known upcoming EA titles -- their auto-racing MMO, Need for Speed World. While we sadly weren't able to make it there to catch all the tire-screeching action in person, EA has put out a video today offering those of us who couldn't make it a brief interview with the game's producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon.

Not only are we treated to some information on what their plans are, (hint: they're in closed beta now with the intent to launch this summer), but there is also quite a bit of in-game eyecandy footage for those who are curious to see more. With the ability to race with "thousands" of other people in the world, this could well prove a crazy addictive game for those road warriors in the Massively crew. If it sounds like your idea of awesome, you can sign up for the beta over on the official Need for Speed World site, and check out the video behind the break.

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Need for Speed World releases new art and trailer

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Need for Speed World is the upcoming MMO from EA games, and while things on that front have been fairly quiet, we have a feeling that's about to change. This morning EA released a new game trailer, a handful of screenshots, and box art, and so far we like what we see.

The trailer is full of pretty graphics, fast cars, and destruction of public property -- what's not to love? (We particularly enjoyed the fleet of cars blowing past a 45 MPH sign at considerably more than 45 MPH.) You can work with or against other players, racing as a team or singly, and the game also promises "epic online pursuits," depicting a car chase with police cars that are presumably NPCs.

Of course, a game is much more than looks -- in the end, it all comes down to how well it's is done. Follow along after the jump for a peek at the trailer. Then, if you're interested in a firsthand look, Need for Speed World is accepting beta applications now, so head over to the official site to try it out for yourself.

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