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Mythos Europe attracts 250,000 players in two weeks, throws double XP weekend

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It's only been 15 days since Mythos Europe launched, but the resurrected action MMO is already seeing impressive results. According to Frogster, over 250,000 players have jumped into the game for some hectic hack-n-slash fun.

The company also provided some revealing statistics as it monitored its quarter-million playerbase. Apparently, the most popular class is the Bloodletter (40% of players), followed by the Pyromancer (32%) and Gadgeteer (28%). A full third of the playerbase chose the human race, with 28% going over to the Gremlins, 27% to the Satyrs, and 15% to the Cyclops. Finally, 66% of the characters created are male. So if you want to be a rarity, rolling a female Cyclops Gadgeteer is the way to go!

To celebrate this auspicious milestone, Frogster is rewarding its enthusiastic players with double XP for quests and monster kills this weekend. You can catch all of Mythos' double XP action from now until Monday at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Mythos Europe launches!

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Like a digital phoenix rising from the ashes of a failed company, Mythos has come back from the dead to finally launch. Under the care of HanbitSoft and Frogster, Flagship's former Diablo-style MMO has been retooled and finally pushed out of the doors in Europe.

Mythos Europe's Arne Freund is understandably excited: "We are very pleased with our rapidly growing community, whose support shows us that they, like us, have become really invested in the world of Mythos. We will continue to put all of our effort into supporting the game after release and to provide players with enough monsters to hack and slash their way through in the years to come. Talking of which, I've got a grudge to settle..."

Mythos is free-to-play with optional item shop purchases and is available in five languages: English, German, French, Polish and Turkish. In addition to the digital download, there's a retail box version that includes an item voucher for a variety of exclusive goodies.

Get into the action by downloading it from the official site, but before you do that, make sure to hit the jump and watch the launch trailer -- it'll get you pumped up for sure!

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Mythos raises open beta level cap, adds Umbral Peaks region

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April 28th marks release day for Mythos, the long-in-development mythology-inspired hack-and-slash MMO. As a prelude, HanbitSoft and Frogster have released a massive patch to the game's current open beta client that, among other things, raises the level cap to 50 and introduces a new explorable region called the Umbral Peaks.

Dungeon play has also been optimized for groups according to a Frogster press release, and the client has received a "comprehensive localization update." Finally, lots of new guild-centric features have made it into the current build, chief among them a guild message board, storage safe, and a guild ranking system.

You can download the open beta client for free -- and learn more about the game -- at the official Mythos website.

Mythos European open beta starts today

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It's been a long road home for Mythos, the free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO from HanbitSoft and Frogster. The game, which enters its European open beta phase today, originally began its life at ill-fated Flagship Studios and was resurrected after the company's dissolution.

After a lengthy development cycle, Mythos has officially thrown open its doors to all registered players (over 100,000 of them to date) in preparation for the game's April 28th launch day. A Frogster press release indicates that additional optimization and localization will continue throughout the open beta, and considerable new content will be introduced as well. The level cap will be raised from 27 to 50, and adventurers will be able to explore the snow-capped Umbral Peaks.

Players can download Mythos for free at the official website or pick up a retail box version at stores or online retailers. The box copy includes several bonus items as well as a two-day head start on the game's official release.

Exclusive: Mythos Europe reveals details on new content and early beta access

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Last month we told you all about the upcoming open beta, level cap raise, and new content for Mythos Europe. Umbral Peaks, the third region to come to the game, sounded great, but there was a small disclaimer: You have to wait until April 12th for open beta.

Well, it turns out that's not technically true. You have to wait until April 12th if you aren't a Massively reader. Yes, you're being rewarded for your excellent taste with 24 hours of exclusive early access, beginning today. If you didn't get a closed beta key in one of our previous giveaways, this is your chance to participate anyway!

All you have to do is use this link for access. The event begins today at 1:00 p.m. EDT (sorry, the link won't get you in until then) and lasts for 24 hours. When the event ends tomorrow at 1:00, you won't be kicked from the servers; you simply won't be able to log back in once you log out. This setup will allow you to finish whatever you're in the middle of without racing the clock.

You've got a few hours before the event begins, but don't worry -- we've got a few things to help you pass the time. You'll of course want to create a Mythos Europe account if you haven't done so, and then follow along below, because we've got all the dirt on Umbral Peaks: screenshots and an overview of the new zone. Check them out, and have fun with your early look at Mythos Europe!

Gallery: Mythos

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Mythos announces European launch information

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The hard part of anticipating a game early in the development process is the question of when you'll finally get a chance to see it released. Mythos has thankfully killed that part of the anticipation with the official announcement that the game will be going live as of April 28th, 2011. But if you can't wait that long to start in on a hack-and-slash bonanza and haven't been fortunate enough to get into the beta testing, how about a nice shiny box copy?

Before you get your credit card information out, it should be noted that as this is still the European release; the box copy itself is being sold through Amazon.co.uk and will thus be rather limited for American players. For the European contingent, however, buying the box will allow access to the game on the 26th, two days before general release. Mythos players still have time to enjoy the closed beta for now, and as previously noted, open beta will begin on the 12th, if you're still up in the air.

First Impressions: Mythos

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I've played plenty of Diablo-style games, games filled with endless hours of dungeon grinding and loot collecting. I'll be honest: They're not usually my thing. I like a little more variety in my adventure and not such a linear experience. When I was asked to take a look at Mythos, a "new" (read: older title that is receiving a re-do) game that is currently in closed beta, I was pretty skeptical. After all, I've played this style of game before and enjoyed it in Torchlight and others, and the developers are adding on an MMO element to it now.

This could mean a few things.

First, the game could be a horrible, buggy mess that would turn me off instantly. Or second, it could be something completely charming and different that could work really well as an MMO. Which did I find?

Click past the cut and I promise to tell you.

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Open beta en route for Mythos Europe

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If there's been a single unifying thread for our last several beta giveaways for Mythos Europe, it's been a wail of anguish that the keys have vanished quickly. (Like cheap beer on a college campus, if you'd like an analogy.) But while we can't conjure new keys out of thin air, we can console those unable to get one with the news that the open beta is on its way. On April 12th, the servers open to everyone for testing and enjoyment.

For the open testing phase, the level cap is being raised to 50, giving players the opportunity to explore new abilities and new zones. The game's third major area, Umbral Peaks, will be accessible in the last testing phase with the raised cap. Current beta players are also in luck, as servers have been added for several languages, including English, French, and Turkish. Mythos is getting closer and closer to launch, and starting April 12th, everyone gets to take part in putting on the final pre-launch testing polish.

[Thanks to Blake Linton Wilfong for the tip!]

Still need a Mythos closed beta key? Get one now!

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Welcome to round three of the Mythos Europe closed beta key giveaway! If you missed out on the last two giveaways, we've got another chance for you -- we've managed to get our hands on another 250 keys.

The drill is the same as before: grab a key from our giveaway page, create a Mythos Europe account if you haven't done so, then enter your beta key! If the last two giveaways are any indication, these will go fast, so grab one quickly if you want in.

Closed beta is going on now, so you can get started right away -- have fun!

More Mythos Europe beta keys for you

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With the closed beta underway for Mythos Europe, many players who tried the beta back when Flagship was developing the game are champing at the bit to get in. Of course, those testers aren't the only ones who are excited, if our free closed beta key giveaway the other day was any indication! Our initial batch of keys flew off our code server incredibly quickly, and we received comments, tweets, and emails asking for more keys!

Well, being the givers that we are here at Massively, we got in touch with our friends at Frogster and asked for another batch. The studio was only too happy to oblige, and as such, we have 250 more closed beta keys for you! All you have to do to pick one up is to head for our giveaway page and grab your very own Mythos Europe closed beta key. From there, point your browser at the Mythos page to set up your account. After that's all done, simply enter your username and key code and get your download on. A colorful, crazy adventure awaits -- so get moving if you want to grab a key before they're gone!

Exclusive: Mythos displays Lamento armor sets

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Hanibitsoft and European publisher Frogster gave Massively the skinny on three armor sets revealed in the new fantasy MMO Mythos. Merchants on Heaven Island offer special armor sets to players with enough points from Lamento battles. Players form teams to face off against other groups in these contests of glory and special prizes.

The Lamento sets of armor are specially designed to visually complement each other when worn as a complete suit. In addition to the stat increases given by individual pieces, the armor grants characters extra bonuses when the player equips more than one piece at a time. The bonus stats increase at 2, 5, 8, 11, and 13 collected pieces.

The weapons and shields will vary, and each armor set contains two different sets of attributes for each of the three classes. Gadgeteers don the Pure White Soul armor set; Bloodletters strap on the Dark Plains or Snow Field armor; Pyromancers ignite the world in their Firestorm robes. In the gallery below, we've uploaded your first look at these enchanting suits. If you are interested in finding out more about the myth behind Mythos, march over to the official site and sign up for the closed beta going on right now.

Gallery: Mythos

Take a first look at Mythos with our closed beta key giveaway!

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A multi-race alliance, broken by betrayal, and an old wrong to be avenged. There's more to the story, but this is the foundation of what Mythos is all about.

Mythos Europe is in closed beta, which means that a relatively small group will be participating, but don't worry -- we've got you covered. Here at Massively we've gotten our hands on 150 closed beta keys, and as always, we're in a sharing mood. Check out our giveaway page to grab your key, then visit the Mythos page to create your account. Once you've done that, enter your username and key code, then download the client.

Got all that? Perfect -- enjoy the game, courtesy of Mythos Europe and Massively!

Mythos closed beta date announced

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Add another title to the standing-room only MMO beta crowd crammed into the first few months of 2011. HanbitSoft has just announced that its free-to-play hack and slash Mythos title will slice and dice its way into closed beta on February 8th. Beta signups are currently ongoing at the game's official website, and the devs have also let slip that a special sneak peek event will take place for registered beta participants between January 27th and 31st.

During testing, Mythos players will be able to explore the Greenreach and Bloodbristle Desert regions as well as level their characters to 27.

Mythos was originally developed by the now-defunct Flagship Studios before being picked up by and completed by HanbitSoft. Frogster is handling publisher duties for the game's European launch.

Mythos quest system detailed

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The developers behind Mythos are billing it as "the first worldwide hack 'n' slash MMO" and to that end, the upcoming free-to-play fantasy title is crammed full of randomly generated dungeons, items, and upgrade potential. Mythos is also crammed full of quests according to a new press release dated earlier this morning, and HanbitSoft's game will lead players on a journey across the world of Uld that is heavy on the traditional types of MMORPG tasks with which we're all familiar.

Mythos also boasts several unique factions, and raising your character's reputation will grant access to special merchants and a selection of powerful equipment.

Mythos was originally developed by Flagship Studios prior to HanbitSoft taking the reins in 2009. The Korean F2P company, in concert with publishing giant Frogster, expects to bring Mythos online in early 2011. Learn more at the official website, and check out our screenshot gallery below.

Gallery: Mythos

Mythos starts closed beta just in time for the new year

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It's almost time to grab those Gadgeteers, prep the Pyromancers, and brace the Bloodletters as the carnage in Mythos' closed beta will soon begin! The word from Frogster is that the game is entering an early stress test and that gamers who sign up for the beta between now and December 26th will get a chance to land in the first round of testing. That said, that first intrepid group will face many bugs, hardships, and yes, probably even the server crashing. As such, if you're more interested in getting a taste of the game before launch, we'd suggest you hold off until open beta.

However, for those who really want to get their Mythos beta bug-reporting test on and think that getting the server to scream like a little girl is fun, then this stage of beta (affectionately titled "hack-n-crash" by Frogster) is for you! Those who get in will start up on December 28th at 10:00 a.m. GMT until things fall over and crash enough times for useful data collection or Frogster shuts the servers down: whichever comes first!

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