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Mortal Online

One Shots: Black sheep, black sheep

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What in-game pet means the most to you? To reader Derrick, it's a special black sheep in Mabinogi that's snuggled its way into his heart.

"I'm an Aries in real life and always liked the symbolism of rams in culture, so my first pet after my mount was a black sheep named Tanngrisnir," Derrick submitted. "It's now no longer available in the store and is a bit of a rarity. Over the years playing, I managed to find a black sheep balloon, puppet, and a pair of ram horns to complete the look, along with a black sheep title (not shown). It's helped out not just by providing my wool for tailoring; in my early days, Tanngrisnir was always willing to take a hit or two to distract enemies."

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags of loot full. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'll be better after the break!

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Mortal Online is expanding into the deserts of Sarducaa

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mortal online
Is it too early to declare the MMO expansion of 2015 yet? If not, then Mortal Online might have it in the bag as it prepares to open the doors of a new continent.

Coming soon(tm) to the game will be the continent of Sarducaa, a land dominated by deserts as well as a smidge of "inpenetrable jungle." Sarducaa will be broken up into six zones and is larger than the existing Myrland. It will also boast enemy creatures with "expanded AI" and better loot.

The team has posted a preview of Sarducaa, including concept art and a few tracks of the new soundtrack.

[Thanks to Sandboxer III: Return of Sandboxing for the tip!]

Mortal Online sets out territory control in a new patch

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No one man should have all that power.
Ready to make your mark on the world of Mortal Online? Your time is now. The game's latest patch implements the territory control system, allowing guilds to war over choice bits of land, build keeps and cities, and generally shape the landscape into what they want to see. There's even a trailer for it past the cut, showing off what players can expect to get when breaking ground on a new city and building its defenses.

Cities alone would be a welcome addition, but the patch also brings with it a variety of improvements to quality of life. The game's mail system has been rebuilt, several UI elements and chat commands have been implemented, and the world map has seen some trimming and adjustments. The patch is live now, so you can check out the notes for all the details or just log in and start staking your guild's claim.

[Thanks to Zakiyya for the tip!]

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO has best realized its concept art?

Fantasy, MMO Industry, Opinion, The Daily Grind, Mortal Online

I was looking at some Mortal Online concept art the other day and marveling at how beautiful it is. Then I looked at Mortal Online itself and was sorely disappointed. This is not to pick on Star Vault's game exclusively, though, because plenty of other MMOs have also failed to translate conceptual awesome into actual awesome.

Let's talk about the success stories, though. Which MMO do you think has done the best job of realizing the vision put forth by its concept art?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

Mortal Online details its territory control mechanics

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Yes, I see, your siege engine has human heads on the tips of the blades.  Super impressive.  Very hardcore.  Wow, etc.
Do you want some land in Mortal Online? Then why beat around the bush? Why not just reach out and take it? The game's territory control system is arriving soon, and the developers have offered an introductory guide at the system to give players a better look at how everything will fit together.

Players will be able to place and upgrade a variety of structures in controlled territory, with most structures requiring skills to be placed but not improved. NPC contracts can also be used for shopkeepers, guards, and the like. What can and cannot be placed is determined by guild stones, which are gated by the number of members in your guild. Players can also choose the behavior of guards in the town, ranging from law-abiding to attacking any players not in the guild on sight.

The update is also bringing in a minor change for free-to-play players, limiting free accounts to logging in from one computer per day, which is intended to prevent players from creating free accounts and logging into all of them in short order to boost guild sizes. You can take a look at the full territory control guide on the official site.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Mortal Online claims 'breakthrough' with improved client performance

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mortal online
If you've been frustrated by bad client performance with Mortal Online, then you'll be glad to hear that developer Star Vault has isolated the problem: It's Gordo the Carniverous Sea Slug (as seen above) who is eating your packets and pings with wild abandon.

In all seriousness, the team has pinpointed the issue as related to the new armor models and is beginning to work on a solution. "We have made a very exciting breakthrough in how to handle player performance cost," a team update reads. "We have identified one big thing that does indeed add quite a bit of drop on client performance when the client sees many players."

In addition to fixing the performance drop, Star Vault announced that the territory control system is "progressing very smoothly" and that the team has added a new concept artist to flesh out the world and lore.

[Thanks to James for the tip!]

Mortal Online upgrades its graphics engine

Fantasy, Patches, PvP, Mortal Online, Subscription

Mortal Online
If you log into Mortal Online today, you'll be treated to a vastly upgraded game. The team switched the game's visuals to an updated Unreal graphics engine, including new lighting, better grass, Oculus Rift support, and "countless gameplay improvements."

"Myrland has been remade, from the ground up, in a new modern terrain system," Star Vault wrote in a newsletter. "This means not only does the terrain look much better and less jagged, but also performs loads better."

Today's changes mean that players should start seeing faster updates in the future. The patch notes for V1.80.00.03 are up for your perusal.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Mortal Online patch will add more blood and Oculus Rift support

Fantasy, Patches, Previews, PvP, Mortal Online, Virtual Reality

Mortal Online
Mortal Online is about to both look better and play better with the coming of Patch Wait, is that a patch version or an IP address? Never you mind.

The new patch contains a boat-load of tweaks and upgrades, including the switch to an updated Unreal Engine. The dev team has improved the UI, rebuilt the gathering system, added more custom helmet overlays, created a unified options system, and even added support for Oculus Rift rendering and control.

And if you worried that Mortal Online might be losing its savage edge, then you'll be glad to read the following patch note: "Tweaked decapitation blood for more... blood."

[Thanks to Graham for the tip!]

EVE Evolved: Designing EVE Onland, part 1

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EVE Evolved title image
When I'm not playing or writing about EVE Online, I can usually be found huddled over my computer typing lines of code into a compiler and chipping away at bugs that make varying degrees of sense. Designing my own hardcore space game is a really fun challenge and very fulfilling work, but I have a dirty little game dev secret: I've actually always wanted to make a fantasy game. While the budget and personnel required to take on a project the scale of an MMO remain quite far outside my grasp for the moment, it's still fun to think about how I might design such a game if the opportunity arose. The MMO genre seems to be heading for a sandbox revolution this year, and there's no bigger sandbox than EVE Online, but could all of EVE's gameplay translate to a fantasy game?

EVE is probably the most atypical MMO out there, maintaining a subscription-based single-shard PvP sandbox in a genre that's typically headed in the exact opposite direction. There are several new sci-fi sandboxes on the way that may or may not qualify as massively multiplayer titles, but the vast majority of MMO gamers still prefer to keep their feet on the ground in fantasy lands. I often find myself wondering how much of EVE Online's core gameplay is possible only because of its setting -- and how much could actually be applied to a fantasy MMO. Not only should it be possible to adapt most of what makes EVE great to a modern land-based game, but many of the mechanics sandbox gamers now attribute almost solely to EVE actually started life in classic fantasy MMOs like Ultima Online.

In this week's unusual EVE Evolved, I'd like to start a game design thought experiment as I delve into the hypothetical world of EVE Onland.

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Mortal Online overhauls characters and armor visuals

Fantasy, Patches, PvP, Free-to-Play, Mortal Online, Crafting

Mortal Online
Mortal Online has been hard at work performing comprehensive overhauls to character and armor, making them look better than ever.

The character improvements for the game include visual passes, more natural animations, a new character creation system, and high-definition upgrades to armor. The visual improvements to crafted armor make up 90% of the game's wearable gear. The recent update also added in three new craftable armor sets and improved large-group performance for mass battles.

Due to the character overhaul, Star Vault is giving a free recustomization option to all players.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

One Shots: Home sweet home

World of Warcraft, Screenshots, One Shots, The Secret World, Mortal Online, RIFT, Miscellaneous

One Shots Home sweet home
It's easy to forget that in all of these game worlds that we're adventuring through, some people allegedly live and work in these lands! Even in the very, very scary places! Reader Xexanos found this run-down house in a dark corner of The Secret World and found himself entranced by the mystery of it.

"I stumbled upon this place during my exploration of the Shadowy Forest (the name really tells you everything)," he said. "I wonder what the history behind this is."

I had just found that last week myself and was wondering that too. If any lore experts want to fill us in, please do so, otherwise head past the jump and check out all of the other great reader screenshots we have in store for you this week!

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The Daily Grind: Would you pay to interview a developer?

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Personally, I can get devs to ignore my interview questions for free, so no, I'd not pay for the privilege. (Mortal Online pic)
Earlier this week, we reported on one of the stranger interview setups we've seen in a while. A player of Mortal Online who goes by the handle Aralis was given the chance to interview Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom about the state of the game. There was just oooooone little itty-bitty catch: Aralis landed the interview only because he'd been the top donator to the game in January. In fact, he'd ponied up $1000.

The interview is fraught with a few other issues, such as the fact that Nystrom dodges some of the player's questions and smooths over others, which'd probably annoy me if I had just effectively spent $1000 for the privilege of emailing a few questions off to a dev I admired (but then again, I'm pretty used to getting my questions ignored for free). Readers also pointed out the weirdness of "donating" to an MMO in an era of free-to-play.

But let's stick to basics. What do you guys think? Would you pay any amount of money just to snag a sit-down with your favorite developer? How much, and what would you expect, exactly, in return?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

Mortal Online CEO interviewed by top contributing player

Fantasy, Business Models, Game Mechanics, Interviews, MMO Industry, Mortal Online, Community Q&A

Mortal Online CEO interviewed by top contributing player
Each month, Mortal Online developer Star Vault rewards its top donation contributor with certain rewards for aiding development. In January, the top contributor was a player by the name of Aralis who was granted a custom "Champion of Nave" title showing that he donated $1,000 and was also given the opportunity to interview the development studio's CEO, Henrik Nystrom, in a one-on-one interview.

Some interesting points from the interview focus on future development, and Aralis pulls no punches when asking about a development timeline and the absence of promised content.

Check out the entire interview over at the Mortal Online forums, and let us know what you think about the Q&A.

Massively Speaking Episode 227: Paragons

Podcasts, City of Heroes, EVE Online, EverQuest, News Items, Massively Meta, Mortal Online, Massively Speaking, Miscellaneous

Massively Speaking Episode 227 Paragons
In this Very Special Edition of Massively Speaking, Bree and Justin hold a wake for a certain superhero MMO that's passed into the night. We were there until the bitter end, my friends, except for Justin who valued sleep and didn't want to stay up until 3:00 in the morning. But he was there in spirit -- oh yes he was!

It's not all tears and booze, of course; we have plenty of other stories to talk about, including the return of a long-lost profession, an expansion launch, a free-to-play conversion, and why MMOs are now being held up as art.

Have a comment for the podcasters? Shoot an email to podcast@massively.com. We may just read your email on the air!

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Listen here on the page:

Read below the cut for the full show notes.

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Mortal Online is now free-to-play with a video to prove it

Fantasy, Video, Business Models, Free-to-Play, Mortal Online

Mortal Online is now freetoplay with a video to prove it
The epic sandbox MMO Mortal Online has gone free-to-play today, allowing any interested player to have access to the entire game for the low, low price of zero!

The new business model allows for a free account as well as a Premier account status with a regular subscription rate as low as nine Euro a month (with discounts given to bulk time purchases and Facebook users). Premium status opens the skill levels to 100, while F2P players are restricted to 60. Premium accounts also allow thievery skills and expensive object looting and trading. Both free and Premium players have the option to expand the characters slots from one to four, but customers who bought the game before will be grandfathered in with three slots.

Be sure to check out all the details on the switchover over at the official forums, and enjoy the F2P trailer embedded after the cut.

[Thanks to all who sent this one in!]

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