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Moonlight Online

Moonlight Online launching by the end of 2011

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Moonlight Online
All right, fang gang, prepare to get your vamp on -- Moonlight Online is coming to a PC or coffin near you by the end of 2011.

Moving to capitalize on the final Twilight films, IGG announced that Moonlight Online will be launching its own version of vampires and werewolves before too long. Moonlight Online isn't just about well-worn horror concepts, but fresh ideas as well, such as strategic empire building, epic love stories, combat on the move, and fantastic creatures.

According to the forums, there will also be dynamic weather patterns that will shape the game world, throwing zones from a blizzard to an idyllic summer day as the seasons progress.

If you haven't already, make sure to sink your teeth into our dev diary, which gives a good overview of the game. We also have our very first look at in-game screenshots of Moonlight Online, which you can view in the gallery below!

IGG reveals new Moonlight concept art

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Not enough vampire-themed MMOs in your life? Take heart, as IGG is looking to fill that particular niche with a new free-to-play game called Moonlight Online. The title has been under development for the last three years, and according to a new press notice, the development team is aiming pretty high.

"The game will prominently feature themes of romantic renaissance and gothic apocalypse, from moving, epic love stories to spectacular seasonal landscapes," enthuses the press release. IGG is also pointing to the game's realistic 24-hour timekeeping system and its "strategic empire building and property management" functionality as harbingers of incredibly diverse gameplay.

While we don't have any screenshots or video footage as of yet, IGG has released a couple of new concept art shots that serve as atmospheric barometers (and they're appropriately gothic and creepy). Have a look courtesy of our Moonlight gallery below.

Fly with the bears in Moonlight Online

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Have you ever dreamed of a truly special mount in your MMO, perhaps a half-lion, half-tiger that you name a Liger? While Ligers may be a dream of the future, Moonlight Online has plenty of fanciful mounts now that don't easily fit in typical MMO stereotypes.

Coming soon to the game are a plethora of bizarrely beautiful mounts that run the spectrum from dinosaur (Megalosaurus), Harry Potter pal (Phoenix), combustible lupine (Flaming Wolf), round (Crystal Ball), blind (Bat), and two of the most unstoppable forces of nature combined into one (Angel Bear).

Players will be able to "evolve" these special mounts over time as well. Every time a mount levels up, it increases its attributes, gains faster speed, and even has the chance to gain a cool new skill, such an an AOE attack. Mounts also change in appearance as they evolve, which means that Angel Bear just got 100% more awesome.

Check out the new mounts as well as the game over at IGG's Moonlight Online forums.

Moonlight Online reveals concept art for its starting cities

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Earlier this year, IGG announced they had begun work on an MMO based in the Moonlight universe. Moonlight Online takes place in a dark world where werewolves and vampires war for supremacy. Since the announcement, IGG has been regularly pumping out concept art to give people a feel for the style the game is aiming for. We've been shown some werewolf and vampire characters, a dark armoured horse and a few buildings inspired by medieval and gothic architecture. New art has now been released showing the game's three starting cities: Castle Williams, Fort Traster and Wolfsburg Bastion.

Castle Williams is a dark, gothic castle where all vampires first begin their journey. Home to the humans, Fort Traster is a municipality with a strong focus on teaching magic. As expected, werewolves start their adventures in Wolfsburg Bastion, a wild and untamed stronghold. IGG continue to release concept art on the upcoming title regularly, and updates can be found on the official Moonlight Online forum.

IGG planning great things for combat in Moonlight Online

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Moonlight Online is expected to launch at the end of the year, and we're slowly getting more information on the game. The latest information from IGG gives a few hints about what we can expect from combat.

While it's light on specifics, we do know that Moonlight Online "utilizes DOTA-like tactical elements in combat, so gamers can have their characters cast spells and use abilities in while in motion (limited by a cooldown time)." Transformation will be a big part of Moonlight Online, with characters gaining some impressive stat boosts in their alternate forms. Werewolves will receive buffs to attack power and HP, and vampires in bat form will be faster, more agile, and have a spell power boost.

You can find more details about IGG's take on the vampire vs. werewolf conflict on the Moonlight Online forums.

Moonlight Online releases developer diary and art

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There's been quite a bit of curiosity regarding IGG's upcoming vampire MMO, Moonlight Online. The original announcement came at the end of March, and that was all we heard until now.

IGG has released a developer diary detailing all sorts of game creation details which serves as an overview of what the game will be like. The diary includes information on basic game mechanics such as camera rotation and UI control as well as gameplay-oriented details like the differences between humans, werewolves, and vampires. The historical look depicted in the accompanying artwork seems to indicate that we're safe from anything with a sparkly Twilight feel to it, so follow along after the jump for the Moonlight Online developer diary.

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IGG introduces vampire MMO Moonlight Online

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Have you been dying to recreate your favorite scenes from the Twilight series? Well me neither, but I would like to fly around kicking butt and avoiding the sunlight. This is good, being that IGG announced Moonlight: Online today. Players will soon be able to control Vampire characters as they jump, fly and climb through supernatural environments that will be rendered using a cutting edge game engine. Players have also been promised that the game will feature plenty of outlets for their creativity. Could this mean the game will feature a lot of customization for characters?

The game will also feature the ability to create and destroy entire empires with superpower abilities, all while declaring war on the Werewolves! Sounds to us like a pretty nice combination of pale, powerful and destructive -- just like we like it. Details are promised over the next weeks and months, so keep en eye out here. The game is slated for release at the end of 2010.

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