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Jade Dynasty

Massively Interviews: A look into Jade Dynasty's Ascension expansion with Andrew Brown

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As we mentioned on Friday, Jade Dynasty is getting a brand new expansion and we the inside scoop for you. This Thursday is the release of the free update, but you don't have to wait that long to find out the story on the game's new Ascension system, brand new race, and new pet features.

We sat down with Jade Dynasty's American product manager, Andrew Brown, and talked with him about the update. Not only did we find out exactly what's in the expansion, but we also got a glimpse into how the game is made and how much control American audiences have over the features in a Chinese MMO.

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Exclusive screenshots from Jade Dynasty's upcoming "Ascension" expansion

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Perfect World Entertainment's Jade Dynasty really is a unique offering on the MMO market. We here at Massively have been covering it and commenting on it since we got to see it at E3, and we're always interested to hear more about the MMO that "plays itself." Well, the team at Jade Dynasty hasn't disappointed us and they've let us here at Massively check out some exclusive screenshots of their upcoming expansion, Ascension.

Ascension is opening up the path for players to become veritable gods, but it's also adding two new factions, a brand new race, realm versus realm PvP opportunities, aerial combat, and much more. We've also gotten the opportunity to sit down with Jade Dynasty's product manager, Andrew Brown, and talk with him about all of the gritty details in the next expansion. However, you'll have to wait until Monday to check out that interview.

In the meantime, check out these screenshots and concept art of the Divine Realm area, and come back on Monday to check out our exclusive interview about the future direction of Jade Dynasty.

Jade Dynasty calls out to the PvPer in all of us

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Have you ever wanted to smacktard grief everybody in sight until you died from everyone ganging up on you? Have you ever wanted to completely ignore quests in favor of destroying everybody else? Well, if you have, then we just might have the server for you!

Jade Dynasty is turning on their PvP only server, "The Wildlands." On this server, all of the PvE only zones have been transformed into PvP zones, meaning that you're a target the second your character hits level 30. Using your Esper's botting function on this server is much more dangerous now, as going on auto-pilot means that you'll be defenseless to anyone who crosses your path.

Still, for those who prefer a much more hostile environment in their games, The Wildlands server looks to be exactly what you're looking for. Now, join battle and destroy!

One Shots: Not afraid

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We've seen some interesting forms of transportation before, but this is one of the very few times we've seen someone surfing around on a giant flying, flaming sword. Today's image comes to us from Zekaonar of the Climax Alliance in Jade Dynasty, who found this image while traveling. He writes in: This is my character riding a skyblade in front of a massive statue called the Bonewall. Wildlands is a desert zone, and desert zones are typically boring, but whoever designed this zone half-buried titanic statues all over, sometimes grasping out as if they were struggling to get out of the sand.

If you're flying something off the beaten path, we'd love to see how you're getting around. Just email your screenshots to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a quick description. We'll post it out here and give you the nod.

Gallery: One Shots

Massively goes toe to toe with Jade Dynasty's Andrew Brown

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Jade Dynasty. The game that plays itself. We ran an op-ed on it a while back and even got some impressions on the game from E3, looking into the game that offers all players the special ability to run a bot to play the game and lets players gain experience while offline.

Needless to say, we were interested in the game thanks to, what some would say, are odd choices in game design. However, we were recently lucky enough to sit down with Andrew Brown, the project manager for Jade Dynasty, and put him to the test. Why should MMOers try out Jade Dynasty?

Well, Andrew took our hard questions and sent us back some awesome answers. He didn't shy away from our question barrage. If you were looking for some answers for why Jade Dynasty took the game design path it did, or why they believe their decisions will ultimately help the many players of their game, then look no further than this interview. And what's this new immortality ability and "hardcore PvP" server that Andrew has mentioned? You're just going to have to follow after the break and find out!

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