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World of Tanks Blitz coming to iOS on June 26th

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World of Tanks
World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile version of the popular online tank title, will be hitting the Apple app store on June 26th.

Wargaming said that World of Tanks Blitz will be exclusive to newer iPad and iPhone owners. The game's been in a closed beta and soft launch in various regions, but will officially release later this month. In it, players will choose from 90 armored vehicles from USA, Germany, and USSR to fight in 7v7 matches.

E3 2014: Hands-on with World of Warships and World of Tanks Blitz

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If Wargaming.net is known for one thing, it's for being big. Nowhere is that more evident than E3, where displays for games like World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships typically dominate the show floor. Naturally this year's big reveal is the new Warships title. Although it's the third World of vehicles battler, gamers who haven't played the previous two won't be at a disadvantage.

That said, it's the hands-on with World of Tanks iOS version that really got my attention.

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Graphical upgrades en route for Age of Wushu

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I can't believe I'm not really running the risk of being struck by lightning!  Also, I should get inside.
How do you feel about Age of Wushu's graphics? Do you think that they could really use an upgrade? It seems that they'll be getting one. Shi Hai, CEO of Snail Games, was recently interviewed in China, and a translation of that interview reveals that graphical upgrades are definitely in the works. While he declined to specify exactly what sort of upgrades would be coming, he did joke that the rumors about the Unreal 3 engine might well be true.

Shi Hai also commented on the potential of a subscription server for Age of Wushu, noting that while several free-to-play games have dabbled with the idea, they seem to inevitably wind up going back to the free-to-play model in time. He stated that the company is currently focusing on porting the game to home consoles rather than exploring the possibility of any sort of subscription server. You can read a few more translated statements at MMOCulture.

Civilization Online review rounds out with combat and replay

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It's kind of like a funhouse mirror for the game you remember.
Looking at Civilization Online with longing might not be a great idea, as there are currently no plans for a release here in North America, but Steparu has been reviewing the beta, and if you'd like to find out what it's about the last part is available now. This final portion covers the game's combat mechanics, how players can get into games in progress, and gives an overall assessment of how the game is shaping up through testing.

While the combat in the game is fairly standard -- tab-targeting, hotbars, and WASD movement rule the day -- it does offer players a variety of options with both main and sub classes, along with a variety of vehicles and mounts that have their own combat uses. Overall, the game gets pretty high marks as what it's meant to be, a very PvP-focused game that sees factions warring for dominance again and again. Which is probably what you expected from the name, really.

World of Warships unveils E3 trailer

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Because were were afraid that there might be a portion of the planet where you could not go to war.
Between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks, Wargaming.net has your need for mechanized warfare covered. Almost, anyway. Sure, you can shoot at other planes and other tanks, but how are you going to also blow up a whole lot of boats? You can't... until World of Warships comes out, anyway. Then you can blow up war machines pretty much anywhere you want.

So when is it coming out? That's still something of a secret, but it's obvious that World of Warships is the next game to get a big push from the studio, starting with this year's E3 trailer embedded just past the break. While the trailer doesn't include any in-game footage, it does give you a clear picture of what you'll be doing in the game -- shooting at boats from other boats. Actually, you probably could have guessed that one without the trailer.

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Life of Rome aims to put roleplaying front and center

Historical, New Titles, Roleplaying, Player-Generated Content

Life of Rome
Life of Rome is described as a third- and first-person MMO set in a persistent Rome where players choose between playing as a Roman or a Barbarian with a heavy emphasis on roleplay and a community-driven political system.

While major RP-based storylines will be run by the developers at UK-based Breakout Studios, players can affect the game through long-term political, economic, or military goals. The game uses the Unity engine with Photon Networking and is currently in early alpha stages with no release date announced.

[Thanks to Rob for the tip!]

War Thunder coming to PS4 on June 3

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Here are some badass Hellcats
War Thunder is bringing its brand of World War II plane and tank mayhem to the PlayStation 4 on June 3rd. That date also "signals the global release of [the] Ground Forces" expansion, according to a Gaijin press release. "Cross-platform compatibility is coming very, very soon," the company says.

Click past the cut to read the full blurb.

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Armored Warfare accepting applications for closed beta testing

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Armored Warfare
Guys, Armored Warfare is totally not a World of Tanks clone. Guys? Guys? C'mon, don't give me that look. It's not! Well, maybe it is a little bit. The question is, then, will it be better or worse than its competition?

Armored Warfare is a "tanktical" (their words, not ours) shooter that features all sorts of heavy combat vehicles. One key difference between it and World of Tanks is that Armored Warfare's lineup is more current, ranging from the 1950s to present-era tanks and other armored trucks.

Obsidian Entertainment is pushing Armored Warfare hard these days in preparation for its E3 showing. The title has begun to accept closed beta applications and has put out a new trailer that you can check after the break.

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Meet Durango, Nexon's dino survival MMO

Betas, Fantasy, Historical, Trailers, Video, New Titles, Mobile

Pop quiz, hotshot! Which of these things do not go together: dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, hot air balloons, chainsaws, survival gameplay. It's actually a trick question, because in Durango, Nexon's newest MMO, they all do.

Nexon recently revealed the survival-based dino-tastic MMO with a teaser site. From the looks of it, players will be put into a mish-mash prehistoric isometric setting and challenged to survive by making tools, constructing traps, fighting dinos, and building up a safe home. The title is being made by the folks who did Vindictus.

In an interesting twist, Durango will be heading primarily (from the looks of it) to mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Nvidia Shield. You can check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

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Heroes & Generals vidlog details new guns, tanks

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Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals is getting fairly frequent updates these days, and even though the free-to-play MMO shooter is technically still in beta, developer Reto-Moto has a polished and playable game on its hands.

The latest Videolog, number 12 if you're keeping score, summarizes content additions from the last two "Patton" updates, including an extensive list of new tanks and infantry weapons. You can watch the full seven-minute clip after the cut!

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First World of Warships video diary released

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World of Warships
Wargaming has released a five-minute look at the making of World of Warships. The firm's latest vehicle-based World War II battler includes aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. You won't see submarines, though, as developer Nicholas Moran says they "just don't fit with the gameplay."

In addition to ship types, today's video diary also talks research and historical authenticity. View it in full after the break.

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Learn to fly ground attack aircraft in World of Warplanes

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World of Warplanes
Wargaming.net today released another in its "Flight School" series of tutorial videos for World of Warplanes, this one intended to teach novice players how to fly ground attack aircraft. Says the studio,
This detailed tutorial tells about ground attack aircraft, the most controversial type of warfare in World of Warplanes, and explains how many advantage points pilots can get by hitting different types of targets, while focusing on the most effective ways to score those points in order to reach air dominance. The guide also delves into the ins-and-outs of concealment tactics and the mechanics that will affect the supremacy meter, which can make a difference in the midst of battle.
Massively's aviation MMO expert (it's totally a thing now) Jef Reahard took a deep-dive into the game when it launched last December.

Enjoy the new video below.

[Source: Wargaming.net press release]

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Legend of Silkroad begins open beta warfare

Betas, Fantasy, Historical, Trailers, Video, New Titles, Free-to-Play

Legend of Silkroad
The historical fantasy MMO Legend of Silkroad began its open beta today, inviting any and all in who wish to sample its digital wares.

Legend of Silkroad is a tri-faction MMO that focuses on the economic and military conflict between three old world nations. It has a robust PvP system that encourages murder most foul in order to control the titular silk road. Or as the official site puts it, "Persia, Rome and China.. Who is the One of the all continents?"

Who indeed, readers. Who indeed.

You can check out a trailer for Legend of Silkroad after the jump!

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War Thunder launches Ground Forces, complete with trailer

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World War II lasted for approximately four hundred years, apparently.
Have you ever sat down to play War Thunder and thought to yourself that it's missing something? Maybe you have. Maybe you've though that what it really needs is tanks. A lot of them. An entire world of them. They could call it something compelling, like... how about "Planet of Armored Vehicles?" Or Ground Forces, that would make sense too. Especially since that's what the team at Gaijin Entertainment did call it.

Yes, the Ground Forces expansion is now live, allowing every player to take part in a landscape of mechanized weaponry. There's a launch trailer just past the cut celebrating the inclusion of this global set of armored artillery, complete with plenty of shots of planes being shot down by anti-air vehicles. So if you like the idea of taking the gameplay out of the air and onto the ground, the game has you covered now.

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Celebrate the end of WWII by killing your enemies in War Thunder

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War Thunder - Wrecked P36
Gaijin wants you to celebrate the "peaceful time" at the ending of World War II by blowing the crap out of enemy planes and tanks in War Thunder.

May 7th marked the official end of WWII in Europe, while May 8th is remembered as Victory Day. To celebrate, Gaijin is holding its own Victory Day on May 10th and will be handing out extra Golden Eagles currency for match victories.

Starting today, you can earn a victory banner decal and access to the Ground Forces beta test by notching 60 kills and six match victories over the next four days. Five random aircraft will also see their purchase prices heavily discounted and "all the famous aircraft of WWII" will boast 30 percent repair cost discounts.

[Source: Gaijin press release]

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