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World of Tanks' 9.5 update detailed in new trailer, review vid

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Wargaming has released a new trailer for World of Tanks version 9.5. The patch adds three new maps, a host of British war machines, an overhauled minimap, and much more. The trailer is kind of a quickie, so we've also embedded the 9.5 review video just beyond the break

WoT 9.5 is now available for download via the game's official website.

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War Thunder's Steel Generals expansion beta is live

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War Thunder
War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment's WWII-flavored MMO, updated with its Steel Generals patch this week, just ahead of the holidays. It includes new vehicles, tow cable mechanics, retooled artillery strikes, and new damage modeling. Gamers can also jump into three new maps: White Stone Fortress for air and ground battles, an Eastern Europe map with "varied open ground and urban terrain features," and the massive air-combat Battle for Moscow, which reconstructs the city during the Winter Campaign of 1941-1942. The Steel Generals content, however, "steals" the show:
The biggest addition to War Thunder with this update is the beta of the Steel Generals expansion, which includes the first six American tanks available now. By the end of Q1 2015, more than 30 US WWII tanks will be available. This release schedule allows Gaijin Entertainment to test each of the tanks to ensure that they are ready for battle when commercially launched. In honor of the update launch, special packages are available for purchase that contain premium US tanks and other bonuses alongside closed beta access. Players can participate in the Steel Generals beta by entering into contests and in-game events in War Thunder.
Check out the new screenshots and walkthrough video below.

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World of Tanks' replay files vulnerable to code injection

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Are you a World of Tanks player who watches match replays from Wargaming's free-to-play arena battler? You'd best be careful, as the company has publicized a vulnerability that allows third parties to "inject malicious code into replay files."

The problem will be addressed in WoT's 9.5 update as well as the 1.7 patch for World of Warplanes. In the meantime, Wargaming says that "the code is executed automatically when opening the compromised replays via the game client. Your system may be at risk if you download potentially modified replays from the internet."

World of Warships testing event this weekend

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Wargaming is hosting a World of Warships testing weekend starting Friday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m. EDT. The event features three classes of military vessels and offers players "the chance to experience the unique rock-paper-scissors approach to naval combat," the company says.

You can grab a key from one of Wargaming's "media partner" game blogs and then activate it via a link on the World of Warships website. You can see WoWS in action thanks to the gameplay video behind the break.

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Journey to the West opens up its international beta on Saturday

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Want a new game to try out this holiday weekend? Journey to the West International might be up your alley if you have a high tolerance for goofy imports. It's yet another MMO inspired by the Chinese epic tale of the same name, and its open beta launches on November 29th. Players can actually reserve their character names for the beta starting today.

JTTW boasts a level cap of 40, instanced dungeons, four classes, recurring events, and a psyche system that transforms characters into powerful elemental manifestations. It's also got an open cash shop, meaning the game is effectively soft launching this weekend.

We've embedded two game videos below, courtesy of MMO Culture. Enjoy!

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Gloria Victis implements dialogues and other improvements

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Should we talk about the weather? (Hi hi, hi.) Should we talk about the government? (Hi hi, hi.)
The Gloria Victis pre-alpha is getting a bit more chatty today with the implementation of the dialogue system in the most recent update. Said update also contains the first implementation of bow-wielding NPCs defending cities, the addition of buff and debuff descriptions, and various bugfixes and improvements -- all good things unless you try to open a dialogue with a bow-wielding NPC and get an arrow in response.

The design team promises that this is just the beginning of major changes, however, with the next patch slated to add the first pass of the questing system into the game. Territory capture mechanics are also coming, allowing an entire nation to benefit from captured lands. So onlookers can enjoy a more robust rollout in the coming weeks as the game adds more features in.

Civilization Online closed beta trailer features building, battles, and drumming

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civ online
There's something about a good Civilization trailer that always makes me feel downright nostalgic, and I think that factor is the world music being sung. We've got another trailer in this grand tradition for you to watch today, this one from G-Star covering the upcoming Civilization Online.

Civilization Online is currently in Korean closed beta, but from the looks of this video, it's coming along nicely. The trailer shows players working together to construct a bridge over a chasm, build cities, assemble armies, and engage on that most sacred of pre-fight rituals, happy drumming. Check it out after the break!

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Snail Games sued by former director of development on Age of Wushu

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Couldn't you guys just settle this with spinkicks to the jaw?
Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you're dealing with an international corporation and it's less a matter of "breaking up" and more a matter of "being terminated, then filing a lawsuit." David Runyan, former director of game development at Snail Games USA during Age of Wushu's development, is suing the company's founder and CEO Shi Hai on the grounds of unfair termination and racist practices during his year with the company.

Runyan claims that Shi Hai made frequent and capricious change to the staff of Snail Games USA, spoke in racist terms about the Americans he was working with, and then ultimately fired Runyan due to a medically approved period when he was working from his home. Snail Games has yet to make any comment in response to the lawsuit. Offers to settle this matter via an honorable duel in Age of Wushu were apparently not entertained.

World of Warplanes celebrates a birthday

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One year ago this week, Wargaming launched World of Warplanes. Now, the company is celebrating the game's first anniversary by giving you a free premium plane, special anniversary missions, and discounted premium bundles that include all manner of digital goodies.

World of Tanks' 9.4 adds Stalingrad map, tweaks strongholds and more

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World of Tanks' 9.4 update is now live, assuming you're playing from North America or Europe. If you're in Asia, well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

The patch reworks WoT's team battles mode, adds a new historical map (Stalingrad), and improves strongholds. "Strongholds and the structures that produce reserves for a clan have been extended to level 10," Wargaming says. "In addition, clans now have the ability to seek out and attack other clan strongholds and each clan is able to designate specific times where they are available to defend opposing clan attacks."

Click past the cut to watch the strongholds trailer.

[Source: Wargaming press release]

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Salem updates inheritance and witchcraft in October

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Well, this all looks about right.
Your characters are going to die if you play Salem. That's the nature of the game. It's an open PvP sandbox with permanent death mechanics; your end is forever waiting just around the corner. So doesn't it make sense to prepare for your demise by setting up your inheritance ahead of time? The game's October patch allows you to do just that, improving the inheritance mechanics and allowing heirs to pick up more resources from a player who plans in advance for the inevitable.

The October patch also adds the start of the game's witchcraft mechanics and sees a number of under-the-hood polish changes, like a reworking of player character skeletons, which will be invisible to most players but significant to the team moving forward. That's in addition to a variety of other fixes and improvements; check out the full list of updates to see what your character can do while on the road to the grave.

[Thanks to Chrysillis for the tip!]

You'll want an aircraft carrier in World of Warships

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Wargaming released a new World of Warships dev diary video this week. It's focused on aircraft carriers, which the firm calls "the most unique type of vessel" in the game.

Carriers are speedy, excellent at spotting enemy ships, and of course pack a tremendous punch. Once a carrier has launched its aircraft, they can traverse the entire map and attack from unexpected angles, according to the video. Have a look for yourself just past the break.

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The Stream Team: Swordsman with a little help from Perfect World

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Massively's Mike Foster has concluded his October Swordsman Choose My Adventure and can think of no better way to go out than in a blaze of incompetent glory. Join Mike tonight as he hops onto a max-level Swordsman character and runs some late-game instances. The Swordsman team will be in-stream to answer viewer questions and presumably sigh in frustration at Mike's inability to understand his new skills.

The action starts at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Game: Swordsman
Host: Mike Foster
Date: Thursday, October 30th, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST

Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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Choose My Adventure: Closing off our time in Swordsman

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I've spent quite a bit of time in Perfect World Entertainment's Swordsman this month. Thanks to the unique layout of October 2014, Swordsman ended up getting an extra week compared to most Choose My Adventure endeavors. And while I'm ready to move on to the next game, it was nice to have some extended time with Swordsman before sending it to that magic hard drive in the sky. Sometimes a few extra days can give you time to see things in a game you didn't see before.

Swordsman is definitely a game that grows on you. The experience continually improves. If you're willing to stick through the slow opening and limited early experience, there's a pretty interesting game waiting to be discovered.

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New King of Wushu video showcases graphics, awesome hair

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King of Wushu
Snail Games wants you to know that its MOBA, King of Wushu, is not some chucked-together, low-poly, button-mashing spectacle -- it's a Cryengine 3 game with style. It's got Dynamic Flowing Hair and Cloth, people. At last week's Nvidia Game Festival, the developer revealed a new trailer to show off its graphics, and we think you'll agree that the character's lush mane is totally dynamic and flowing. And hey, the martial arts play is pretty spiffy too.

Revealed last June, King of Wushu is based on Snail's MMORPG Age of Wushu. The MOBA is destined for a 2015 launch. Check out the video below.

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