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Global Agenda

Global Agenda 1.5 video teaser hints at Sonoran Desert content

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Global Agenda's 1.5 update is just around the corner, and Hi-Rez has released a teaser video to whet your appetite. The clip is pretty brief (under a minute's worth of footage to be precise) but it nonetheless sets an eerie stage for what looks to be some fun additions to the third-person shooter's Sonoran Desert PvE content.

As the teaser web page states, "Robotics agents are using drones to stream video to the domes. Is it safe for agents to enter this area of the desert?" You'll have to wait for 1.5 to find out, but in the meantime, fly your jetpack past the cut to get a look at the surveillance footage (and listen in on its creepy audio track) before heading to the official Global Agenda website for more details.

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Global Agenda gifting AP to booster account holders

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Hi-Rez Studios is throwing a bone to Global Agenda veterans who raised concerns about the limitations on the title's Agenda Points. Agenda Points are Global Agenda's item shop currency and were introduced with the Free Agent patch as a way for players to spend real-life money on optional character items.

Agenda Points will now be distributed for free to active Booster supporters on a daily basis (to the tune of five AP per day plus an additional five for each level 50 character on an account). Theoretically players could walk away with 1,350 AP per month if they have eight max-level toons.

In other Global Agenda news, Hi-Rez's month-long player appreciation promotion is in full swing, and each successive week brings a 50% AP discount on all store items for one of the game's classes. Head to the official GA website to learn more, and don't forget to download the game!

Global Agenda's new F2P model a resounding success

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The business model saga of Global Agenda is an interesting one, and PC Gamer recently sat down with Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris to chat about it. In a brief interview, Harris mentions his observations on free-to-play and the future of gaming as well as Global Agenda's resounding success since going to a full-featured F2P model.

"We have many, many more people creating accounts every day, many more people playing concurrently, our revenues are higher than they ever have been before which means we can develop content and put it into the game faster than ever before," he explained.

It wasn't always so, as Harris also admits to a bit of F2P bias in a previous life. With Global Agenda flying high under its new model, though, it's unlikely that Hi-Rez will be looking back. "I do think [F2P is] clearly the direction of gaming," Harris says.

Global Agenda patch 1.44 goes live tomorrow

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Hi-Rez Studios has some goodies in store for Dome City-dwellers, as Global Agenda's patch 1.44 arrives tomorrow. It's a rather small patch, and it includes such details as the closing of Carter's Seasonal Accessories (with a new fashion store known as Burning Fashion opening up in its stead) and the grand-opening of Skyward Jetpacks for those who want to zip around in style.

The largest new additions with the update come in the form of two new maps opening up for players. The PvP Control map Magmarock graduates from beta to live status, becoming accessible for Mercenary PvP players, while a new PvP Payload map known as Haulin' Acid is added to the Beta Maps queue. For the full notes and more information on the patch, head on over to Global Agenda's official site.

Steam now offering F2P MMOs

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Digital downloads and free-to-play MMORPGs are a match made in heaven, and so it's only natural that the largest purveyor of the former is teaming up with several of the latter to embed both movements further into the collective gaming psyche. Steam is now offering F2P MMOs as part of its on-demand gaming service, and titles as diverse as Global Agenda, Forsaken World, and Spiral Knights are joining the party.

So what, right? These games have always been free to download from their respective websites, haven't they? Well, yes, but Steam is offering exclusive in-game items (beginning tomorrow with Spiral Knights), and of course there's the ever-present achievement collection to consider. Boot up your Steam client and click the giant free-to-play banner, or head to the service's official website for more details.

Global Agenda celebrates F2P success with jetpack use in Dome City

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After a substantial wait and numerous requests from the community, Hi-Rez Studios has finally granted one of the most-wanted wishes of Global Agenda players: the ability to use their jetpacks in Dome City. The addition, the studio says, comes as a token of celebration for the recent success of Global Agenda's switch to a free-to-play model as well as a nod of appreciation for the players who have helped support the game with the purchase of booster packs (which grant double XP, credits, tokens, additional loot drops, and a daily allowance of 2000 tokens).

What does this mean for the players who purchase the booster packs required to unlock jetpack use within the city? Well, honestly not much except for slightly more expeditious travel around Dome City, which operates as the game's social hub between bouts of players ruthlessly murdering one another. Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris does note, however, that now that aerial travel is possible in Dome City, the studio plans to release "some penthouse level content in future updates." The upcoming patch 1.43 goes live tomorrow and also includes some general bug fixes and improvements. Full details on the new feature and complete patch notes for 1.43 can be found on the official site.

Global Agenda video highlights the game's new flair

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If there's one thing Hi-Rez Studios loves to do -- aside from actually developing Global Agenda, anyway -- it's making humorous videos centered around the game. And while the latest one pulls out a couple of memes whose days may have come and gone, it does serve a practical purpose as well -- showing off the new pieces of flair and several dyes that players can expect from the game with today's patch.

Even if you're not on-board for the humor, you can still appreciate the new flair pieces, ranging from the somewhat silly (dinosaur heads) to some rather robotic appearances. Or you can take a look at the comparative dye animations at the end, which show exactly how the coloration affects armors in a uniform pattern. Or you can just enjoy a bit of Global Agenda humor. The video gives you a variety of options in that regard.

Global Agenda braces for the impact of patch 1.42

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Dome City agents, prepare for some exciting changes coming to the third-person shooter Global Agenda. Tomorrow, May 25th, servers will be taken offline from 11 a.m. EDT to 5 p.m. EDT so the team can load up a plethora of updates for Global Agenda with patch 1.42. The patch includes changes to gameplay, flair drops, and Dome City itself.

Among the gameplay changes are updates to stealth and jetpacks. Spring stealth now includes an increase in height, but most importantly, the hands-free jetpacknow kicks in after 0.2 seconds rather than 0.3 seconds. This does not sound like much on paper, but many players will welcome the difference.

Patch 1.42 also introduces new flair drops from Recursive Colony bots. Drops include The Juggernaut, Android Head, and Android Soldier flair in the Dome Defense and Sonoran Raids. Speaking of flair drops, we learned that starting yesterday, players began questing for the velociraptor flair for the weekly flair challenge. Check out the announcement on the official site.

Lastly, Dome City's marketplace will grow with the addition of the Rare Goods vendor. When the servers come back online, be sure to shop at this new vendor for rare dyes and pets. Check the vendor daily; Hi-Rez developers have warned that available items will change.

Be sure to follow the Global Agenda server status on Twitter to learn exactly when the game is back online, and in the meantime, check out the full patch notes!

Global Agenda goes prehistoric with new in-game event

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The newest Global Agenda live event proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the folks over at Hi-Rez are, in fact, certifiably insane. Or awesome. Insanely awesome? Well, that depends on how exciting the idea of wearing the severed head of an extinct creature is to you. Following on the heels of the anniversary tournament, which also rewarded players with dino-riffic headgear, the newest in-game event is rewarding players with headgear modeled after everyone's favorite winged dinosaur.

That's right, you too can jaunt around the Dome with a pterodactyl head on your shoulders, presumably while hysterically flapping your arms and screeching at the top of your lungs. If this sounds appealing to you, then just stay where you are and some men in white coats will be there to take you away shortly. That, or you can log in to Global Agenda and participate in the Special Ops playlist for your shot at this prehistoric flair. Specifically, you need to win 30 missions in the Special Ops playlist to be eligible. So hoist your guns and get out there, Agents.

Global Agenda fires up patch 1.41

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Poor minor patches -- they're the little brothers of the development world. They have to wear second-hand clothes, they never get the respect of their older siblings, and they develop a deep-rooted insecurity complex that requires years of therapy to resolve. And yet -- they're still important!

So it is with Global Agenda's patch 1.41, which rolls out on the live servers today. According to the patch notes, the tutorial and introductory missions have received some additional work, and Steam users can use their Steam wallets to purchase in-game items from the Global Agenda store.

A couple of the bug fixes pertain to the recent Dome Defense raid, which recently went online. You can read the full patch notes over at Global Agenda, which is now free-to-play for anyone interested in some fast and furious hi-tech battles.

Global Agenda trailer invites you to Defend the Dome

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Global Agenda, which is still going strong following its free-to-play transition last month, has released a new video spotlighting an endgame raid. Dome Defense raids center around the main player fortress as the good guys repel wave after wave of determined attackers.

So hit the jump, get pumped up, and go defend the dome -- for the sake of humanity, for the sake of love, and for the sake of Pete!

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One Shots: Segue

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Starting zone week is drawing to a close, and MagnetHead has provided the perfect transition into sci-fi week with his not-so-nostalgic look back at the starting area of Global Agenda.
This is a pic of the starting zone located in the 'evil' Commonwealth. It's good to know you're a bit further along than these poor husks.
Thanks for all the great images of those early-on areas of your favorite games. It's fun to see how many MMOs provide a good first impression, but now it's time to go a little more high-tech. Are you loving Perpetuum? Immersed in Battlestar Galactica Online? Beta testing Black Prophecy? Let your favorite sci-fi game strut its stuff this week by sending a great screenshot to us at oneshots@massively.com. Include your your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing, and we'll post it up and give you the thanks!

Global Agenda: Free Agent reloaded and ready

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It's a big week for Hi-Rez, as Global Agenda's pushed out update 1.4 and is now available to play for free!

Rechristened Global Agenda: Free Agent, the new client is available with no up-front cost, although the studio hopes that enough players will be enthralled with the game enough to want to plunk down $20 to be upgraded to Elite Agent status for extra goodies. Already paid for Global Agenda in the past? Good news -- you're automatically an Elite Agent. Time to update those business cards!

Hi-Rez's Todd Harris is fairly psyched about the switch: "Today Hi-Rez Studios delivers exceptional class-based shooter combat for free. To a free-to-play audience tired of click and wait fantasy MMOs, or unbalanced pay to win shooters, we think that the advanced sci-fi visuals and balanced combat of Global Agenda: Free Agent will be very refreshing. We've seen a very positive response from our announcement and have invested in server capacity to handle the increased demand."

With the financial barrier abolished, there's no excuse not to check out this spiffy MMOFPS today. Head on over to Global Agenda and let us know what you think!

Global Agenda patch 1.4 goes live today

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It's patch day for Global Agenda, and Hi-Rez Studios is re-working several aspects of its massively multiplayer third-person shooter. Version 1.4 kicks off the new Free Agent branding, and players can now experience all 50 levels, as well as every bit of the game's content, for no charge.

The long-awaited Dome Defense Raid makes its first appearance in today's patch, and agents level 40 and above can team up to protect Dome City against a nasty invasion of Recursive Colony bots. Global Agenda's Demolition PvP mode is also undergoing a makeover. The game type has been re-dubbed Acquisition, and teams will now need to cross the map and pick up their robot from the opposing team's base, then return it to their own. Additionally, the robots have been upgraded with a new sprint ability and a heat ray weapon.

Finally, agents will notice that their skill points have been reset, as the game's skill trees have been tweaked to address balance issues and encourage specialization. Head to the official Global Agenda website to learn more and download the game.

Updated: Global Agenda adopting free-to-play model

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A lot of players predicted this day would come, and now it has -- well, almost. Global Agenda will be adopting the free-to-play model later this month, allowing fans to play all current content and levels at no charge. The game has essentially been free since launch, but this new setup firmly establishes Global Agenda's position in the free-to-play camp.

Of course, free-to-play never means that the developer has decided to stop making a profit, so how does this business model work in Global Agenda? While regular content, play, and progression are unlimited, features such as auction house access, in-game mail, and the ability to create Agencies have all been labeled Elite Agent features.

Players can upgrade to Elite Agent status for a one-time cost of $19.99 to receive access to those features plus other bonuses like extra XP, gear, and loot. Any player who has already purchased the game will automatically be upgraded to Elite Agent status at no cost. Check out the full announcement on the Global Agenda site for more information.

[UPDATE] For even more details and a few laughs, follow along after the jump for a new video from Hi-Rez!

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