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Freaky Creatures

New screens for Freaky Creatures content update Freaky Adventures

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Although Free Realms continues to dominate kid-friendly MMO fare with five million users and counting, there are plenty of independent game-makers out there still vying for some market share. Case in point: Abandon Interactive's Freaky Creatures.

Launched in March, the monster-themed MMO comes on a 1GB Flash drive with collectible action figures, and has players engaging in PvP battles, online chat and world exploration. The company recently started offering a free-to-play option for the game, and is about to release an update called Freaky Adventures, which brings new PvE content to the universe.

Freaky Adventures will let players go beyond battle areas and their creatures' lairs and into new mission-based locales, adding new items, enemies and powers. The new Freaky Adventures content will be available to Freaky Creatures subscribers with no additional charges. Meanwhile, those opting for the free version will still get "most" missions, according to the developer, with just a few that are only available to the premium subscribers.

Freaky Adventures is slated for November, which will be followed eventually by the space exploration-themed update Freaky Space next year. For now, check out some exclusive screenshots from Freaky Adventures.

Freaky Creatures has a spot open for you

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Despite having had a chance to preview Abandon Interactive's upcoming kid-friendly MMO, Freaky Creatures, last year at GDC, things have been fairly quiet while they've been working on the game. Recently, however, they've opened up the signups for the beta so that anyone who is interested in checking it out can now get in instantly. Sure, you'll still be under NDA according to the signup, but if it's half as much fun as Akela Talamasca thought it was (his words being "this is like Pokémon, but far, far cooler.") it should be interesting to check out.

Besides, how many MMOs can you say you get to be a giant sea-space-Eagle-thing with a fire-breathing laser gun like the one above? Or how about a crazed horse bent on freakish amounts of horseshoe destruction? If it sounds like something that would interest you - or your kids - head on over to the Freaky Creatures beta sign-up site and take advantage of the openings for the beta!

[Via Virtual Worlds News]

Freaky Creatures offers limited public beta on July 15th

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Players craving hot hybrid monster-on-hybrid-monster action can rejoice in the news that Freaky Creatures will be hitting shelves on July 15th. The will be the public beta launch, so it's open to all and sundry, but there is a limited number of spaces available, so fans are encouraged to go to the Freaky Creatures site and sign up early.

A few more reminders to whet your appetites: You'll be able to customize your creature to the tune of over three billion possible combinations; you can play against opponents PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone; and to support the launch of the title, Alienware is holding a contest that will win some lucky player an Area-51 m15x Notebook. Sign up now, before it's too late!

Freaky Creatures gets a new video

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Ever since we first talked about seeing Freaky Creatures at GDC08, we've wanted to provide gameplay video that shows off the slickness of the game itself, and now there's finally something for hungry minds to consume.

The video is offered in three formats, high, medium, and low. There's some great footage of creature customization, a look at most of the creature types, and of course the gameplay which is much as we remember it being at the GDC event. Go ahead, whet your appetite for destruction!

Freak out with Freaky Creatures!

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Having seen this game earlier at GDC, we can definitely say we're excited to hear that Freaky Creatures is now accepting sign-ups for the beta, which has been slated for a Summer release. There's a new website up, myfreakycreatures.com, which contains screenshots, a look at a couple of the different in-game locations, an air hockey game, and a creature designer that shows a bit of the customization the full game will eventually feature.

Even better, signing up for the beta automatically enters you in the sweepstakes, with prizes ranging from free play to an Alienware Area-51 m15x Notebook, among others. And in what may be a first, you'll be able to pit your creature against others PC-to-PC, mobile-to-mobile, and PC-to-mobile! Check out our earlier coverage for more details on gameplay and what to expect this Summer, when we'll all be letting our freak flags fly!

[Thanks, Deborah!]

GDC08 Highlights: Freaky Creatures, Habbo and Love

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Freaky Creatures

"This is like Pokémon, but far, far cooler."

Drive to toy store. Buy cool monster action figure. Discover flash drive buried in packaging. Use it to upload a digital version of your creature and then pit that bad boy in head-to-head combat against other players and their pet arsenal online. That, my friends, is Freaky Creatures. Don't pretend you're not drooling to learn more.

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