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Fallout Online

The Stream Team: An EVE Online cannonball run

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EVE Online
Eve Online is an unforgiving game. Ships are often lost, goods stolen, players scammed. However, just because the EVE universe embraces harsh conditions and a buyer-beware attitude doesn't mean we can't have a little fun within New Eden. Join Massively's Mike Foster as he takes a newbie capsuleer with zero skills and a rookie starter ship to the most extreme, dangerous depths of space. Will he survive? Find out at 7:00p.m. EST.

Game: EVE Online
Host: Mike Foster
Date: Friday, November 15, 2013
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST

Enjoy our Steam Team video below.

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Bethesda and Interplay settle Fallout MMO lawsuits, Interplay's rights revoked

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Bethesda and Interplay have been embroiled in a legal battle for quite some time now, arguing over whether or not Interplay had the rights to create a Fallout MMO. Well, that lawsuit has finally been settled and it appears that Bethesda has come out on top. In a press release today, Bethesda announced that "under the terms of the settlement, the license granted to Interplay to develop the Fallout MMO is null and void, and all rights granted to Interplay to develop a Fallout MMO revert back to Bethesda, effective immediately." Bethesda fails to make any mention of whether or not the studio will use its freshly re-acquired rights in order to actually make a Fallout MMO, however, so the future of the online wasteland remains in flux.

[Source: Bethesda Game Studios press release]

Bethesda vs. Interplay case finally settled

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War. War never changes. And neither, it appeared, would the long-running legal dispute between Bethesda and Interplay over the rights to the Fallout IP. For years, it seems, we've been reporting on this courtroom tug-o-war between the companies which has kept the fate of Fallout Online in limbo.

Well it looks like it is finally over, one way or another. An administrator on the Fallout fan site Duck and Cover says that a settlement has been reached although the details have yet to emerge to the public:
Today, DAC has confirmation that a settlement has, in fact, taken place. It actually took place the day of the trial -- and had I been able to get online and sort through the documents I would have reported as much. We do not yet have the details of the settlement -- they will be announced this month (January 2012) -- but we can report that on the day of trial, the atmosphere in the court room was tense until the judge recessed. This recess was extended, and then they recessed for lunch. After the lunch recess, the court room was locked to everyone except attorneys and clients. When our source asked why this was the case, our source was told it was because they were working out a settlement. The following day, another source called the court reporter to ask what the next hearing schedule for the case was -- this source was told there was no schedule as a settlement had been reached.
We'll be following this story as it develops to see how it affects the potential Fallout Online and what each studio is walking away with from this bitter dispute.

Bethesda and Interplay may be close to settling Fallout dispute

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Brotherhood of Steel dude
Is the long-running war of words between Bethesda and Interplay nearing its end? The two firms have been engaged in a legal tug-of-war over the Fallout IP (and its potential entry into the MMO space via Fallout Online) for several years now, but a new blurb on GamePolitics suggests that there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.

GamePolitics cites a Fallout wiki entry and the leak of a partial court transcript from earlier this month that says "both sides have previously agreed to drop this from the case (Bethesda raised it, and Interplay agreed). The case now just concerns future Fallout games."

The website points to another source that claims that Bethesda is attempting to seal parts of the case (which is often a harbinger for an out-of-court settlement).

The Perfect Ten: The upcoming long-shots

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Perfect Ten
In coming up with a follow-up list to my previous Upcoming MMO Contenders list, I found myself almost paralyzed by more choices than I could shake a wireless mouse at. Pointing at the sure bets is one thing, but narrowing down a field of dozens and dozens of interesting -- yet more far-flung -- prospects is far more difficult. It's one thing to have a good idea; it's another to say whether or not this game will actually make it to launch, and if it does, that it'll pull the idea off well.

That said, I've lost some hair and two pounds sweating out this list, and I feel sleeker for it. Today's Perfect Ten is all about the long-shots, the titles that may not have the huge budget, big name studios, or anything solid to show for it, but could still become contenders in their own right if everything is played just right.

Deep breath -- let's give it a go!

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Bethesda and Interplay continue to sling stones over Fallout Online

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Please stand by for a very, very long time.
There's exciting news about Fallout Online today, assuming that you think that the latest installment of the ongoing legal battle between Interplay and Bethesda qualifies as exciting news. Yes, the two companies are still at it, with Bethesda filing a new complaint against Interplay after the last victory. And as usual, depending on which company you want in charge of the game's future development, one of the companies is completely out of its mind and the other is trying to defend what it rightfully owns.

Bethesda's complaint, in essence, argues that Interplay's complaint blocked testimony that would have established Bethesda as being the party in the right beyond a shadow of a doubt. Whether or not this is accurate will be established when the companies have their date in court on December 5th, which should put an end to this mess once and for all... although if previous events show anything, it's that both Bethesda and Interplay will fight this out to the bitter end.

Bethesda fails to block Fallout MMO progress, again

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Fallout Online - wallpaper
The latest development in the ongoing lover's quarrel for control of the Fallout MMO seems to be something of a body blow for Bethesda. The famed Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 RPG maker was smacked down in a U.S. District Court this week as a judge ruled that the company "unreasonably delayed in seeking relief, and that the emergency that allegedly justifies a TRO is self-created."

TRO stands for temporary restraining order, and Bethesda was seeking such against Interplay and Masthead Studios, which are developing the long-awaited Fallout MMORPG. This isn't the first time that Bethesda has turned to the legal system as a way of preserving its Fallout brand. It's also not the first time the company has been denied, as a 2009 ruling allowed Interplay to continue working on the massively multiplayer version of Fallout despite Bethesda's objections.

Interplay v. Bethesda deathmatch continues

MMO Industry, News Items, Post-Apocalyptic, Fallout Online

The punches keep flying between Bethesda and Interplay in the battle for Fallout Online. A recent court filing from Interplay claims that Bethesda knew good and well that its in-development Fallout MMO would (prepare for a shock!) include elements from the Fallout universe, despite Bethesda's claims to the contrary.

The filing goes on to confront Bethesda's arguments that the MMO would lead to confusion amongst players of Fallout 3 due to plot conflicts between the two games. Interplay points out that this is a rather ironic statement, considering that "Bethesda contends Interplay should have created an entire game of incompatible story, characters, and art and labeled it Fallout only in name." Between this legal sparring and Interplay's financial woes, the future of Fallout Online remains to be seen.

Fallout Online's future in jeopardy as Interplay's finances suffer

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There's a bad moon a risin' for all you MMO-playing Vault-dwellers out there. Fallout Online, the in-development MMO from Interplay, has been through some rough waters already, but it looks like the situation may be about to go from bad to -- pardon the pun -- apocalyptic.

A recent SEC filing by Interplay indicates that the company is going through some rough financial times, which doesn't bode well for the Fallout Online's future. According to the article at GamePolitics, Interplay is skating on thin ice with "a cash balance below $3000 and a working capital deficit of $3 million." The company also states that if the financial situation doesn't change sooner, rather than later, it could be forced to declare bankruptcy or even sell the studio entirely. We here at Massively wish Interplay the best in hopes that someday we'll all be able to step out of the Vaults and into Fallout's uniquely retro post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Fallout Online newsletter tells stories and shows off new weapons

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Dark humor has always been an important part of the Fallout series, being especially obvious in the first two Fallout games that Interplay developed before selling the single-player game's rights to Bethesda. Now, with the fourth edition of the Fallout Online newsletter, The Armageddon Rag, we're not only treated to some typically dark and twisted storytelling but given a peek at some of the weapons that we'll see in the wastes.

Along with the 9mm Burreyetta Model 86d seen above, there are other deliciously wicked-looking bits of weaponry concept art to check out, such as the Chemblaster 3000 CDS, a special stimpak that insists "even the dead will rise" when it is used, and slightly more familiar weapons like the AKA-47. Between the art and the descriptions, we're sure any post-apocalyptic fan waiting for Fallout Online will find goodness to geek out on. Just don't greeble on yourself, OK?

"Fallout belongs to us": Bethesda lays claim to Fallout MMO

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We may as well call it The NeverEnding Story 4: The Battle for Fallout. The ongoing legal struggle and corporate posturing between Bethesda and Interplay took a new turn today as Bethesda declared its biggest claim yet to the entire franchise -- including a Fallout MMO.

According to Gamesindustry.biz, vg247, and Eurogamer, Bethesda's Pete Hines couldn't make it clearer: "We own the rights to the MMO. We own the rights to everything Fallout. The license is ours. Fallout belongs to us."

Earlier this month, Interplay called such claims "absurd."

This is troublesome for Interplay, as the studio has been hard at work on a Fallout MMO of its own, scheduled for a 2012 release. Both companies claim that they have the right to develop an online version of the hit franchise: Interplay because it retained the rights to do so when it sold the franchise to Bethesda, and Bethesda because the company claims Interplay failed to live up to the contract and forfeited its claim.

While the lawyers continue to plow through this legal morass, this statement by Bethesda shows that the studio has no intention of giving up the rights to a Fallout MMO without a fight.

[Update: We've clarified Gamesindustry's sources.]

New Fallout Online newsletter sighted in the wild

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Several of us here at Massively are avid fans of the Fallout franchise and have even been cheating on our MMOs with a bit of New Vegas action over the last few weeks. It should come as no surprise, then, that we keep a keen eye out for news of Interplay's upcoming Fallout Online MMO. The latest tidbit arrived in our inboxes today in the form of the third issue of The Armageddon Rag, a faux in-character newsletter that purports to inform the reader of various happenings from around the wasteland. Unlike previous issues, this one comes "electronically" in the form of a Pip Pad.

The latest issue of Rag doesn't pay tribute to George R.R. Martin (as you might expect from the title) but instead features three news blurbs designed to give you a little post-apocalyptic flavor and perhaps drop a few hints to those in the know. It's also worth mentioning that you can sign up for the Fallout Online beta by registering for the newsletter on the official site.

[Thanks Alex!]

Interplay says Bethesda turned down chance to purchase Fallout MMO

MMO Industry, Legal, Post-Apocalyptic, Fallout Online

Interplay president Eric Caen claims that Interplay attempted to sell full Fallout rights to Bethesda, only to be turned down.

The latest news in the ongoing legal battle says that former Interplay president Hervé Caen offered the full rights to Bethesda for $50 million. Bethesda rejected the offer on the grounds that the price was too high, negotiating a lower price for everything except the MMO rights. There were conditions for development of the MMO attached to the deal, which Bethesda claims that Interplay has not met.

Eric Caen has his own thoughts on these claims: "I think Bethesda, off the back of Fallout 3's success, realised that Hervé was probably right about the value. They said: 'OK, how can we get that without paying?'""

Interplay is continuing work on Fallout Online with a projected release date of 2012, as the legal investigations continue.

[via gamesindustry.biz]

Fallout Online hints at The Church of Harold

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The new Fallout MMORPG is such a closely guarded secret that we know next to nothing about the game itself. Interplay is wisely putting the uncertainty surrounding the title to effective marketing use, with the latest example being a cryptic "Church of Harold" advertisement that recently surfaced on the company's website. Anxious fans who signed up for the newsletter on the official Fallout site also received the head-scratching digital pamphlet in their inboxes over the weekend.

For the uninitiated, Harold is the only character to appear in every Fallout game to date. Scuttlebutt has it that the "Church" may be a faction, a point of interest, or even an in-game religion. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more Fallout goodness -- and be sure to let us know if you run across any more end-of-the-world oddities.

[Thanks Jonathan!]

New Fallout Online artwork sighted

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It seems like the Fallout Online hype-machine is slowly grinding into gear, what with the recent FAQ update and now word of some cryptic new artwork being sent to mailing list subscribers late last week. Destructoid has the scoop on the email blast, which kicked off with a brief textual teaser before leading into the imagery.

"There are many stories and many more tall tales about life in the wastelands, this is one of them," read the notice. In addition to artwork like the vista shown above, subscribers were sent images of a letter scrawled by a character named Les, who waxes on about the Menkey Butte Mine and a "Ragskin" named Fast Eddie.

Yeah, we can't make sense of it either, but it's a great way for Interplay to pique our collective interest.

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