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Neverwinter's next new class is the Scourge Warlock

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Perfect World Entertainment has just announced that the Scourge Warlock will join Neverwinter's class roster on August 14th when the previously revealed Tyranny of Dragons module launches. How does the new class with its special Curse mechanic work?
The Scourge Warlock is a powerful magic user who plies dark magical abilities, communing with shadowy benefactors to destroy all who would dare stand in their way. A powerful striker who focuses on dealing heavy damage to both single and grouped foes, the Scourge Warlock wields a myriad of options to deal with adversaries using their powerful Warlock's Curse.
The class will be available to all players.

[Source: PWE press release]

What you need to know about Guild Wars 2's second season living story

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The wait for Guild Wars 2's Season 2 is finally over! Today, players will dig into the next arc of the living story with the new Gates of Maguuma content (or save the content for later by unlocking it in their story journals). What exactly is in store? If you don't mind a few spoilers, we've got some of those answers for you right now.

Back at E3 2014, ArenaNet Associate Game Director Steven Waller and Studio Design Director Chris Whiteside gave us a recap of the first season, but they also gave us a preview of the second. And yes, that next step is through a portal into a whole new zone!

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Not So Massively: Hearthstone's expansion, God of Destiny's greenlighting, and Dead Island's MOBA

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Welcome back to No So Massively, where every Monday we round up the highlights from the past week in the world of MOBAs, roguelikes, MMOTCGs, and other games that aren't quite MMOs.

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Captain's Log: A year of Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus

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I don't know how Remans got to be so popular when no one actually liked Nemesis, but that's where we are.
The first expansion to Star Trek Online was the expansion everyone expected and yet one that no one really expected. Romulans were the obvious choice, the big gap in the game's factional lineup, the third major power that had been floating around in the darkness like some vast, predatory bird since the original series. But the idea of seeing a new faction after the Klingons had languished for so long seemed like a pipe dream. When it actually happened, I know I was sort of left just staring and disbelieving.

Of course, now we've had the Romulan Republic as a playable sort-of-faction for a year now, and that prompts all sorts of reactions. In many ways, this expansion is better than we could have hoped for, and in other ways it feels as if it kind of falls short. I come here not to praise or to bury Legacy of Romulus but to look at it a year out from launch and perhaps see what lessons could be gleaned for the expansion we're due to receive late this year.

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RIFT producer's letter reveals Nightmare Tide expansion

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RIFT's latest expansion is called Nightmare Tide, and Trion producer Bill Fisher says that it will release before the end of the year. The new content will take players into the Plane of Water and will feature new open-world zones, new story quest lines, a new rift type, an increased level cap, and more.

Fisher also mentions RIFT's ongoing Summerfest as well as the new Blighted Antechamber Warfront. Finally, there's a blurb about auction house changes coming in the pre-expansion 2.8 update. Click through the links below to read all about it!

World of Warcraft previews the Tanaan Jungle

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You'd better run through it.
The first two zone previews for World of Warcraft's next expansion focused on the areas that will lie at the heart of each faction, but Warlords of Draenor doesn't start in either of those areas. No, players will begin by setting foot (or hoof) into the Tanaan Jungle, a lush land filled with warriors of the Iron Horde as well as no shortage of vicious beasts. Yes, it's dangerous even without the orcs, that's kind of a running theme here.

Players using characters boosted to level 90 will be learning their classes for the first time in the jungle, meeting orc luminaries such as Grom Hellscream and Khadgar Bladefist. (They're with the Iron Horde; they won't be happy to see you.) Players are also teased that they might need to make a deal with the warlock Gul'dan to get out in one piece, which is an activity that has never worked out well for anyone. Check out the full preview and all the lore it implies on the official site.

EVE Evolved: Four top tips for living in wormholes

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EVE Evolved title image
One of the biggest goals you can reach for in many sandbox MMOs is building your own empire and controlling a small corner of the game world. For much of EVE Online's lifetime, that privilege was reserved for the powerful few leaders of the game's large territorial alliances, which carve up vast swathes of space between them. A handful of alliances still control the lawless nullsec regions today, but there are still opportunities for smaller corporations and even individuals to stake a claim in the chaotic world of wormhole space.

Exploring and farming in wormholes is very profitable activity, but permanently moving in and setting up a starbase can be an intimidating prospect. One wrong decision might lead to pilots getting stranded in the void without bookmarks, your starbase coming under attack, or the whole expedition being robbed blind by a corporate infiltrator. The early days of wormhole exploration were rife with stories of hardship, heists, and devastating wars fought through shifting networks of wormholes. A lot has changed since the wormholes first opened in 2009, and today many of those problems have solutions.

In this EVE Evolved opinion piece, I look at some of the ways wormhole life has improved since Apocrypha and give four of my favourite tips for anyone planning to colonise wormhole space.

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Lineage II expands to Ertheia this summer

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Lineage II
NCsoft's popular Lineage II MMO announces a new expansion coming later this summer. Entitled Ertheia, this expansion brings with it a new race (the Ertheia), new hunting zones, and more.

"Ertheia, born of the wind, were created by the god Sayha," the game's lore states. "Renowned for their beauty, everyone longed to keep them near. But like the wind itself, they never wanted to stay in one place for very long, and suffered if they were confined. For ages, the Ertheia made their home in the Wind Spirit Realm, away from interaction with the Material Realm. But a catastrophic event has thrust Faeron Village into Aden. And now these graceful, deadly warriors find themselves engaged in a life-or-death battle against Shilen in a strange place."

Lineage II recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in North America and features NCsoft's Truly Free business model. You can find out more on the exmapsion by watching the video included after the cut.

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The Stream Team: Time for Tokyo in The Secret World

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Yeehaw! It's time for the Yank to spend some quality time in The Secret World's Tokyo expansion. Massively's MJ is taking her Illuminati to the Land of the Rising Sun now that Issue #9 The Black Signal has released. There are tons of new cut scenes to watch and new lore to scoop up. Come join us live at 12:00 p.m. EDT to check out the sights, sounds, and screams available in TSW's first new zone!

Game: The Secret World
Host: MJ Guthrie
Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2014
Time: 12:00 p.m. EDT

Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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Snail Games announces mobile titles, Black Gold Online open beta date, E3 lineup

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Black Gold Online
Snail Games has announced its lineup for this year's E3, and along with the expected expansion to Age of Wushu and showing off some Black Gold Online, the publisher is also revealing three new mobile titles.

Heroes of Gaia, Puzzle Heroes Saga, and Taichi Panda are all set to release on iOS and Android platforms at a yet-to-be-announced date. Age of Wushu's fourth free expansion, Tempest of Strife, is now available but will be showcased at the Snail Games E3 booth as well. And then there's the highly anticipated Neo-Victorian steampunk MMO Black Gold Online which will begin open beta on June 20.

Watch for our own coverage of Snail Games and all other MMO goodies from this year's E3 next week.

[Source: Snail Games press release]

Take a tour of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Coruscant Skyrise

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Looking for a new apartment in a galaxy far, far away? Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Strongholds: Return of the Colon wants to move you into a spacious Coruscant Skyrise this summer.

In a new video released today, SWTOR shows off some of the looks and amenities of the Skyrise player apartment. As long as you don't have a strong fear of heights, it could be perfect for your character. Check out the trailer after the break and see if this is the pad for you!

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EVE Online: Kronos goes live

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EVE Online deployed the Kronos content update-slash-expansion today, and CCP is calling on all pilots to get out there and kick some major pirate booty. Er, butts. Heinies.

Kronos includes new pirate ships, a mess of ship rebalancing, more exploration sites, and plenty of improved visuals. The hefty 1.2 GB patch comes with equally impressive notes to peruse while you update the game.

Kronos represents the first update on CCP's accelerated six-week cycle.

Funcom planning to launch TSW's Tokyo this Wednesday

Horror, Real-Life, Expansions, News Items, The Secret World, Buy-to-Play

Grab your passports! The Secret World fans will finally get to step into Tokyo this week. Creative Director Joel Bylos has told Massively that barring any hiccups, plans are to release Issue #9 The Black Signal on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014.

Even with hiccups, the expansion is expected this week.

Tokyo, the first new zone to be introduced to TSW, is so large that it will be spread out over three issues, breaking the city into two parts (Issues #9 and #10) and the Orochi Headquarters building (Issue #11). There are plenty of new mobs, new NPCs, new cut scenes, and new missions throughout the zone. Want to hear more? Keep your eyes peeled for Massively's full hands-on experience in Tokyo.

EVE Online: Kronos brings the fight to uppity pirates

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EVE Online: Kronos is on deck for next Tuesday's release, which means that CCP Games is going into overdrive to inform the community as to what to expect with the newest expansion. As such, today we have a pair of lengthy posts talking about new exploration sites and ship/module balancing.

In the expansion, players will be tasked with hunting down a particular sect of pirates, the Guristas, by hunting through a null-sec system for the prized data. CCP will be dangling eight new ship skins as potential rewards for a successful search.

Kronos will also include a rebalance of 38 ships, a "heap" of modules, and a total overhaul of the drone weapon system. CCP stated that the two themes of the expansion's balancing are the ascendancy of pirates and mercenaries and advancements in industrial technology.

CCP also just posted the patch notes from Kronos, so give them a look!

No Tokyo for TSW this week, but here's a cool teaser

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The Secret World
Hey, Funcom, how's that Secret World Tokyo stuff coming?

What's that? It's not quite ready? OK. Well, we understand. Surely it will be awesome when it gets here, so we're willing to wait. And we thank you for posting a pretty cool teaser vid on your o-boards. We liked it so much that we embedded it after the cut!

[Thanks all you crazy tipsters!]

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