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Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal development on hold once again

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It's been a tough ride for Earth Eternal. We first heard about the original developer, Sparkplay, only days after Massively came into existence in 2007, and we've been following the company ever since. Earth Eternal was voted one of Beau's top F2P games in 2010, as it was enjoying quite a strong run that year -- even to the point where Sparkplay mentioned creating more games outside of EE.

Well, that soon ended as the company ran into some serious financial problems that led to the game's hold status. Fast-forward a year, and the game was reborn with a new developer (TurnOut Ventures with OutBlaze)! It re-entered open beta status and looked to be on the road to recovery.

Well, the rollercoaster is back on the descent, according to the game's forums. It turns out Earth Eternal's development is once again put on hold until further notice. The servers are still online and the game is still playable, but the small development team at TurnOut has been relocated to other projects. So right now, it seems to be a completely free game with no cash shop.

We'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on any further news we hear.

[Thanks to Keith for the tip!]

Earth Eternal pushes the do-over button as it goes into open beta

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Earth Eternal
Clinging to the last vestiges of life, Earth Eternal has been brought back from the brink of destruction for another try at glory, as Outblaze announced that the game has gone into open beta mode as of today.

Players interested in seeing what the new and revised version of Earth Eternal looks like are encouraged to sign up for the beta on the website and jump into the game post-haste. Testers will not only get to see the newest features in the game, but will receive a nice in-game goody bag with a banner, helmet and XP boost. There's also a special reward for those who hit level 30 or higher during the beta period.

This unique MMO combines a hodge-podge of seemingly contradicting flavors -- including a post-apocalyptic setting, sentient animals, and magic across Europe -- and melded it together into a delightful concoction. If you're interested in what we think about Earth Eternal, you'd do well to check out Beau's Rise and Shiny impressions of the title!

Free for All: Oh em gee, have I become a furry?

Fantasy, Screenshots, Video, EverQuest II, Culture, Opinion, Vanguard, Free-to-Play, Races, Earth Eternal, Humor, Kids, Free for All

Before I ask you to jump past the cut to read the rest of my article, I thought it would be cool to explain my interpretation of the "furry" culture. I want to do this so that you, fair reader, aren't icked out simply by the title of my article. I decided to divide the furries into three levels all of this based on my observations and Google-searching.
  • At level one are the fans of anthropomorphic critters. Essentially, these are the fans of playing the animal races in different games, reading about them in books, and who think that there is something cool about an animal walking and talking like a human. At the very least, this level has no problems playing the pigman in the latest MMO.
  • Level two are the people who are fans of animal and human crossings, but take it a step further by feeling slightly connected to the creatures. They might have some spiritual connection to them, or simply think they are the best thing yet. They might also enjoy dressing up as a furry critter.
  • At level three we have the fans who take it even further. Yes, these are the furries you hear so much about. These are the ones who are not only into anthropomorphic creatures, but are into them (if you get my meaning.) They often feel an attraction to bipedal cats or human-like goats. Their dress-up is often accompanied by sessions of roleplaying as animals or hybrids.
Now, which level am I? While I think you can guess, click past the cut and I'll explain.

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Earth Eternal still alive, reborn as Ikimonogatari

Fantasy, MMO Industry, News Items, Free-to-Play, Browser, Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal has been in a strange sort of limbo since last summer when Sparkplay Media all but folded. The company closed down both the game and the website and also laid off all but two employees as of August 2010. The first of the year brought a glimmer of hope in the form of the title's acquisition by Sankando as well as a fresh round of fan discussion.

Since then, it's been all quiet on the Earth Eternal front, but the silence was broken a few hours ago via the game's Twitter feed. While the amount of information is far from overwhelming (the tweet acknowledges that Earth Eternal has been reborn as Ikimonogatari and links to the new website), it's good to see that the game may yet return in some form or fashion.

Earth Eternal showing signs of life

MMO Industry, News Items, Earth Eternal

We'd heard about Sparkplay Media's issues with raising further funding to continue its independent anthropomorphic MMO, Earth Eternal. When the game and overall site dropped offline a few weeks ago without any further official statement, we figured that time had run out, and it was simply the sunsetting of another MMO. That's why we were surprised to see both the Earth Eternal Facebook and Twitter accounts light back up, if only to let us know someone's still there -- and that there's still hope.

The message on Facebook notes, "...our ISP pulled the plug for non-payment, which was expected. I wasn't able to give you any warning, unfortunately, because I was at Burning Man and completely out of reach for the week that it went down. Full backups of all the data exist and the company that is in the process of buying Earth Eternal will be starting it back up again in the nearish future." As to what company is seeking to purchase the game and how fast this process will be moving, we have no idea. However, we're certain that this nugget of reboot hope is welcome news to those who were enjoying this kitschy, yet fun, title. With any luck we'll be hearing something from a representative of Sparkplay before too long.

Earth Eternal facing the prospect of shutdown

MMO Industry, News Items, Free-to-Play, Browser, Earth Eternal

There's incredibly bad news today about Earth Eternal, the free-to-play browser-based MMO from Sparkplay Media. Or we should say formerly from Sparkplay Media, as it appears that hard times have hit the company with resounding force. In an extremely sad letter, CEO Matt Mihaly has informed players that Sparkplay Media has been all but shut down, with only two remaining employees (including himself) taking care of closing down the company and trying to sell the game to another service provider.

Although the game is not currently being shut down, Mihaly is frank about its prospects: it entirely depends on whether or not another company will pick up the hosting costs of running Earth Eternal. For the time being, the game has made all of its microtransaction items free for all players, in hopes that whatever the game's ultimate fate, players can enjoy it for a little while longer. Our consolations go out to the team behind the game, and we offer our sympathies for what has no doubt been a painful process for the entire staff.

Earth Eternal releases new patch, revamped models

Fantasy, Patches, Free-to-Play, Browser, Casual, Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal unveiled their new take on bears, deer, robots and other odd races today in their latest patch. We've suggested to change the appropriately named "New Character Models" to "From Flab to Fab." Not only do the character models look better, but now they can spin on a dime to auto-face enemies. Instant travel between henges is also possible, as well as the ability to teleport directly to your friends! We've discussed the game before and even added it to a favorites list, so read up on it if you'd like.

Armor looks and stats have also been tweaked and many other fixes have been put in. This is a very large patch, so it would be a good idea to visit the official forum post to read all the details.

One Shots: Walk softly and carry a big hammer

Fantasy, Screenshots, Free-to-Play, One Shots, Earth Eternal

Games like Earth Eternal which offer the ability to launch from a browser have piqued the curiosity of players -- we hardcore MMO geeks are all about interesting innovations. But it's not just the ability to launch from the browser that intrigues players -- it's the fun, stylized take on fantasy that keeps many coming to Sparkplay Media's free-to-play game. Today we have a picturesque screenshot from Massively regular commenter, Ripper McGee, showing off a view from an early area. He writes in to explain: "Here's a simple shot of my new clockwork knight, Django Fett, against the night sky and shattered moon in Earthrise, the final tutorial zone in Earth Eternal."

Are you playing a game we don't get a chance to see all that often? Why not share your experiences and views with us here on One Shots. It's easy to do. Just grab a great screenshot and send it in to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it here for everyone to check out and give you the credit for sending it in.

Earth Eternal celebrates Zombie Awareness Month

Fantasy, Events (In-Game), Free-to-Play, Earth Eternal

Did you know that May is Zombie Awareness Month? Well, now you do, as do the folks at Earth Eternal. They've prepared for the event in the nick of time -- hordes of undead are invading the lands of Earth Eternal, threatening the land and the beasts that inhabit it. What's worse, rumors are flying that some of the beasts are assisting the zombies, as well as "glorious rewards" promised to those who help feed their appetites.

The heroes of Bremen, Heartwood, and Camelot need your aid in defeating the zombie invasion. Log in to Earth Eternal every weekend this May to warn the people, defend the beasts, and learn the secret behind the zombie invasion and strange alliances being formed.

The first event is this weekend, May 15th - 16th. Sparkplay warns players to be careful: "zombies may not be fast, but they are everywhere!"

Earth Eternal celebrates Earth Day with in-game contest

Fantasy, Events (In-Game), Free-to-Play, Earth Eternal

Many MMOs celebrate the same events in game, such as Thanksgiving/Fall, and the various winter celebrations, but Earth Eternal takes a bit of a different approach in celebrating Earth Day.

It's an obvious choice for Earth Eternal, where the storyline revolves around a world in which mankind has wiped itself out, and anthropomorphic beasts have reclaimed the planet. All is not well in this alternate earth, though. Sinister Rotted Treekin are showing up in part of this two-day Earth Day event.

Rotted Treekin will spawn throughout the world, threatening Innocent Treekin, who will call for players to come to their aid. Players who respond will be able to enter the contest and compete for some great prizes: "Participants will be competing for the esteemed title Boss Lumberjack, complete with winning a collectable plush Shroomie hat and a forum article dedicated to their combat prowess."

The contest kicks off on Earth Day, which is this Thursday, April 22, and continues for two days. Take a screenshot of your battle and send it in to enter. The winner will be announced in-game at 5 p.m. PST on April 23, so good luck to all of you!

Earth Eternal updates items, offers client download

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Sparkplay brings word of a significant update to their free-to-play MMORPG Earth Eternal. The patch features major changes to both the in-game content as well as the client itself, which is now available for download in addition to the traditional browser-based interface.

The game world now features the new entry zone of Bastion Island, a comprehensive rework of the Mushroom Isle starter area, and a total item revamp to prepare for forthcoming PvP tweaks. Included in the item update are new high level items as well as a new classification system that breaks items down into categories. Sparkplay hopes the changes will enable players to sort at a glance and manage valuable items more efficiently. Finally, armor is now wearable by every class, adding to both visual and utility customization.

Check out the Earth Eternal website for further details or to register and grab the client. Plus, take a trip after the break to check out the teaser trailer for Bastion Island and the war against the Anubian army!

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Earth Eternal takes players Down Below

Betas, New Titles, Patches, News Items, Earth Eternal

The team over at Sparkplay Media have been hard at work polishing up Earth Eternal as they move towards the game's eventual release. This dedication to the 'it's done when it's done' MMO development is certainly a great thing to see -- especially when it comes hand in hand with fun new content!

The newest patch, 0.8.5, adds a spooky new dungeon called The Down Below for players to explore. This area is an excavated ruin in Midland between New Badari and Grunes Tal that offers players 10 enormous new areas and 30 named mobs just perfect for groups of 5 level 33 to 36 players. There are also a bunch of fixes and updates in patch 0.8.5 that players of all levels will definitely want to read up on.

The Earth Eternal beta is open for any and all people who have been interested in the game, but haven't had a chance to try it out. So if checking out browser-based MMOs where you get to play animals, robots, or demons sounds like something you'd enjoy, head on over to the Earth Eternal site and get signed up to play!

Sparkplay Media secures more funding, may introduce new projects outside Earth Eternal

Fantasy, Business Models, MMO Industry, News Items, Free-to-Play, Earth Eternal

Sparkplay Media, the team behind the browser/client hybrid free-to-play title Earth Eternal, has just wrangled up an additional 2.8 million dollars in investments, according to a filing within the SEC.

The team is certainly showing growth, as noted in a recent interview with the new lead designer on Earth Eternal when he asks for more members on his team, but VentureBeat believes that Sparkplay is experimenting on more projects outside of Earth Eternal.

Currently their job page speaks otherwise, as Sparkplay is looking for more developers to be placed onto the Earth Eternal team. But, even if the company isn't working on new projects, more investments are only good news as it means more ambitious updates will likely be coming to Earth Eternal in the coming year, thanks to more people working on the project.

[Thanks for the tip, Ripper!]

Massively's Thanksgiving 2009 MMO wrapup

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It's that time of year again -- Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all things turkey related have invaded the MMO world: hunting turkeys, eating turkeys, exchanging turkey parts for rewards, wielding turkey weapons, and even wearing turkeys on your head. Sending yourself into a tryptophan coma isn't the only thing to do, though. You'll find some non-turkey related PvP here and there, opportunities to spread Thanksgiving blessings, and even some new content. And of course, Thanksgiving bonuses, treats, and souvenirs are everywhere. Follow along after the jump for a look at what's going on for Thanksgiving.

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Earth Eternal hits open beta

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You ever want to play an MMO in your browser? Well now you can! Sparkplay Media's Earth Eternal has finally made the leap into open beta, and joining is as easy as a few button clicks.

All you have to do to check out the free-to-play MMO with 22 races is go to their website and sign up for an account. That's it. It's really, really just that easy. After your account is made, you can play Earth Eternal in your browser, or you can grab the actual client and run it separate from your browser.

If you like the game and want to throw some money its way, you might want to consider doing it during the open beta. For the month of October, any game credit purchases will have an extra 20% credits thrown in for your purchase. So if you grab 1,000 credits, you'll get 1,200 instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on over to the EE website and sign up. It's easy!

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