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Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online thieves go to jail

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A pair of cyber-thieves have been sentenced to two years of prison time in China for stealing from another player in Dungeon Fighter Online.

The unemployed thieves stole the login and password of a player, accessed his account, and sold off his inventory to the tune of $6,405. They were caught soon after and will face not only jail but fines for the crime.

Late last year 10 Chinese thieves were caught stealing World of Warcraft accounts and selling players' possessions. They too received about two years in jail and had to cough up fines.

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Dungeon Fighter Online returns from the dead

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It was a about a year ago that Dungeon Fighter Online closed up shop in North America, but the scrappy MMO might be back for round two.

The resurrected version of Dungeon Fighter Online is being run by developer Neople, not Nexon. The studio plans to begin the alpha test of DFO tomorrow, May 15th. This will be an open alpha test requiring players to use their Facebook accounts to access.

"As some of you rightly mentioned, this is an alpha test, not a full re-opening of the game," Neople cautioned on its Facebook page. "So there might be bits and pieces that don't go as smoothly as we want, and we sincerely hope the DFO community understands this."

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Led by mobile and free-to-play, U.S. digital sales see big gains in 2013

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MMO Chart
The digital games market is still on the rise, generating $11.7 billion in sales in 2013. According to market research firm SuperData, this total marks an 11% increase over digital sales in 2012. SuperData noted that Christmas and New Year's occurring in the middle of the week may have helped spiked end-of-year numbers; December 2013 saw a 36% increase in digital sales compared to December 2012.

Mobile titles claimed the largest percentage of the digital pie, representing $3.6 billion in sales. Free-to-play titles were up 45% year-on-year to $2.9 billion. Perhaps most interesting for MMO players is the fact that F2P MMO offerings from games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic landed in the top ten, though the top three free-to-play earners in 2013 were CrossFire, League of Legends, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

Data used by the firm is gathered by collecting digital transaction data directly from developers and publishers.

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Nexon closing North American Dungeon Fighter Online

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Nexon closing NA Dungeon Fighter Online
Nexon is closing the North American version of Dungeon Fighter Online according to a post by CEO Min Kim on the title's official website.

"Sadly, Dungeon Fighter Online has not attracted enough player interest to properly service the game," Kim writes. "Internally, we struggled deeply with the popularity of DFO in North America as the title is immensely popular overseas. For more than three years, we went through many milestones and several pushes before we came to this very difficult decision."

Nexon will close DFO's cash shop on April 11th, and the game itself will sunset on June 13th. The company is also compensating players who purchased permanent and durational items over the past six months.

Dungeon Fighter Online counts over 3 million concurrent Chinese users

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Because who doesn't want to be assaulted by a horde of these things cheering for blood?
Concurrency is a big deal for most MMOs. Total numbers of accounts and subscribers might tell you how many people play the game, but concurrency tells you how many people actually play the game on a regular basis. So when Dungeon Fighter Online breaks its previous concurrency record in China, that's good news for the game and the development team. After setting an earlier record with 2.6 million users, the game peaked at just over 3 million concurrent users in June.

Neople, the developer of Dungeon Fighter Online and a subsidiary of Nexon, has been working with Tencent Games to help adapt the game for the Chinese audience, as China has a long list of rules about what is and is not acceptable in a game. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can play the game now on your PC or an XBox 360, depending on your preferred platform.

Nexon brings free-to-play offerings to Steam

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Dungeon Fighter Online - Altar of Infinity
Nexon America, the North American purveyor of Vindictus, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Combat Arms, is bringing these free-to-play titles to Steam. Vindictus is available on Steam starting today, and the other two games will follow later in the month. The games will be available to Steam players in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Steam's appeal as a platform was increased by the addition of free-to-play support in June of last year. Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America, says that using Steam for distribution is about making access to games as easy as possible and that "Valve has been a great global partner to Nexon for many years, and this agreement continues the marriage of Nexon's immersive content with Valve's strong distribution channel and large player community."

[Source: Nexon press release]

Play three Nexon MMOs, get this car

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Nexon Hat Trick Contest
Did that grab your attention? Nexon is sure hoping it did, as the company is in the throes of its "Get a Hat Trick!" promotion. For the next month and a half, players who dive into Vindictus, Dragon Nest, and Dungeon Fighter Online and get to level 20 in all three games will have a shot at several nice prizes -- including the above 2012 BMW M3. So, in effect, just by playing MMOs, you could be netting yourself one of the sweetest rides in town.

While Nexon has already handed out awards for the third and fourth place winners, there are still prizes left for aspiring gamers. First of all, everyone who gets a hat trick (as defined by achieving level 20 in the above three titles) will be treated to $20 worth of in-game items. Additionally, three players will get an Alienware Aurora desktop computer, and 30 people will win $50 "Karma Koins."

As for the Beemer, the prize will only be unlocked if 30,000 players achieve hat tricks by March 15th -- and even then, only one car will be given away after that. So good luck and may the game be with you!

Rise and Shiny recap: Dungeon Fighter Online

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Dungeon Fighter Online screenshot
I'm glad that over the last week I found the time to finally get me some Dungeon Fighter Online by Nexon. I knew that it has quite the following, and I knew that it's supposed to be a blast, sort of like an 8bit Vindictus, but I was still surprised at a few things while I played. The game isn't what I thought it would be in several ways. NPCs have voices and hand out actual quests, the world is more open than I thought it would be, and the graphics feel snappy and fluid despite their primitive nature.

Don't get me wrong -- there is plenty that needs to be tweaked or fixed before the game smells of anything near perfection. Much of it is beyond the ability of the developers, but many of the problems with the game could be fixed relatively easy.

Click past the cut and I'll tell you what I thought during my time fighting in dungeons... online!

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Dungeon Fighter Online's Thief class steps from the shadows with new trailer

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Stealth, subtlety, and sabotage: These are the three tenets that govern the modus operandi of Dungeon Fighter Online's new Thief class. Beginning this summer, players of Nexon's DFO will be able to take up the daggers of the deadly Thief and stalk the shadows of Arad.

Descended from the Dark Elves of Noire Ferra, the Thief wields the arts of subterfuge and dark magic and melds them together with lethal efficiency. As the Thief grows in experience, he can choose to specialize further into the one of two paths: the Rogue, who specializes in the use of stealth and assassination, or the Necromancer, a powerful summoner endowed with the powers of of the ominously named Spider Prince.

For some lovely new artwork of this deadly class and a brand-spanking-new trailer to boot, jump on past the cut.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Act VIII coming April 13th

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The world of Arad is coming under fire beginning on April 13th as monsters from across the realm will unite to lay waste to various cities and towns in Dungeon Fighter Online's Act VIII: Under Siege update. Every Thursday and Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT, Dungeon Fighter Online players will need to team up to repel the hordes bent on wreaking havoc and destroying all in their path.

DFO heroes will be handsomely rewarded for successfully driving off the beasties, while failure in the city defense initiative means that NPCs will deny trade and repair opportunities for a time. Additionally, Act VIII brings the ability for max-level players to choose professions (which in turn grants access to skills such as alchemy, enchanting, disassembly, and animation).

Players will also be able to increase reputation and status via a new system that involves gifting NPCs with various items to build friendship and trust. Check out the DFO website for further details.

Nexon's Dungeon Fighter Online coming to Xbox Live Arcade

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The MMO console line-up just got a bit bigger thanks to the folks at Nexon and Softmax. The latter is porting the former's Dungeon Fighter Online beat-'em-up to the Xbox Live Arcade delivery platform, where the title will boast a freemium business model (meaning you download the client for free and pay for items and upgrades).

Nexon and Microsoft are splitting localization duties as the game will be released in eight languages worldwide. The console title -- Nexon's first -- will be exclusive to the 360. DFO features six character classes (with subclasses available at level 18) and further advancement possible at level 48 via an awakening quest.

[Thanks to Prime Synergy for the tip!]

Dungeon Fighter Online readies a new awakening

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What's better than a free-to-play side-scrolling beat 'em up MMO from Nexon? A free-to-play side-scrolling beat 'em up from Nexon that makes us forget about the dreadful Nic Cage vehicle Season of the Witch, currently burning itself at the stake in a few remaining multiplexes. Nexon's season of the Witch, on the other hand, is the latest class "awakening" for Dungeon Fighter Online, and it's coming to your PC on January 26th in the form of the Act VII: Witching Hour update.

As you've no doubt surmised by now, the content patch brings a new Witch subclass to the table, a Mage derivative who specializes in alchemy and "makes battle decisions based on probability," according to a Nexon press release. The new patch also features a high-level Hellkarium weapon quest as well as a new dungeon called the Screaming Cavern. The Cavern is home to Giant Nugol, a massive worm that guards the level 54 instance as if her life depended on it.

Check out the brief teaser video after the break, then head to the official website for more info.

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Dungeon Fighter Online announces Act VI: Kiss of the Gun

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Girls with guns may be a bit of a videogame stereotype at this point, but Nexon America is nonetheless offering up its own version of the archetype in its latest Dungeon Fighter Online update. The side-scrolling action MMO recently added Act VI: Kiss of the Gun to its content repertoire, the primary feature of which is the Female Gunner character class update.

Gunners feature special new awakening skills and equipment for their various subclasses including blade-equipped revolvers, electromagnetic fields, and a Gatling gun-wielding mech warrior. Act VI also offers up a new explorable area called Empyrean, which is under constant attack from a faction of vagrants known as the Kartel.

Finally, Nexon is giving away free holiday-themed items just for logging in. Gifts include double XP potions, skill resets, and in-game currency.

Nexon sharing E3 videos with fans

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Nexon is celebrating its first time exhibiting at E3 by sharing the event with fans. Daniel Chin, community and content manager, explains that they want the fans to be a part of things: "We've got some of the best fans in the gaming industry and we didn't want them to feel left out of E3, which is an industry-only show, so we're going to hang out at the booth and shoot some of the exciting stuff going on during Nexon's first E3 experience."

The videos will feature gameplay, interviews, audience response, and more to give fans a taste of everything going on with Nexon at E3. They'll be posted on the Facebook pages for Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus, as well as the YouTube channels for both games. The first video -- a sneak peek at setup -- is available now, and many more are on the way.

Launch day arrives for Dungeon Fighter Online

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Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon's latest free-to-play offering, has been gearing up for launch for a while now, adding new content and revealing skill progression along the way.

Launch day is finally here, complete with a shiny new gameplay trailer. The team at Nexon is pleased with Dungeon Fighter Online's polish and overall style at launch, according to Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim: "Dungeon Fighter Online is a free-to-play homage to everything we have always loved about gaming. This motherlode of a game with its classic graphics, arcade-style action and hardcore RPG leveling system sets the bar high for other free-to-play online games."

Follow along after the jump for the newest trailer, and check out the DFO site for all the latest game additions.

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