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Dreamland Online

Dreamland Online drifts off into closed beta on November 21st

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Feeling drowsy? IGG has two words for you: WAKE UP!

IGG's Dreamland Online is making the transition into closed beta on November 21st following a period of intense alpha testing, and they're looking for a few good testers to iron out the bugs. Dreamland Online is an interesting fusion of anime and fantasy, dreams and reality, 3-D and side scrolling. In the game, players can tame wild beasts and raise them as their dearest friends or explore one of eight visually exciting zones in Dreamland.

If you're looking to participate, IGG urges you to head over to Dreamland Online's site and sign up for a closed beta key. Unlike many MMO closed betas, character data will not be wiped at launch, so the character you make will live to fight another day. While IGG promises "tons of exciting events and rewards" in the beta, there are limited keys available, so don't delay!

GDC Europe '09: Igg.com debuts Dreamland Online

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Looks like IGG.com, now penned as "I Got Games," is adding another free-to-play MMO to their portfolio -- Dreamland Online.

is a side scrolling 3d rendered MMO with enough sugary cuteness to bake 20 cakes and have enough sugar left over to give to your neighbor. The game is currently hiding behind closed doors until the third test of the Chinese client. After that testing phase is complete, IGG.com will be releasing the alpha test of the English language client. So until it comes out in China, looks like we're all stuck waiting for more information.

Dreamland Online
will be making its debut in American and European markets this fall. Until then, you're just going to have to do with these small glimpses into the game, or you could always go jump in on the forum discussions!

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