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Dragon Nest

The Perfect Ten: Best starter MMOs

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Perfect Ten
I think it's tremendously easy for experienced MMO players to completely forget what it was like getting started in this genre. It's natural to assume that everyone around you cut their teeth on the same games and in the same ways you did, even though this is completely ridiculous when you give it any real thought.

The truth is that MMOs are often very intimidating to the newcomer, and a bad first impression can push a player away for life. You have to contend with a typically busy user interface, you have to master keys and mouse buttons all over the place, you have to learn the lingo, you have to pick up skills on how to survive, and you have to do all of this almost all at once or risk feeling completely lost. This is why many MMO studios place such a priority on an excellent, welcoming tutorial experience.

I can relate to the newbie because my first MMO was Anarchy Online. I've never felt so out of my depth than when I played that back in 2002, and I don't think I ever quite understood it all before I left. My second MMO, City of Heroes, was far more friendly to my newbish soul, and it was smooth sailing from there on out.

For today's Perfect Ten, I want to highlight MMOs that I feel would be the best for a completely new player to experience. These are titles that combine a welcoming beginner journey, intuitive controls, a helpful community, and enough similarities with other video games to help the transition.

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New Dragon Nest videos show off Saint's Haven, new abilities

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Screenshot -- Dragon Nest
Nexon's dungeon-crawling beat-'em-up MMO Dragon Nest is gearing up for its launch in just a couple of days, and the company has released a pair of videos to help pump up some excitement for the official release. The first trailer welcomes players to Saint's Haven, the new city to which players will be able to venture once the game officially goes live. The city provides players with a whopping 10 new dungeons as well as over 500 new quests.

But what good are all those dungeons if you don't have the mad skills to clear 'em out? Don't worry, Nexon has you covered. Video number two focuses on all the fancy new abilities players will be granted when the game launches on the 28th. So whether you're a nimble Acrobat, a brutal Mercenary, or a zealous Paladin, you'll have plenty of new tricks up your sleeve to help turn the tide of battle.

But less babble, more bashing, am I right? Head on past the cut for the full videos.

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The MMO Report: Rainbow lightsaber edition

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The hardest thing to smuggle
Welcome to another exciting episode of The MMO Report, now with 100% more beard.

That's right, the first note on the agenda today is BioWare's announcement that same-gender romance arcs will indeed be present in Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare claims that the feature couldn't be implemented at launch, citing time and design constraints.

Next up on the list is DC Universe Online's imminent free-to-play transition. Players will be able to choose between playing for free and shelling out for DLC and extra character slots or subscribing to the game with the benefit of expanded character slots and free DLC.

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft's patch 4.3 is gearing up for release, and it will bring the end of an era with it. When the patch, titled Dragon Soul, goes live, players will finally be able to bring an end to Deathwing's reign of terror. And of course, with the help of the new Transmogrification system, they'll be able to look dashing while they do so.

Dragon Nest is next in line with the announcment of its official launch, and Red 5 Studios announces the inclusion of in-game pets in upcoming MMOFPS Firefall.

And of course, no episode of The MMO Report would be complete without a trip into Uncle Casey's mailbag, so for all of the meme-tastic goodness, click on past the cut to watch the full video.

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Dragon Nest patch brings players to the Edge of Darkness

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Banner -- Dragon Nest
Nexon's latest free-to-play dungeon-crawling beat-'em-up (look at all those hyphens!) Dragon Nest received a lovely new patch today. The update brings players a load of new content, including the Edge of Darkness dungeon, the Daredevil Faire (and its associated dungeons), and the 1v1 PvP ladder. In addition, the patch brings a number of new items to the Dragon Vault, including Item Protection Jelly to protect your gear from failed upgrades, a Marketplace Pass for the auction house fiends, and six new costumes for each class.

The Edge of Darkness is a level 15 dungeon and is divided into the Rozin Sanctuary and the Jealous Atrium. The Jealous Atrium is unique in that players must contend with wave after wave of monsters rather than progressing through the dungeon traditionally. The players must protect the Goddess' statue from the enemies while simultaneously eliminating them all. Any player who dies in the dungeon cannot be resurrected, and the dungeon ends only after players have eradicated the 24th wave of enemies, or all players have died.

The Daredevil Faire, meanwhile, offers dungeons for a wide range of character levels, and these dungeons reward players with tickets that can be redeemed for a variety of prizes.

And finally, the 1v1 PvP ladder is now open, allowing players to prove their PvP superiority by rising in the ranks of the PvP ladder. The fights aren't just for bragging rights, though. Players will be rewarded with Ladder Points for winning matches. These points can be exchanged for a variety of items to help assist the player in future endeavors.

For the full details, check out the patch notes on Dragon Nest's official site.

Nexon unveils Dragon Nest launch trailer

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Dragon Nest - capital city
Nexon has published a launch trailer coinciding with the kickoff of its newest free-to-play title, and fans of Dragon Nest will want to take a gander at the clip for a primer on the fantasy title's lore elements as well as a few glimpses of gameplay proper.

Dragon Nest appears to have all the makings of a traditional fantasy romp if the trailer is anything to go by. There's a kidnapped young girl, an evil enemy, lost hope, heroes to light the way, and plenty of combat-related hijinks.

Dragon Nest also features four playable characters (or classes, if you prefer the traditional moniker), and each offers a choice of two sub-classes at level 15. You can learn more about the game at Nexon's official website, and don't forget to watch the video after the cut!

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Free for All: The best-looking games in free-to-play

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Eden Eternal screenshot
Of all of the wacky arguments I have heard over the last few years, the "are video games art?" one has got to take the prize for most ridiculous. Sure, you can argue either side of anything, but to ask whether or not games are art just seems to be an attempt to assuage some boredom. We can also ask whether this life is really real, just in case we hadn't already been put to sleep. Art is what the artist says it is, period.

Art is also in the eye of the beholder. Our games are spread across a wide spectrum of styles, and many of us have very strong feelings about what we like and will not tolerate. I have seen people turn down great games simply because of the way a screenshot looked. Heck, I've done it myself. With as many games as I look at every week, occasionally it is smart (and fun) to organize them into lists. This week I am taking stock of my game list and figuring out the games that I feel look the best. Of course, you might not think so.

I decided to leave off games that are in testing or not available for the public yet. Click past the cut and see if you agree with me!

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Nexon invests in social gaming

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Nexon, the creator of the action-based MMOs Dragon Nest and Vindictus, recently invested a significant amount of money in the Hong Kong-based social-gaming developer 6waves Lolapps. Gamasutra quotes Nexon CEO Seung-woo Choi as saying, "We made this investment because we believe that 6waves Lolapps places the same value that we do in providing exciting games to our players and driving growth for the company by doing so."

There is no direct link between this partnership and Nexon's announcing that its flagship MMO MapleStory will be spun off into a Facebook game called Maplestory Adventures, but 6Waves CEO Rex Ng believes the relationship between the two gaming companies can only benefit the player with great content and adventures in the long run.

This news comes on the coattails of another MMO developer, NCSoft, buying a smartphone application developer. The MMO space is expanding well beyond the at-home PC. The MMO gaming industry is integrating itself into more and more aspects of our daily lives, stretching the definition of "living world."

Dragon Nest announces open beta events

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Take up your arms, adventurers, because Nexon's Dragon Nest begins open beta today! The cartoonishly adorable, combo-based action MMO has finally opened its doors, and Nexon is staging a series of open beta events to commemorate the occasion.

The first event is the Open Beta Legion, which runs from today, July 26th, to August 9th, and requires players to band together in parties for bonus XP, and which also gives 10 guilds the opportunity to win special prizes. The second event, The Dragon's Hoard, encourages players to log in to the game daily in order to reap a reward of Scales (the in-game item shop currency). The first weekend of the open beta will see the Charge! event, which grants players an additional 300 daily Empowerment Points for the duration of the weekend. These events, and a few more that just can't be crammed into a meager news post, await Dragon Nest players. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and remember this simple mantra: If it moves, kill it.

Dragon Nest open beta date announced

Betas, Fantasy, News Items, Free-to-Play, Dragon Nest

Action RPG fans, rejoice! Nexon has announced that the newest member of its MMO stable, Dragon Nest, will be entering open beta on July 26th. You may remember that we had some hands-on impressions with the game at this year's E3, but what exactly should players expect from Dragon Nest?

From the looks of things, players should expect equal parts adrenaline-pumping action and good old-fashioned dungeon crawling. Players get to take on the role of one of four (gender-locked) classes -- Cleric, Sorceress, Archer, or Warrior -- and dive headlong into some combo-based hack-and-slash combat in search of phat loot and all that jazz. If this sounds like your proverbial cup of tea, head on over to the official site to register.

Free for All: What does action-based gaming mean for the future?

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If you've been following recent game development, you will have noticed that action-based gaming, or gaming that requires a player to literally control the character on the screen through mouse-clicks or shortcuts, has become all the rage. It shouldn't be surprising, though, considering how incredibly fun it can be to click the mouse button and have the character on the screen smash his enemies. I've fallen in love with it myself, especially while playing games like Vindictus or Dungeons and Dragons Online. After so many years or pushing 1-2-3-4 in order to kill mobs, truly swinging an axe feels wonderful.

More and more games use this immediate-response style of play. Up-and-coming side-scrollers like Rusty Hearts or recent smashers like Dragon Nest are showing that action-based gaming is growing stronger all the time. I've even begun to feel slightly let down when I switch to a "classically controlled" MMO. Targeting a mob followed by pressing a series of number keys just does not satisfy like slamming your enemy through a bookcase. (Watch the video after the cut for some of my bookcase action!)

But what could all of this action mean for future design? And what about disabled players or players who have issues with wrist pain (like I do)? Click past the cut and let's discuss!

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Dragon Nest closed beta launches this week

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If you've been anxiously awaiting the closed beta test for Nexon's new Dragon Nest MMO, you're in the home stretch. A new posting on the game's official website spills the beans on the closed beta date and promises a look at "the fastest moving MMO you've ever seen."

Nexon has high hopes for Dragon Nest, and the company expects the free-to-play title to be its third major American market success (after Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online) when it finally launches later this year. The closed beta was delayed last month (ostensibly to polish the overall experience), and you can view the fruits of Nexon's labor beginning on June 15th. That's assuming you've signed up for the beta, of course. You can also get a preview of the game courtesy of our hands-on at last week's E3 event.

E3 2011: Dragon Nest is not a cartoony Vindictus

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If you've played Nexon's action- and physics-based MMO Vindictus, you have experienced Dragon Nest. Well, somewhat. Both of the games feature over-the-top graphics and combat, but Dragon Nest is definitely a separate product. You know it when you hit your first mob, and it just feels different. At this year's E3, we were invited to try the game out while tethered to another player in an instanced group.

Unfortunately for us, our partner didn't seem to have ever played a video game in her life, but luckily we were able to press random buttons and try out different menus while we waited for her to catch up. We fought our way through an instanced dungeon, one that felt similar to Vindictus' dungeons in its mechanics. We killed some monsters, avoided some kind of gassy traps, and waited for our partner at the familiar red portals that would bring us to the next stage in the dungeon. The experience was much too short, but it did provide a good look into this newest Nexon title.

Click past the cut for more details!

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Dragon Nest closed beta delayed

Betas, Fantasy, News Items, Free-to-Play, Dragon Nest

Nexon's Dragon Nest team announced today that the 3-D brawler's closed beta is being pushed back until June. While this may seem like bad news for fans anticipating the chance to get their hands on the game, Nexon assures us the team felt the decision necessary in order "to provide a polished and positive experience for our players, fans, and testers."

The game -- described by Nexon CEO Daniel Kim as "an action MMO that the company is trying to position as the third point in the 'Triangle of Awesome,' along with Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online" -- is a dungeon-crawler wherein the player chooses one of four classes (Warrior, Archer, Cleric, or Sorceress) and ventures with others into a variety of instanced dungeons to take part in fast-paced, combo-based combat against all manners of enemies.

Until the final date for the closed beta is announced, check out Massively's hands-on impressions of the game from PAX East and -- if you haven't already -- head to the Dragon Nest official site to sign up for beta.

Triple your pleasure with three Dragon Nest updates

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Your typical Massively news post centers on an item or two of interest from a current MMORPG. It might be class-related info, it might be a juicy dev quote, or it might be a video. Rarely, though, do we manage to cram all three of those items into a single, value-packed news post quite like this one. And we owe it all to the folks at Nexon who've smothered us with a veritable gob of new information about Dragon Nest.

The free-to-play fantasy MMO's website has just updated with our trifecta, and you can pay a visit to link number one to learn about the game's Warriors, Clerics, Archers, and Sorcerers. Behind link number two is a lengthy dev blog from Desmodeus Dragon Nest's lead producer who talks about the title's visuals, action, and story. Not to be outdone is link number three, which boasts a shiny new video detailing various combos and attacks from Dragon Nest's battle system. OK, maybe it is outdone, since you can also watch the video behind the cut without leaving the comfort of your Massively home.

Either way, a smorgasbord of new Dragon Nest info awaits.

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GDC 2011: Nexon's future is so bright, it's gotta wear shades

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Not only are Nexon's revenues on the way up with no sign of slowing, but the company's famed "Nexon iNitiative" is already producing hearty results. Unlike the Dharma Initiative, the Nexon iNitiative is a force for good, as the company is funding promising indie developers and their pet projects. Last year, Antic Entertainment and one2tribe both received a chunk of the $1 million funding to make games that would be published worldwide by Nexon, and a similar program is underway for 2011.

At GDC we sat down with Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim to talk about the future direction of the company. Nexon's in its 17th year and considers itself the most accomplished global provider of online games. Whether or not you agree with that statement, the fact that the company has over 30 titles under its belt in over 71 countries is impressive, and that's not even looking at the way Nexon casually drops how many hundreds of millions of players check out its titles daily.

Interesting Nexon tidbit: The name comes from the company's philosophy, to look for the "next online" trend. Now you have something to say during awkward silences at dinner parties.

Hit the jump to hear about some of the future projects and developments of this online pioneer, including MapleStory and Dragon Nest!

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