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Divine Souls

Divine Souls is taking a time out

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Divine Souls Steam Ogre Boss
It's not you; it's them. Specifically, it's the development team behind Divine Souls. The game has been out for only a little while, but the team is apparently unhappy with the reception thus far, not to mention the game's bugs and other instabilities. So without any major notice, the game has been essentially put on hiatus, going offline so that the team can put it back on the drawing board for more refinements and adjustments.

While the game has already been taken down, there's no set timeframe for when it will come back online; the closure notice acknowledges that it may be some time before the bug fixes and refinements are complete. Players will receive a partial refund for any in-game currency purchase since the game's launch, with the amount refunded dependent on how close to the closure it was purchased. It's not an ending, just a pause, but it's still sad news for the game.

[Thanks to Paul for the tip!]

Holier than thou: Divine Souls adds the Priest

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It figures that in a game called Divine Souls, sooner or later the team would include clergy. Outspark's action RPG has expanded its class roster to include the Priest, who's an interesting mix of lethal intent and compassionate healing.

The Priest is equipped with a deadly Soul Scythe, with which he culls the heathens as he works his way through the land. That's not all he brings to battle; the Priest is also well-versed in healing, lightning and poison magics.

Outspark's Philip Yun hopes that the Priest will be embraced by the playerbase: "We've designed Divine Souls from the beginning to offer the most action-­packed and exciting combat gameplay available online. We're constantly working to improve our games and offer players more exciting characters, weapons and other premium content. The Priest class will be especially compelling for players who want to try a different edge to our PvP battles."

Hit the jump to see Divine Souls' Priest in action!

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Massively Exclusive: Outspark previews new Priest class in Divine Souls video teaser

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There's a new class on the way to Divine Souls, the action combat MMO from Outspark. Next week will see the introduction of the Priest, and this ain't your daddy's healbot. No sir, this Priest is all about offense, and Outspark has given Massively an exclusive look at the whirling dervish as he swings, slashes, and chops his way through hordes of bad guys courtesy of his deadly soul scythe.

Priests make use of lightning and poison elements in addition to melee attacks and traditional restorative powers. Divine Souls is also getting some avatar outfit updates, and you can get a few glimpses of the new digs, as well as the new class, in the Priest trailer after the cut.

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First Impressions: Divine Souls

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Divine Souls, published by Outspark, reminds me of Vindictus in far too many ways. I only question which came first and whether more fighting games like the two are coming in the future. While I have had a lot of love for Vindictus since its release, I also have had enough issues with it that I had to stop playing it much at all. While I will save that for another article, I can use the popular Nexon release to illustrate what is wrong and right about Divine Souls. More of Massively's readers are probably familiar with Vindictus, so that will be a good point of comparison.

Think of Divine Souls as Vindictus' uglier little cousin. Granted, Vindictus is a supermodel, so that makes Divine Souls just an average beautiful person, but it should still be noted. Also, both games pit players against hordes of enemies -- massive swarms of baddies that die in spectacular ways. Well, spectacular when you see them for the first few times. After that it becomes pretty repetitive.

Join me past the cut and let's talk about what I liked and didn't like about Divine Souls. Don't worry, there are no baddies to jump you.

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Divine Souls launches today

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Divine Souls has been in the works for a while; we first previewed the title way back in March of 2010. Since then, the team at Outspark has been hard at work polishing, tweaking, and updating the free-to-play action MMO, and today gamers around the globe get to see the results.

Yep, it's launch day, and very soon you'll be able to indulge in the game's detailed visuals and arcade-style fighting game functionality (including complex air- and ground-based combos). Divine Souls also boasts Xbox and PlayStation controller support and is designed to run on a huge variety of hardware configurations.

The game also features a small downloadable client to get you up, running, and into the action quickly. Choose from one of three classes (Mage, Slasher, or Fighter), check out the trailer after the cut, and look for our Divine Souls first impressions later this week.

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Divine Souls open beta starts tomorrow

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The brand new free-to-play fighting MMO Divine Souls is gearing up to slash its way into open beta. As of December 14th, players can jump in and select one of three classes (Fighter, Slasher, or Mage) for intense PvP and PvE action that Outspark claims will make your console jealous.

The devs have made the open beta client available for early downloads and are also treating fans to a new trailer viewable front and center on the Divine Souls website (or after the cut here on Massively, if you prefer). Check out our previous coverage for a screenshot gallery as well as another teaser trailer.

[Thanks to Jimmy for the heads-up!]

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Get a beta key, be divine: We have Divine Souls keys for you! [Updated]

Betas, Free-to-Play, Giveaways, Divine Souls, Family

Do you miss the days of the fighting, combo-driven brawlers? Do you like pounding your hand on a keyboard/joystick, trying to rip off intense combos that make your friends jealous? Do you hope that one day, your combo-riffic skills could be seen by the world, so you could be hailed for your amazing finger dexterity?

Well, that day may have arrived with the coming of Divine Souls, Outspark's new action/MMO hybrid. Sure, you can team up with your friends to take on dungeons, a la Phantasy Star Online, but now you can do it by literally beating the hell out of everything that walks in front of you.

If you want more information, or a key to this new type of MMO, come and join us after the break!

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Divine Souls ready for closed beta

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Outspark introduced Divine Souls to us about three months ago, and things have been pretty quiet since then. That was changed today, when Outspark delivered a new teaser trailer, new screenshots, and a start date for closed beta.

Divine Souls is pretty straightforward: Choose one of three classes -- a Fighter, Slasher, or Mage -- and jump right into a console-style fight game. The game offers PvP as well, with a choice of small-scale battles with one to four players per team or larger guild vs. guild fights. Take a look at the gallery for a closer look, check out the teaser trailer after the jump, and visit the Divine Souls site for the full scoop on this new game.

Divine Souls enters closed beta on July 7th.

Gallery: Divine Souls

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GDC10: First look at Divine Souls

Events (Real-World), Casual, First Impressions, Divine Souls

What, you've never heard of Divine Souls? You Philistine! Actually, it's not the public school system that has failed you here -- Divine Souls is only now crossing the waters of the Pacific (and Atlantic) in its worldwide debut. Created by Korean development studio Game Prix under the title of St. Soul, the renamed Divine Souls is being brought over to North America and Europe through an agreement with publisher Outspark.

Divine Souls's makeup is part steampunk, part brawler, part co-op, and part traditional MMORPG, so don't expect the normal routine in this one -- it actually feels more of a hybrid of several MMOs. Massively sat down with the game at last week's GDC to put this title through its paces.

Channel your inner Karate Kid, and hit the jump for the full scoop!

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