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Dawntide releases new screenshots and concept art

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Danish developer Working As Intended is continuing work on their sandbox MMO Dawntide as the game progresses through closed beta.

We've been keeping an eye on Dawntide since last July when the game caught our eye with its unusual approach -- Working As Intended sought to deviate from the usual hack-and-slash fantasy fare. The opportunity to create and rule over your own society, as well as the player driven economy and fresh combat ideas sounded like a nice package. Shortly thereafter we got a chance to spend some time with producer Christian Hummeluhr for a more extensive look at Dawntide.

Since then, Dawntide has kept interest high with not only closed beta testing, but some great concept art and screenshots, released periodically. The newest batch came up yesterday, featuring some pretty beautiful landscape screenshots. Even better, we get concept art showing castle blueprints. They can all be viewed at the official site, so head over and take a look!

Dawntide reaches beta phase 2, re-opens testing applications

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Did you miss the first round of Dawntide beta testing applications? Well fear not, as Working As Intended has re-opened their request for testers as they march Dawntide into its second phase of beta.

Dawntide's beta testing has been quite unique so far, as it hasn't come with an NDA to keep testers quiet. The testers have been sharing their opinions on the game, as well as offering lots of feedback over on the Dawntide forums.

While information on the game has been quite limited, the website has been updated with a wealth of information regarding general gameplay, combat, territory control, and plenty more. Plus, we here at Massively got to sit down with Dawntide's producer, Christian Hummeluhr, and talk with him about his vision for the game. So if you're interested, don't drag your feet, sign up for a beta testing spot!

Massively gets the low down on Dawntide

Betas, Fantasy, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, New Titles, Interviews (Massively's), Dawntide

The last we spoke of Dawntide, the new sandbox MMO from Danish developer Working As Intended, we were covering the start of their closed beta application process. Information is still scarce on the title, or, should we say information was scarce!

We got the chance to sit down with Christian Hummeluhr, Dawntide's producer, and drill him for info on the upcoming game. From races to world size and from combat to skills, we got a lot of useful information about the game that you're sure to be interested in. Especially if you're a fan of Ultima Online.

So come on and follow us after the break, and learn more about what Working As Intended has in store!

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