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Darkfall creates a new customizable user interface

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Today's patch for Darkfall brings a major revamp to the user interface that's long been in the making.

"We started changing things with the revisions we did to windows like chat, feats, and roles, and as it was expected, the time had come to give some attention to what we call internally the 'Front of Darkfall,' aka the Action Mode HUD (Heads-Up Display)," Aventurine posted.

The action HUD has several new components including crosshair, healthbar, and target information. This then can be customized in regard to location, opacity, icon selection, and size.

You could write the next Darkfall quest

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Yes, Darkfall has quests, smart-aleck, it's not all-gank-all-the-time. In fact, Agonian group PvE is some of the most enjoyable I've experienced in 15-plus years of MMO playing. In any case, Aventurine kicked off a quest-writing contest this week, and you can enter it by sending your stories to the firm's submission email address.

The devs ask that you limit your stories to 1500 words or less and that you make sure they're based on "anything Agonian." Aventurine notes that it is currently crafting "some fairly long and epic stories" of its own, so the winning submissions will be used for sidequests in the world of Darkfall. The best story will net its author a unique in-game item, and the contest runs through July 20th, so you better get cracking!

[Thanks Dengar!]

Darkfall's action-mode HUD to get some lovin' in July patch

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Aventurine has published a lengthy blog post previewing Darkfall's update schedule. Now that the game's custom roles are a thing, the devs are turning their attention to two July patches. The first is basically a fix and balance update to address bugaboos with the recent custom roles patch. The second update will the first of two designed to flesh out the game's action-mode HUD and will provide "a far more customizable experience with those GUI elements that are most used and most visible)," Aventurine says.

After that, the devs are circling back to the planned economy rebalance as well as tweaks to quests, inventory management, alignment, and more.

Darkfall Unholy Wars custom roles raise balance concerns

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And yet somehow bears are left off the list of concerning power levels.
After relaunching with set roles, Darkfall Unholy Wars recently introduced custom roles to the game, allowing players to take on any combination of abilities to build a truly unique character. If you guessed from that sentence that there are probably certain balance issues to be worked out, you'd be correct. The community team recently posted on Facebook to address concerns from players regarding balance, noting that it was inevitable that such a major patch would have some issues to be worked out.

Rather than patching immediately, the team intends to wait for a few more days to see how matters develop before addressing balance issues. The posting also states that the game is based around large-scale combat, so duel performance is not necessarily indicative of the game's overall state of balance. A full update regarding balance adjustments and bug fixes should be available next week.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Darkfall Unholy Wars unveils custom role tutorial

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This is how you role.
The introduction of custom roles to Darkfall Unholy Wars is going to mean a major shakeup to the way that skills work overall. It's getting patched in today, and if you're not ready for the change yet, you're in luck; a tutorial video has just been released and is embedded just past the cut. If you want to be a master of magic with a two-handed weapon and leather armor? You can make that happen now.

As previously revealed, players will be able to select eight role skills, one ultimate skill, and 16 total skills fr their custom arrangement. You can also choose your attribute boosts as well as the requirements of gear -- if you'd like heavy armor to be gated by your Dexterity instead of your Strength, that's a thing you can do. While the tutorial won't explain to you how to make a good built, it will give you the tools to make one properly.

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Darkfall Unholy Wars answers questions on custom roles

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Spinning round and round.
In the original version of Darkfall, skill selection was a wide-open field. When the game relaunched as Darkfall Unholy Wars, the role system was introduced, narrowing the field of options significantly. Now custom roles are incoming, and that means that players have questions about how the new mechanics will work. Those questions are being answered in a three-part series of community Q&A sessions, with the first two parts available now.

Some mechanics are being removed -- Wobble, for instance, was introduced solely to balance roles, but with the new system the developers no longer need balancing specifically between roles. There have been significant adjustments made to some skills, in part to avoid the situation wherein everyone has a ranged kill skill and super-powerful healing. Despite this, the answers also point out that most characters will actually see a net increase in power overall. If you want to know more, feel free to glance at the full rundown of answers for more details.

Darkfall demonstrates custom roles

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Don't let your class define you; let you define your class. That's the message that Darkfall is trying to send with a new video showing off the "billions" of possible role combinations that are in the game. From melee magic users to high burst assassins, the options do seem intriguing.

Give it a watch after the break and let us know what classes and roles you would mix-and-match!

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This screenshot really makes me want to play Darkfall

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Have you ever felt that way about a screenshot? It's kinda annoying, really. I don't have time for another game right now, and I don't have the energy to seek out a guild and make new friends (both of which are basically required in the sort of FFA PvP environment that Darkfall offers). So, yeah. I guess I'm just going to sit here and look longingly at that dude's spyglass and think about the good ol' Darkfall days.

Oh, and Aventurine's put out its latest newsletter, if you want to give that a read-through. And there's a custom roles video after the break.

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Darkfall market exploit leads to rollback

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The bad news: Unscrupulous players found and abused an exploit of Darkfall's market this past week. The worse news: Because of this, Aventurine had to roll back inventories to last Thursday, May 22nd.

"With the help of the community we have discovered that there was some exploiting of our market feature at the end of last week," Aventurine posted on Facebook today. "We immediately deactivated the market to fix this issue and we identified those who had been actively exploiting it. We are in the process of permanently banning these players for their actions, as their behavior is inconsistent with the values we've set for the Darkfall Unholy Wars community."

The silver lining to all of this, apart from a hopefully fixed exploit, is that the studio is granting three days of additional game time to all accounts on June 1st.

Darkfall's economy patch is live, role-focused livestream at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Fantasy, Darkfall, Economy, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, Patches, PvP, News Items, PvE, Subscription

Aventurine has released Darkfall's latest patch, and it introduces a number of tweaks to the fantasy PvP sandbox's economy. The devs have added high-yield harvesting nodes "in order to promote more active harvesting activities," according to the patch notes. Said nodes will always be full as long as only one player is harvesting, and they also drop new rares instead of essences, which allows players to skip the rare essence conversion step.

New (and more expensive) rare tools are now available for crafting, and new basic materials have been added as well.

Darkfall devs are also hosting a livestream today at 1:00 p.m. EDT to answer questions on the game's custom roles revamp.

[Thanks Jane!]

Here are a bunch of interesting Darkfall stats

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Darkfall stats
Have you ever wondered who Darkfall's top gankers are and how many gankees they've ganked? How about Agonian market activity? Would you like to know how many items have been traded or whether there's more demand for iron ore, cotton, or timber?

These and other burning Darkfall questions are answered in a series of infographics recently released by Aventurine. There's even one for PvE featuring lifetime mob kills on both the NA and EU servers.

[Thanks Jane!]

Darkfall details Crafting Orders

Fantasy, Darkfall, Events (In-Game), Sandbox, Crafting

If you're a particularly skilled crafter in Darkfall, you might be interested to hear more about the new Crafting Order system that allows you to create items for other players who place an order and provide you with needed materials. This changes crafting to a profession, "rather than something that everyone has to do," according to a post on the official forums.

"Orders are anonymous and are processed in the order they were placed (first come - first served)," the post from Community Lead Unuldur states. "Crafting an order will provide a player with the same amount of skillup and prowess as if crafting the same item for themselves."

This weekend also marks a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming prowess points respec with a Double Dye Drop Rate event and 2000 free prowess points for anyone with an active account as of May 31. Check out the official threads linked below for more info.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Darkfall Unholy Wars unveils the new custom roles

Fantasy, Darkfall, Classes, Game Mechanics, News Items, Sandbox

Sitting isn't a role.  You can't specialize in sitting.  Choose a real role.
You want to do your own thing in Darkfall Unholy Wars, but how are you going to do that? Simple -- you're going to make use of the game's upcoming custom roles to build exactly your sort of character. This represents a fundamental shift to the game's mechanics, and the latest development post on the official site stresses that this first iteration is going to be modified over time. But it's still something novel, and it's a chance to have more control over your character's development.

Players will be able to pick out any 9 school skills (with 1 Ultimate skill) and several common skills for a given build, with a grand total of 16 skills from school skills and common skills. Players will also be able to mix and match armor types to create just the right sort of playstyle. Builds can be altered at any point if a character has been out of combat mode for 15 minutes, so you're not locked into one configuration. Check out the official post for more details on the mechanical shift.

Play Darkfall for free from May 1 to May 5

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This rarely happens in Darkfall
Aventurine is throwing an extended Darkfall birthday party from May 1st to May 5th, so if you've ever wanted to try the fantasy combat simulator sans its monthly subscription fee, now's your chance! The devs are also doubling prowess rewards for the duration of the event, and there's even talk of "dynamic happenings" including a treasure hunt and GM-controlled monsters.

Darkfall's latest patch is also live. Click through to the notes if you fancy reading about new armor dyes, the mentor system, and more.

[Thanks Jane!]

Darkfall getting armor dyes

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Darkfall gold armor
Darkfall players are no strangers to dying, but now at least they'll get to look good doing it. Aventurine is adding armor dyes to its fantasy PvP MMO, and while we don't know a lot of specifics just yet, we do know that green and gold are both options thanks to a couple of newly released screenshots.

Will some dye colors be rarer than others? Will dyes be craftable and applicable to existing armor pieces? Will someone make a Mahirim-only Pink Panther clan with matching uniform requirements? Time will tell.

[Thanks Dengar!]

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