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CrimeCraft expansion to feature persistent territory control, quickplay options

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CrimeCraft - two dudes shooting at one another
Remember CrimeCraft? We do, and the tragically titled actioner is still alive and kicking (or shooting, perhaps).

We bring this up because Vogster is readying its second major expansion, GangWars, which is scheduled to launch on December 5th. The update adds more of a traditional MMO feel to what is otherwise a lobby-based game. New territory wars mechanics are the culprit, and they allow gangs to own and control sections of the game's persistent Sunrise City environment.

Curiously, Vogster is also implementing a new quickplay system which offers access to CrimeCraft's "core gameplay features through a simplified interface that lets you shortcut RPG gameplay and get right to the action." CrimeCraft boasts 20 unique maps and 11 gameplay modes. Learn more about the game, and sign up for free, at the official website. Before you go, though, check out the territory wars trailer after the break.

[Source: Vogster press release]

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Rise and Shiny recap: CrimeCraft

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The first thing I want to do when hearing about a game's poor quality is try it myself. I've found that unless the complaints specify performance issues, the real problem is that the gameplay just didn't mesh well with the person issuing the complaint. Often, those folks talk in general specifics like "Everyone hates the skillsets" or "No one liked that last patch." Gamers are great at declaring what "everyone" likes or dislikes, as though they have access to information that not even the developers themselves have. A good rule of thumb is that the more a player mentions "everyone," the more he is probably wrong.

CrimeCraft is one of these games, but for different reasons. As I asked around about the game, most people I heard from simply complained about its resemblance to the original All Points Bulletin. And since APB had issues, surely CrimeCraft must as well. Players also commented on how they heard it was busted or that didn't play well at all or that it was just a really bad game.

So I had to dig in. What did I find? Click past the cut and I'll tell you.

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Massively Mobile: iPhone apps for your favorite MMOs

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Every two weeks, Massively Mobile brings you the latest news, guides and analysis about MMOs on mobile devices. Covering iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms, we're on the lookout for the next generation of MMOs.

As much as we love our MMOs, keeping track of our characters, maps, ingredients, friends and everything else, can't always be juggled while online. And often we want to keep track of in-game activities and friends while offline. As a result, many iPhone apps have sprung up, official and unofficial, to help you stay in the game.

Today, I highlight a number of apps for the iPhone that will keep you connected with your favorite MMO while offline and give you easy access to vital information while in game. There's quite a few of these apps, so I'm splitting up the list over two installments. The first part is after the jump.

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CrimeCraft's executive producer talks on the game's strengths

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CrimeCraft may have launched with a bang, but that bang appeared to be less of a gunshot and more of a car backfiring. Vogster Entertainment's MMOFPS was met with somewhat mixed reviews, moved to a free-to-play model, and found itself banned in Australia. But the game persists, and executive producer Matt McEnerney recently sat down with Warcry to discuss issues ranging from the Australia ban to the game's focus.

In a rather refreshing moment, McEnerney flatly states that the game is not for everyone, going on to state that those players who fall under Bartle's classification of Explorer or Socializer will be less likely to enjoy the game. It's a positive mark of candor, and certainly helps strengthen McEnerney's points on what the gae is trying to do and what it's best at. The interview also covers the current endgame option, whiich focus heavily on PvP amidst the game's warring families of gangs.

On the Australia ban, the producer's statement is essentially one that the government can ban the game from shelves but not hard drives -- which strikes us as a little criminal, but when you're talking about a game called CrimeCraft, do you really expect much different? Those interested in the game should take a look at the full interview, which is a bit more honest in places than we've come to expect from the genre.

One Shots: Bad Santas

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While you're unlikely to find Billy Bob Thornton running around in the landscape of CrimeCraft, recently players were treated to all the strange Santas they could handle in the recent holiday event "Mall Santa Photo Booth." Now as to how some weirded-out Terminator Santa got in there, we've no idea. Thankfully Victor B. was there to capture this image from the event, and might be able to shed some light on it:

CrimeCraft is a persistent online third-person shooter with an "over-the-shoulder" view similar to Gears of War. It takes place in a near future urban metropolis that revolves around gang warfare. Players can create gangs, craft weaponry, tailor clothes, and manufacture drugs. Game play in instances features a kill streak reward system similar to COD4. It grants experience points, which allows a player to upgrade their skills (skills are like perks such as martyrdom and explosives).

Well, perhaps a reader will explain the festive cyborg-looking thing on the left, eh?

If you'd like to join in the fun, send in screenshots from your favorite MMO to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Be sure to add your name, the name of the game, and a quick description in the email. We'll post the image out here for everyone to check out and give you the credit! Also, please make sure your screenshot is at least 1024 pixels across and has no visible UI elements.

Gallery: One Shots

CrimeCraft: Kingpin bowls over your iPhone today

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Yes, bowling puns. We know not everyone appreciates a good cheesy joke, but today's a seemingly auspicious day for MMO iPhone and Facebook apps. It's hard to imagine what self respecting game doesn't have a tiny socially-networked counterpart. You can consume details on Kingpin over on its official page, although if you've played any of these "build a gang" type games before you probably know what's in store.

If you're wondering just why you should check out this app -- aside from the fact that it's shiny and new -- then be aware that the first 50 players to hit max level in Kingpin will earn a CrimeCraft AUG that offers an experience and a money bonus. Also in the wings are a limited number of CrimeCraft gold bar packages, the Valley Forge Federalist, an assault rifle with five "slots" and a five slot submachine gun, the R-Sys Smilodon.

CrimeCraft banned in Australia

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Vogster's MMOFPS CrimeCraft hasn't had the easiest time, and it took another hit last week when it was banned in Australia. The Australian Classification Board refused classification of the game thanks to the availability of Boosts, drugs that give the player character various buffs. The reason given? "In the board's opinion, there is insufficient delineation between the 'fictional drugs' available in game and real-world proscribed drugs."

The board elaborated a bit on their decision, pointing out strong similarities to real-world drugs: "In addition, the names of boosts mimic the chemicals and colloquial names of proscribed drugs. Examples include K-Dust, Birth, Chimera, Majoun, Betadyne ResistX and Zymek Stim-Ex, as well as the anabolics Raze and Frenzy."

Australia currently does not have any sort of R18+ classification, so a game that would receive that rating is banned. Valve worked around this in October by submitting a censored version of Left 4 Dead 2, so CrimeCraft may not be entirely without hope.

CrimeCraft heading for Facebook and iPhones

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There's no doubt CrimeCraft has been seeing some tough times since its launch. Nevertheless, that's not stopping Vogster Entertainment from paving new development paths. They're currently working on CrimeCraft: Kingpin, which is essentially a way to interface with the game through Facebook or the iPhone application.

While details aren't clear at this point, Vogster is saying players will be able to complete missions, build gangs, buy weapons and equipment and develop rivalries in battles all while climbing up leaderboards. The top player will of course earn the rank of -- you guessed it -- Kingpin.

Integration into the PC game offers CrimeCraft: Kingpin an opportunity to stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd of Facebook and iPhone apps. Leveraging that advantage will go a long way to getting people interested in the newly free-to-play model of the game.

CrimeCraft prepares for a conversion to free to play, announces first content update

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The newly(ish) launched MMOFPS CrimeCraft made a bombshell of an announcement today, revealing that they were dropping their current subscription/boxed product model in favor of a free-to-play model.

CrimeCraft, which retails for 40 bucks at Best Buy and FutureShop, will be unleashing an "unlimited free trial" for their game along with a content update at the end of this month. Users who participate in this "unlimited free trial" will have the option to upgrade to a subscription based account in one of two flavors -- a 4.99 a month subscription or a 9.99 a month version. The difference between these two subscriptions comes down to customization, number of available skill slots, and the speed of experience gain.

So what about those people who paid the 40 dollars for the software? Well, you'll be getting an "Original Gangster" tag and icon for your character, a third free month of the 9.99 subscription plan, exclusive access to upcoming content, and more unannounced in-game items.

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Vogster Entertainment restructures, confirms office closings

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Vogster Entertainment, the maker of recently launched MMO CrimeCraft, confirmed that the company has restructured its resources, though its New Jersey headquarters still remains operational.

The announcement comes following rumors from various sources that the company has completely shuttered, including a post from Giantbomb.com which stated employees at its Kiev, Ukraine office have updated their social networking profiles to "imply that they're looking for work."

Vogster has just issued a statement to Massively saying that it is "restructuring to focus its resources toward the enhancement and expansion" of Crimecraft.

"As an independent developer, we need to be very strategic in our use of available resources and shift from already launched titles to support the ongoing development and growth of CrimeCraft," said Vogster's VP of development Daniel Prousline in a press statement.

"We regret the necessary staffing changes and the talented employees that this impacts, but it is an unavoidable step in moving to the operational stage of CrimeCraft and optimizing for the development of yet to be announced titles."

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One Shots: Makes being bad look good

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We've sent out the call several times recently for players to send in screenshots of places we hadn't seen before, and we're glad to report that we've finally managed to land one from CrimeCraft. This inner-city One Shots was sent to us by Ivan, who sends in his thoughts: Just thought since [CrimeCraft] doesn't seem to be getting any love, I would drop a screen shot. This is the midtown district. A couple of skyscrapers in the distance. Notice the in game ads which I think fit in with the world very nicely; the little game that could. I think it has lots of potential. [I've] been having a blast.

if you're playing an MMO we haven't seen, we want to hear from you! Just email your images and thoughts in to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a brief description of the area. We'll post them out here for everyone to check out and give you the nod for sending it in.

Gallery: One Shots

CrimeCraft launches, producer responds to naysayers

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You still may be knee-deep in recent news about an expansion for a little game called World of Warcraft, but there are also a few other games being released before then -- like CrimeCraft, for instance.

Developed by Vogster Entertainment, the crime-themed MMO (called a Persistent World Next-Gen Shooter or "PWNS" by its developers) has shipped and is available exclusively at Best Buy today. But ever since the gang-on-gang shooter's been announced, it's been criticized for just about every aspect -- its name, its business model, its crafting system -- you name it.

"You have to take it with a grain of salt," said senior content producer Mike Donatelli of the criticism in an e-mail to Massively.com. "Some people had a preconceived idea of what they wanted us to be. They thought we were [Grand Theft Auto IV] online, and it's just not the case... There are a lot of risks, which is the reason why you haven't really seen a game like CrimeCraft before."

As the former content design lead for Warhammer Online, Donatelli also spoke a variety of topics, including what he learned from his work at Mythic, what it's like to be at an independent developer and what we can expect for CrimeCraft following launch.

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CrimeCraft's digital download options and bonuses

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CrimeCraft's launch date is just around the corner now, and if you haven't pre-ordered yet but plan on doing so, there really isn't a lot of time left! While the retail distribution of the game in North America and Canada is exclusive to particular stores (Best Buy for NA and Future Shop in Canada), there are a few choices when it comes to making a digital purchase. Future players will be able to buy and download the title from CrimeCraft.com, Direct2Drive (IGN), Steam and Best Buy Digital. All of the digital downloads come with a few in-game perks (different from each other), and all of them bar Steam offer some extras for pre-ordering. No matter which way you go, the suggested price of US$49.95 includes two months of premium subscription, including a ration of gold bars that are used for in-game microtransactions.

All of the information you need to know in order to make your choice is just past the break -- be sure to check it out if you plan on getting CrimeCraft digitally.

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CrimeCraft open beta starts today

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After a reportedly successful closed beta, Vogster's CrimeCraft is opening its beta to anyone interesting in trying the Persistent World Next-Gen Shooter (PWNS) before its launch on August 25th. The closed beta, which began in May, had ended on Monday in anticipation of this new open beta.

The doors open today at 5pm EDT to anyone who downloads the client and signs up at Fileplanet or IGN. If you were already part of the closed beta program, all you'll need to do is patch up and play. For more information on CrimeCraft, including interviews and event demos, check out our complete coverage.

[Edit: As pointed out in the comments, this open beta is for US and Canada only]

CrimeCraft's box art unveiled

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The box art for the gang warfare MMO CrimeCraft has been revealed, showing an interesting blend of the game's art style and in-game screenshots on the front of the box. The top of the box is dominated by this image, while the bottom blends in a screenshot of the game's gang based action.

What we have above is just a small sampling of the game's front cover, but if you're intrigued by the thought of seeing the full version then go on ahead and jump over to the picture at MMORPG.com.

CrimeCraft's action packed gameplay will be unleashed on the masses next month on August 25th, but you can certainly pre-order the game over at Best Buy or apply for the closed beta to keep your destructive tendencies in check until then.

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