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Dress for success in RIFT's Halloween costume contest

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Dress for success in RIFT's Halloween costume contest
The old adage "dress for success" is getting a holiday makeover with RIFT's wardrobe contest, where your best Halloween-themed outfit can successfully net you one of a number of prizes. Together with Riftscene, Trion is hosting this in-game costume contest now through November 4th. To enter, players need to submit screenshots (preferably one from the back and one from the front ) of one of their characters dressed its best for the holiday -- the more unique, the better!

The top 10 finalists will be highlighted on Trion's livestream November 15th where first, second, and third place will be decided. Prizes for first place include 15,000 RIFT store credits, all the Halloween masks, and a reaper mount. Additionally, the winning outfit will go on sale in the RIFT store with the entrant's name attached. Second place will take home store credits, the masks, and a mount while third also wins store credits. All 10 finalists will receive a special title.

Not So Massively: Star Citizen design contest, Samuel L Jackson announcer pack, and LoL releases Jinx

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Game title image
Star Citizen smashed its $21 and $22 million stretch goals this week, adding the salvaging profession to the game and a facial capture system to the developer's toolbox. The Next Great Starship design contest was also launched this week, offering players the chance to get their ship design featured in the game and win a prize of $30,000.

Datamining from the latest Diablo III test build shows that the previously considered stat caps may no longer be added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, lifesteal may be nerfed, and a new difficulty mode called Torment could be on its way. Path of Exile revealed that two new four-month-long challenge leagues will start when the game officially launches on October 23rd, and developers answered over 100 questions from fans.

League of Legends players on the EU West servers have started a petition demanding compensation for recent server trouble, and new champion Jinx was released this week. SMITE raised over $12,000 for charity with a recent event and overhauled character Hel, the goddess of the underworld. Heroes of Newerth got a new announcer pack voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, and developers on mobile game Dungeon Defenders II have dropped its competitive MOBA element in favour of creating a true sequel to the original game.

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The Elder Scrolls Online community creates emotes for the game

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The Elder Scrolls Online community creates emotes for the game
The Elder Scrolls Online has just wrapped up its Emote Creation Contest, naming Trevor Baggett as the winner. Trevor's concept was a twin set of emotions for PvP, one to desecrate an annoying foe's corpse and one to honor a well-fought match. He'll be working with ZeniMax's animators to implement the emotes into the game.

Over a hundred fans submitted their own emote ideas, and along with Trevor, a few others will receive prize packages for their efforts. If you've got a chunk of time and like to see people going into great depth about emotes, check out the YouTube playlist for the contest after the break.

[Thanks to Jon for the tip!]

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Aethertech design contest winner chosen for Aion

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Aethertech design contest winner chosen for Aion
With the Aethertech class on its way for Aion 4.5, NCsoft has revealed the winner of the "Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech" contest in which players could design one of the mechanized suits for future inclusion in the game. The top pick was the 5H-0G0 by EMPIREinWAR, which is based on the Shugo race.

The devs were quite taken with the design choice. "We can sum this up in one word: 'witty.' From the naming all the way to the Shugo character itself, this piece was really fun to look at, which is why this is the winner," said Head of the Aion Global Development Art Team Jinhwan Kim.

The 5H-0G0, like all of the Aethertechs, will use its magical mechanical mount to crush, shoot, flail, and probably cuddle its way through Atreia.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

Star Citizen unleashes the Next Great Starship design contest

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Star Citizen unleashes the Next Great Starship design contest
So you've already pledged your Kickstarter funds, but now you want to be even more involved in the development of Star Citizen. What's a fan to do? Luckily, Cloud Imperium Games has announced a new competition that gives any potential player the chance to design, model, and rig Star Citizen's next spaceship.

The modding contest will see three-person teams compete for a grand prize of $30,000, the inclusion of the winning ship design in the game, models of the ship, 3D modeling software, and more. Registration runs from October 31 through December 31 with the grand prize being announced in June.

Check out the video after the cut and the main site for more information.

[Source: Cloud Imperium press release]

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The Secret World disqualifies contest winner, issues revote

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The Secret World disqualifies contest winner, issues revote
We have a winner! Or... not. After announcing that a Victorian-themed outfit took the top prize of The Secret World's costume contest, Funcom has disqualified the winner due to a rule violation and restarted the voting process.

"As a result of further investigation following our 'Get your art in the game' contest conclusion, we have eliminated the winning entry as disqualified," the studio posted today. "It has been brought to our attention that Mirura is connected with one of our affiliates, and thus does not qualify for this contest as per our terms and conditions. We deeply regret any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. While we know that many of you really did like the fantastic design that she submitted, we must adhere to the rules to be fair to all of our contestants."

The revote will include the previous nine entries for both male and female outfits as well as a new 10th entry to fill in the gap. Check them out and enter your vote, as the winning design will be included in the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Paul Sage talks about dungeons and player experience

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I want YOU to be excited about another subscription-based fantasy MMO!
How closely have you been following The Elder Scrolls Online? Are you eagerly devouring every new piece of information that's trickled out following PAX Prime? Because there's a new video interview out with creative director Paul Sage that should provide you plenty to devour. Sage comments on some of the major changes made to the game for its PAX appearance (such as the implementation of the new compass and a more "weighty" feel to the combat) as well as the game's launch dungeons. He also mentions the Veteran Point system currently in development, a form of alternate advancement after your character hits the level cap.

Of course, anyone eager for information has no doubt signed up for beta, which means you'll want to check your mail religiously today as a new round of testing invitations has gone out. Would-be players can also take part in an emote contest to win beta access as a grand prize. Or you can just check out the full interview video after the break.

[Thanks to Jeff for the tip!]

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Choose My Adventure: The loser's circle

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Loser definition
None of the games you are about to read about is a bad game. Don't let the title of the article fool you; these are all great games, but so far none of them has won a poll during a Choose My Adventure run. What is Choose My Adventure? Well, you wonderful readers will pick the MMORPG for me. and over the next several weeks you will also vote on what I will do in the game, which faction I will pick, which class I will have to roll, and so on. It all depends on the game -- and you.

So you and I have some work to do. It will be a long road but hopefully a scenic one. With your help, I will be able to keep up the tradition of putting a Massively writer through six weeks of joy, frustration, pain, and loot. A lot of loot.The list of losers is potentially long, but I decided to keep it relatively short and sweet. If you see your favorite game on the list, go tell the game's community. Get out the vote! Or have some fun torturing me! I normally go with indie or games that do not normally get much coverage, but these losers just begged me for a chance at winning CMA.

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Player-designed weapons arrive in Aion

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Playerdesigned weapons launch into Aion
Remember way back when (namely late 2012) when we learned of a couple of contests to design weapons for the new classes in Aion 4.0? Well those contests have run their course, and a winning design was selected for each class. And now, those weapon skins are finally available to players!

Originally called the Mookie Gun, the winning Gunslinger weapon was designed by Liiga Smilshkalne, (a.k.a. Rakesh from the Israphel server). Now named Kippie's Nightmare, the final concept for the pistol "came naturally in the wee hours of the morning with the aid of a large cup of coffee," according to Smilshkalne.

The winning harp design, created by Sergio Kishino (a.k.a Seey on the Tiamat server) was born from the loss of Internet. Without the game, Kishino drew an "outfit inspired by Guardian Commander and Kahrun, with a blue butterfly and golden details." Flutterlight Sonata, as the instrument is now called, completed that ensemble.

As an exclusive reward, both creators received five of their winning designs. Others can get their own copies in the Black Cloud Marketplace. Be sure to check out the four new pieces of artwork in the gallery below.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

Raptr hosts Neverwinter dev Q&A, prizes offered

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Raptr hosts Neverwinter Q&A, prizes offered
Raptr, a gaming community that touts it rewards people for playing, is turning its rewarding eye toward Neverwinter players. The site is hosting a Q&A session with Lead Designer Zeke Sparkes, Foundry Producer Rob Overmeyer, and Community Manager Som Pourfarzaneh tomorrow, July 26th, from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. EDT. Fans wishing to lob questions at these devs about the upcoming Fury of the Feywild module or the Foundry can leave their queries in the Q&A thread starting now. The community can also "like" others' questions, and the ones with the most likes will be answered first.

But wait, what about the reward mentioned? That would be three Feywild starter packs, one for each of the top three questions submitted; these top questions, however, will be determined by the Raptr staff, not the likes.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Firefall hosts beta e-sports tournament

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Firefall hosts beta esports tournament
Yes, Firefall was serious about that e-sports thing. Like, super-serious, guys. Showing that it's in it whole-hog, Red 5 Studios announced that it will host the first open beta tournament series this summer.

The tournament is called Go4Firefall and begins Sunday, August 4th. It will be run in cooperation with the Electronic Sports League and take place across North America and Europe. The best teams will take home some of the $10,000 and €10,000 prize pools over a series of weekly matches.

Go4Firefall will utilize Firefall's Jetball mode. In Jetball, five-man teams have to fly or shoot a ball into their opponent's goal. The catch is that the ball carrier can't use weapons, making him or her a prime target for foes.

WildStar beta testers compete for coolest house

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WildStar beta testers compete for coolest house
If being a fan of player housing while still being shut out of the WildStar beta describes you perfectly, then you're going to probably hate everything about this post. As a way to show off the flexibility and potential for WildStar's housing, Carbine Studios challenged closed beta testers to come up with the coolest, wackiest, or most creative pad.

The winners of this contest are up on the site now. If you can push aside your jealousy at being left out, there's a lot to be gleaned from the amazing pictures on display here. There is a house-within-a-house, an upside-down house, a bedroom bar, and a stand-up comedy platform, among others.

The winners of the beta contest received a trophy that will carry over with them to the launched game.

Play your way to an appearance in Defiance's second season

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Play your way into Defiance
Is your Defiance character so cool that he's practically canon? Take note of the new contest starting today, then, because it's a unique opportunity for your avatar to actually become part of Defiance's lore via an appearance on the Syfy television show's second season.

First you'll need to register on the game's website. Then you'll need to finish in the top 10 of the ultimate Ark Hunter contest that starts today and runs through July 30th. The 10 semifinalists will have their backstories fleshed out by Defiance writers, and five finalists will then be chosen by fans via Facebook. The Defiance team will then select the winner from the final five.

Neither Trion nor Syfy has specified the context in which the winning character will appear, but it's safe to say that this is one reward that you won't be sharing with millions of your fellow players. You can read the official rules on the contest page, and the requisite major arkfall events are happening now!

[Source: Trion press release]

Win trip to Gamescom in EU Dragon's Prophet costume contest

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Win trip to Gamescom in EU Dragon's Prophet costume contest
Calling all European Dragon's Prophet fans handy with a needle and thread (and hot glue gun and nail gun and whatever else): Infernum Productions has announced the Dragon Cosplay Summit 2013, a fantasy-themed fashion show to debut at Gamescom 2013.

Think your skills are up to the challenge? To be a part of this event, designers must hand-make an original costume based on the Dragon's Prophet universe (it must include a prominent Mark of the Osira) then submit a photograph to be judged on craftsmanship, creativity, and relevance to the world of DP. The 10 best submissions will be put to a community vote, and the top three winners will win a trip to Gamescom to participate in the fashion show -- along with various other prizes including cash, artwork, and in-game rewards. First place will also receive an Alienware X51 computer system. The seven runners-up will receive a ticket to the convention along with other goodies (but no travel expenses).

If you need some inspiration for your project, there's a large selection of armor and weapons pictured right on the contest's official page. The contest is not available to residents outside of Europe, and participants must be 18 years of age or older. For a full run-down of all terms and conditions, check out the official rules.

[Source: Infernum Productions press release]

E3 2013: Webzen teases Mu Chronicle R and other titles

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Mu Online
At this year's E3, Webzen was hyped to chat about its lineup of games, though it was close-lipped on many of the details. C9 players who remember the extreme dungeon exclusive Massively had a few weeks back are about to get a little more good news in the form of a spoiler: Sorry, but you don't get to actually kill the new boss, just reseal him.

Then on June 27th, Webzen plans to announce details on a new adaption of Mu Online currently codenamed MU Chronicle R. Unlike the current Mu, the new game will focus on leveling up and PvP. To promote future bloodshed, Webzen will be holding global tournaments with cash prizes after the game is released. The update will happen across the globe, and in order to prepare for this, Webzen plans to recruit game masters from each region and reward the top GM with prizes. In addition, once the URL has been released, people who "like" the game's pre-launch Facebook page will be entered into raffles that award prizes like an Alienware gaming laptop, Wcoins/gPotato currency, and... apparently some sort of mystery prize. Really, that's all we can say about this till the 27th!

The team also teased work on Archlord 2, MU 2, and a mobile Mu game (not a port but a brand-new game. We don't know whether it's related to Chronicle R). Finally, Webzen's MMOFPS Arctic Combat will be seeing another patch hopefully in July.

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