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Watch Star Citizen teams design the next great starship

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Star Citizen
Star Citizen's Next Great Starship contest is down to 16 teams battling it out to get their designs into the upcoming space sim. Cloud Imperium has released the fifth episode of the contest in which the judges and participants talk about the various concept art that has been submitted. If you've got an hour and a desire to see some of the possibilities for the game's starships, hit the jump and give it a watch!

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EVE Online's second New Eden Open starts this weekend

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EVE Online
EVE Online's second New Eden Open begins tomorrow, March 1st, and will continue until a team takes the top prize on March 16th.

Thirty-two teams will be facing off during the double-elimination tournament for a shot at part of the $25,000 and 700 PLEX prize pool. Each of the first three weekends in March will feature several 8v8 deathmatches that will be streamed live with commentary from the developers.

Out of the 32 teams, 28 secured their place by silent auction, three got in by a random drawing, and one is returning to defend its title.

The Daily Grind: Do you enter MMO design contests?

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Star Citizen Next Great Starship logo
The Star Citizen community is in the midst of coming up with some pretty amazing designs for the game's Next Great Starship contest.

Cloud Imperium's space sim isn't the first MMO to offer players a chance to get their creations in game, though. EVE Online has hosted a similar contest in the past, and SOE is of course collecting a ton of community-made assets both in Landmark and via its Player Studio initiative, so it's clear that content crowdsourcing is here to stay in one form or another.

What's less clear is how the community feels about it, and how many members of said community participate in it. Fortunately we have The Daily Grind, in all its completely unofficial and unscientific polling glory. What say you, Massively readers? Do you enter MMO design contests? Have you ever won?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

SOE opens 2014 G.I.R.L. scholarship submissions

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SOE has begun its 7th Gamers in Real Life Game Design Competition, inviting aspiring game developers to apply for a possible $10,000 college scholarship and a 10-week job as a paid intern at the studio.

To apply, you'll need to be enrolled in an undergraduate program that has something to do with video games, have a 3.00 GPA or higher, be 18 or older, and be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or District of Columbia. The application includes concept artwork, captions, and an essay. Interested participants need to submit their application by March 19th.

We interviewed the 2013 winner, Esther Wu, last October about her experience with the competition, which is worth a read if you're interested in participating.

Star Citizen's starship design competition down to 24 teams

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Star Citizen's Next Great Starship
Star Citizen's Next Great Starship competition is getting serious. A total of 270 teams from 65 different countries entered the event with hopes of seeing their spaceship design realized inside of Chris Roberts' upcoming space sim sandbox.

The judges have eliminated all but 24 teams, with the next round of cuts scheduled for January 31st. You can watch some of the judging via the Roberts Space Industries YouTube channel at 6:00 p.m. EST on the 31st.

"The quality of the entries has been amazing," said Roberts via press release. "And we had quite a variety of entrants including a husband-and-wife team, a father-and-son team, several high school level teams, automotive designers, bartenders, DJs, filmmakers, and of course several professionals from the gaming industry."

[Source: Cloud Imperium Games press release]

Not So Massively: LoL downed by DDoS attack, Star Citizen hits $36 million

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Not So Massively title image
Livestreamer James Varga became the target of a vicious online attack this week that started with the League of Legends servers being shut down by a DDoS attack. A group calling itself "Derp" claimed responsibility for the attack, which ended with a hoax 911 call that sent armed police to Varga's home address. The Dota 2 servers also came under attack, but Valve extended its holiday event by a few days to give players a final chance to grind up some Phantom Fragments.

Path of Exile celebrated the new year by releasing some interesting stats on the game's performance in 2013 and launching a special week-long ladder event with the properties of both the Domination and Nemesis game modes. Despite speculation to the contrary, Blizzard confirmed this week that Diablo III players will not be getting a seventh skill slot. And Star Citizen has hit its $36 million stretch goal, unlocking a new solar system named Tamsa that's collapsed into a black hole.

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Massively Giveaway: Inferno Legend VIP bundle

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Inferno Legend
If you ever wanted to play the bad guys in Diablo instead of the good guys, then Gamebox's Inferno Legend might just be for you. The isometric, turn-based action-MMO launched its open beta yesterday and allows gamers to play as everything from evil faeries to samurai because why not?

So let's get some free stuff to go with our evil faeries. Gamebox has given Massively a slew of VIP keys for a bundle of free items in Inferno legend, including 150 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, 200 Power of Faith, 200 Power of Lineage, 100 Wickedness (*wink*), and an exclusive pair of shoes called Pilgrim's Trail, which when equipped increase the character's speed based on his or her level. The bundle also includes beta access.

To apply your key to your account, login to your Gamebox account or create a new one, click "code," input your gift code, and then click "claim."

This is a worldwide giveaway open to everyone everywhere (yay!). The keys are set to work right now and will last until we run out. Enjoy!


Guild Wars 2 players pledge oath to game in video

Fantasy, Video, Contests, Guild Wars 2, Subscription

Stop pinching yourself in a futile effort to wake up from what you think is an absurd dream. The Guild Wars 2 marketing promotion to ask players to pledge their allegiance to the game actually happened. We know this because we now have video proof of the fact.

ArenaNet released a complilation video of players filling in the blanks of their own oaths to play the game (in exchange for a shot at a free copy of it, it must be said). From the adorkable to the bizarre and the cows to the cheap flame effects, this video has it all. And best of all, you can watch it in the privacy of your home with no one to judge you after the break.

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EVE Online's New Eden Open II boasts $25,000 prize pool

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EVE Online
Lock and load, space jockeys: EVE Online's back with New Eden Open II -- and this year the prize pool is far larger than 2012's.

The New Eden Open is a space combat tournament between 32 12-player teams, all competing for real cash prizes. First place will net $12,000, second place $8,000, and third place $5,000. To compete, a team must win a spot via a silent auction or through a raffle.

CCP is fine-tuning the tournament based on last year's performance and is taking care to schedule it around the holidays. Signups begin on December 12th, with the auction proceeding on the 20th and the tournament taking place on three consecutive weekends in February.

Pledge your allegiance to Guild Wars 2 in new video contest

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Guild Wars 2
ArenaNet is serious about getting new players to its subscription-free MMO, Guild Wars 2. Serious enough that they want players to be just as serious by reciting an oath to the popular fantasy game.

In the new Great MMO Migration contest, interested new players have a chance to win one of 5,000 new copies of the game by entering a video contest pledging their allegiance to Guild Wars 2. The 30-second clip must be recorded in a public place while the player recites the Guild Wars 2 oath:

I, [name], renounce [adjective] games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2.
I likewise declare my freedom from [noun] subscription fees!
That I turn my back forever on [noun] which is/are totally [adjective].
That I will take up arms to defend the [noun] and crush evil with my [noun].
I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without [noun] because I am [noun].

If you're interested in pledging your allegiance to Guild Wars 2, you have from now until Tuesday, December 3 at 11:59 p.m. PST to submit your video. Be sure to check out the official site for complete rules and a video after the cut that is... a bit... well, you just have to watch it to see.

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PlanetSide 2 anniversary contest will turn EU player stories into graphic novels

Sci-Fi, Contests, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, PlanetSide 2, Anniversaries

War has been raging on Auraxis for a year now, and ProSiebenSat.1 is celebrating PlanetSide 2's first birthday with a special contest and an exclusive anniversary bundle. The contest will transform European players' stories of their PS2 adventures into graphic novels, drawn by artist Colin M. Winkler. Players who feel they have compelling "WarStories" can submit them for consideration between now and December 17th, 2013. Three first-place winners (one for each Empire) will have their stories transformed into graphic novels and will earn various other prizes. All finalists, along with six second- and third-place winners, get some goodies.

EU players can also purchase a special anniversary bundle that contains camo, decals, weapons, and boosts. Additionally, all PlanetSide 2 players who joined the beta phase, played on the launch day, or played the game anytime in the last year will snag exclusive anniversary decals automatically.

[Source: ProSiebenSat.1 Games press release]

Guild Wars 2's Nightmares Within release takes toxic cleanup seriously

Fantasy, Contests, Patches, Guild Wars 2, Buy-to-Play

Toxic Alliance
The Nightmare tower will be assaulted head-on in the next Guild Wars 2 content release, and players get to disregard the lessons taught by every horror movie ever and step inside. What do you mean, Marjory Delaqua already sent a team in and they didn't come back? Pfft, they were probably amateurs. You can handle it.

Players who storm the tower can unlock a nifty gas mask skin that can be applied to any head armor, as well as a version of the standard underwater breather to wear on dry land. Other rewards include a toxic spore backpack skin and two Toxic Krait miniatures, but you can only access them if you come back...alive.

To top things off, ArenaNet is hosting a Rock the Nightmare music video contest. Break out your best editing skills to create a one-minute video for the song "The Nightmares Within," which can be found on ArenaNet's Soundcloud, and you could win a 3D-printed GW2 guitar or some SteelSeries gaming gear! Nightmares Within will go live on November 12th.

LotRO holds leveling contest for lifetime membership

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LotRO holds leveling contest
Not all who level are lost; on the contrary, a lifetime membership and free copies of the Helm's Deep expansion are being offered as rewards for leveling Lord of the Rings Online characters.

LotRO's new leveling contest could get you one of 16 rewards if you put in the effort during this next month. Players who have a character that reaches level 60 or higher by November 10th will be entered into a drawing to possibly win a lifetime membership, a premium edition of Helm's Deep, or 500 Turbine Points.

Unless your character's at level 85 (which is an automatic contest entry right there), you'll have to advance at least one level between now and November 10th in the level 60-85 range to be entered into the drawing. The cool thing is that you will get a chance to win for every character on your account that achieves this.

Dress for success in RIFT's Halloween costume contest

Fantasy, Contests, News Items, Free-to-Play, RIFT

Dress for success in RIFT's Halloween costume contest
The old adage "dress for success" is getting a holiday makeover with RIFT's wardrobe contest, where your best Halloween-themed outfit can successfully net you one of a number of prizes. Together with Riftscene, Trion is hosting this in-game costume contest now through November 4th. To enter, players need to submit screenshots (preferably one from the back and one from the front ) of one of their characters dressed its best for the holiday -- the more unique, the better!

The top 10 finalists will be highlighted on Trion's livestream November 15th where first, second, and third place will be decided. Prizes for first place include 15,000 RIFT store credits, all the Halloween masks, and a reaper mount. Additionally, the winning outfit will go on sale in the RIFT store with the entrant's name attached. Second place will take home store credits, the masks, and a mount while third also wins store credits. All 10 finalists will receive a special title.

Not So Massively: Star Citizen design contest, Samuel L Jackson announcer pack, and LoL releases Jinx

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Game title image
Star Citizen smashed its $21 and $22 million stretch goals this week, adding the salvaging profession to the game and a facial capture system to the developer's toolbox. The Next Great Starship design contest was also launched this week, offering players the chance to get their ship design featured in the game and win a prize of $30,000.

Datamining from the latest Diablo III test build shows that the previously considered stat caps may no longer be added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, lifesteal may be nerfed, and a new difficulty mode called Torment could be on its way. Path of Exile revealed that two new four-month-long challenge leagues will start when the game officially launches on October 23rd, and developers answered over 100 questions from fans.

League of Legends players on the EU West servers have started a petition demanding compensation for recent server trouble, and new champion Jinx was released this week. SMITE raised over $12,000 for charity with a recent event and overhauled character Hel, the goddess of the underworld. Heroes of Newerth got a new announcer pack voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, and developers on mobile game Dungeon Defenders II have dropped its competitive MOBA element in favour of creating a true sequel to the original game.

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