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Community Q&A

World of Warcraft gears up for its Arena tournament with a $250,000 prize pool

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This guy will be your constant companion.
Still hoping to prove you're the best World of Warcraft PvP player around? You're in luck; qualifying rounds have just begun for the 2014 North American Arena Tournament, which will be held at BlizzCon this year. Qualifiers are open to 3v3 teams who are ranked at or above 2500 on their home realm. The best of the best will face off against seven other teams for a chance at a $250,000 prize pool, so there's certainly motivation to smash some faces.

If that's not your thing, you've still got something to look forward to. A special live developer Q&A session will take place on Friday at 1:00 p.m. EDT with lead game designer Cory Stockton and lead narrative designer Dave Kosak, answering player questions on everything from world design to Garrisons. There's no prize involved there aside from information, but if that's what you're tuning in to get, you'll probably be happy with it.

Roberts discusses Star Citizen's inventory system, balancing, and factions

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In summary, Libya is a land of contrasts.
Star Citizen fans can get some answers from Chris Roberts, assuming that the questions they have match up with the five questions featured in the latest video. There's nothing fancy about this one, just Roberts sitting down and answering top fan questions about the game as collected from the game's Reddit directory.

Roberts starts off by discussing inventory and how it will be influenced by player outfits, along with the different inventories for ships, player characters, and the like. He also talks about balancing with weapons and items in the present and in the future, the interplay of organization membership with enemy NPC factions, ship durability, and the details on the Caterpillar. If you want to hear about all of that, jump on past the break to watch the full video; it's only eight minutes long, but it contains plenty of information for fans to consider and discuss in depth.

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War Thunder dev diary explains battle rank and more

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Have you ever wondered what, exactly, the battle rank statistic governs in War Thunder? If so, Gaijin's latest dev diary video is worth watching. The clip is the first in a planned series called Developer Answers. It runs for nearly nine minutes and explains, in part, how BR is the average efficiency of a given vehicle in all battles as opposed to the efficiency of a given vehicle against another specific type.

Various War Thunder devs explain how this relates to the WWII flight sim's matchmaking mechanics, too, and they also address several other questions pulled from community members and social media channels. You can watch the full clip after the cut.

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Tree of Savior delays closed beta, talks classes

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tree of savior
Classes are the hot topic for this week's Tree of Savior community Q&A, with many of the questions concerning the different roles that players will assume in the upcoming title.

The Q&A was coy on a few specifics, such as which class only has five skills, but was more open on other topics. The Alchemist was singled out as a class that synergizes well with crafting, the Wugushi was noted as a class with a strong poison bent, the Pardoner was shown to be a scroll-producing Cleric, and the Peltasta was revealed as a sword-and-shield fighter.

For those hoping to get some beta action in this summer, we have bad news: It's been delayed. "We focused on the development so that we can launch CBT within this year's summer, but more time was needed than we had expected on the overall balancing of the game so we think CBT will be delayed a bit," the devs wrote.

Destiny hedges on raid info, character names, and chat channels

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A Destiny community Q&A posted today on IGN is quite illuminating as to Bungie's approach to this upcoming online shooter. The studio is "very cagey" on releasing any details about its raiding system pre-launch, is struggling to figure out whether the game will have a chat system, and is against letting players give their avatars unique names.

"The team thought a lot about how best to have players identify themselves in the world," Bungie said in regard to the last topic. "Ultimately, we've landed on PSN ID and Xbox LIVE Gamertag, so other people don't have to manage a third list of identities (real name, platform tag, Destiny character name)."

Bungie was non-commital following beta feedback that players wanted a chat system: "We've seen the feedback, and there's quite a bit of ongoing discussion happening around this right now." The studio promised that it was hearing out players on this issue, however.

Tree of Savior introduces new classes in Q&A #9

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Tree of Savior
Tree of Savior, the upcoming MMO from Korean studio IMC Games, has unveiled its ninth Q&A about the game, revealing more classes, costume details, an explanation of the Chronomancer's time-travel skill, and some special hidden content.

With an advertised 80 classes in the game, these four new class introductions just scratch the surface, but we do get some details and animations from the Thaumaturge, Archer, Pyromancer, and Centurian.

Be sure to check out the video after the cut for more on the new classes. If you have any questions for the dev team that you'd like answered in the next Q&A, send them along to the game's Facebook page or the developer's blog.

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MechWarrior Online vid talks upcoming changes

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In a new MechWarrior Online video, members of the dev team take time to discuss the upcoming overhaul to the module system, gameplay updates, community warfare, and new maps. One of the neat features coming to the game is the match rejoin feature, which will give players a grace period to get back into a match and get rewards if they are disconnected for some reason.

There's a ton of preview drops in this 13-minute video, and it's all yours to enjoy after the jump!

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Skyforge abandons leveling in favor of a prestige system

Betas, Sci-Fi, Free-to-Play, Community Q&A, Skyforge

The Skyforge development team has been on a streak of answering pressing community questions over on the game's Facebook page, with one question answered per day over the previous week.

A few of the questions centered around how Skyforge has eschewed a traditional leveling format in favor of a "prestige" system. Prestige is like gearscore, a sum total of the stats from a player's equipment. As a player gains more prestige, more content, gear, and followers are unlocked. "Instances are tied to the amount of prestige your character has," the team explained. "The better your character[s are] developed, the higher their prestige is and the more adventures they can go on."

Other questions concerned whether there will be a test server (there will be) or a global chat channel (there won't be). The team did indicate that there would be a multi-platform chat system on launch, however: "Our programmers wrote a special chat service that will allow players in the game to chat to friends that are reading messages from other devices. This means that you can chat with other players regardless of whether they are in the game or not."

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

Not So Massively: GTAO's update, Hearthstone's tourney, and LoL's Summoner's RIFT revamp

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Welcome back to No So Massively, where every Monday we round up the highlights from the past week in the world of MOBAs, roguelikes, MMOTCGs, and other games that aren't quite MMOs.

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Tree of Savior answers questions about wizards and companions

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Look at the stars - look how they shine for you and all the things that you do.
Are you excited to get your hands on Tree of Savior when and if it gets a release over here? Then you'll be happy to look through the latest community Q&A, which has been helpfully translated into English. Like most community addresses, it covers a variety of different topics, ranging from casting spells on the move to working with companions in the game.

Not all spells in the game can be cast while moving, depending greatly upon the type of spell and the class using it. Similarly, there's been discussion about which classes, if any, will be allowed to dual-wield. Companions can be stored at the barracks, allowing you to choose between several different companions based upon the situation, although not all companions will have the same degree of closeness with a given character. For more information, peruse the full set of answers.

Elder Scrolls Online on solo veteran content, dungeon scaling

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ZeniMax is back from E3 with a brand-new Elder Scrolls Online ask-us-anything variety pack. Here are the highlights:
  • The Craglorn update will be included as launch content when ESO arrives on consoles.
  • Dungeon-queueing intentionally locks out overleveled characters for balance reasons, but the devs are working on a scaling system that will eventually adjust dungeons to the leader's level.
  • ZeniMax is aware that Enchanting levels slowly. It'll be tweaked in a future update.
  • Using Equilibrium to exchange magicka for health to gain Ultimate power isn't considered an exploit but might be revised in the future.
  • There will eventually be veteran content that doesn't require grouping.
Notably, the developers request that players continue to use the report player chat option to help combat bots and gold spammers. More questions and answers await over on the official site.

Tree of Savior Q&A highlights guilds, mounts, and parties

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Tree of Savior
IMC Games' developer SY Kim has answered a slew of player questions about upcoming Korean character-driven fantasy MMO Tree of Savior. He begins by clarifying that while the studio has referred to the game as a "true successor" to the Ragnarok Online series, it is not an official sequel; the parent studios are unrelated. He also discusses party formation, cards and magical items, diminishing returns on experience gain from lowbie mobs, spear and poisoner classes, monster respawn, stat gain, and pets and mounts. A guild system, he relates, will not be in by closed beta.

Read all the details on the official blog.

[Thanks, tipster Yorai Dragon!]

Darkfall Unholy Wars answers questions on custom roles

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Spinning round and round.
In the original version of Darkfall, skill selection was a wide-open field. When the game relaunched as Darkfall Unholy Wars, the role system was introduced, narrowing the field of options significantly. Now custom roles are incoming, and that means that players have questions about how the new mechanics will work. Those questions are being answered in a three-part series of community Q&A sessions, with the first two parts available now.

Some mechanics are being removed -- Wobble, for instance, was introduced solely to balance roles, but with the new system the developers no longer need balancing specifically between roles. There have been significant adjustments made to some skills, in part to avoid the situation wherein everyone has a ranged kill skill and super-powerful healing. Despite this, the answers also point out that most characters will actually see a net increase in power overall. If you want to know more, feel free to glance at the full rundown of answers for more details.

Elite: Dangerous newsletter focuses on E3 offerings

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It's the space police, and we're under arrest!  The crime?  Not being in space!
It's impossible for any development studio not to be thinking about E3 next week. It sort of dominates the industry landscape, after all. So it's no big surprise that the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter focuses chiefly upon what Frontier Developments will bring to the convention. In short, it'll be a chance for everyone in attendance to get their hands on the game and preview the game's current beta as well as chatting with the development staff.

The newsletter also answers a few community questions. Many of the locations in the game are meant to be far away from the core of gameplay without any shortcuts, specifically to enhance the feeling of being far from core hubs and the majority of players. The game will have Imperial content, but that will come into play as the game's play space expands rather than being an immediate focus. For a few more answers, take a look at the full newsletter.

WildStar will be intermittently playable from now until the headstart

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Carbine Studios has just published an FAQ covering WildStar's status from now until the beginning of the headstart period on May 30th. Dubbed "Ops Week," this period will see the team "testing various launch systems, practicing [its] disaster recovery processes, making sure [its] fail overs fail over correctly, and putting some extra testing on [the] final Release Candidate."

But you don't care about their problems; you just want to know whether you can log in. Yep! Carbine intends to make the servers available for play. Although uptime windows won't be announced ahead of time and some may be brief, players should anticipate server availability during business hours on the west coast. Open beta characters will be accessible for as long as the team can manage it before the inevitable wipes.

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