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Comic Watch: Wonderella strikes a blow for our virtual elders

Culture, Second Life, Comics, Virtual Worlds, Humor, Comic Watch

Those of you unfamiliar with The Non-Adventures of Wonderella rest assured: She's snarky like that all the time. Second Life residents, try to resist the urge to flame on. In the latest installment of her non-ongoing story, Wonderella decides to check out the world's favorite online hang out Sucking Life (subtle criticism!), with revolutionary results.

Actually, we'd play a giant mechachicken any day of the week! Developers, are you listening?

Comic Watch: Backward Compatible ganks the SciFi Channel's MMO

Sci-Fi, Culture, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

We've featured Backward Compatible here on Comic Watch before, and the hits just keep on comin'. This episode is particularly timely, concerning itself with the recent speculation over the SciFi/Trion project.

We have to admit, an episode of any television show spoken entirely in l33t would be difficult to watch all the way through, but would be worth getting through just once. Notice the nice touches in this comic -- the SciFi logo in the lower-right corner, and the references to the two great pulpy science fiction adventure series of all time.

Comic Watch: Penny Arcade bets on Ponystars

Fantasy, Browser, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

Those impish ne'er-do-wells at Penny Arcade have taken the reins and presented a comic replete with our two favorite topics: human-created abominations of nature, and Ponystars. Our admiration for the latter is obvious, but it could only take the talents of Messrs Brahe and Gabriel to perfectly evoke our passion for the former.

Will this comic make you more likely to want to try the game? Although many initially express distaste for the genre, if not outright indignance at the mere mention of its pastorally quasi-equestrian delights, once presented with the possibility of assembling a hideous hooved horror, we've seen many a neigh-sayer quickly bray out a mea culpa and get straight to their dark work.

(Note: this is a work of parody; no actual pixelated ponies were harmed in the making of the comic. NSFW language follows.)

Comic Watch: VG Cats explains it all

Real-Life, Culture, MMO Industry, Opinion, Second Life, Free-to-Play, Comics, Consoles, Virtual Worlds, Humor, Comic Watch, Home

Beloved videogame webcomic VG Cats has a consistently funny style, and in this episode, they take on the differences in online systems between the Big Three Consoles. How is this a Massively concern? The final panel takes a shot at both Sony's Home and Second Life.

Warning: this comic is NSFW in both image and text! So wrong ... but so funny!

Comic Watch: World of Kung Fu

World of Warcraft, Fantasy, World of Kung Fu, Free-to-Play, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

This is a little off the beaten path, as far as this series of posts go. What's being highlighted here isn't an ongoing webcomic in the usual sense, but in the same vein as all the in-game comics that fans of WoW put together comes the first World of Kung Fu comic!

Personally, I think they should have combined the dialogue from panels 3 and 4 into the third panel and made that the punchline, but hey, I've never written one, so what do I know? However, if this is merely the first in an ongoing series (as the comic's title suggests), then it makes more sense. But I do like seeing companies stretch out a little bit with their properties. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll be able to buy costumes like the ones in the comic!

Comic Watch: anonymous comic hits the MMOMILF [UPDATED]

World of Warcraft, Crafting, Opinion, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

This comic riffs on both MMOs and MILFs (note: NSFW language), but I can't find an attribution; if anyone knows who wrote/created this comic, please drop it in the comments.

Note: The comic also features NSFW language. If this post seems a little short on explication, just read the strip; it says all there needs to be said.

[UPDATE: Reader Carl found out where this came from! WithYourMom.com touts "Same joke, every day" -- but at least it's a good joke! Thanks, Carl!]

Comic Watch: Shakes and Fidget explain the Burning Crusade races

World of Warcraft, Fantasy, Opinion, Comics, Races, Humor, Comic Watch

Oskar Pannier & Marvin Clifford are the creators of 'Shakes and Fidget', a webcomic set in the World of Warcraft universe. Shakes and Fidget are a human and gnome, respectively, and they travel Azeroth for the sole purpose of getting into trouble, apparently. This works out well for all of us, as seen in this strip, entitled 'A New World', as they travel through the Dark Portal and meet the two new races from the Burning Crusade expansion.

I have to hand it to any author who uses the word 'invidious'. In fact, I'm gonna start up a webcomic wherein every episode features a ten-cent word for your reading pleasure. The main character is a dinosaur named Thesaurus Rex. You can make Paypal donations to my personal email address.

Comic Watch: Penny Arcade bricks up LEGO Universe

Puzzle, Culture, Forums, Game Mechanics, New Titles, Opinion, Comics, Casual, Humor, Comic Watch, LEGO Universe

Oh, Penny Arcade, is there nothing you can't do? The fancy lads have taken on the news of in-process MMO LEGO Universe and applied conventional wisdom to the announcement. To wit: what if LU played like any other combat-oriented MMO?

What strikes me most about this strip is the attention to detail -- all the typeface work, the player avatars, the account holder names -- this is why they consistently rise to the top of most people's 'best comic' list. Enjoy!

Comic Watch: Chocolate Shoes laments 'the real'

Super-hero, City of Heroes, Events (In-Game), Game Mechanics, Leveling, Opinion, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

Christopher Stuck mocks his own entertainment choices in his comic Chocolate Shoes. An updated take on an old classic concept, it questions where the real value in life lies.

Giggles aside, this argument rings more false than ever these days. Videogames are still new enough, anthropologically, to be considered a flash in the pan, and subject to the same skepticism and outright hostility from non-players that rock 'n' roll and the novel were exposed to when they were new. Simply put, value is where you find it, and no one else. It'll be nice when this generation, having grown up with games, comes into its own -- maybe we'll finally stop seeing articles demonizing our entertainment of choice, and move on to the true threat to society: reality tv shows.

Comic Watch: Ding! meets the collective

World of Warcraft, Fantasy, Culture, PvP, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

Scott Kurtz may be a name familiar to some of you -- he writes and draws the webcomic PvP. Until recently, it was his only comic, until he was convinced by a friend to resurrect an old series he used to do centered around World of Warcraft, called Ding! The fruits of his labor you see before you.

In this strip, chosen at random by me, two of the players wonder how it is that a third player can possibly be playing WoW all the time, and one of them comes up with an intriguing hypothesis. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the time frame in the last panel of dialogue should read 'Eight A.M. to four P.M.', instead of 'four A.M.'. That's okay, the joke still comes across.

If you'd like to see an MMO-related strip of your favorite webcomic appear here, send it along to our tip line, and make sure you include the absolute URL -- for example, rather than webcomic dot com/latest_strip.html, it should point to a strip's unique identifier. That way, when the site updates with a newer strip, our link will still point to the comic in question. Thanks, and we look forward to your submissions!

Comic Watch: Backward Compatible dolls up for CoH

World of Warcraft, Fantasy, Super-hero, City of Heroes, Culture, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

On the previous Comic Watch, we gave some love to the incredible output of Aaron Williams. One of these, Backward Compatible, has stepped up with another MMO-based comic. This time, the light is shone on City of Heroes (and peripherally, World of Warcraft).

It seems there's more of a link to your favorite MMO and playing with dolls than may have been suspected. See if you look at your character the same way after reading this strip! I see I'm going to have to keep an eye on this Williams guy; with no less than 4 comics going on at once, chances are he'll hit the massively multiplayer topic again.

[Thanks, Jonathan!]

Comic Watch: Extralife goes for the gold

Fantasy, Business Models, Economy, Making money, Opinion, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

Ahh, gold farming. It is, if you'll excuse the pun, a gold mine of comedy. This was proven most recently in the webcomic Extralife, which shows us a meeting between a player and an enterprising businessman.

Actually, while this is obviously humor, it does give one pause to consider what sort of life the actual farmers must lead. As with all such low-skilled labor, the profits for the people in charge are probably much greater than what the actual workers receive. That line about feeding the whole family for 3 months ... is it funnier if it's true, or just horrible?

Comic Watch: Full Frontal Nerdity rings in the LotRO references

Fantasy, Lord of the Rings Online, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

Aaron Williams is a pedigreed gamer geek with no less than four comics to his name: Nodwick, a fantasy jaunt that pokes fun at RPG conventions; Backward Compatible, a comic about life at a gaming magazine; PS238, positing a high school filled with superpowered kids; and Full Frontal Nerdity, which takes a look at the other side of the gaming table.

FFN gets some Massively love here for its LotRO reference, and how important loot balance is to an MMO.

Comic Watch: Action Trip orbits NASA

World of Warcraft, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, Leveling, Opinion, Comics, Races, Humor, Comic Watch

As recently announced, NASA's in the planning stages of crafting their own MMO. Action Trip has commented nicely on this with their comic 'Pigs in Space'. World of Warcraft layers transparently over a trip to what appears to be Mars, with humorous results.

Something I love about this comic is the astronaut gamely going about his grinding duties; he seems to actually kind of enjoy it all. Also, maybe it's an orc in that suit -- the planet looks like the Valley of Trials, especially with the boars there. Go check it out and enjoy!

Comic Watch: 'Something Positive' hits Pirates of the Caribbean

Historical, Game Mechanics, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Free-to-Play, Comics, Humor, Comic Watch

I am something of a webcomics aficionado. At current count, I follow ... (carry the one) ... Too Many comics. As such, I'm always reading a variety of topics and humor, and occasionally something that approaches Massively-related content will appear. Such is the case with a recent 'Something Positive', which concerns itself with 'Pirates of the Caribbean Online'.

The initiating event of the strip actually begins the episode before the linked comic, but it's not necessary to read for the effect. I'm curious if there really is a swearing-related, bannable offense, as the comic suggests. Barring that, I wonder if anyone's run into the naming issue described here. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series. Check it out, but be forewarned: NSFW language!

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