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Heroes & Generals adds paratroopers, new uniforms

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Reto-Moto has released a new update for its World War II strategy/shooter Heroes & Generals. Codenamed "Quesada," the patch brings paratroopers to the game and allows players to jump out of C-47 Skytrains or Junkers Ju-52s and "perform surprise attacks" on the battlefield.

Quesada also features new uniform variations for classes including US Recon, US Paratrooper, German Tank Crew, German Recon, and German Paratrooper. You can see the full list of tweaks and additions via the patch changelog.

[Source: Reto-Moto press release]

City of Steam previews its 2.7 update

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Dress to impress!
City of Steam has another update in the works, and it's going to make you look good. How, you ask? Well, partly by adding a new and expanded wardrobe system that will improve categories and free up storage space for your cosmetic outfits. The interface is still rough, but it's also a step toward giving players more options and power when it comes to character appearance.

What else is coming? There's a new Lucky Wheel option in the works, allowing players a chance to spin and win all sorts of great prizes whether they're playing for free or not. The Mercenary system is also being revised, with appearances being improved, new mercenaries being added, and an improved interface for organizing and managing the soldiers of fortune. You can check out the full patch preview, which sadly for players does not yet include a targeted release date more specific than "soon."

Knight's Fable launching on Wednesday

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knights fable
"The world needs a hero," the Knight's Fable website proclaims. "You be the one."

Well, I guess that's it. You're the one. This means that you need to load up on Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew because you're going to need the fuel to save the world come Wednesday, June 18th. That's when Knight's Fable releases and the world gets that one hero it's always craved.

This new browser MMO comes courtesy of iMiGAME. It features trainable pets, a battle party system, a PvP arena located in Hell (seriously), and four classes. Knight's Fable also says that it uses "fast-paced turn-based combat," so take that as you will.

[Source: iMiGAME press release]

NGames teases new Star Trek 'MMO'

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We get all kinds of press releases here at the Massively office tower, some of them worth printing and some of them not. This latest one is pretty cryptic, since it neglects to nail down a title for the game it's hyping. Since the words Star Trek will probably fall somewhere in said title, though, we figured you'd want to know about it.

The game is purportedly an MMO, though to what extent publisher NGames doesn't say. In fact it doesn't say much of anything gameplay-related, though the title looks to be browser-based and set in Fluidic Space. "Combat plays a pivotal role," the press release mentions, with players needing to side with either the Klingons or the Federation. NGames says that it will "be revealing more information in the coming weeks."

We've copy/pasted the full release after the cut.

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RuneScape shows you the making of an epic quest

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RuneScape puts more thought than most MMOs do into the creation and execution of its quests, so when the devs want to share how they make one of these, it might behoove you to show some respect. No, you don't need to kneel. Maybe give it a solemn nod or something.

In a new video -- one that you, yes you, can watch after the break -- Jagex takes its playerbase on a tour of the making of "The Mighty Fall" quest. Get a feel for where this quest fits into the greater storyline as well as see how an entire team works together to fashion such a mission. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Old School RuneScape begins two-week free trial

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Old School RuneScape, also known as RuneScape 2007, has begun to offer a two-week free trial for those interested in going back in time to a simpler version of the game.

Players can access the free-to-play server by making a brand-new RuneScape account or by using a subscribed account. Jagex said that if the trial is successful, it may become a permanent addition to the game. The one big restriction for the F2P server is that yew trees will not be harvestable in order to combat gold farmers.

Old School RuneScape is a 2007-era version of the game that Jagex resurrected following an enthusiastic player vote. Even though it required a subscription to access, it grew to over a million players by October 2013.

Heroes & Generals vidlog details new guns, tanks

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Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals is getting fairly frequent updates these days, and even though the free-to-play MMO shooter is technically still in beta, developer Reto-Moto has a polished and playable game on its hands.

The latest Videolog, number 12 if you're keeping score, summarizes content additions from the last two "Patton" updates, including an extensive list of new tanks and infantry weapons. You can watch the full seven-minute clip after the cut!

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Transformers Universe offers a peek under the hood

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The Mayhem Attack Squadron gets more expensive to assemble every single year.
It's taken a long time for it to approach launch, but Transformers Universe is closer to being ready for public consumption than ever before. It's got pre-launch bonus sales in effect, it's revealing Autobots and Decepticons alike, and it's showing off its gameplay. If you're excited to see more of what's going on behind the scenes, you'll be happy to learn that the development team has offered a peek into the development with a new series dubbed "Under the Hood."

So what's in the first episode? Aside from a text-only Q&A with vice president David Nicholson, the episode looks at the Founders program, a peek at voices, and a detailed discussion of what the game will play like and where it's going in the future. That includes plenty of footage of robots turning into cars and beating the tar out of one another, for the record. Check out the video and the Q&A just past the break.

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City of Steam teases patch 2.6 improvements

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How pimp do you think my ride is?  Be honest!
While its initial launch had some definite issues, City of Steam seems to be doing quite well for itself with new servers, new platforms, and a new patch on the way. That new patch shows off some of its new features in a recent development blog, starting with inter-server PvP between the top 20 players on each server. Yes, that means you'll need to muscle your way to the head of the pack in PvP before you get a shot at competing, but getting there means fantastic prizes.

Patch 2.6 will also bring with it the Tower of Peril, rewarding players for how far they can climb and generally challenging any high-level high-intensity players. There will also be numerous improvements to in-game text, bugs, and the like. If that sounds like just what you want to see, you can take a look at the blog post for a few more details and then jump in and start playing right from there.

Transformers Universe demos its MOTA gameplay

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Not what it could be, but maybe better than what it would have been?
I have high hopes for what Transformers Universe could be. The game has changed a great deal from its original inception, going from an MMO tying into the then-current Prime series to a MOTA under the Generations banner. And you know that things have gotten at least a little odd when a game makes up an entirely new term to identify itself. What is a MOTA, anyway?

From a look at the recent press preview event, I'd say it's World of Warcraft battlegrounds with League of Legends champions and some World of Tanks elements. Sort of. There might be more.

As the above implies, we recently had the opportunity to take a look at some preview footage explaining how the game worked and what the actual play would be like. The game is certainly looking nice, especially when you consider that it's a free-to-play browser game built in Unity. But the proof is always going to be in the gameplay, and while it's hard to say for certain how well it delivers from mere preview videos, it's certainly intriguing.

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City of Steam opens new US, Euro servers

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City of Steam
City of Steam has officially opened two new servers, one for eastern U.S. players and another in Europe. Mechanist Games says that it is "trying to bring in as broad a gaming demographic as possible" by presenting its steampunk MMO on Kongregate, Armor Games, and Steam. "More platforms will come in soon," the firm states.

There are in-game events underway to help celebrate the additional shards. Check out all the details on the official City of Steam website.

Eldevin gets thumbs-up from Steam

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It's a big week for Eldevin, as the indie MMO got greenlit on Steam this past week.

Hunted Cow thanked the community for voting on the title and said that it's working on getting the downladable version of the game prepped for Steam: "We've got some work to do to get it ready for release on Steam (implement Steam achievements and integrate it with Steam accounts etc.) but we'll keep you updated on the progress."

Eldevin won Massively's Frindie Award for Best Browser Game in 2013.

Heroes & Generals trailer reminds you that wars aren't won by tanks alone

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Zomg I love P38s
Reto-Moto already has one of the best-looking World War II combat sims on the market, but now it's firing a shot across the bow of its competition with Heroes & Generals' new "Wars Aren't Won by Tanks Alone" trailer.

New weapons and vehicles are coming to H&G's live servers in short order, and Reto-Moto reminds you that "you need soldiers to win a war -- not just tanks and planes!" Click past the cut for the trailer and the full press release.

[Source: Reto-Moto press release]

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Man steals thousands of dollars, spends them on Evony

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A Hawaiian man is expected to plead guilty to charges that he stole thousands of dollars to spend on the browser-based game Evony.

David Buchanan, 47, is charged with wire fraud after he convinced one woman to give him $40,000 for an investment that would see a promised 650% turnaround. "As a middle-aged, admittedly square, FBI Special Agent who doesn't play video games," Agent Tom Simon said during the investigation, "I was understandably perplexed when, during the 'follow the money' analysis, I kept seeing payments being made to something I'd never heard of called Evony. A bit of Googling properly identified Evony as an online video game of sorts, but I was still puzzled how anyone could possibly spend thousands of dollars on a video game. I wasn't being judgmental about the societal value of gaming. I was just dumbfounded that any video game could possibly cost that much."

You may remember Evony as that game best known for its boobtastic advertising campaigns a few years back, and, surprisingly enough, it's still around. Buchanan's trial is expected to take place on May 8th with sentencing expected later in the year.

City of Steam getting new US and EU servers

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City of Steam Riven Gunner
Mechanist Games has announced that its steampunk browser MMO City of Steam is on the cusp of delivering a long-awaited European server. There's no firm launch date just yet, and Mechanist also notes that EU players who have been biding their time on the existing US servers will not be able to transfer their characters to the new EU shard. Electrum will be transferable, though, so there's that.

The devs also said that a new east coast US server is in the works.

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