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Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy launch-day interview

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Reakktor Media's space-faring MMO Black Prophecy saw its North American launch today, as well as its first major content update. We've already provided you lovely readers with a launch-day roundup for your perusal. To commemorate the game going live, we have a launch-day interview with gamigo's Executive Board Member Patrick Streppel. So strap yourselves in, kick your thrusters into overdrive, and jump past the cut for the full interview.

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Black Prophecy North American launch day round-up

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It's launch day for Black Prophecy, and while the impending blast-off probably won't generate as much publicity as last week's final space shuttle mission, it's nonetheless a day long remembered for fans of spaceships, sci-fi, and Reakktor's free-to-play followup to Neocron.

But wait a minute, didn't Black Prophecy launch last March? Why yes, yes it did... in Europe. Today marks the official North American street date, and Massively's got you covered in terms of all the Black Prophecy news that's fit to print.

Join us after the cut for recaps of the European launch, the North American closed beta phase, and a bunch of other blurbs to tide you over until you're able to strap into your very own internet spaceship.

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Black Prophecy releases first content update, launches tomorrow in NA

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It's a big week for Black Prophecy, as Reakktor Media's starchild both lights the fires of a North American launch and kicks the tires of its first content update.

While Black Prophecy has been released in Europe for some time now, tomorrow will see the official start of the North American servers. So if you've been itching for free interstellar combat in the region, then you've got less than 24 hours to go!

Along with the NA launch is the release of Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima. This sizable update is adding a new mission hub, a new sector set, additional stories, ship specials, an email system, and the ability to reset player skills.

You can read the full patch notes for Episode 1 over on the Black Prophecy forums, and then hit the jump to check out the exciting trailer!

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Black Prophecy heads into the Inferno with Episode 1

Sci-Fi, Patches, Free-to-Play, Black Prophecy

While we're still waiting for Black Prophecy to officially launch here in North America -- where it's still in open beta -- Reakktor Media is already going full throttle with the next update for the game called Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima.

In Episode 1, level 15+ players will head to Enzo's Enigmatic Emporium of Exotic Elegance (say that three times fast) to tackle a set of new missions. Black Prophecy is also adding an interesting progression obstacle in the form of bound sectors. To get to the next sector -- and next hub -- groups of players will have to duke it out with fairly tough enemies guarding the passageways.

Episode 1 will also include a better message system, in-game email, new jobs, additional missions, and a change in PvP rewards. Black Prophecy's first update is slated for an early July release. To help you during this nail-biting waiting period, why not help yourself to a complimentary screenshot below?

Black Prophecy launches North American open beta

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E3 is still in full swing, but Reakktor and gamigo are already looking past the publicity-soaked annual gaming convention and into the future.

That future is now for North American fans of Black Prophecy, and today marks the beginning of open beta for the title that launched in Europe last March. Black Prophecy features real-time dogfighting, customizable ships, storylines, and open-world gameplay, all set against an interstellar backdrop punctuated by constant war and lush visuals. You can register for the open beta on the game's official website, as well as download the client. Be sure to check out all our previous coverage to get up to speed.

Black Prophecy stress testing U.S. servers this weekend

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Black Prophecy may have debuted in Europe a couple of months back, but the free-to-play sci-fi title is still sitting on the launch pad here in the States. The date is drawing closer, though, as gamigo is gearing up to stress test the game's American servers beginning Thursday, May 26th.

The publisher is also offering an unspecified launch-day gift to players who log in and test from May 26th through May 29th. If you were part of the recent closed beta events, you're cordially invited to help break the servers this weekend, and you should be receiving an official email summons if you haven't already. You'll need your closed beta account credentials, which can be looked up under your gamigo master account if you've forgotten.

You'll also want to grab the American beta client and have a look at what's changed via the official forums.

Black Prophecy patch brings new missions, fixes

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Black Prophecy's first monthly patch is here, and today's update brings a bit of new content to the free-to-play sci-fi title -- as well as a number of smaller improvements. The content additions take the form of 10 new missions now available in the game's open sectors, and there are a variety of mission levels ranging from four to 35 according to the patch notes.

Aside from that, Reakktor has made a number of performance tweaks, HUD and graphical fixes, and adjustments to everything from damage distribution across ship components to repair kit durability. You can learn more, as well as download the game, at the official website.

Massively's Easter event roundup

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Our ears invariably perk up when it comes to seasonal MMO events, and with a long Easter weekend in full swing, we figured it'd be a swell idea to collate the various holiday-related goings-on in our favorite virtual worlds.

While many of you are no doubt gorging on chocolate-covered bunnies and/or hanging out with your families, just as many are taking advantage of the weekend festivities in your favorite MMOs. Whether it's anniversary celebrations in Lord of the Rings Online or Easter-themed shindigs in Vindictus and RuneScape, there's something for everyone. Hop past the cut for more details.

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Letter to the Black Prophecy community outlines the state of the game

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It's been about a month since European players were able to head out to the black... Black Prophecy, that is. American players have been able to sign up for the closed beta, but it's not quite the same as the experience on the live servers. But whether you're in the beta or playing live, the new letter to the community from Patrick Streppel has plenty of interesting information about the current state of the game.

As Streppel puts it, while the game is still undergoing major polishing patches, both gamigo and Reakktor Media are confident with the game as a released free-to-play game. The game's first major patch is slated for June and will feature a variety of new endgame elements as well as a new weapon type. Further down the line, the development team wants to enhance the PvP experience to keep the two factions of the game's lore at odds and in conflict. Black Prophecy players and testers alike should read the letter, as it's an interesting look behind the scenes after the first month of launch.

One Shots: The shape of things to come

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With the NDA down on Black Prophecy and more and more people checking it out all the time, we're surprised we haven't seen more screenshots from this upcoming free-to-play sci-fi spaceship dogfighter mailed in to One Shots! Today's sleek image from Black Prophecy (with minimal UI) comes to us from Erik L., who writes in: "This is a view of the hyperspace chapel Apo Kata, which is one of the early hubs in the game. I think the view is a nice example of this good-looking game. If one just watches the surroundings for a short while, one can see the trails of ships leaving and arriving in the area."

If you're taking part in a beta that isn't under NDA, why not beat the crowds and send in some cool screenshots to us? It's easy to do. Gather a few images up and email them to us here at oneshots@massively.com. Be sure to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing in each picture. Your screenshot could be the next one we post on Massively!

Be a part of Black Prophecy's closed beta test with our key giveaway!

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Black Prophecy entered North American closed beta testing Wednesday, and we hinted that we just might have some closed beta keys to share with our readers.

As it happens, we were telling the truth! We do have a few closed beta keys -- in fact, we have several thousand. Visit our giveaway page to pick yours up, then go to the Black Prophecy site to register. Follow the registration instructions, verify your email, then check your email again for a download link. Once your account is active in Gamigo's account system, visit the Pilot Licensing Terminal (aka. beta page) to enter your beta key.

The final step is the easiest: Enjoy the Black Prophecy closed beta!


Black Prophecy North American closed beta begins

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It's only been a couple of days since the official European launch of Reakktor's Black Prophecy, but North American fans of the free-to-play sci-fi title have been feeling left out in the cold due to a general lack of availability. Happily, gamigo and Reakktor have posted a news blurb on the game's website officially announcing the start of the North American closed beta.

Reakktor also states that the first thousand invites have been sent, with more coming very soon, in addition to beta key giveaways with various gaming press outlets. While there's no word on an official American launch date as of yet, we can tell you that Massively has a few beta keys up our sleeves, so stay tuned for further details.

Black Prophecy boasts real-time combat, modular ship design, and a deep crafting component, all married to a state-of-the-art graphics engine and wrapped in an enthralling sci-fi backstory.

Black Prophecy blasts off in Europe today

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T-minus three, two, one... and that sound you hear is the latest space-based MMORPG lifting off the launch pad, heading for the stratosphere and the stars beyond. At least, that's what gamigo and Reakktor are hoping when it comes to Black Prophecy, which officially takes a bow in Europe today.

Beta characters, clans, and clan sectors will be wiped for the kickoff, and Black Prophecy will initially feature both an English and a German server. Snowcrash (no, not that one) has posted a note informing customers of impending forum downtime and has also let us know that game updates will be available via the launcher application while the launch-day forum restructuring is in progress.

"This is not an end. It's a beginning; the foundation is laid and we will now move forward with the continued development of Black Prophecy after its release," says assistant production manager Chris "Snowcrash" Schutt. While you're waiting to log in -- or stuck at work -- check out our coverage roundup after the cut and get caught up on the biggest Black Prophecy news items from the past few months.

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Black Prophecy throws a European open beta shindig

Betas, Sci-Fi, Free-to-Play, Browser, Black Prophecy

Put up or shut up. Lock and load. Light the fires and kick the tires. Warp speed now, mister!

Whatever phrase gets you in the mood for some good ol' fashioned space dogfighting, dust it off and get it ready for use. Gamigo's announced that Black Prophecy has launched its open beta for European participants.

While Black Prophecy has been in closed beta in both North America and Europe, this new phase of testing represents the first time the game's been available to everyone. In anticipation for the rush to check it out, gamigo's opened two open beta servers in Europe: Kemmura (English) and Shinava (German).

To help new pilots get settled into the war, gamigo's provided a starting guide on the community forums with information about setting up an account, how to play, and how to post bug reports.

With the NDA down and the open beta starting, Black Prophecy's launch hopefully isn't far away. In the meanwhile, check out our first impressions of the game, and let us know what you think when you give it a whirl!

Gamigo buys Black Prophecy, buys into Reakktor Media

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When it comes to free-to-play games, we don't often see the licensing companies buying titles outright. Normally, we're prone to seeing licensing agreements until a game has launched or when two companies have a history of working together quite a lot. Nonetheless, today gamigo proved that it really believes in how much players are going to enjoy its upcoming space dogfighter, Black Prophecy, by buying all rights and trademarks related to the game from Reakktor Media.

The other interesting piece of news is that at the same time as the Black Prophecy acquisition, gamigo also opted to pick up nearly 20% of Reakktor Media. All remaining shares of Reakktor Media remain under the control of the company's CEO, Kirk Lenke, which effectively puts all development control moving forward between Reakktor and gamigo.

If you really don't care about corporate merges and buyouts, then there's still a nugget of news to be gleaned for you. In amongst all the happy congratulations and notes about how this will make things better and easier for the two companies was a note that we should "[look] forward to seeing Black Prophecy go live in the very near future." (Emphasis theirs.) Whether it will simply mark open beta or something more, we'll have to wait and see.

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