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Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy says goodbye today with parties

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Black Prophecy says goodbye today with parties
At the end of last month, Reakktor Media announced that the free-to-play space MMO Black Prophecy would be closing down for good on September 26th. Today, the studio posted a message on its Facebook page reminding players of the goodbye parties and inviting them to join with devs during the game's final hours to send it off into the sunset.

The parties will be held tonight, first on the two EU servers Shinava and Kemmura at 3:00 p.m. EDT (9:00 p.m. PM CEST), and then on the US server Altair at 9:00 p.m. EDT. The servers are scheduled to shut down permanently in the morning.

Black Prophecy schedules shutdown party

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Black Prophecy schedules shutdown party
Black Prophecy is counting down the days until its execution, and chances are the governor is not going to call. With the shutdown of the space MMO scheduled for September 26th, Reakktor Media announced that it will be throwing a Shutdown Party the night before on the 25th.

The studio urged players to "hang out with old friends and the Black Prophecy GMs as we see this ship off on its final voyage" during the fiesta. The party will feature PvP fights and in-game prizes, although those prizes will be short-lived.

The celebration will take place next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. EST on the EU servers and 9:00 p.m. on the NA one. The shutdown will happen at 3:00 a.m. on the following morning.

Black Prophecy closing down on September 26th

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Black Prophecy closing down on September 26th
Apparently Black Prophecy was in the red, as Reakktor Media has posted a closure notice on the free-to-play sci-fi title's official website.

Today marks the last day that players will able to purchase in-game currency, and Black Prophecy will close its doors for good on September 26th. If you've purchased KK$ any time in the past six months, gamigo will be sending you an email credit voucher that may be applied to other titles in its portfolio.

The closure post also mentions upcoming send-off events, and we'll keep you informed on those as we learn more.

[Thanks to Wesley for the tip.]

Gamigo to bring UFO Online and more to Gamescom 2012

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Otherland screenshot
Next month, the eyes of the gaming world will turn toward Cologne, Germany, as developers and fans converge at Gamescom 2012. In preparation, Gamigo has announced the line-up of games it will be presenting at this year's convention. Visitors will be able to try their hands at UFO Online and Jagged Alliance Online in the public area. Folks who can't make it to the convention won't have very long to wait to experience these games for themselves; UFO Online is set for open beta testing on August 23rd, while Jagged Alliance Online is scheduled to leave beta shortly after the convention.

Although not open for public play, Otherland, Grimlands, and Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict will be available for members of the press to dive into. Keep an eye out for impressions on these titles!

[Source: Gamigo press release]

Leaderboard: Free-form space combat vs. on-the-rails shooter

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If mankind's exploration into outer space has taught us anything at this point, it's that sooner or later we're going to need to strap big guns on our bubbles of life support and blast each other out of the cosmos. It's already a prevailing theme among MMOs, with titles like EVE Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Black Prophecy, and Battlestar Galactica Online allowing us to jump forward a few hundred years of technological growth so we can have some space shootin' fun.

As of late there seems to be two camps developing regarding MMO space shooters. With the advent of SWTOR, some are warming up to the cinematic on-the-rails style of its space combat game. Tunnel shooters allow for a more scripted -- and potentially more exciting -- experience, and this type of combat has a long history in single-player games dating back to Starfox and before.

Of course, the other camp just loathes rail shooters, much preferring the ability to fly anywhere one wants and engage in combat on one's own terms. The freedom of this style of space combat appeals to the inner individualist who doesn't want to conform to what everyone else is doing.

In which camp have you struck your tent? Are you for free-form space combat or on-the-rails shooters? Let your vote be heard after the jump!

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Black Prophecy releases Episode 3: Rise of the Boids

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Screenshot -- Black Prophecy
It's been a big week for sci-fi fans, but what about the fans who are less about space-knights and melodrama and more about blowing things into oblivion with big spaceships armed with big guns? Don't worry, gamigo has you covered with Black Prophecy's newest addition, Episode 3: Rise of the Boids. So wtf is a Boid, you may wonder. Well, according to this press release, "the Boids are a robotic race who have been waiting eons for a mysterious, universe-altering event to occur." Ominous.

On the gameplay side of things, Episode 3 raises the level cap to 50 while also adding "new story missions, one new warzone, a new open world sector for players level 40 and up, 11 new job missions and a brand new PvE raid system." That's right, a brand new raid system, which will allow large groups of players to band together to tackle the two newly added raids. And all of this comes with a few tweaks and fixes for various mishaps. For the update's official release trailer, click on past the cut, then head on over to Black Prophecy's official site to get in the game.

[Source: gamigo AG press release]

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Black Prophecy bringing high-end raids with its next major update

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I'm really not sure what is happening right here.  Don't ask me.
Endgame systems take time to develop properly and even more time to balance. But they're still an important element of any game, which is why Black Prophecy is bringing in a major new set of endgame mechanics with its next major content update. Episode 3: Rise of the Boids will feature new raid missions for large groups of players at the level cap, updating the PvE experience with what the developers promise will be "epic" experiences.

Most of the details aren't yet known, as the announcement itself is fairly thin on hard facts, but players will be expected to form groups between eight to ten players in size. The encounters will focus heavily on group mechanics, and if prior experience is any indicator, they should reward players with significant increases in power when completed successfully. If you've gotten a bit tired of Black Prophecy's current PvE endgame, keep your eyes peeled for more details in the coming weeks.

Black Prophecy celebrates World Space Week with bonus events

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Black Prophecy - big explosion, hopefully not from World Space Week
Did you know that it's world space week? Yep, it is, and gamigo is leveraging the occasion to hype its free-to-play Black Prophecy MMORPG. A new company press release has the details, and they boil down to a couple of special events both in and around the space shooter.

First up is an XP boost that grants players a 25% increase on both missions and enemy kills. gamigo is also offering an additional 15% extra cash on all cash shop packet purchases.

Also of note is Black Prophecy's first official expansion. Episode 2: Species War is out now, and you can view an official trailer for the new content after the break.

[Source: gamigo press release]

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Reakktor and gamigo release Black Prophecy tutorial videos

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Black Prophecy - docking tutorial
If you're having trouble sleeping at night, Reakktor and gamigo have a series of new Black Prophecy tutorial videos that just might do the trick. OK, that's mean, but the producers could stand to work on the monotone voiceover that drones throughout the entirety of three separate clips.

Happily, the clips themselves are pretty informative, and they cover interface basics, advanced UI features, and basic game functions. If you're new to MMOs or new to the world of Black Prophecy, it's probably worth spending the 10 minutes required to check them out (and of course you can do so after the break). Just make sure you've got a Red Bull instead of a glass of warm milk.

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Black Prophecy escalates the species war with Episode 2

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Black Prophecy
"The time of peace has ended," gamigo writes in the introduction to the second major content update for Black Prophecy. We weren't under the impression that this was a tranquil game up to this point, but we suppose it's going to get a lot less peaceful with the introduction of warzones.

Episode 2: Species War
takes PvP to a much more intense place, as players will be encouraged to duke it out for the control of strategic locations in space. By pulling up the warzone tab, ship captains can identify where the contested borders are and zip right over to them. Up to 200 players can engage in a single warzone, pursuing multiple objectives with the ultimate goal of capturing the command center. By participating, players will not only earn honor points, but XP and loot as well. Black Prophecy is adding rare blueprints that can be purchased with these honor points.

The update addresses the game balance in several ways, such as equalizing the benefit of shields and hulls. Players will receive a free skill reset because of the changes.

To celebrate Episode 2's release, gamigo is throwing two consecutive bonus PvP XP weeks, from September 21st through October 6th.

Black Prophecy community letter addresses known issues, item shop, and the future

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Screenshot -- Black Prophecy
Hold up just a minute there, space cowboy. Gamigo's Patrick Streppel has released a new community letter, which addresses a few questions and grievances that have been raised by Black Prophecy players.

The letter first takes time to address some known issues with the game. Foremost of said issues is the acknowledgement that with the game's first major content update, many users began to experience large performance issues. Streppel states that fixing these issues is numero uno on the team's priority list but that it "cannot promise immediate improvement" due to the fact that the source of the issue is "spread across several internal game systems."

Next up is the touchy subject of the item shop. Players have long decried the game's cash shop for being too expensive while simultaneously failing to give players an adequate description of what exactly they're spending their money on. In response, the team has lowered item prices and will proceed to alter item descriptions "in order to give [players] a clearer picture of what [they] are actually buying."

The letter then gives players a brief glimpse into the game's future. The next episode of the game features warzones, which are "a brand new PvP experience" allowing players to duke it out with the opposing faction for control of key territories. Conquering these warzones will grant players XP, rewards in the form of exclusive upgrade blueprints, and "greater individual and group powers" for the victorious faction.

For the full letter, which includes further details about the warzone system and more detailed discussions of the game's known issues, click on through the link below to the official forums.

Gamigo celebrates Black Prophecy + Raptr bundle with giveaways

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Screenshot -- Black Prophecy
Gamigo announced today that its free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG Black Prophecy now comes bundled with the gaming-centric IM client Raptr. For those of you not in the know, Raptr is a multi-protocol instant messaging client that allows gamers to keep in touch with their IM friends while in-game, while also allowing players to see what their friends are playing and arrange to join their friends' games.

To commemorate the union of game and IM client, gamigo is hosting a promotion, which is going on now and will end on September 16th, 2011. To participate, players have to scamper over to Black Prophecy's Raptr page, follow it, and leave comments on the stories posted each day. What can players win for their troubles? Well, 20 lucky players will receive an in-game prize pack, which includes a 30-day Character Card, 10 XP bonus consumables, five Concentration Boost consumables, and an in-game Synaptic Impairment Protection II item. Four grand-prize winners will receive all of that plus a top-of-the-line gaming joystick "with a total of over $2000 in gear and in-game items." Who doesn't love free stuff, right? So what are you waiting for? Get on it, space cowboy.

Black Prophecy preps for Episode 2: Species War

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Black Prophecy Episode 2: Species War
Black Prophecy's next patch is upon us: Episode 2: Species War launched on the game's public test server this morning. This patch opens up the Warzone section of the starmap. Warzones are contested areas, and as each faction conquers a zone, bonuses are granted to members of that faction. If a faction controls adjacent warzones, then pilots are awarded experience bonuses as well. Tyi and Genide pilots, all-out PvP is heading your way. Get ready!

The rules for conquering a warzone are simple. Each of these new zones consists of three outposts, a support sector, and a command center. Holding all three outposts simultaneously opens the pathway to the command center. Command centers have nine capture points with one active point at a time. If attackers control all nine points before 20 minutes, then the zone is theirs. However, if the defenders successfully prevent that from happening, they are rewarded for each capture point defended. Players of both factions gain points based on kills within the warzone sector.

Check the the new official screenshots in the gallery below.

Choose My Adventure: No more lightsabers!

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CMA: No More Lightsabers!
As most of readers of my column realize, I love the Star Wars franchise, and I will pretty much play any game if it has that label on it. However, I am not just a Star Wars fan, I am also a big MMO fan. Well, at least I like the idea of MMOs. Ultima Online blew my mind when it came out over a decade ago. I had been glued to my TV and Nintendo until I saw that I could play a game that simulated living in the Ultima universe. Since then I have tried out nearly every major MMO to hit the web since then -- which brings us to today.

Choose My Adventure is a chance for Massively readers to guide one member of the writing staff on an adventure in a game of the readers' choosing. For the next six weeks, I want you to choose my adventure for me. As I mentioned, I have tried nearly every major title in the last decade, but I haven't necessarily spent a lot of time in all of them. After the break, I will describe some of the games that I believe will be great for this task, and you can choose one for me via poll. Then, as a special bonus, on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT I will introduce you to each of the games on Massively's Livestream channel.

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Black Prophecy unveils Space Superstar contest

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Feeling like a Black Prophecy superstar? The recently launched free-to-play space shooter is looking for a few good designers to take advantage of the game's character creation tools. The Space Superstar competition will feature three winners, one each in the categories of coolest, funniest, and most beautiful avatar.

What do you get for your trouble? Immortality (or at least, the MMORPG version of it). Each category champ will have their character entered as the new preset in Black Prophecy's character creator. The contest kicked off yesterday and it runs through Wednesday, August 3rd, so what the frak are you waiting for?

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