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Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online launches private 1v1 battles

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Bigpoint broke all the conventional rules when creating Battlestar Galactica Online as a browser-based MMO. Now, the developers are continuing to improve on this unique title by giving players the ability to challenge other players in PvP matches. These instanced matches can be 1v1 duels or ranked dogfights with members of the same or opposite faction, adding a little bit more excitement in the search for Earth.

If you're into PvP for the pure sport of it, you can duel any consenting player of any faction, rating, ship size, or class in a private 1v1 match. However, if your into the rewards or you want to prove that you are indeed the best, join in the ranked matches. The game's matchmaking system pairs up players of similar arena rating, ship size, and class in their own private portion of space for a battle to the death. The top 100 on the Top Gun Leaderboard will be recognized with a special icon above the pilot and ship name.

And when you're playing BSGO with the three million other registered players, check out the two new star systems in the Veil Sector: Nilfhel and Muspell. These two areas contain high-level NPCs for you and your allies to conquer.

For more information, visit the official website, or better yet, just play the game. It's free!

Bigpoint and Mail.Ru partnering for global distribution deal

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Bigpoint and Mail.Ru Group have just announced a corporate partnership that aims to bring titles from each publisher to new prospective markets. Bigpoint, a browser MMO specialist most famous for its free-to-play Battlestar Galactica title, will bring its games to Mail.Ru's Russian-speaking audience via the latter's existing portal delivery service.

Similarly, Bigpoint users will find Mail.Ru titles like GodsWar Online accessible via the Bigpoint website. Bigpoint games will also be making their way to Mail.Ru's Odnoklassniki and My World social networking services.

"As successful browser-game providers, Bigpoint.com and Mail.Ru are a match made in heaven. We're happy to expand both our game portfolio and our international network of partners at the same time," said Bigpoint CEO Nils Holger Henning in a recent press release.

The MMO Report: Casey says frak edition

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This week's MMO Report is all about Casey's ego. Not one shred of MMO news bullied its way onto the show this week, unless you count a story about Battlestar Galactica Online reaching two million subscribers as news. OK, maybe you can count Age of Conan going free-to-play, or maybe the newest Minecraft update is technically news. Perhaps Perfect World Entertainment buying Cryptic Studios would be considered news, too. But let's not forget: The MMO Report is really about Uncle Casey's Mail Bag. So that is exactly what will fill the rest of this post.

The Mail Bag this week is all about love, love, and memes. Fans share their love for each other, love for Casey, and love for Morgan Webb. Yes, she's been gone for two weeks, but apparently Casey's manly smell has not ousted the memory of the time Morgan hosted the MMO Report. One fan has not forgotten; he was so inspired that he created a meme about it just to show how much he cared.

Jump past the break if you are interested in catching a glimpse of Casey Schreiner's ego. We have the full video ready to go. Maybe you will catch the news that we missed while staring at Casey's incredible beard.

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Bigpoint announces two million player mark for Battlestar Galactica Online

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Bigpoint announced today that its sci-fi MMOG Battlestar Galactica Online, based on the immensely popular Syfy series of the same name, has reached two million registered players in its first three months of service. The free-to-play game has been under constant construction since its launch, with the addition of new ships for both the Colonial and Cylon factions, the introduction of the Merit system (which "enables the purchase of high-value items like nuclear missiles"), and even the ability for players to pilot their factions' trademark capital ships.

What's next for BSGO? Rob Ollett, managing director at Bigpoint International, has this to say: "With BSGO continuing to achieve new benchmarks and receive such a strong positive response from the fans, we're excited to take its development to the next level. At just three-months in we're at a point now where we can shift the majority of our attention to adding new content and addressing the community's wish list."

To join the exciting, paranoia-fueled (ohgodohgodohgod who's a Cylon!?) universe of Battlestar Galactica Online, head on over to the official site.

One Shots: Battlestar Galactica Online

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Today's One Shots illustrates something that the MMO world is learning pretty quickly: You can find great-looking games right in your browser window. Dezmo has been enjoying Battlestar Galactica Online:
Dezmo here, checking in from the Beta Antini System. If you haven't had a chance to check out Bigpoint's browser based space game, it would be a great idea if you did. Behind me is a human outpost ship, one of the many moons and the blazing light from a star. My Rhino is in the foreground. It's quite a hearty little ship. Off to make some Cylons pay!
Sci-fi week continues tomorrow: Are you loving Perpetuum? Immersed in Battlestar Galactica Online? Beta testing Black Prophecy? Let your favorite sci-fi game strut its stuff this week by sending a great screenshot to us at oneshots@massively.com. Include your your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing, and we'll post it up and give you the thanks!

Controlling share in Bigpoint purchased for $350 million

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The prolific MMO developer Bigpoint is answering to couple of new bosses today. According to Gamasutra, Summit Partners and TA Associates have banded together to heavily invest in the company -- and by doing so, to take a controlling share in Bigpoint. The two firms, which are now on the board of directors, have jointly invested $350 million into Bigpoint. These funds will recapitalize the studio and expand its presence worldwide.

Bigpoint founder and CEO Heiko Hubertz, who controls 30 percent of the company, appears optimistic: "The investment by TA Associates and Summit Partners is a validation of Bigpoint's leadership position within the gaming industry, and will give us a huge boost toward becoming one of the most successful gaming companies worldwide."

Bigpoint has a wide portfolio of titles including Battlestar Galactica Online, DarkOrbit, and the upcoming Drakensang Online.

The MMO Report: Scorpion Lobster Battle edition

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Today's MMO Report is all about League of Legends, the amazing arena-based... what? Never mind -- Casey's not talking about League of Legends, just to spite "some guy." Well, there goes the whole show. I guess if you want to hear about how RIFT messed up its first ever event, then he might talk about that game. The newly announced class for The Secret World made the show. Somehow some silly race from Guild Wars 2 known as the Charr was good enough for Casey to cover. It seems the only redeeming factor of the show is a crazy Scorpion Lobster Battle sent in by a watcher. (Don't ask.)

Anyway, if you really want to catch the latest episode of the MMO Report despite the lack of League of Legends talk, jump past the break or hop over to G4TV to see Casey Schreiner in his full high-def glory.

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Battlestar Galactica Online passes one million player milestone

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Bigpoint's browser-based Battlestar Galactica Online is a certifiable hit according to a new press release touting the fact that the title recently surpassed one million registered players. The milestone comes a scant six weeks after the launch of BSGO's open beta period and dovetails nicely with the news that the game is getting an engine upgrade as well as new ship content.

"There is always a risk when you translate a well-known IP into another medium. We built what we believed was a recipe for success; a fantastic gaming experience inspired by an iconic show, with the added benefit of being a free-to-play title," explains Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz.

Head to the official Battlestar Galactica Online website for more info on the game and the new upgrades.

Battlestar Galactia Online gets a face-lift and more

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Battlestar Galactica Online has already made headway in the MMO community because of its quality, yet it is completely playable in-browser. In an announcement today, the team at Bigpoint decided to give the players a taste of what is to come in the next update -- and it's all about rewards.

First up, the developers apologized for taking so long with the update; the delay is due to their upgrades to the Unity engine. In the update blog released today, they said, "This was a big step forwards for the game, and Battlestar Galactica Online is now better looking, smoother and more stable than ever before." Unfortunately, as a result of all the time spent on upgrades, not all the big bugs have been addressed, but the team promises to get right on those.

So what was implemented? Merits are the PvP currency for BSGO, and with them you can buy either the Viper Mk VII or the Cylon War Raider. You can also gain the much-desired ability to command a Battlestar or Basestar. Secondly, you may now exchange water for cubits. The team is certain this one will be a hit among players. Lastly, rewards such as XP and loot have been scaled according to player level: higher-level players will now receive fewer rewards for low-level "easy" kills.

For the full story, jump to the developer update on the official website.

Bigpoint says Battlestar Galactica Online's launch is company's best ever

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Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica Online is a major hit according to company CCO Nils-Holger Henning. In a new interview at GamesIndustry.biz, Henning relates how BSGO feedback has given developers and executives a read on community reaction to the free-to-play title. "The feedback we've had, the activity inside of the game -- from the user behavior -- shows us that we're building one of the next blockbusters in Bigpoint's portfolio."

What exactly does that mean? Henning defines a Bigpoint blockbuster as having potential revenues of over 1 million GBP (approximately 1.626 million USD) per month.

Henning chalks up BSGO's success to the recognizable brand and the sizable fan base associated with it, as well as the company's efforts to play up the advancements in browser technology. "We've been working with games-related websites more, going for the hardcore gamers, and showing them what's now possible in the browser," he explains. Finally, he cites BSG producer Ronald Moore's involvement as a positive and explains how Moore's stamp of approval allowed Bigpoint to "stay close to the series."

Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica Online just the beginning of its master plan

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In the Battlestar Galactica TV reimagining, the Cylons were infamous for having an overarching plan for their domination of the galaxy. Likewise, Bigpoint's plan for the newly-launched Battlestar Galactica Online is far more than it might first appear. For starters, the SyFy channel -- which is hosting the game on its website -- plans to aggressively run commercials promoting BSGO to the public.

According to Gamasutra, Bigpoint itself is in a state of rapid growth with the recent acquisition of the former employees of Planet Moon for its relatively new San Francisco office. This newly combined workforce numbers over 80, and CEO Heiko Hubertz has them all mostly working on two major IPs: "We didn't acquire the company; we just took over the employees. So almost 40 of them are now working for us, and they're working mainly on Battlestar and The Mummy."

Bigpoint's plan to tackle the North American market diverges from its European strategy by focusing on high-quality, multi-million dollar budget browser titles -- and so far, it's paid off, as the company is in the black. Hubertz thinks this was a smart move: "It was very quick -- the decision, 'Okay, if we want to be successful in the U.S., we have to change our thinking about this industry.' And that's the reason why we developed games here in the U.S., that's the reason why we picked a technology like Unity to develop games of high quality."

You can read up on Bigpoint's plan over at Gamasutra, and don't forget to check out our first impressions of Battlestar Galactica Online.

Bigpoint launches Battlestar Galactica Online

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SyFy's Battlestar Galactica odyssey may have ended, but Bigpoint's MMO adaptation of the beloved reboot has just begun. The free-to-play game maker has announced the official launch of Battlestar Galactica Online, a browser-based title set during the latter half of the TV show's second season.

Players can choose to fight for either the Cylons or the Colonials, as both fleets are stranded in uncharted space and in need of repairs and critical supplies. This leads into a contest for nearby resources that involves space combat, exploration, and mission-based play as well as ship unlocks, customization, and market features.

Bigpoint has also made use of assets from the television series including the seminal Bear McCreary musical score and the instantly recognizable ship models. How does all this hold up in a browser game? Pretty well, according to Bigpoint. "We are confident that a new standard has been achieved -- no longer should browser games be considered sub-par to their console or PC-installed counterparts," says CEO Heiko Hubertz.

Battlestar Galactica gets an open beta date

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Are you ready to step into the world of Battlestar Galactica Online and have a frakkin' good time blowing Cylons into the next century? Perhaps you're more the type of person who feels a certain affinity with the toaster-people and instead would prefer to play on the side of the Cylons themselves? Whatever the case, if you've been waiting for Bigpoint Games' upcoming free-to-play SyFy Channel space dogfighter, then you're in luck. According to a post by Husker on the Battlestar Galactica Online forums, the game's open beta is right around the corner: February 8th, to be exact!

Initially, three servers will be launched for open beta: Caprica for the U.S. West coast, Scorpia for the U.S. East coast, and Tauron for players located in the EU. However, all players will be expected to use English in common chat channels, even on the EU server. The only exception is in Squad and Wing chat, which is left up to players. Any other language used in open channels will cause you to be ganked with a GM banhammer and be sent to appeal on the forums. Bigpoint also states that if more servers are needed, the company will be adjusting accordingly. In the meantime, you can check out Beau's First Impressions of the game or watch the red-hot trailer Bigpoint just released to get an idea of what this very ambitious Unity-engine-based game will be like.

Battlestar Galactica fires up its FTLs for an in-game trailer

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In December of 2003, the SciFi Network (now Syfy) launched a hugely successful re-imagining of the '70s space-opera Battlestar Galactica. Early last year, Bigpoint announced it had procured the license to make a browser-based MMOG set in the same re-imagined universe. Today, we have the first-ever in-game trailer for Battlestar Galactica Online. The press release states that this game is "one of the most ambitious browser-games ever developed," and the trailer features the in-game footage of Cylon Raiders and Colonial Vipers facing off against the Galactica and Basestars. We also get a taste of what actual combat will feel like, with Bear McCreary's musical score as a emotional backdrop. Catch the full, exciting trailer after the break.

Beta applications are being accepted on the game's website, open beta begins sometime soon in Q1, and launch will be shortly after that. When the game launches in the United States, it will be available only through Syfy.com. Stay tuned here for more information. So say we all!

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First Impressions: Battlestar Galactica Online

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There's a pretty universal rule among MMORPG players, although many of them are not aware of it: "Never, ever play a human, an elf, or the 'good side' unless you have no choice. Even then, improvise." I try to follow this rule to the letter. Even when I am asked to try out, preview, or generally mess around with the greatest new game in all of history, I try to avoid playing the good guys. So when I was asked if I could take a look at Battlestar Galactice Online by Bigpoint, I knew exactly what to do.

While I much prefer the older Cylon look and feel (bulkier, rounder ships), and while I did not find myself glued to the TV set to tune into the latter incarnation of the campy series, I did absolutely love how the newer writers and special-effects masters made the space dog-fighting look. It felt, well, real to me. Would I feel the same way about combat inside my browser? What about my character -- how would he feel while walking around inside a station or base?

Follow me past the cut to see what I found.

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