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Celebrate Aika's first birthday with a gift from Massively!

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Aika has been around for one year, and the developers are celebrating in style by teaming up with Massively to give our readers a birthday present!

We've got 1,000 gift packages, each containing 10 Potions of Arcane Defense, 10 Potions of Destruction, and one new premium item: a Stat Potion Box.

To pick up a gift package for yourself, simply visit our giveaway page to claim a coupon code. Then log in to your gPotato account (or create one if you haven't). On the billing page, select "gPotato coupon" under Pin Code Redemption and enter your code.

Once you've entered the code, you're all set to enjoy your Aika one year anniversary gift package!


Aika Online opens its doors to Europe

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European players rejoice! Aika Online is officially throwing open its doors to the old world with today's "Europe, We're Up" celebratory kickoff. The week-long festivities include double experience and a contest that gives players the opportunity to snag $10,000 in prizes. Logging into Aika also makes you eligible to receive powerful premium items like 3x and 4x experience scrolls.

Today's update also sees a new dungeon introduced to the game. The Prison Despero will test the mettle of Aika's elite players and offers a chance to earn a new level 70 armor set.

Aika is a fantasy MMORPG from the creators of Neo Steam. The game features five warring nations vying for control over the world of Arcan and its massive castles, priceless relics, and various battlegrounds.

Aika Online invades Europe on February 17th

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Big things are happening in the world of Aika Online. Late last year, the title released its second expansion, and today the devs have announced a real-world expansion of sorts.The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG centered around multinational conflict is forging into the European market on February 17th, and gPotato is hosting a smattering of celebratory events to mark the occasion. Chief among them is the "Europe, We're Up" double XP promotion, in addition to a login event that gives players the opportunity to win $10,000 in prizes as well as unique in-game loot.

Aika pits five nations against each other in a neverending struggle for control of Arcan. Castle sieges, relic thefts, and customized battlegrounds are a few of the features players can take advantage of while waging large-scale warfare sans a monthly subscription fee.

Aika introduces scaling instances for players

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Irregular schedules are the bane of group content. When you can't know when you'll log in or how long you'll be online at a stretch, it's really hard to make plans that involve getting other people together, and that's assuming that the content in question isn't an hour of continuous play. So Aika's latest addition should be a welcome change to players -- the development team has changed all of the game's instances to scale according to group size.

Scaled-down dungeons operate under a few restrictions, none of which are terribly restrictive -- players will have a slightly lowered drop rate for items when in a smaller group, to compensate for the lowered difficulty. Although some comments in response allege that the difficulty is still tuned a bit high or low in certain spots, it's a welcome change that's been requested in several games over the years. So if you can't get a half-dozen people together in Aika for a simple run, you don't have to keep looking -- you can just go.

Aika Online's Last Bastion expansion now live

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The world of Aika Online just got a bit bigger, as Gala-Net and gPotato have announced that the game's second expansion is now live. The update, titled The Last Bastion, increases the level cap from 60 to 70 and allows players to explore the creature-covered swamplands of Termiz.

The Last Bastion also features over 100 new quests through which players will uncover the story of Termiz and assist in preventing the Dark Legion from further damaging the region. Aika boasts six player classes, five nations fighting for territorial control via castle sieges, relic thefts, and custom battlegrounds, as well as considerable PvE options. You can learn more about the game, and the new expansion, at the official website. Also be sure and have a look through our expansion screenshot gallery below.

Get ready for Halloween in Aika with our Pran costume giveaway!

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Halloween is almost upon us, bringing tricks, treats, and costumes in most MMOs.

Aika is no exception -- the game's charming little Pran sidekicks are just as anxious to enjoy the festivities as any player, so gPotato has made arrangements for them to do just that. We have 1,000 Pran Halloween costume packages to share with you guys. Each package contains a rare Spooky Mask, a set of Skeleton Wings and Headband, all of which will last for 20 days -- plenty of time for your Pran to celebrate the spooky season. To top it off, the package also includes an Enriched Rubicine Extract.

You have until November 27th to get your code, so head to our giveaway page to get your Pran outfitted for Halloween!

Aika expands enemy loot list to include NVidia video cards [Updated]

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If there are two things that MMO players love, those things would probably be killing enemies and getting prizes. (The third would be cheesecake of either variety.) Aika seems keen to capitalize on this, and the game is running a promotion for players through the 13th of the month allowing those two passions to combine into one. For the duration of the event, every time you kill a monster, you have a chance of winning a brand-new graphics card from NVidia.

The system for entry is simple. Any enemy fought within your level range will drop a token, which can produce one of two items. The first is an NVidia box which includes useful in-game items and certainly is nothing to sneeze at. The second is a raffle ticket, which automatically puts you in the drawing for one of the graphics cards, with more tickets meaning a better chance of winning a card. Aika players are also given a special page to track their entries, something that will no doubt become quite frequent as the event marches on.

[Update: We've changed up the graphic with the most current one per the folks at gPotato. Note, the event runs through the 13th, not the 18th!]

Aika's latest dungeon is for the birds

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It's been fairly quiet in terms of Aika news following the game's first major expansion, but the free-to-play game has just received a major update in the form of the Kynari Aviary. Concluding the story from the expansion of the Kynari civil war, the Aviary is the lynchpin of several story seeds and quests that lead players to challenge the malefactor of the Kynari people, Darkrane. He awaits within the dungeon, complete with new rewards and items for players of all skill levels.

The dungeon features three difficulties -- Normal, Hard, and Elite, with the higher difficulties offering better spoils from the battle. It's also filled with high-end crafting materials, with Normal difficulty dropping a large amount of needed materials and Elite difficulty dropping one-of-a-kind recipes for some of the most powerful items in the game. Aika players can begin heading through the dungeon now, assuming that they've hit the level cap and have five friends willing to brave the Aviary.

Log into Aika, win fantastic prizes

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If you're one of the lucky souls who doesn't need to work over the summer, or just a discerning player with an eye toward conserving your online time, there are a lot of games clamoring for your attention. Aika's newest event is hoping to entice players with a fairly routine but no less efficient approach: the team is offering players prizes. And all you have to do as a player to earn them is to show up for at least an hour a day.

From August 5th until September 8th, players will be automatically granted rewards after logging in for at least one hour. Tears of Aika are the most common reward, with special prizes coming at each five-day interval. Players who manage to log in for an hour a day over the full run of the event will also be entered into a drawing for several powerful in-game rewards. It's not a bad spread for just showing up, so take a look at the full list of rewards, check the FAQ, and start setting aside some time for your Aika characters.

Aika's lead nation system kicks in without warning

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With all of the major updates in Aika's first free expansion, Ashes of Betrayal, it might have been easy to miss the inclusion of an underdog system designed to help the lowest-ranked nation in the game's overarching PvP system. What the development team didn't discuss at the time was the other half of the system -- a mechanic to ensure that the lead nation wouldn't have nearly as much dominance over its opponents. That system was rather forcibly demonstrated to players over the weekend, with a post going live explaining exactly what the system is and how it works.

The short version is that when a nation is determined (via automatic processes) to be in the lead, it is no longer capable of forming alliances and is kicked out of any existing alliances. This has met with some resistance from Aika's players both in the news post and in threads on the official forums, as it essentially broke an alliance without warning or any explanation at the time. Some players are viewing the penalties to an arbitrarily determined "lead nation" as crippling a nation while splitting friendly nations apart forcibly. Even if the system itself provides an interesting balance mechanic, it's still leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the game's players, especially in light of earlier incidents when information wasn't immediately available.

Ashes of Betrayal goes live for Aika

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After having run previews quite steadily, the first Aika expansion, Ashes of Betrayal, has been released today. As could be expected with a free-to-play game, the expansion itself is free, and it contains a large amount of new content to keep players engaged. Whether you look forward to pushing to level 60, expanding your PvP gameplay, or exploring the story of the Kynari civil war, players will get their hands on all the improvements today.

If the simple addition of the expansion isn't enough to get you excited about playing Aika, the community team is running a number of events to get people involved with the expansion, ranging from a race to the new level cap to an actual footrace. Really. A naked level 1 character footrace to one of the new areas. We've also been gifted with a few more screenshots of the expansion in action, so take a look at the gallery and go enjoy the new content.

Tell us what you like about Aika Online, and win a video card courtesy of Massively and Gala-Net!

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This video card is an uncivilized beast. Minutes within entering my home, it had the audacity not only to spill packing peanuts everywhere from the box it came in, but also to steal my Aika Online snuggie!

It's a good thing we're giving this video card away in celebration of Aika's latest expansion, Ashes of Betrayal! Otherwise, it would be a bitter battle to retrieve my Aika snuggie. Darn video card already bit me twice with its two nasty fans!

So, please, help a Sera out and win this video card. I'd like it out of my house before it realizes where my secret stash of cookies is. Details are after the break, so please, come along and enter this contest! No! Bad video card! Stop biting the futon!

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Aika previews two more class evolutions

Fantasy, Classes, Expansions, Previews, News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

With the June 17th date now firmly set, Aika fans can look forward to the full experience of the game's first expansion in less than a week. But there's still more to preview, and while we heard some of the details in our recent interview with the team, they've still got more up their sleeve. The most recent preview on the official site details the new evolutions for the Arcanist and Saint classes, which are receiving notable upgrades along with their fellow classes under the expanded level cap.

The Arcanist will be receiving Calamity, a damage-over-time spell that has a long range and a movement-slowing effect to help snare and finish targets in both PvP and PvE. With a five-minute cooldown, however, the spell needs to be used carefully for maximum effectiveness.. The Saint, on the other hand, will be giving massive benefits to allies via Aika's Grace, restoring a large amount of HP and MP while making the target temporarily invulnerable. Read all about the new evolutions, as well as a recap on the nation balance mechanics discussed in yesterday's interview, on the official site.

Exclusive: Aika's Ashes of Betrayal interview

Betas, Expansions, Interviews, Free-to-Play, Interviews (Massively's), Aika

We're sure we're not alone in counting the days until Aika's impending expansion is finally upon us. The Ashes of Betrayal expansion is due out in North America on June 17th and promises to be packed with goodies like new class evolutions, new armor, new questing zones, new level caps, and new hotspots for relic wars. We were fortunate to land an interview with the Aika team at gPotato, who tackled such topics as Aika's perpetual beta status, the cash shop, the new Ashwood zone, the recently released Aitan Arena, the upcoming mega-dungeon, and the future of the adorably creepy fairy familiar Prans. The team even mentioned a few of their planned promotional contests -- do you want to win an iPad for playing Aika? Yes, yes you do.

Join Massively past the cut as gPotato previews what's in store for us in Ashes of Betrayal -- and beyond!

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New temple and class evolutions previewed for Aika's expansion

Fantasy, Classes, Expansions, Previews, PvP, Free-to-Play, Aika

The countdown to Aika's first expansion is growing shorter and shorter, so it's only fitting that we're getting more information coming about the upcoming changes to the game. We've heard about Darkrane Forest, but not about the adjacent region, Ashwood. That forest contains something very special in the game's PvP-centric equation: a fourth temple to be fought over for control, guarded by the vicious Kynari under Darkrane's command. Considering that struggles over the three current temples form the basis for the nation wars, the addition of a fourth should be quite a change in the strategic face of the game.

We've also gotten a preview of the next evolution of the Dual Gunner and Rifleman classes, dubbed the Pistoleer and the Sniper respectively. Snipers will gain the new Predator ability, allowing them to return to stealth after attacking to help them plan new ambushes and avoid counterattacks. Pistoleers, on the other hand, will gain the new Bloody Rose skill that allows them to turn all of their pistol attacks into splash-damage area abilities -- just the thing for being surrounded by enemies. Check out the new armor and some images of the new temple area in our gallery below, and get ready for Aika's first expansion on June 17th!

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