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Aika Online adds dueling and offers special holiday events

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Aika Online adds dueling and special holiday events
While folks were enjoying the family, friends, and food of Thanksgiving, gPotato was launching a new update in Aika Online. Now, on top of the tower assaults, castle sieges, and general waging war, players can battle each other 1v1 in the fantasy game's new dueling system. Wondering what gear your opponents -- or allies -- are using? Check out the new player inspection tool. Other features added include auto-follow, auto-move, and color-coordinated quest markers.

Besides the new features, Aika Online is also hosting a series of special events in-game. From now through November 28th, mobs will drop special boxes full of goodies and PvP kills will grant double the honor. Players can also get a complimentary item each day until December 14th just for logging in. To top all that off, experience is tripled until November 26th. So jump on in, grab your free stuff, and soak up the XP while trying out the new features. And don't forget to check out the Black Friday deals for more special Aika Online bonuses this weekend!

[Source: gPotato press release]

Aika's Epic III: Descent update raises level cap, adds training grounds

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Aika - Epic III: Descent artwork
It wasn't too long ago that gPotato released Aika's Epic II Saga content patch. It's already time for Epic III, though, and the new chapter is sub-titled Descent. Why's that, we wondered? Well, because Aika's human warriors will "descend to the planet and take on the demons who forced them to flee their homes long ago," according to gPotato's latest PR drop.

What does that mean in gameplay terms? Basically a level cap increase (to 85), a revamped Aitan Arena, and a new training ground area designed to push players to their limits. More details are available at the official Epic III: Descent website.

[Source: gPotato press release]

Aika Online giving away Razer gaming peripherals

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Aika Online - bribing you with Razer Tiamats since 2012
Want a free Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround-sound headset? How about a Razer Lycosa keyboard? Does a Razer Death Adder mouse tickle your fancy?

Aika Online has teamed up with Razer to give 15 players of the free-to-play fantasy MMO a chance to walk away with some slick new gaming peripherals, and all you have to do is loot the most Razer tokens. This is easier said than done, though, as would-be winners "must charge into the lairs of vile monsters" spread throughout the lands of Aika in order to loot the tokens.

The player with the most tokens will take home the Tiamat (billed as the world's first true surround-sound headset), while four second-place finishers get the keyboard. Last but not least, 10 third-place contestants will grab a mouse for their trouble. You can read more about the contest event at the official Aika website.

GDC 2012: gPotato showcases Allods, Aika, Sevencore, and Eternal Blade

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If you're wondering what gPotato has been up to lately, the answer is, lots! At GDC, gPotato reps showed off not one but four titles, two of which are brand-new and on their way to beta. For Allods and Aika fans, there was plenty of news about the new game updates. Meanwhile, gPotato put on demos for Sevencore and Eternal Blade, which are both in production and are being prepped for release sometime later this year. Read on for a hands-on look at each of these titles!

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Massively Speaking Episode 191: GDC Thursday

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Tribes Ascend
Massively Speaking Episode 191 is the last stand of the Massively GDC crew as they bravely recall their final experiences at the convention for you and their loved ones to cherish. It's been a whirlwind of a week, but many of the studios saved the best for last -- and we've got the scoop!

Have a comment for the podcasters? Shoot an email to podcast@massively.com. We may just read your email on the air!

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Read below the cut for the full show notes.

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Aika releases dragons, Epic II Saga: Hestia content

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Aika - the city of Hestia
If you've been waiting for the conclusion of Aika's Epic II Saga, your wait is over. The Hestia content patch is going live on gPotato's servers today, and it's bringing with it a significant amount of new content.

Two new level-80 raids are in the mix, and there are challenges aplenty in the Hestian city of Drago (so-named because it's built "within the coiled body of a sleeping dragon"). Squads of players may take missions from Hestia and set out on epic adventures to reclaim the holy cities of Aquados and Tyriantor, which have been occupied by the vile Zereca.

gPotato says that the Aquados catacombs are also home to a water dragon named Reagor, and he and his minions require the services of 24 skilled (and high-level) players. There's also an undead dragon named Dariadra, and he loves to reanimate holy soldiers and bend them to his nefarious will as he squats over the Tyriantor keep. More info -- as well as the client download -- is available at the official Aika website.

Aika prepares for battle on March 8th with Epic II: Hestia

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Aika players may have seen strife and war, but they may be unprepared for the sheer magnitude of devastation heading their way. On March 8th, the game will receive its latest major update, Epic II: Hestia, and the world will never be the same again.

Epic II: Hestia is a top-heavy expansion for the game, bringing plenty to see and do for level-capped players. It will be be adding not only several new regions to the game but 24-person level-80 raids and a half-dozen additional gear sets as well.

To assist players in preparing for the epic (II) conflict, gPotato is giving all players level 60 and below a 50% XP boost so that they can get into the endgame by the time March 8th rolls around. You can check out a few screenshots from the upcoming expansion below!

[Source: gPotato press release]

Gallery: Aika Epic II

Aika's Epic II: Karena goes live, brings final Pran evolution

Fantasy, Galleries, Screenshots, Patches, News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

Aika's Epic II: Karena hit the live servers today, and players are in for a nice surprise along with the previously announced content. Prans -- the players' wee little fairy companions -- will finally be able to reach adulthood, which will grant each Pran two new powerful abilities as well as a stylin' fashion sense (complete with shutter-shades!). And this final transformation happens not a second too soon, as players will need the additional help from their Prans in order to defend the isle of Karena from the evil Zereca. To get in on the new Epic, head on over to Aika's official site, and check out the gallery below for some new shots of the Prans' final forms.

[Source: gPotato press release]

Gallery: Aika Epic II

Aika's Epic II: Karena coming November 17th

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Screenshot -- Aika Epic II: Karena
Aika players have a few new treats heading their way on November 17th, as the game will be receiving a new update known as Epic II: Karena. Karena advances the game's story, providing more details on the war between Aika's nations and their enemy the Zereca. It also brings several new game features, such as the eponymous island of Karena. PvP players will find something to love as well, as the Traband's Tower Wars have been updated with a new resource system. To top it all off, the game is introducing a new PvF system. What is PvF, you ask? Player vs. Fish, of course. Players can fish up a variety of aquatic creatures and have them cooked into delicious, buff-granting dishes. To join the fun, head on over to Aika's official site.

[Source: Gala-Net press release]

Double the epic: Aika's Epic II: Exodus goes live

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Screenshot - Aika, Epic II: Exodus
Aika, gPotato's free-to-play MMORPG, just got a lot more epic, as the game's Epic II: Exodus just arrived. The latest chapter brings a heapin' helpin' of new content to the game, including new zones, new instances, new loot, and perhaps most importantly, new things to kill.

The story of Epic II sees players fleeing from the current world to the island of Traband. The local tribes, however, are none too happy about that and rise up against the players, and the treacherous Dark Legion is behind it all. Players, of course, will have to put a stop to the Legion's nefarious practices.

In order to do just that, players will have to take advantage of the increased level cap, which now sits pretty at level 75. Players will also be able to take part in Aika's signature 1000 vs. 1000 PvP battles in order to vie for control of Traband's mystic towers. Control of the towers provides a player's nation with immunity from the harsh conditions of the island as well as granting access to an additional area. Lastly, players will have access to a new dungeon known as Lycan's Cave. This labyrinthine cavern system provides players with the choice of which path to take, with different bosses awaiting them at the end of each route. What other challenges await players on the island of Traband? Well, there's only one way to find out.

Aika's Epic II: Exodus expansion debuts August 11th

Fantasy, Expansions, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, Patches, News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

Next week is a big one for fans of Aika Online, as the free-to-play fantasy title will be rolling out its first expansion. The patch is called Epic II: Exodus, and judging by the amount of new content in gPotato's latest press blurb, epic is an apt descriptor.

Aika players are getting a new zone, a level cap increase (to 75), new mounts, and a few choice pre-launch bonus events. These include triple (yes, triple) XP and play-for-rewards summer events which offer a laundry list of cool prizes just for logging in. As for the new zone, Traband was formerly a temperate and beautiful island but is now a frozen wasteland "where only the most bloodthirsty beasts survive." That's OK, though, because what self-respecting MMO adventurer wants to hang out in a tropical safe zone bereft of killable monsters?

The Aika website has more details on Epic II, and you'll also find the client download front and center on the new splash page.

Time to party for AIKA's first birthday

Fantasy, Events (In-Game), News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

Wish AIKA a happy birthday, because it's turning one year old this month! To celebrate the occasion, T3fun is hosting a plethora of exciting events for AIKA players. For starters, all players will receive double experience for the entire month of August, making it the perfect time to grind out those levels you need.

Also on the calendar is the "WAR is Back" event, in which players "kill hostile characters and get rewarded with whatever is behind the W, A and R medals left behind." For the PvP-inclined, every Wednesday and Saturday the team will host a King of Ka-Hill PvP match, which pits two teams of 24 against one another in a struggle for control. And finally, there's the Run for Glory. On August 19th and 26th, each nation's Lord Marshall will be granted access to a special Invader account containing an extremely powerful Paladin. The Invader must run through an opposing nation with the objective of reaching that nation's Regenshein. It's up to members of that nation to ensure that his job isn't an easy one.

The events are going on all month, so jump in and join the festivities.

Aika Online's Epic II expansion launching in August

Fantasy, Expansions, Game Mechanics, MMO Industry, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

gPotato has published a new press release for Aika Online, and the free-to-play fantasy title's largest expansion to date is being prepped for an August launch. Epic II adds a new campaign to Aika alongside new weapons, armor, skills, skins, and a new zone.

Players will journey to the island of Traband to battle dozens of new mobs, partake of over 100 new quests, and level their characters from 70 to 75 courtesy of the cap increase. If that's not enough, Epic II boasts a new PvP system that ignores alliances and focuses on tower control by the game's various nations.

Aika players will also be treated to an XP bonus for the remainder of June, while July will feature various bonus events designed to bring everyone up to speed for the expansion. More info on these events is forthcoming, and in the meantime you can learn more about Aika at gpotato's official website.

AIKA Global gearing up for nation merge, in-game events

Fantasy, Events (In-Game), MMO Industry, News Items, Free-to-Play, Aika

AIKA's plans for global domination are ramping up in the month of May. The free-to-play fantasy title now features four major in-game events, and a new press release hints at "exciting new game and website updates" to be revealed.

First up is the month-long Nation Wars II event in which AIKA's nation-states transform into all out war zones. Four players from each nation will represent their homelands on the Lord Marshall Alliance, and national armies will be able to march on enemy territory for fun and profit.

Next up is the Legionaires of May event in which participants compete to level new characters from 10 to 50 as swiftly as possible. The first five legions to complete the requirements by May 31st will snag a prize pack. The final two events, A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed and Auction House, span the entire month. Specifics for each will be given in-game during the lead-up to the event. Finally, AIKA Global is introducing an offline mailing system as well as a nation merge that will have a major impact on the game's political landscape. Head to the official AIKA website and read all about the coming changes.

Win in-game currency from Aika Global and Massively!

Fantasy, Contests, Free-to-Play, Giveaways, Aika

If you're a player -- or a potential player -- of Aika Global, our latest giveaway is going to make your day. T3fun has shared a hefty pile of TCoins for Aika with us, and as always, we're passing them on to you.

We've got six prizes: one grand prize of $30 in TCoins, two second-place prizes of $20 in TCoins, and three third-place prizes of $10 of TCoins. If you're a veteran Aika player, any one of these prizes should clear an impressive chunk of your item shop wish list, and if you're brand-new to the game, you can start your character off in style!

All you have to do to enter is have a T3fun account and leave a comment here by Wednesday, May 4th at noon EDT. Tell us what you love most about Aika, and we'll choose six winners at random on Wednesday. Check our contest rules for eligibility -- best of luck!


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