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Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu previews new school abilities after server merge

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Yeah, the spectral head thing, I know.  You showed me, Wan Xiu.  Very impressive.  I'm sure that was totally worth abandoning your family.  Your daughter weeps furiously every night, but that'll fix things right up.  Great job.
The fifth inner skills for each of the eight schools are arriving in the next Age of Wushu update, and if you're a player, you'd probably like to know what they do, wouldn't you? I mean, one of them might instantly kill everything in a seven-meter radius, and the other might summon a moderate quantity of breadsticks and marinara sauce. That seems unlikely, though, as the preview of these new abilities mentions neither sort of talent. They do include attack buffs, HP drains, and major defensive buffs, though, so that's good.

You'll be able to show these skills off to a wider range of players after the game's server merges from yesterday. The Golden Kirin and White Tiger servers have been merged into the Blue Dragon server; players whose names will need to change should receive name changing scrolls within the next few days. If you weren't able to log in yesterday and aren't sure about how the merge went down, you can double-check the quick guide to the process.

Age of Wushu: Transcendence coming on January 14th

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age of wushu
Is one of your new year's resolutions to become a martial arts master? Then you'll want to take advantage of the unveiled teachings of Age of Wushu: Transcendence when the patch lands on January 14th.

The content update will unlock the fifth level of inner skill and make high-level manuals available, transforming players into formidable fighters. Players can use these new abilities to tackle the three additional forbidden instances coming to the game: Hell King's Dungeon, the Jinling Incident, and the Qiandeng Crisis.

Age of Wulin officially releases in Europe alongside a major update

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age of wulin
It's a big day for Age of Wulin, as the martial arts sandbox is both officially releasing in Europe and pushing out a new content patch.

The update, Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey, marks the end of open beta for EU's counterpart to Age of Wushu. Wisdom is a Journey includes a new internal skill, a higher skill cap, team activities, titles for divorced characters, and PvP tournaments. For those who crave the game's open world PvP setting, there is now the option to become a "Jianghu treasure assassin" and kill all rivals who are out for the same glorious rewards.

You can read up on the patch notes for Chapter 3 as well as get an overview of the update's features on the official site.

Server move delays Age of Wulin Chapter 3 until December 2nd

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European Age of Wulin players may be disappointed to hear that the release of Chapter 3 will be delayed a week until December 2nd -- until they hear the reason why, that is. Webzen has announced that the Golden Dynasty game server will be moving from Ireland to Frankfurt, Germany, on November 25th. The move is to address the issues of server stability that players have long noted, and aims to provide enhanced server security, stability, ping, and server security. Because the server move had to be pushed back a week, the studio also moved the launch of the next chapter in order to ensure better connectivity and stability during the launch period. Webzen invites players to share their thoughts on the server move on the official forums.

Snail Games sued by former director of development on Age of Wushu

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Couldn't you guys just settle this with spinkicks to the jaw?
Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you're dealing with an international corporation and it's less a matter of "breaking up" and more a matter of "being terminated, then filing a lawsuit." David Runyan, former director of game development at Snail Games USA during Age of Wushu's development, is suing the company's founder and CEO Shi Hai on the grounds of unfair termination and racist practices during his year with the company.

Runyan claims that Shi Hai made frequent and capricious change to the staff of Snail Games USA, spoke in racist terms about the Americans he was working with, and then ultimately fired Runyan due to a medically approved period when he was working from his home. Snail Games has yet to make any comment in response to the lawsuit. Offers to settle this matter via an honorable duel in Age of Wushu were apparently not entertained.

Age of Wulin to finally release in Europe

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age of wulin
Age of Wulin, aka "the European version of Age of Wushu," is preparing to leave the kiddie pool of open beta for the adult swim of an official launch. Webzen announced that Age of Wulin will be officially launching in EU on November 25th.

This launch will coincide with a major game update, Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey. In the update, characters will get additional class skills and a level increase for several current skills. Players will also be invited to tackle current dungeons on a harder mode and fight in two new PvP tournaments.

[Source: Webzen press release]

Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny releases on October 15th

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If everything could only be this good forever.
It's happening, just like the headline says: Age of Wushu's next major update is launching next week, giving you just a few more days to prepare for everything that's coming. That means new areas, new gameplay, and a whole host of new challenges for experienced masters and relative novices alike.

The update looks to build player bonds and alliances with the new Companion system, which allows players to establish a mutually beneficial partnership via the game's existing offline occupation system. There are also new areas to explore, like Delightful Isle and Lingxiao City. You won't have to wait long to go through all of this for yourself, though; it's just a little over a week until the patch goes live.

Age of Wushu features Lingxiao City and a new game event

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It can never be a tourist destination.  Not even once.  Can it?
Trying to take a vacation in Age of Wushu must be a daunting prospect. So you think you've finally found a nice place to just take a load off and relax up in the mountains? A quaint city surrounded by snow? Nope, turns out that Lingxiao City is controlled by a power-hungry elder and there are a bunch of groups trying to overthrow him, like the people of Snow Valley, a group of hermit mages, and an eccentric band of monks... groups with which players will need to ally once they arrive, naturally.

And you came up to this mountain to get away from all of that work, too. Even more relevant, there's a new event taking place in the area with the Path of the Departed. Players take a side with one of the four factions fighting for control of Lingxiao City and fight it out among themselves, but they can also take the role of the spy, secretly sabotaging one groups efforts. All of this makes the city a hotspot of activity, and probably a very weak vacation destination.

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Age of Wushu shows off the Silver Hook and Delightful Island

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Judging by the preview, this is where you get your mack on.
How would you like to go somewhere delightful in Age of Wushu? Odds are good that Delightful Island will fulfill that goal. Or possibly not; Delightful Island is a locale where literally anything goes, with no criminal ratings or pesky laws to restrict your behavior. There are also plenty of missions to be done and treasures to be found on the lawless island, so if any of that sounds like a delight to you, well, you've found your destination.

Of course, first you have to get to the island, and to do that you'll need to board the hidden boat the Silver Hook, a gambling ship replete with intrigue and conspiracy. This special Forbidden Instance will test player abilities to cut through schemes and conspiracies while hopefully avoiding becoming a pawn of those same schemers. Jump past the break for a trailer, and look forward to taking your own delightful trip very soon.

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Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny coming in October

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age of wushu
Never feel lonely in Age of Wushu again! As of next month, a new content update for the sandbox martial arts MMO will feature a companion system that allows offline players to continue assisting their friends as NPCs.

"Players going offline can allow themselves to be available as companions for those clever and committed enough to earn their loyalty," Snail posted. "While offline, these players can receive special rewards from their online brothers in arms, and in exchange are available to be summoned to their aid during a fight."

Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny is the sixth so-called "expansion" for the game. In addition to companions, there will be a new zone called Delightful Island, a special Flower Prince Contest, a Path of the Departed adventure, and a dungeon called the Silver Hook. The update will be free for all players.

Age of Wushu expansion Warrior's Ascension releases today

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Snail has released Warrior's Ascension, the "summer expansion" for its Age of Wushu martial arts MMO. The update includes a beta of the Sky Ladder, which is a new PvP tournament system wherein players will fight random opponents "who match their level."

Warrior's Ascension also enables players to acquire new level six gear upon completion of the "Before the Final Battle" chapter that has been added to the Age of Wushu records.

[Source: Snail Games press release]

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Age of Wushu Warrior's Ascension expansion coming July 31

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Snail has announced that Age of Wushu will be getting its "next major expansion" on July 31. The new content is called Warrior's Ascension and it includes a cross-server PvP tournament system called the Sky Ladder as well as new level six gear.

The firm hasn't gone into a lot of detail just yet, but you can check out the full verbiage as well as a couple of images on the official announcement page.

Not So Massively: Hearthstone's expansion, God of Destiny's greenlighting, and Dead Island's MOBA

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Welcome back to No So Massively, where every Monday we round up the highlights from the past week in the world of MOBAs, roguelikes, MMOTCGs, and other games that aren't quite MMOs.

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Snail Games reveals King of Wushu MOBA based on Age of Wushu

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King of Wushu
Snail Games has unveiled the website for its upcoming martial arts MOBA King of Wushu. As you could probably guess, King of Wushu is based on Snail's Age of Wushu MMO, and is said to feature both RPG and TPS elements.

This new teaser site already includes forums and a point system for interested players. According to gaming site 2P.com, King of Wushu is likely to be shown at ChinaJoy 2014 in Shanghai later this year.

Graphical upgrades en route for Age of Wushu

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I can't believe I'm not really running the risk of being struck by lightning!  Also, I should get inside.
How do you feel about Age of Wushu's graphics? Do you think that they could really use an upgrade? It seems that they'll be getting one. Shi Hai, CEO of Snail Games, was recently interviewed in China, and a translation of that interview reveals that graphical upgrades are definitely in the works. While he declined to specify exactly what sort of upgrades would be coming, he did joke that the rumors about the Unreal 3 engine might well be true.

Shi Hai also commented on the potential of a subscription server for Age of Wushu, noting that while several free-to-play games have dabbled with the idea, they seem to inevitably wind up going back to the free-to-play model in time. He stated that the company is currently focusing on porting the game to home consoles rather than exploring the possibility of any sort of subscription server. You can read a few more translated statements at MMOCulture.

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