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Planet Calypso

Player loots over $30K from a single kill on Planet Calypso

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Player loots over 30K from a single kills on Planet Calypso
Most players are pretty excited to get an epic weapon or piece of armor when fighting a massive world boss in other games, so just imagine the reaction if the loot chest overflowed with cold, hard cash. That's what happened to one player in Planet Calypso who walked away with $33,000 in cash for downing one of the toughest monsters in that game.

Player Alan Akram of Norway, better known as Alan Krom in game, was on a quest to take down something big when he came across a Mulmun Looter Elite; with support healing from Karine Rikane, he was able to best the boss. Of his good fortune, Akram said, "I am stunned as I never expected a jackpot this massive and will definitely be playing this game for a long time."

Want a jackpot of your own? Jump in and give it a go -- the windfalls of others do not impact players' chances of winning.

[Source: Entropia Universe press release]

Explore the Cyclops Depths on Planet Calypso

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It's a strategic retreat!  Running is a strategy!
At times it might seem that Planet Calypso is all about massive cash transactions, but that's not the case. There's also a planet to explore, a planet that's gotten a little bigger with the introduction of the new Cyclops Depths. Located beneath the eponymous Cyclops Volcano, the Depths are home to a variety of creatures including the species that originally inhabited the planet... a species that's not entirely happy to find out that an entirely new species has decided to colonize its home.

The Mind Reavers had locked themselves away to wait out ecological disaster, but now they're coming back up. So high-level groups of players will need to go down there and negotiate, which means fighting through a large number of mutants and Mind Reavers. New players are welcome to enter as well, but the area is primarily meant for veterans well-equipped for the process of clearing out the depths.

[Source: Entropia Universe press release]

Planet Calypso's $70k virtual egg hatches after 6 years

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Planet Calypso's $70k virtual egg hatching after 6 years
Entropia Universe's Planet Calypso is well-known for its real cash economy that usually includes some virtual item being bought or sold for an ungodly amount of money. In line with that, a virtual egg that last sold for $70,000 is hatching after lying dormant for six years.

We put a paragraph break there to let you process that for a second. Yes, a $70k virtual Atrox Queen dinosaur egg is breaking open as part of a new event where players need to stop the newborn Feffox from causing further destruction throughout the planet. Once players stop the deadly beast, they'll need to band together one last time for a massive battle to save the world. The event began on Monday but runs until April 28th, so you still have time to join in.

Sound like fun? Head on over to the game's official site to learn more.

MindArk announces Planet Calypso land grab

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Screenshot -- Planet Calypso
MindArk's Planet Calypso is certainly one of the most unique virtual worlds out there, due in large part to the fact that the game's real estate is bought, sold, and traded for real-world cash. Land management, however, has generally been an activity for the ludicrously rich, with some properties costing as much as 500,000 USD.

MindArk looks to change that, however, by introducing a whopping 60,000 new plots of land (each measuring at 100 square meters) that can be bought for the (relatively) low price of 100 USD. Each deed that a player purchases "entitles the holder to a share of the 50% planet partner Gross Revenue generated by Planet Calypso." So if you've got a few hundred bucks to blow on virtual real estate and want a piece of the pie, head on over to the official site and sign up.

Total Recall IP snagged by MMO studio SEE Virtual Worlds

Entropia Universe, MMO Industry, News Items, Planet Calypso

Screengrab - Total Recall
Planet Michael creator SEE Virtual Worlds has announced that it is now the proud owner of even more well-known intellectual properties. The studio now owns the rights to Men in Black 3, Total Recall (the remake, bleh), Asterix, War of the Worlds, and Waterworld.

Whether the studio will turn these properties into MMOs as well, however, remains to be seen. CEO Martin Ballas said only, "These properties are tied to memorable moments and incredible characters that players are going to interact with in future SEE-created digital and online interactive video games." SEE Virtual Worlds, however, has purchased Planet Calypso for a staggering $6 million, which could hint at a possible Total Recall-themed online destination. Before long, you just may be able to hop online and shout at your party, "Get your ass to Mars!"

SEE buys Planet Calypso for $6 million, talks with Massively for an encore

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For $6 million you could buy a heck of a lot of tacos -- or one virtual planet. Wisely, SEE Virtual Worlds went the latter route, snapping up Planet Calypso from MindArk and saving itself massive heartburn. The sci-fi-themed Planet Calypso operates under the umbrella of Entropia Universe and boasts 950,000 registered accounts since coming online in 2003.

As part of the deal, SEE Virtual Worlds also acquired all of the assets of First Planet Company, a former subsidiary of MindArk, which has been transformed into SEE Digital Studios. Under this reorganization, SEE Digital Studios is now responsible for developing and operating Planet Calypso, Planet Michael and Universal Monsters. The company is expected to hire on additional team members for these projects.

Fresh from the champagne celebration, SEE Virtual Worlds President Corey Redmond sat down with us to discuss this deal and the future of these three titles. Hit the jump to boogie with Michael Jackson, scream in terror at the Wolfman, and navigate the economy of virtual worlds.

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Drivers wanted on Planet Calypso

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Planet Calypso is an odd sort of virtual world, a free-to-play game that allows players to exchange in-game money for real cash. It's gearing up for the auction of the new Medusa's Head islands, which contain a variety of services and species for the enterprising landowner. And in anticipation of just that, a new update has offered the perfect vehicles for running through an unspoiled tropical paradise -- high-powered combat tanks, helicopters, and warboats bristling with deadly armaments.

Along with three new Nordic-named vessels -- the Megingjord tank, the Naglfar boat, and the Gungnir helicopter -- the update brings with it a variety of updates to the use of vehicles. Commissioning has been removed, and a weapon mounting system has been added to help facilitate the addition of aforementioned deadly armaments. Even if they're not planning on bidding on the brand-new islands, Planet Calypso players should be able to enjoy the environment in their vehicles of choice.

Planet Calypso's new content takes players on a wild ride

Entropia Universe, Events (In-Game), Hands-On, Virtual Worlds, Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso is one of the more unusual games that we cover here at Massively, mostly thanks to its real cash economy. Massively's Beau Hindman spent some time in the game recently for Rise and Shiny, giving his experience as a new player.

Our newest peek at the game is a bit more advanced and a lot of fun. Planet Calypso is in the middle of the Harbinger event, an ongoing new challenge that introduces players to new areas, new enemies, and some formidable new foes. The Planet Calypso team was kind enough to invite me on a tour of the event, so follow along after the jump for a closer look!

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Rise and Shiny recap: Planet Calypso

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Planet Calypso is another one of those titles that has a perplexing reputation. Granted, in the past I have actually slammed the game -- and I mean slammed it -- but for different reasons. Normally -- and I have seen this over the last week as I told people about the game -- people bring up that they have "heard" that the game is nothing but a gambler's paradise, filled with thieves, liars, and the addicted.

Back then, I had an issue with the revamping of the game. I tried it on the day after release, bugs and all, and it was so unplayable that I couldn't move. Taking my own advice of looking back on games that we might have tossed aside, I can now say not only that the game has proved to be one of the most beautiful games I have played, but that the stereotype of the Planet Calypso player seems completely baseless. I looked, trust me, but all I found were nice people.

Of course, I did only play it over six days or so.

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The robots are rising on Planet Calypso

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It's not one of the largest games out there, so most people might not know what you're talking about if you mention Planet Calypso. Those who do might well only think of the highly publicized auctions and trades, in which players have spent large amounts of real-world money to purchase land and facilities (which bring in plenty of real-world money themselves, for the record). But beyond that there is an actual game world, complete with an ongoing storyline. As spotlighted in the newest game newsletter, that storyline is being turned up by a new event -- an ominous approach by robots.

The last major assault by the robots left the previous capital city a smoking ruin, and not coincidentally coincided with the game's graphical update to CryEngine 2. This time, the colonists have begun decoding messages sent by the robots, and defenses are gathering to ensure that a repeat of the last event doesn't take place -- even as the robots field a new technology known as "Hydra." Several helpful links for information may be found within the newsletter, which promises plenty of enjoyment for the players in Planet Calypso.

Planet Calypso aims to attract new players with starting area

Sci-Fi, News Items, Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso, the long-running real-cash economy MMORPG from First Planet Company and MindArk, will soon offer a new and dedicated starting area for new players. Previously, player colonists were at the mercy of the title's veteran residents and were thrown right into Planet Calypso's considerable learning curve with little in the way of an introduction.

Now, newbies can partake of the safe starting area (restricted to new players), learn the game's basics, and grab missions in the new Calypso Gateway. Players will hunt, mine, and craft using starter equipment on the secluded arrival island, and they will not be able to return once they've completed the tutorials and traveled to mainland Calypso.

Check out the official site for all the details.

Latest Planet Calypso newsletter announces new developments in game

News Items, Virtual Worlds, Planet Calypso

The newest edition of the Planet Calypso newsletter brings some pretty exciting news for longtime players: Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs is selling his rock. Yes, you heard that right. The guy who made the Guinness Book of World Records by paying $100,000 for the asteroid in Planet Calypso is taking offers for that same asteroid. You get everything except the name -- he understandably wants to keep that.

If your pockets aren't deep enough to take him up on his offer, how about some Proteron DNA instead? Proteron DNA pieces are now dropping, leading hunters to roam around chasing after it in the hopes of spawning their very own Proteron. Hunters roaming into new lands means taxes, which means more money all around.

In either case, the new happenings in Planet Calypso are sure to keep many players entertained!

Planet Calypso 2010|2 update adds 80 missions

Sci-Fi, Patches, Planet Calypso

It may be a MMO about planet colonization, but we dare you to look at the title of Planet Calypso and not imagine a neverending Jamaican party resort. In any case, the Planet Calypso team is pleased as punch to announce its 2010|2 update, which includes a whopping 80 new missions. You may recall that the 2010|1 update introduced the mission system back in February of this year.

20 of these new missions are dedicated to the mysterious Cyclops volcano (which also appeared with the 2010|1 update), with the remaining 60 devoted to the "Iron Challenge" of finding and exterminating the local critters. The latter is done, to quote the patch notes, "in order to raise awareness of firearms issues."

The 2010|2 update comes with a few other additions, as well as a trunk full of bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes over at the Planet Calypso site.

Planet Calypso's David "Deathifier" Storey talks about his purchases

Business Models, Economy, Interviews, Virtual Worlds, Planet Calypso

MMOs are a big business these days, and even though they're not real items, a lot of the goods within a given game are worth quite a bit of money. This is transparently true of Second Life, but hardly limited to it -- witness, for example, the real-world price of EVE Online's ships. Or, take David Storey, alias Deathifier, alias "that guy who spent a whole lot of money on Planet Calypso items in auctions." And he's spent quite a lot of money -- in the game world, he owns both an island and a staggeringly expensive egg with a yet-undisclosed purchase.

So why did he buy it? As he puts it in a recent interview available on Forbes.com, the same reason people make any expensive purchase -- because it makes you feel good. According to the interview, it's not as if the investment has been a poor business decision. The virtual island he bought in Planet Calypso for $26,500 brings in roughly $100,000 a year, as he uses it for a rare game preserve and taxes local hunters. The full piece has more information on his outlook and business practices, as well as a brief overview of the markets of virtual worlds and MMOs in general.

Planet Calypso debuts their new mission system with a bang

Sci-Fi, Game Mechanics, Patches, News Items, Planet Calypso

A literal bang, actually. Not only has Planet Calypso updated to version 2010|01 (their new system uses the year and update number, rather than version number) but they've also had a small volcanic eruption that's changed part of the map. Blizzard, eat your cataclysmic heart out.

While the newly re-terraformed area of Cyclops has been visually improved by the team and patched in under the 'guise of a volcanic explosion, the version update also brings the anticipated mission system to Calypso.

The mission system, which is in a public beta, more or less, is only currently offering 5 tutorial missions to newbies landing on Calypso for the first time. Once you complete those five missions, be sure to offer your feedback in the survey that pops up at the end. That information will be used to make more missions for higher level players, so don't be stingy!

Also, there's fish. Remember those fish we showed last time? Yeah, those fish. If you value your ankles, you'll watch where you swim.

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