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Perfect World International

Perfect World's Eclipse expansion adds new classes, race on Dec. 16

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Perfect World International is getting a new expansion, its sixth, to be precise. It's called Eclipse, and you'll be able to patch it and play it on December 16th.

Why might you want to?

Well, the lunar-themed content drop features a new playable race (the Nightshade) along with two new classes (the Duskblade and Stormbringer, which wield sabers and scythes, respectively). There's also a new starter region called the Celestial Vale, a new endgame dungeon, a revamped skill training system, "optimized" dailies, and new 8.5 ranked gear.

[Source: Perfect World press release]

One Shots: Sweaty navels

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As we all well know, the navel -- or "belly button" in layman's parlance -- is the sweatiest organ of the body. So much so, in fact, that the navel must either be exposed to air at all time or be equipped with a specialized "tummy diaper." Here we see reader ThorHal getting it right with his character in TERA.

"I was one to complain when One Shots vanished a while back, now here to contribute!" ThorHal exclaimed. "I was traveling along the roads, exploring and helping the local populace. Transitioning into this beautiful place called Heartwood left me stunned. This game keeps impressing me with its art, be it dry deserts, lush forests, or this magical place."

Despite what you might assume, this week's collection of player-submitted screenshots isn't just about our "tickle dimples." It's a treat for the eyes and a balm for the soul, all after the jump!

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Perfect World International's New Horizons expansion launches December 18th

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Perfect World's New Horizons expansion launches December 18th
Last month, Perfect World Entertainment unveiled the New Horizons expansion for Perfect World International and teased players with new screenshots of the upcoming content. Today, the studio announced that the expansion will hit servers on December 18th, so players will be able to experience the all-new Reawakening and War Avatar systems, new starting areas, zones, events, and more starting next week.

Tony Liu, Product Manager at PWE, stated, "This is a massive refinement coming to PWI. With New Horizons, we're taking PWI to a new level of polish, bringing loads of new features, optimizing the experience, and continuing to provide one of the best free-to-play MMO experiences on the market."

[Source: PWE press release]

Perfect World ends the quarter strong, looks to Dota 2's China release

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Perfect World International
Perfect World Entertainment, the China-based publisher behind games like Perfect World International, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online, ended the last financial quarter in a strong place. Citing the Chinese release of Swordsman Online and Saint Seiya Online as driving factors, Perfect World claimed $136.2 million in revenue and $19.8 million in net profit -- up from last year's marks of $114.2 million and $14.2 million respectively.

Perfect World also expressed its hope for even better quarters to come thanks to big launches in the pipeline. It is currently localizing Neverwinter for a Chinese release and will be overseeing Valve's Dota 2 as it makes its way into Chinese markets.

Perfect World unveils New Horizons expansion

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Perfect World International
Perfect World Entertainment has just announced an all-new expansion for its flagship MMO Perfect World International, titled New Horizons. The expansion includes features both big and small, from the introduction of a trading card game to the optimization of early-level content.

Perhaps the biggest change landing with New Horizons is the Ascension system, which allows you to take a level 100 or higher character back to level one and re-level through Perfect World's content. Ascended characters are more powerful than their non-ascended counterparts and will have access to special new "heights." Also on deck: streamlined starting zones, UI tweaks, new skills, new titles, new gear, new quests, and new everything else you'd expect with an MMO expansion.

New Horizons is set for launch sometime this winter. Check out the screenshot gallery below for a first-look view of the expansion's zones and dungeons.

Perfect World International welcomes the Sirens of War

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Perfect World International welcomes the Sirens of War
War is coming. War is coming! Let us tell you something, greenhorn: War is always coming. Once, just once, we'd like to hear from an MMO that donuts are coming or a three-day weekend is coming. That's an expansion we can get behind. But until that happy moment arrives, we're just going to have to gear up for Perfect World International's Sirens of War content update.

Sirens of War is scheduled for November 14th, and includes more skills, more quests, and a pretty nifty Nation Wars PvP feature. The devs' biggest goal for the update is to make combat more exciting and leveling quicker across the board.

We've got a video. You know you want to see the video. So here comes the video. The video is coming.

[Source: Perfect World press release]

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PWI: Reflections update coming August 8

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PWI Reflections update coming August 8
Perfect World International players will have a whole new zone and oodles of features to explore when the Reflections update launches tomorrow.

In addition to the new Realm of Reflections zone and new seasonal quests, new rewards have been added for the Nine Trials, and a weekly PvP event is now featured in the high-level Morai zone. But the new content update isn't just giving new toys to the big kids. Changes are also being made to mid-level quests, the newbie-level experience is being streamlined, and a new way to gain XP is getting tossed into the mix.

Check out the gallery below for some previews of what awaits you in Reflections.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

Perfect World International's latest Imperial Fury trailer released

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Screenshot -- Perfect World International
Last month we told you lot all about Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming additions to its F2P title Perfect World International. The update, known as Imperial Fury, includes a cornucopia of additions and revamps to the game such as the new Advanced Endless Universe dungeon, tweaks to existing dungeons, city redesigns, and more.

If you're a PWI player who is interested in voraciously devouring every tidbit of information available, then you're in luck. PWE released a new trailer today highlighting many of the new bits and pieces coming to the game with Imperial Fury. From new big-bad-bosses to fabulous new in-game fashions, it looks like there's a little something for everyone here. So what are you waiting for? Click on past the cut and check out the full video.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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Perfect World International's end-game gets imperially furious

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Perfect World International and the Case of the Glowing, Three-Headed Wurm
It is a truth universally acknowledged that an MMO in possession of an experienced player-base must be in want of more end-game. In honor of that, and in response to heavy player demand, Perfect World International is getting a sizable update. PWI: Imperial Fury will introduce the brand new Advanced Endless Universe dungeon, changes to existing dungeons, and a whole passel of other improvements.

Players are charged with retrieving the Perfect World City Essences within the Advanced Endless Universe dungeon. This dungeon, which will be accessible six times per week, will present one of three variations of itself upon entry. All three variations are distinctly different, and all three will require significant effort and coordination for successful completion. Hard work does not go unrewarded, however, as completion is rewarded with a chance box containing either a brand new skill book or a stack of potent consumable buffs -- and as both the boxes and their drops can be traded, you can always sell anything you don't want for yourself.

Lunar Glade and Warsong City have received a design facelift, had their difficulty ramped up and their rewards increased -- rewards that include materials for upgrading the most powerful gear (at present) in the game.

A temporary and intermittently-recurring NPC, the Aurora Agent, will allow characters over level 80 to trade Tokens of Luck for a chance to get rare and powerful items. There will also be new Bounty Hunter bosses, improvements to Phoenix Valley, more ways to gain Prestige, improvements to player-enemy targeting, the return of Secret Passage to its "more carebear-friendly roots," and more. So suit up and get ready to kick imperial hiney!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Perfect World Entertainment

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Jade Dynasty - bride and groom
If you haven't made any MMO-centric plans for Valentine's Day, consider the offerings from free-to-play giant Perfect World Entertainment. The company is playing cupid in several of its online titles, and players can acquire "wedding fashions, romantic items, spectacular mounts, mystery boxes, and more."

Jade Dynasty
features a wedding event and items for marriage-minded avatars, while Perfect World International GMs will be interacting with players and giving out a rare mount. Rusty Hearts is putting on an art contest, and the prize is Roselle Vegerius (the game's latest premium character).

Forsaken World
players will receive a Valentine's Day card and random items, while War of the Immortals fans can collect chocolate and trade it for additional XP. Finally, Ether Saga Odyssey players can enter a screenshot contest to win XP and bonus items, as well as bid for rare pets and send custom broadcast messages.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

Perfect World International begins its Descent

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It's nice that Ms. Mutant Snake Lady here still has a bared midriff.  The alternative would be too awful to contemplate.
If you're an avid player of Perfect World International, February 15th will be the day that it all goes down. That's the launch date for the game's latest expansion, Descent, which brings along a variety of improvements and upgrades to the game. Despite the low implications of the name, the expansion will be focusing on high-level conflict, with a new zone open to players of level 95 and up to explore. Said zone includes new quest hubs, two new dungeons, and of course several new pieces of equipment.

Progress through the zone will also bring characters into contact with the three Orders, forcing players to choose between the Orders for special character perks and improvements. Even without membership, however, each class will be gaining some new and unique skills that should alter the current distribution of abilities rather than reinforce existing roles. If this sounds right up your alley, check out the full expansion trailer just past the cut, and mark your calendar in advance.

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Spanish version of Perfect World International is on the way

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Pictured: probably Mexico.
Despite the name, Perfect World International has always been fairly national after all. Or at least, it's been limited in the sense that unless you can read the game's English text, you're going to have a hard time navigating it. Fortunately for players in Latin America, Aeria Games is currently in closed beta testing for a Spanish version of the game client, complete with all of the game's content and free expansions to date.

The official site for the Spanish version is up, along with registration options for players hoping to take part in the testing and refinement of the title. We've also received a few preview screenshots of the game in its current incarnation, although ironically enough none of these screenshots features text in any language. If you're hoping to be able to play the game in a language other than English, keep your eye on the localization of this title in the coming months.

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

Gallery: Perfect World

Perfect World introduces The Trials content update

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Perfect World banner
Ready yourselves, Perfect World International players, because great trials are coming your way. The latest update to Perfect World Entertainment's trademark title brings players a new zone, known as Elysium Village, which will provide new quests and content for players level 100 or higher.

But the main attractions of the new update are the new Faction Trials, which are "a set of nine teamwork-based missions that will challenge even the most powerful faction." Up to 100 players can take part in each trial, and the ultimate goal of said trials is to prevent the ominously named Grand Demon Lord from breaking through to the Perfect World. These aren't the only new features being introduced with the update, so head on over to the game's official site to see the full details, and don't forget to check past the cut for a new trailer.

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One Shots: Welcome to starting zone week

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PWI image
We're kicking off starting zone week here on One Shots with an image from Perfect World International. Massively reader Ryan says:
Here's a night-time shot of my Seeker in Tellus City, part of the Earthguard starting zone in Perfect World International. I've always thought the moon glow and huge stone faces make for some gorgeous adventuring in the evenings, not to mention the scenery included when you cruise through your home port attached to a kite!
It's starting zone week here at One Shots. First impressions are a big deal, so many developers put a lot into that first zone you see. Show us a screenshot of your favorite starting zone -- add your name and a little bit about the image, send it in to oneshots@massively.com, and we'll feature it in this week's One Shots!

Perfect World International invites you to attend its 3rd anniversary

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Perfect World International
In our opinion, the best birthday parties are the ones where the visitors get presents too. Hey, we're going out of our way to spend an afternoon putting up with a half-rate clown and a rapidly deflating bouncy castle -- we've earned it!

Perfect World International
subscribes to this theory (well, not the clown, thank goodness), and so is handing out lots of free gifts for its third anniversary starting today. The anniversary celebration kicks off with several in-game events, veteran rewards based on how long since you first registered for PWI, and 24 days of double XP, spirit and drops that starts today. Players who log in from the 2nd through the 4th will automatically be entered for the giveaway pack, which includes a cool giveaway package with a Barbarian Tiger Statue and a Logitech keyboard.

An anniversary is a great time to renew vows -- or make new ones -- which is why Perfect World International also has added a Chinese-themed Phoenix Nest Wedding Chapel into the game.

Product Manager Derick Chan took time out of throwing confetti and blowing a birthday horn to praise the community: "We owe all of the game's success to the fans that have helped it grow and plan to reward every single player regardless of how long they have been with us."

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