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Not So Massively: Project Legion's reveal, Star Citizen's $43M mark, and Hearthstone's F2P model

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Welcome back to No So Massively, where every Monday we round up the highlights from the past week in the world of MOBAs, roguelikes, MMOTCGs, and other games that aren't quite MMOs.

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Mythos Global shutting down January 22nd

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Screenshot -- Mythos Global
T3Fun, publisher of the free-to-play fantasy title Mythos Global, has announced that the game will be shutting down on January 22nd of next year. As a result, the in-game cash shop will be shut down during maintenance on December 18th, and the post notes that "A Compensation Model is currently at work mainly for users who made recent purchases."

Game shutdowns are rarely fun for those involved, but Mythos has certainly had a rocky history of constant death and resurrection, so this might be just another turn of the wheel. In any case, Mythos will be around for a bit longer, so fans can jump in for one last hurrah before the game goes dark. You can check out the full shutdown announcement at the Mythos official site.

[Thanks to Mehighlow for the tip!]

The Game Archaeologist: When dead MMOs come back to life

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Hellgate Tokyo
Maybe I'm alone in this, but my jaw just dropped when I came home this past week to see that Massively posted the news that Shadowbane is coming back to life. Granted, it's only going to happen in China, but still, that's pretty incredible. Shadowbane's been in the ground for three years now, and if I had to pick an MMO that deserved resurrection, this particular one would be farthest from my mind (no offense if you liked the game; it's just that there are so many others that are even more worthy).

But how can this not give you hope? Many of us have lost an MMO we loved or at least had a decked-out character populating the character select screen, and the thought of that game coming back against all odds is a goosebump-rising one. It may also smack of justice served, as some MMOs fail not because of faulty gameplay but because of mismanagement by the studio, complex legal wrangling, or bad marketing.

Today let's look at a few examples of dead MMOs that were brought back to life and what this may mean for the future of the industry. Zombie MMOs! Not, you know, MMOs with zombies.

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Mythos Global wants you to play your way

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Screenshot -- Mythos
Mythos Global has been on one crazy rollercoaster ride throughout its lifespan, and the latest incarnation of the free-to-play Diablo-esque dungeon-crawler has been in open beta for a little over a month now. But T3Fun wants players to know that there's more to Mythos than just dungeon-delving, and the studio has released a trio of new videos to prove it.

Whether you're a loot fiend, an achievement chaser, or a master crafter, Mythos has something for you. As with most Diablo-alikes, Mythos features a plethora of randomized loot for players to hoard like there's no tomorrow, while the artisans among us can become masters of their trades with the help of the game's unique crafting skill tree system. And of course, achievements and titles abound for those who just love showing off their heroic accomplishments. If any of these playstyles tickles your fancy, just head on over to the game's official site to get in on the action for yourself.

[Source: T3Fun press release]

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Play the MMO that never dies with Mythos Global's open beta

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Mythos title image
Mythos is the MMO that almost wasn't, then was, then wasn't, and then was again. The free-to-play Diablo-esque MMO was in playable beta as far back as November 2007, but its release was plagued by problems you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies.

Mythos has somehow survived its entire original development team being fired, legal battles over the intellectual property rights to the game, and being kicked from publisher to publisher. Now in its third incarnation as Mythos Global, the game will soon relaunch to excited fans, and to curious gamers who didn't play it while it was live.

If you didn't snag one of Massively's keys for the closed beta back in December, your chance to play the game starts now! Mythos Global officially entered open beta today, with free registration available via its new publisher T3Fun.

Mythos Global open beta starts February 2nd

Betas, Fantasy, MMO Industry, New Titles, News Items, Mythos, Free-to-Play

Mythos Global - The gremlin manifesto
The on-again-off-again saga of Mythos is apparently on again. HanbitSoft and T3Fun have issued a press blurb trumpeting the open beta for the rechristened Mythos Global. The preview period kicks off on February 2nd, and the devs say that the test will "be available to most of Europe." There's no word on an American server as of yet, but the release does promise a full month of lead-in activities to the Euro beta including "new stories, exclusive interviews, mini-games, quizzes, and more."

Mythos originally launched in April 2011 before shutting down in October and announcing its impending return in late November.

Jump into Mythos Global with a closed beta key from Massively!

Betas, Fantasy, Mythos, Giveaways

Mythos -- now known as Mythos Global -- is on its third iteration and ready for closed beta testing. Will the third time truly be the charm? There's one way to find out: trying it for yourself.

The game will begin closed beta testing tomorrow, and if you're anxious to get in for a first look (and some bug hunting) we've got a closed beta key ready and waiting. Head over to our giveaway page to snag your key, then visit T3Fun to make an account if you haven't yet.

Once you're signed in you're set to go to the Mythos page and click "Apply for CBT". Enter your beta key when prompted, click "go," and you're all set! The beta period begins tomorrow, December 1st, and ends Monday, December 5th.


Mythos returns as Mythos Global, closed beta starting December 1st

Betas, Fantasy, Mythos, Free-to-Play

Mythos Global
Is Mythos truly becoming the game that would never die? It might appear so, as this twice-nixed title is being rezzed for another go-around with players. Will this prove to be the success where others have failed?

While Frogster's European version of the game was recently canceled, Hanbitsoft and T3Fun are bringing it back as Mythos Global and are already gearing up for a four-day closed beta test next month. The test will commence on December 1st through the 5th, with keys going out through various media outlets in the near future. Hanbitsoft has plans for more extensive beta tests along with related in-game events.

The Mythos Global website is now open with a place to sign up for the closed beta, unsullied forums for potential players to discuss the game, and an awe-inspiring copyright notice. Truly, you'll want to break out your Print Screen key just for the occasion. The game also has a more informative Facebook page with plenty of screenshots and videos for the taking.

Mythos Europe shutting down October 27th

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Screenshot -- Mythos
European Mythos fans should say their farewells, as Frogster has announced that the game's European servers will be shutting down on October 27th. According to the official forum post, while "MYTHOS enjoyed great popularity with the launch in April and the numerous registered users ensured a good start [...] The desired long-term success unfortunately did not follow," and for that reason, the game's service is being discontinued.

In order to make the game's twilight hours enjoyable for players, the dev team is sending missing quest items to all players so that they can go into the great beyond with a clean quest log. Purchases from the cash shop are no longer possible, and all servers have the maximum experience and luck buffs. Players whose accounts have been registered and active in the past three months will also be given vouchers redeemable for diamonds and/or mounts in Runes of Magic, in hopes that players will find a new home in Frogster's other popular title.

For the full server shutdown details, check out the forum post over on the Mythos official site.

Mythos content update includes 23 new dungeons, skill tweaks

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Mythos - dungeon entrance
The last time we profiled Mythos on Massively, it was in service of some new content. It's no surprise, then, that Frogster is once again expanding the free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO. This time the new bells and whistles can be found on the Fog Island of Horror, and in case the name didn't drive the point home, it's a pretty scary place.

The isle is home to a horde of ravenous zombies and is the base of operations for two opposing queens. Their majesties Vyle and Neperta make their home on the fog-shrouded island, as do the denizens of 23 new dungeons ripe for the plucking by adventurers from across the realm. Oh yeah, that level cap, previously stuck on a piddling 51? It's been bumped to 55, the better for you to get a handle on some changes to cooldowns and the skill system whilst you're grinding your way through packs of monsters.

Today's Mythos press release also alludes to a massive crafting system overhaul, but since it's a little light on the details where tradeskilling is concerned, you'll just have to log in and see for yourself. Alternatively, you could hit up the official website for more details.

Mythos Europe adds PvP features and new levels

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"Lamentation" is a word that isn't associated with PvP as often as it ought to be, with the lyric "QQ" generally taking its place. But the latest update for Mythos is bringing back lamentation in style with the new Lamento PvP system in place. Players at level 50 or up can fight in 1v1 or 2v2 matches against other players, with the winner obtaining Lamento points that can be used to purchase new level 51 armor and weapons.

What's that? You're stuck at level 50? Well, not any longer -- level 51 has been added, allowing players access to new pieces of equipment and another notch of power. The full list of patch changes is quite extensive, including new rewards for clearing dungeons quickly, improvements to movement speed, and new stats that can be generated when items drop. Amidst all of the new doses of power, it's for the best that PvP is coming out in force. After all, why settle for crushing computer-controlled enemies when you could be hearing the lamentations of your opponents?

Mythos orders up a PvP Battle Royale with cheese

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Loving the mindless slaughterfest of Mythos but wishing that the mobs showed a little more intelligence? Now you'll be able to pit your wits and reflexes against other players for the first time in the game with Mythos' new Lamento PvP system.

In this forthcoming update, players can form "Lamento Teams" on Heaven Island to participate in 1v1 or 2v2 battles in the heated arena pit. To make matters more interesting, the arenas will offer additional challenges for participants other than merely facing off against human players. Monsters will be roaming about (since some builds require corpses for skills) and potions will be disabled for fights, requiring gladiators to stay on their toes. Victors will rack up Lamento Points which can be used to purchase weapons, armor and pets.

This Mythos update also includes a level cap increase from 50 to 51 and a new "Dungeon Master" speed run feature.

Mythos set to break the speed barrier with its new update

Fantasy, Game Mechanics, Patches, Previews, Mythos, Free-to-Play

Life in Hack-n-Slashville too slow for you these days? Well buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside of Mythos at all times -- the game is set to get a tad faster.

An upcoming content update for Mythos is set to include a new feature that encourages players to cut their way through dungeons at a record pace. Using the Dungeon Master feature, adventurers who beat dungeons and accomplish other challenges under a set time limit will be showered with gifts and glory.

If you choose to play in this mode, a timer will start the second you enter a dungeon and will go until you vanquish every foe in the place. If you make a new record or beat an old one -- you'll be competing against other players in this -- you'll get a nice package of rewards including in-game currency and rare items.

The update is set to increase the level cap and add more PvP content as well.

Mythos guilds get buffed the heck up

Fantasy, Game Mechanics, Guilds, Mythos, Free-to-Play

Mythos is already going through a few growth spurts in its first few months of life. Aww, look at it -- isn't it adorable? It's trying to talk... it's taking its first steps... it's buffing guilds and adding in a ranking system!

Guild buffs are exactly what they sound like: buffs that go out to every member of the guild. These passive buffs to experience, health, defense and more can be earned by simply leveling the guild up. The higher the guild levels, the better the buffs become. In Mythos, guilds purchase these levels with gold.

And for guilds who are out to truly excel, Mythos now gives each group a rank depending on its guild level and how much time its members spend in the game. The best of the best will get an even better guild-wide buff to experience gain and luck. The game will hand out rankings once a week during maintenance.

You can get into the nitty-gritty details of these systems on the Mythos forums!

Mythos readying daily quests for June release

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What's better than a smorgasbord of quests in your favorite MMORPG? A smorgasbord of daily quests, of course, and Frogster is gearing up to give Mythos players a smattering of dailies designed to further their enjoyment of the free-to-play hack-and-slash title.

The quests will be available to players at level 15 or higher, and the devs are shooting for a June release window. Gamers can claim their dailies via a quest blackboard located in all of Uld's quest hubs, and the tasks will scale to both a player's level and his group size. Completing all of the quests on a particular day will unlock bonuses like 60 minutes worth of double experience and significantly increased currency payouts. Follow the glowing trail to the official Mythos website for more info.

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