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MapleStory 2's closed beta will have 3 PvP modes

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When MapleStory 2's closed beta doors open up in Korea from January 21st through the 25th, testers will be able to experience three different PvP modes. MMOCulture brings word of Nexon's recent update, which described these three modes, including 1v1, free-for-all, and PvPvE. Players level 30 and higher can engage in 1v1 battles in Red Coliseum or go for a reward for the most kills in Blood Mines free-for-all. The third mode, Shadow World, has no level restriction and pits players against mobs as well as players in a search for special treasures that aren't available anywhere in the open world.

MapleStory 2 features expensive housing, limited land

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MMO Culture reports that player housing is "one of the main features in MapleStory 2." Curiously, though, publisher Nexon is limiting available land and making ownership an expensive proposition. If you can't afford to own, you'll still be able to rent high-rise flats and decorate them as you would a regular house.

The website also says that apartments will have public social areas, which are viewable via a trio of beta screenshots.

MapleStory 2 shows off a new trailer for G-Star 2014

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Anywhere but here, driver, anywhere but here.
MapleStory 2 looks pretty different from its predecessor, but it still has its heart in the right place. You can see some of that on display in the game's latest trailer, released as part of the G-Star 2014 festivities going on right now in South Korea. The are ducklings to ride, walls to climb, and boss monsters for huge numbers of players to desperately thwack at until they die. Nature of the beast and all.

The game's next beta test has also been confirmed for January of next year, although it will not be a global test at this time. This new test will include 32 new areas for players to explore, more classes to play, and a new Shadow World with open PvP. More player customization and creation options will be unlocked as well. While you might not be able to participate in the test yourself, it'll at least help to know it's hurtling toward completion.

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MapleStory gets aerial combat

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Mounted ground combat is so yesterday's MMO feature. If you want to really rise above the competition, then you'll need to throw in aerial combat into your game.

MapleStory is doing just this with an upcoming patch. In the second chapter of the Black Heaven storyline, players will be able to jump into a flying machine and duke it out in the sky. As with everything else in the game, the action will take place strictly in a side-scrolling 2-D format. From the looks of it, it calls back to classic shmups of earlier console generations.

Also coming in one of the future updates is a revamp to MapleStory's Resistance classes, including the Wild Hunter, Battle Mage, and Mechanic.

Let the cuteness of MapleStory 2 woo you

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maplestory 2
We've got another video preview of the upcoming MapleStory 2 for you to check out today, albeit with the standard "it's not in English, so either get really good at Korean fast or just pretend that you know what's happening" disclaimer.

So what do you think about the blocky landscape? Is it perfect for the MapleStory setting or too reminiscent of the Minecraft crowd? Also, how has this entire population not killed itself for a lack of handrails next to bottomless drops into the sunshiney abyss?

[Thanks to Lunian and Dystopiq for the tip!]

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Watch MapleStory 2's feature trailer

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maplestory 2
Even if you don't understand Korean, chances are that you can grok some of what's going on in this new MapleStory 2 features trailer. The video shows various systems in the game, including player-created content, housing, customization, and (oh yes) minigames.

Check out the video after the break and let us know what you think of MapleStory 2's look and offerings!

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MapleStory details Tower of Oz content coming July 23

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MapleStory's new Rising Heroes: Tower of Oz update is highlighted in this week's official update notes on the site. This Wizard of Oz-themed content allows players to traverse 50 levels of monsters, jump quests, and more, including battles with the monstrous versions of Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy herself.

This new v.151 content will be available for free in game on July 23.

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See MapleStory 2's bubbly 3-D in action

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MapleStory 2
"Oh yeah," you think, looking at the headline. "They are working on a MapleStory 2. I forgot about that!"

That's right, buckaroos: Nexon is charging ahead with a sequel (well, technically a prequel) to the colorful 2-D MMO, and today the publisher has a gameplay trailer to prove it. In the trailer, you can see the transition to chunky 3-D graphics as characters boogie, battle, and be Little Bo Peep to a flock of sheep.

MapleStory 2 will be throwing a "Supporter's Day" for select fans in late June and should enter Korean closed beta later this year. We've got the new trailer for you after the break.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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MapleStory's Legacy of Nine update marks anniversary

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It's MapleStory's ninth anniversary, and for that joyous occasion, the team at Nexon has prepared a special update that landed today called Legacy of Nine.

Legacy of Nine is a huge patch that kicks off with skill updates for 10 of the game's classes. That act is followed by a zombie outbreak event (where, as a twist, the players become the feared undead), the new high-level soul weapon system, the Rose Garden addition to the Lion King's castle, and cross-world party quests.

So happy birthday, MapleStory! You can check out the Legacy of Nine spotlight video after the jump.

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Mabinogi II: Arena stops development

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Mabinogi II
Hope that Mabinogi II: Arena wasn't on your "most wanted in 2014" list, because Nsquare has announced that it's ceased development on the MMO.

The love child of Nexon and NCsoft, Mabinogi II was to be an action MMO arena with spectators watching teams crawl through countless dungeons. The Nsquare team said that the market didn't look ripe for Mabinogi II, although it did say that it would take another look at the project in the future. For now, Nsquare is moving on to work on MapleStory 2 and other titles.

Nexon puts millions into Rumble Games

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Rumble Games, founded by former BioWare/Pandemic CEO Greg Richardson, has just received a nice cash boost from Nexon and its investment partners. Rumble announced today that Nexon, Google Ventures, and TriplePoint Capital have invested $17.5 million in the studio, which intends to use the funds to expand its markets and further support its stable of free-to-play and mobile titles.

Nexon, the Tokyo-based producer of online games like Mabinogi, Combat Arms, and MapleStory, apparently sees something it likes in Rumble's games, which include KingsRoad, Ballistic, and Nightmare Guardians.

New MapleStory character returns from the dark side

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New MapleStory character returns from the dark side
If you fell for the line, "Come to the dark side -- we have cookies," it's your own fault. But such was not the case for MapleStory EU's newest hero, Xenon. Captured, his body altered, and his mind erased, this once normal boy became a pawn to be used by the evil scientist Gelimer of the Black Wings. But redemption arrived in the form of a lab raid by the Resistance, and Xenon's memories of his past started to break through the corruption and restart him on the path with the Resistance.

Armed with both his lightsaber Energy Sword and a mastery of the Energy Control System, Xenon -- the first character to utilize a hybrid fighting style -- set out to fully rediscover his past. Players will participate in special stories that will help Xenon regain his memory and possibly unveil more mysteries along the way.

[Source: NEXON Europe press release]

MapleStory rewards new and existing players for this week's World Transfer event

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MapleStory rewards new and existing players for this week's World Transfer event
All this week from June 19 to 26, MapleStory is holding a special World Transfer event where anyone who wants to move characters over to a new world can do so for only one meso. But the best part is the free stuff! For any new players that sign up for a MapleStory account through June 30, a Blue Dragon Adventure Pack is waiting in the game.

This adventure pack includes customization coupons for face, hair, eye color, and style, as well as a set of Maple items that boosts your character's stats. Pet accessories are also included, as well as the coveted Blue Dragon pet.

Check out the videos and run-down of the Blue Dragon Pack features after the cut for more information.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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Maplestory celebrates eight years with events

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Maplestory celebrates eight years with events
Do you remember what you were doing eight years ago? Nexon does. It was introducing the 2-D fantasy MMORPG game MapleStory to North America. Since then, the game has grown with plenty of content from new characters (like Kanna and Hayato) to extensive character customization options.

To celebrate this eighth anniversary, Maplestory is holding a number of events for players to enjoy, including daily eighth anniversary coin giveaways to all players level 10 and above, and special XP bonus events and hot-days throughout the month. Special celebration boxes containing in-game items will also drop off defeated mobs.

As for going into the ninth year, NA Producer Teddy Kim stated, "We have a dedicated and engaged group of players, and we appreciate the loyalty and passion they have for MapleStory. We are committed to continuing to deliver the best content to our players to keep the adventures rolling."

[Source: Nexon America press release]

Nexon Europe adds new character and dungeons to MapleStory

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Nexon Europe adds new character and dungeons to MapleStory
Have you ever thought that adventuring would be so much easier if there were two of you? MapleStory players in Europe will have the chance for just that experience if they choose the newest character -- Mihile, The Knight of Light. As a special ability, this knight can duplicate himself, essentially creating a shield to protect against enemies. At level 70, Mihile can also transfer this same skill onto other players.

Along with the knight, Nexon Europe is adding three new dungeons to MapleStory. Players will soon get to dive into four dungeons based on the seasons through Spiegelmann's Strange Gallery, take a cable car to the quests in Fatansy Theme Park, and discover the secrets of of the beautiful Sakura Castle. The first two will be accessible starting at level 50, but the final dungeon is only for players over level 70.

[Source: Nexon Europe press release]

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