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Dragon Nest

Global Chat: Gamers Secret Santa

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One of the yearly traditions in the blogosphere that I always look forward to is Stargrace's Annual Gamers Secret Santa. Currently in its sixth year, Gamers Secret Santa accepts any and all who want to sign up to be a part of a gift exchange. You'll end up sending a gift ($20 maximum) to someone and will receive a gift from another person during the month of December. There's even a digital exchange for more remote locations.

It's always a blast to see what gifts I end up getting (and they are always geeky), and I wanted to encourage others to be a part of this. You'll need to sign up by December 1st if you do, however! It's grown every year, but this year I'm giving a bit of Massively publicity, so let's see if we can make this the biggest year ever!

Another blogger-driven Christmas initiative is Syl's Blogosphere Xmas Countdown, during which she's assigning various blogs a day to write about the theme of positive gaming and community. Keep an eye on MMO Gypsy to see this advent countdown progress!

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Dragon Nest getting new dungeons, quests, and more

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Dragon Nest something or other
Dragon Nest is getting two new dungeons, new accessories and crests, and "new and unique game types within the Dragon Expedition." This is according to Nexon's latest press release, which says that level 50 players will have access to Apocrypha 2 Chapter dungeons and be able to "fight in the war against Jasmine." New daily and side quests are coming, too.

Level 60 players can look forward to the Garden of Eternity as well as new missions, titles, costumes, and cooking recipes. Nexon says the Dragon Expedition requires teamwork and coordination in order to complete its two-player co-op content.

[Source: Nexon press release]

Dragon Nest Europe gets an Academic update

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Take a look, it's in a book.
Games have some strange ideas about what certain professions entail at times. You've probably known a lot of academics in your life, and few if any of them carry enormous guns and hit things with wrenches. But the Academic class in Dragon Nest does precisely that. This new class has just been added to the game's European version, patched in alongside a major localization update that allows the game to be played in full German or French versions.

Assuming you speak neither of those languages, the big update is the new class. Academics can damage dealers or healers, with a specialization coming at level 15; Alchemists focus on support while Engineers deal out exceptional amounts of damage. The class also features a choice between cannons and bubble guns for damage, with the former hitting hard but slowly while the latter is quick but weak. It should be an interesting addition for EU players, although it still raises the question of what's so academic about shooting people.

[Source: gamigo press release]

Take a tour of Dragon Nest's Resurrection update

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Take a tour of Dragon Nest's Resurrection update
Dragon Nest (not to, y'know, be confused with any other game sporting the dragon moniker) is prepping for an exciting update to this action MMO. Called Resurrection, the patch will bump up the level cap to 60, add five new dungeons to the game, and offer players the chance to earn some truly outrageous gear.

We've got a video tour of the Resurrection patch after the jump to help give you a good feel for what it's offering. It's bold, it's zesty, it's everything that you want in a salad dressing but are getting in an online roleplaying game!

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Dragon Nest reveals its newest character, Kali

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You can't be a prophet and wear pants.  That's not how it works.
Here's the problem with having a destined hero -- no matter how specific you make the criteria for being the chosen one, there's always the chance you'll wind up with the chosen two or four or whatever. That's the case in Dragon Nest, where the new character Kali is a second prophet in addition to the prophet Rose. While Rose seemed to be the chosen one, Kali wields the same amount of power, albeit in a very different fashion.

As demonstrated in the preview video, Kali revels in dark magic and spirit attacks, mixing up large magical attacks flowing melee strikes. She's advertised as moving quickly between targets, and certainly seems built for speed and multi-target abilities over single hits or durability. But you don't have to take our word for it, as you can check out some of Kali's moves for yourself in the video embedded just past the break.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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Free for All: Casual is as hardcore does and the daily gaming list

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Dragon Nest screenshot
It's always a lot of fun to compare casual players to hardcore players. We've all seen many articles and had our own discussions on the topic and it never seems to stop being entertaining. After all, how much or how intensely a player plays an MMO can help predict how that player might react to market changes or to new titles, so we can easily see how developers will always be interested in the information even when we tire of it.

For me, personally, I would rather skip the whole discussion and just talk about how I play casually. I can list hours played and titles accessed, but I think it would be a better idea to sketch out a rough but typical day or week in my household to illustrate just how someone who considers himself casual is actually quite committed. Does that mean I am hardcore in certain cases? I don't care anymore, frankly. What I care about is seeing if how I play is completely alien or if there are other players out there who love to do what I do.

Let's call it a cry for help... or at least information.

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Free for All: Dragon Nest's Titan Nest, Lotus Marsh equals pwnage within

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Dragon Nest's Lotus Marsh screenshot
Ah, Dragon Nest -- you are one of my favorite action MMOs. Truth be told, you're currently ranked above Vindictus in this household. I know, I know... but don't judge me until you have played through the new content that is being released today and until you watch my embedded video. It shows just how dramatic, well-scripted, and fun dungeons in Dragon Nest can be.

I was given a level 45 character, a Lunar Knight, one of the new classes coming with this patch, to try out on the test server. The saddest part is that I haven't reached anywhere near level 45 on my current Warrior, even though I have learned his abilities well and enjoyed the heck out of him during my 24-hour stream. Unfortunately I didn't utilize the powerset from the Lunar Knight in the video much, instead using my familiar Warrior abilities. I was also given a nice set of Sea Dragon Armor, a mount, and a killer sword -- after all, a naked level 45 character would be sad.

I loaded up and jumped in, and here's what I found.

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Massively Exclusive: Dragon Nest Lotus Swamp cinematic

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Dragon Nest title image
Nexon's free-to-play MMO Dragon Nest has been flooded with new content since its official North American release last year. New updates are first released in the game's home country of South Korea and then translated into different languages for deployment worldwide. This gives North American players a sneak peek at what lies ahead, with information on new classes, dungeons, and towns regularly hitting the web.

Dragon Nest's anticipated Lotus Marsh update is currently on its way to North America, where it will raise the game's level cap to 50 and open the Lotus Swamp town. If the Korean version of the patch is any indication of the expansion's content, it should also bring five new dungeons, the second job advancement, and the Archbishop Nest. Read on for our exclusive reveal of the Lotus Swamp story cinematic and a preview of the update's bosses.

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Free for All: Dragon Nest's Boswell discusses birthdays, rental items

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Dragon Nest screenshot
I first got my grubby gamer paws on Dragon Nest at E3 2011. I stood in line to take my turn asking the devs questions, said no to an offer for free booze (it was early, after all!), and was thrown into an impromptu team with another writer who obviously had no single idea about how to play the game. Back then, I was blown away by how stylized and fun the game was.

It's still a fun title. If you ever have the hankerin' for beating up some fantastically animated goblins, minotaurs, and other various dungeon scum, download this free title and jump in. It utilizes basic FPS controls, but you have to actually time attacks thanks to a key hotbar that is packed with interesting abilities. The presence of the hotbar and "standard" powers make Dragon Nest an action game set in a standard MMO-combat universe. If you can get comfortable with the setup, you'll be in for many hours of wrist-destroying mayhem!

I sat down with Benjamin Boswell, Associate Production Manager for Dragon Nest at Nexon America, to ask him about the game as it reaches its first birthday.

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Massively's Easter event roundup: 2012 edition

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Bunnies at church
Whether you're an Easter traditionalist or you simply need an excuse to eat a chocolate bunny, it's that time of year again. It's also time for a few of our favorite MMO devs to don their silly hats and introduce all manner of egg hunts and contests into games like RuneScape, Runes of Magic, and World of Warcraft.

That's just the tip of the Easter event iceberg; you'll find several more festively inclined titles in our roundup after the cut. Before you hop on over, have a look at the two bunnies above and repeat after us: d'awww.

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Play three Nexon MMOs, get this car

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Nexon Hat Trick Contest
Did that grab your attention? Nexon is sure hoping it did, as the company is in the throes of its "Get a Hat Trick!" promotion. For the next month and a half, players who dive into Vindictus, Dragon Nest, and Dungeon Fighter Online and get to level 20 in all three games will have a shot at several nice prizes -- including the above 2012 BMW M3. So, in effect, just by playing MMOs, you could be netting yourself one of the sweetest rides in town.

While Nexon has already handed out awards for the third and fourth place winners, there are still prizes left for aspiring gamers. First of all, everyone who gets a hat trick (as defined by achieving level 20 in the above three titles) will be treated to $20 worth of in-game items. Additionally, three players will get an Alienware Aurora desktop computer, and 30 people will win $50 "Karma Koins."

As for the Beemer, the prize will only be unlocked if 30,000 players achieve hat tricks by March 15th -- and even then, only one car will be given away after that. So good luck and may the game be with you!

Free for All: The still-satisfying world of action MMOs

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Vindictus screenshot
Look, I'm a red-blooded American gamer. I even call it 'Merica. So it should be no surprise when I feel like getting down with a melee-based chop-'em-up or have the desire to leap, jump and bounce my way through countless levels. In other words, action. We 'Mericans love our action games. I have my particular favorites, for sure, and within that list are my favorites of favorites that get the nod for different reasons. Honestly I'm not into action-based games just for the challenge. I don't need to make repeated attempts at downing a boss to have fun. I enjoy the immediate response that an action game gives me. I love to click the mouse button and see my character's sword swing or gun fire. It's satisfying.

Of course, action games can have their drawbacks. Not only do they tend to produce a euphoric haze that can only be described as "stoner glare" and an open-mouthed state of hypnosis, but they can take a toll on delicate, drum-beaten wrists like mine as well. I take the good with the bad, I guess. Click past the cut and I'll let you know my favorite F2P action MMOs.

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[Updated] On the fourth day of giveaways, Nexon gave to me...

Fantasy, MapleStory, Contests, Free-to-Play, Giveaways, Dragon Nest

Royal Crimson Stallion Mount
[UPDATE: All winners have been selected and contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered!]

On the fourth day of giveaways, Nexon gave to me... four pet items!
On the third day of giveaways, Wargaming.net gave to me... three premium years!
On the second day of giveaways, BioWare gave to me... two warring factions!
On the first day of giveaways, Turbine gave to me... a lifetime VIP!

MapleStory fans, your day is here! Nexon is joining the 12 Days of Giveaways event again this year with some fun MapleStory pet packs. Each package contains four items: a permanent pet (either a White Bunny, a Mir, or a Jr. Reaper), a permanent pet equip, pet food, and a pet scroll. We've got 20 of these pet four-packs to hand out to our readers, but that's not all!

If Dragon Nest is more your speed, Nexon has you covered as well! We have four Dragon Nest prize packages, each containing 10 Dragon Eggs. Each egg opens to reveal a random prize -- anything from yellow or black Cupid wings to a Royal Crimson Stallion, and many other possibilities.

If you want to pick up one of these prizes, just enter by leaving a comment to tell us which of these two games is your favorite and why. The entry deadline is tomorrow, December 17th, at noon EST. Check out our contest rules to make sure you're eligible, and best of luck!


Dragon Nest celebrates the holidays with Scarlet Snow

Fantasy, Events (In-Game), Patches, News Items, Free-to-Play, Dragon Nest

Screenshot -- Dragon Nest
The weather is cooling down, and it's the season for fresh, white, beautiful snow. Dragon Nest, however, wants to turn that snow red with its upcoming update, Scarlet Snow. The new patch, coming sometime in December, will raise the game's level cap to 40. And of course, a raised level cap means new challenges for players to conquer. Saint's Haven will play host to two new nests and dungeons, and there will be plenty of seasonal events for players to see. For more information, check out the post on the game's official website.

Dragon Nest launches Theater of War update for PvP

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Not included is the Benny Hill PvP model.  Not intentionally, anyway.
At a glance, it might seem like PvP doesn't require as many updates as PvE -- after all, player conflict is providing most of the actual challenge, so updates are mostly just providing players new ways to take part in combat with one another. The newest Dragon Nest update, Theater of War, is all about precisely that, giving players new combat modes and match sizes to ensure that player combat stays lively.

The new updates adds a 3v3 option to ladder matches, allowing smaller and more close-knit groups the option to take part in serious competition. There's also the addition of a free-for-all match type, with players able to take on everyone for supremacy. And then there's the new Protect Mode, challenging both sides to keep one player designated as the Captain alive while slaughtering the other side's similarly important Captain. Take a look at the trailer for the update just past the cut to give you an idea of what the modes will look like in play -- it's not new dungeons, but if you're fond of facing off against other players, it's even better.

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